Versatile Mage Chapter 3030

3030. Chapter 3007. Question Palace Mother

    Chapter 3007. Question Palace Mother

    Merle worked hard to think about it, and soon she was showing some amazing color on her face.

    When she wanted to go back to Ye Xinxia’s request for proof, Ye Xinxia had been raised, left behind a fibre back to Merle, a black tea long hair, and the lights showed her body on the ashes wall and seemed somewhat exciting.

    Merle finally didn’t speak, and she looked at the beautiful shadow of Ye Xinxia and went far.


    It’s been a long night.

    The mountains have wind, blowing the leaves of the sand.

    Ye Xinxia couldn’t close half her eyes, she was lying on her side, on a chair that could watch the mountains.

    Parthenon Temple’s lights will pass through the night as a result of the birth of Goddess, even more brilliant than ever before, and those who believe in the temple will be asleep all night as Ye Xinxia. They will need to be ready for tomorrow morning’s celebration day, when the same class of worship as Long Long Dragon will be beneath the Mountain, and the heavy sequence will be held at the Goddess Summit summit.

    Like an ancient opening ceremony, the first day of the ceremony of Parthenon Temple Goddess will also identify all organizations and individuals with the temple of innovation.

    “Your Majesty, Black alchemist was let go?” Wallace stood by and seemed hesitant to ask.

    Wallace is a very little talk woman Knight, and he won’t ask things like a tower.

    “Well, he’ll bring me some lists all night, and those on the list will attend the ceremony.” Ye Xinxia said.

    “On the list, all Black Church people, right?” Wallace went on to ask.

    “Yes, the medal is to recognize those who have contributed to Goddess’ successors, who did make a great contribution.” Ye Xinxia said.

    Wallace looks at Ye Xinxia, and it’s been a long time since he didn’t say a word.

    “Palace Mother said you should go see her, no matter how late she’ll wait for you.” After a moment, Wallis said.

    “Wallace, I need you to do something for me.” Ye Xinxia stood up and walked in front of Wallace.

    She’s close to Wallace, almost touching Wallace’s nose.

    Wallace, looking at Ye Xinxia’s black pearls, is so pure as to be the first to like both eyes, just because Wallace can’t even see what’s hidden in these twins.

    But Wallace can see.

    Ye Xinxia believes in himself.

    She believes she’ll do everything she wants.

    “Please tell me.” Wallace retreated half a step, and one hand put between his knees and thighs beneath himself.


    Goddess Summit, Palace Mother Cabinet.

    Palace Mother’s cabinet seems to be an out-of-world peach, far from the risk of me being fraudulent between the countless Goddess Summit women, without too much reinstatement of the macro faction or a symbol of power, Park and simple.

    hmph, just become Goddess, and Palace Mother goes to see her there, and human beings will change. “

    “Yeah, don’t forget that she was able to become Trainee saintess, a candidate for Goddess, all because Palace Mother was nurturing.”

    “Ilithyia also congratulates Palace Mother during his tenure as Goddess.”

    Outside the temple, several Palace Mother’s maids have shown a few disgusting intentions, but only these “inner words” are around Ye Xinxia’s “ear”.

    Ye Xinxia can hear it clearly.

    Step into the palce, and it’s empty, except for Palace Mother to sit on the bench of the Springs.

    There are no lights, and the entire temple is in a coma, and those more than 15 metres away from the window, with Parthenon Temple’s night lights shining in, barely looking at Palace Mother’s respect.

    Palace Mother is wearing a black robe, and today and tomorrow almost everyone will wear black.

    “Xinxia.” Palace Mother’s voice rings.

    “Palace Mother.” Ye Xinxia owes himself, a simple walk.

    “Why do you want to see me?” Palace Mother Pamishi was a very tired man, probably older and experienced that many things in the day.

    “There is one thing I don’t understand.” Ye Xinxia went up, and found that the spring that moved from underneath the elevated glass ladder had the power to stop Ye Xinxia from approaching.

    “You shouldn’t ask, you’re Goddess anymore, and there’s something you can ignore.” Palace Mother Pamishi said.

    “In fact, I have two things to ask Palace Mother.” Ye Xinxia stood there.

    Palace Mother looked at her and seemed to have found that Ye Xinxia could go on her own, and that the total recovery of Divine Soul would no longer be negative to her body, or that Ye Xinxia’s own soul was strong enough to accept it.

    “Now you go back to your own palce, there’s some room to recover.” Palace Mother Pamishi’s tone has become hard.

    “You see, I didn’t bring a Knight, including Wallace.” Ye Xinxia said to Palace Mother that she was as strong as she was.

    Temple Newton was silent, and the springs flowing out of the statue appeared to be very clear and, in a dark environment, neither eyes were easily removed, and that was the case.

    “Ask.” Finally, Palace Mother Pamishi said.

    “The first thing… is not actually an interrogation, but it’s just a statement to you. Ilithyia was resurrected by King of Darkness and her body was unable to accept White Magic’s healing and blessing, and her death had proved that she had not been able to revive Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan.” Ye Xinxia had been observing Palace Mother’s myth when he said those words.

    “What do you want to say?” Palace Mother Road.

    “Nor did I revive Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, so you lied about the old God of Apollo, not killing, but being imprisoned in Tulshid.” Ye Xinxia said to Palace Mother.

    Palace Mother Pamishi did not speak.

    It seems to be acquiescence in Ye Xinxia.

    Ye Xinxia, of course, also saw a surprise on Palace Mother’s face.

    Palace Mother natural (ly) knew that Ye Xinxia would know about it, but Palace Mother couldn’t imagine Ye Xinxia would know about Tulshid!



    old God of Apollo did not really die, when Palace Mother executed the last Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan for some selfish intentions, but imprisoned Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan alive in Tulse Noble Family, under the care of Mr. Tulsher.

    So when you saw Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, Palace Mother was outrageous and grieved that Tulst Noble Family completely betrayed them and was collaborating with Black Church!

    “So you came to ask me tonight how you became saintess and how you won a little contest advantage in my Divine Soul.” Palace Mother Pamishi said to Ye Xinxia.

    “Sa Long stole your loyal Tulst family, and your Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, right?” Ye Xinxia asked.

    (This chapter is over)

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