Versatile Mage Chapter 3032

3032. Chapter 3009 White clothed

    Chapter 3009 White clothed

    Ye Xinxia remembered something.

    That was Sa Long who had taken himself to the Black Church General Forum, where he had avoided the wishes of the old clergy and the Holy Inquisition for some time.

    During hiding, her mother gave herself to the Pope.

    “I will be Red Clothes, and I hope my daughter will be the heir of the Pope.”

    “Without Antaeus, you are hard to live on this world now.”

    “She owns Divine Soul, the day she chooses Goddess. When she grows up, Parthenon Temple will need her. If she becomes Goddess, can you think about how brilliant the Pope with Goddess will bring Black Church?”

    This is the only dialogue between the Emperor Ye Xinxia and Sa Long, who clearly remembers.

    The world is often divided into white and black.

    White and black will always be killed, so the world looks always on foot.

    But once white and black are reunited, the power of the rule that is no longer blocked by a half-point is most likely to be unbalanced!

    That’s Sa Long’s plan.

    More than two decades ago, it had been developed.

    She worked with the Black Church to the Pope.

    That is to place Parthenon Temple Goddess with Black Church to the Pope.

    The rule of darkness and white, the rule of everything!

    To be the heir of the Pope.

    Be saintess, Goddess.

    Ye Xinxia’s life trajectory has long been identified.

    And now she’s become Parthenon Temple Goddess!

    In the past, if Goddess radiance were to have no disturbance on the whole world, it would also be necessary to expel the stubborn Darkness corner, which was the biggest obstacle.

    But this Goddess, when she hadn’t served Goddess, the whole Black Church was already serving her.

    Such Goddess, the real Supreme God, even darkness, has to give her divine light.

    “I wonder what you found, even if Sa Long can’t be so sure that I am the Pope, why do you dare not bring a guard to my palce Mother Pamishi?” Palace Mother Pamishi asked.


    Ye Xinxia must have evidence, or she wouldn’t dare say that to a Parthenon Temple Palace Mother like that!

    Palace Mother and Pope, incompatible fire and water, Ye Xinxia more recognize themselves as a successor to the Pope.

    Without absolute certainty, Ye Xinxia equates herself to the death penalty temple, how could Palace Mother tolerate a Pope’s heir as Goddess!

    “It’s actually a small thing, just make a bold presumption.”

    “We have a partner from Bo City, named Xu Zhao, who was transformed into Curse Grotesque by Black Clothes Priest Yu Ang. Dark Grotesque is the mark of Black Church, which allows a person who does not understand Magic to have a very destructive power.”

    Ye Xinxia referred to Dark Grotesque’s law, and Palace Mother Pamishi immediately opened his eyes.

    Palace Mother Pamishi did not interrupt Ye Xinxia’s words and continued to listen.

    “After Dark Grotesque became Dark Grotesque, he could no longer recover, and the only legal authority was in the hands of Parthenon Temple Goddess.” Ye Xinxia was silent about the matter. “So I boldly presume that Dark Grotesque’s door came from Parthenon Temple.”

    “It’s a little ridiculous, and only Goddess can be resurrected. Did all those killed do Goddess?” Palace Mother doesn’t think so.

    “After such a bold hypothesis, there is a need to prove something real, and I want to find the link between Dark Grotesque and Parthenon Temple until I see Ancient God’s worm coming from Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan.” Ye Xinxia said to Palace Mother.

    Palace Mother Pamishi has no face on her face, and it appears that Ye Xinxia has some impact on her.

    “That’s why you don’t kill Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan. You got Ancient God’s worm from Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, made Curse molten with Ancient God’s worm, Dark Grotesque born of this Curse melting pool, making life refining a livestock… You don’t need to object to this. Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan’s body is in Knights Hall, and I have tested it.” Ye Xinxia is very positive.

    Every Red Clothes Bishop has thousands of false identities.

    And who knows which identity is true, which identity is fake?

    How many people did Sa Long kill inside Black Church, and how much more real information about the Pope?

    All sources, precisely Black Church, Dark Grotesque.

    Who opened this door, made Black Church the most terrifying of this age, who is the Pope!

    Ye Xinxia now finds the source of this door!

    “You know, when the leaves propose to make you a successor to the Black Church, I’ve smelled a crazy smell!” Palace Mother Pamishi suddenly broke the black thick robe.

    The black robe is silk and slides softly on the ground.

    And in this coat, it’s a pure white robe!

    White as snow, without a little bit’s flaws, that expensive white, even all pinnacle colors, like daylight!

    “Ye don’t know, I’m Parthenon Temple Palace Mother.”

    “So when she proposed you as a successor to the Pope and pushed you to Parthenon Temple Goddess, my heart burned like a flame!”

    white clothed!

    Palace Mother Pamishi is also wearing white clothed at this moment.

    As a man who adheres to Parthenon Temple’s teachings, she cannot wear white clothed on election days and ceremony days, because white clothed represents only one person, that is Goddess!

    Ye Xinxia looked at Palace Mother’s clothes, surprised on his face.

    Seems to see Ye Xinxia’s emotion, Palace Mother Pamishi slightly smiled, “Pope White Clthed!”

    Pope White clothed!

    white clothed!

    Grey Clothes Disciple.

    Black Clothes Priest.

    Blue Clothes Deacon.

    Red Clothes Bishop.

    white clothed – Pope!


    Pope is white clothed!

    Like Parthenon Temple Goddess!

    white clothed represents Goddess.

    In Black Church, white clothed is more representative of the Pope!

    But there’s no one in this world who knows…

    Only the Pope knows.

    Palace Mother Pamishi has never shown the truth, let alone wore the true Pope White clothed.

    But at a moment when the leaf walked on, “Let Ye Xinxia, with Divine Soul, be the heir of the Pope and push her to Goddess”, Palace Mother Pamishi thought of a poetry!

    One man, she attacked white clothed, and she was a Goddess and a Pope!

    Parthenon Temple, four great hall hall, nine big hidden, twelve Knight Claiance under her white dress!

    Black Church, seven big Red Clothes Bishop, extradited under heaven, and all Blue Clothes Big Deacon will also recognize allegiance under her white clothed!

    What else is more crazy than that?

    (This chapter is over)

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