Versatile Mage Chapter 3031

3031. Chapter 3008, you’re the Pope, right?

    Chapter 3008, you’re the Pope, right?

    Palace Mother kept silent.

    Ye Xinxia was smarter than Palace Mother thought, and she just never showed her wisdom.

    “I’m just saying it. So we say the second thing.” Ye Xinxia knows Palace Mother Pamishi won’t admit it.

    “Ye Xinxia, tomorrow is your official day as Goddess, but I’m still going to teach you the last lesson, and don’t give your whole mind up until you have complete control of the situation. This Forbidden Magic of Parthenon Temple, who still listens to my orders, prefers to go back to your place right now, not to say another word, and to think clearly about what you’re going to say after tonight.” Palace Mother Pamishi’s tongue and attitude have changed completely.

    Goddess, you have to be confused.

    Knights Hall is strong, and those Knight who got the soul will be as brilliant as the heaven’s day?

    But Parthenon Temple has nine grand secrets, Tulst Noble Family is just one of them, and nine of them have been ordered to Palace Mother, and they seem to have ceased to administer all matters of Parthenon Temple, but they have no time to influence Parthenon Temple.

    They’re Parthenon Temple’s roots!

    Antaeus and Ilithyia are all from these temples!

    “We say the second thing.” Ye Xinxia remained calm even if he heard Palace Mother Pamishi.

    “Ye Xinxia, if you do this to differentiate good from bad, I don’t mind waiting for another decade to nurture another Goddess. I will now chop you off on the guilt of your collusion with Black Church, your funeral at dawn!” Palace Mother Pamishi’s anger is standing up, and it’s like a winter storm.

    A few silhouette outside Palace Mother’s cabinet, also because of this climate coming from the woods, are approaching here, and a black robe, they have shown more of the powerhouse breath that has shaken the women’s waitress and the woman’s philosopher.

    These people are a lot stronger than those knight in office!

    Your Highness.

    Still silent, Ye Xinxia is still standing there, with no sense of backward.

    Palace Mother Pamishi had stood up, and she looked down at Ye Xinxia, under the seat, and her chest was ambushing, and it seemed that she was very angry, and that both eyes even had a strong killing plan.

    “Palace Mother, if you want to kill me, why didn’t you do it more than 20 years ago? I remember clearly that you had a giant robe, a vast sleeve with a clean hand with a red Marnah ring on your finger.”

    “I and my mother have nowhere to escape, and if you want to kill me, why didn’t you do it then?” Ye Xinxia suddenly asked.

    Palace Mother Pamishi heard that word and suddenly he was slight.

    Full anger was dispersed in extreme times, and Palace Mother Pamishi’s slow sitting back to his place.

    Your Highness, there are some footsteps, but Palace Mother Pamishi waved his hand and left the powerhouse of those hidden clans temporarily and withdrew, and Palace Mother Pamishi then placed a more isolated Barrier, covering the whole great hall in the fog.

    What happened inside, the outside world wouldn’t know half of it.

    Palace Mother Pamishi made a deep breath after all this.

    Suddenly, the laugh came out, Palace Mother Pamishi made a complex laugh, as if it repressed a long time after the laughing, and it was like that ironic mockery.

    “Forget the worms have worked for you?” Palace Mother Pamishi laughed and asked.

    “After Ilithyia designed to fraudge me for Red Clothes Archbishop Sa Long, I know who I am, and I know who I have accepted what inheritance I should thank you.” Ye Xinxia has sincerely said to Palace Mother.

    “You don’t need to thank me, and you should thank your mother for giving me such a perfect unpolished jade.” Palace Mother Pamishi is much warmer than before.

    “But she betrayed you.” Ye Xinxia said.

    “The leaves have never been loyal to me, and she will always have her own intentions, and the most important thing she wants to do is to identify my true face and then cut my throat off!” Palace Mother Pamishi said.

    Pamishi walked out of his place, followed the glass ladder and stepped forward to Ye Xinxia.

    She carefully calculates Ye Xinxia, looks at her face, details her eyes and stands a little further, and sees Ye Xinxia as a whole.

    After a long time, Pamishi showed a happy smile, followed by:

    “Ye Xinxia, Ye Xinxia, you’re so surprised all of us. You’re surprised by Antaeus, and by Sa Long, even more than I thought.”

    “I haven’t asked you a question.” Ye Xinxia said.

    “Ask me, but I won’t answer you.” Palace Mother Pamishi said.

    “You’re the Pope, right?” Ye Xinxia serious questions.


    Black Church Supreme’s Pope.

    There is always a giant robe that hides her figure and face, and all Red Clothes Bishop’s calamity has been able to hide, and only to listen to his reminder and instructions.

    But who knows what the real identity of the Pope is?

    Black Church is hidden by almost everyone in the office, and they may be at the heart of Magic Association, more likely leaders in politics, who have no difference between them and the public until they do not reveal their nature, and this is where Black Church is the hardest to eradicate, and they may even be the best trusted person around you before they commit evil.

    A Black Clothes Priest, whose identity is hidden, makes the Tribunal, Magic Association, Holy Inquisition Tribunal chill, let alone Blue Clothes Deacon, the master, Red Clothes Archbishop, the surrender of the capital, and even the Pope!

    Who’s the Pope, this is the biggest secret in the world!

    Even Sa Long, Red Clothes Archbishop, is looking for the Pope’s tracks, looking for the real Pope!

    Ye Xinxia just spoke to Merle about Ilithyia.

    Ilithyia has detected the subject of the whole thing, but she has ignored some details.

    Ilithyia accused Ye Xinxia of being a Pope.

    Tell Ye Xinxia that there is another evil soul in her body, which is caused by insects, and that many of the important Black Church people have forgotten that they will completely forget their black Church identity until a certain moment.

    Ye Xinxia does have a bug.

    The memory of her childhood was swallowed by an insect.

    She and her own mother’s fugitive days are also unknown.

    But after Ye Xinxia was tried, she realized that she lacked an important memory and that, in order to figure out the whole thing, she had to return to those who had been swallowed by the insects.

    She took care of the insects, and every time she was asleep, the memory of the past came back.

    In order not to confuse the dream, Ye Xinxia asked Mo Jiaxing for details in Bo City to confirm that the ones that he witnessed earlier were real.

    (This chapter is over)

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