Versatile Mage Chapter 3033

3033. Chapter 3010 Black and white rulers

    Chapter 3010 Black and white rulers

3033.第3010章 黑与白的统治者

    第3010章 黑与白的统治者

    And she Pamishi, created all this!

    She’s Palace Mother, and she’s not following the old Divine Soul’s intention to support Ye Xinxia.

    The more important reason is that she’s the current Pope, and she wants to see a real world!

    Black Church, Parthenon Temple!

    World Heritage

    ackallegiance white clothed!


    This day, it’s finally coming.

    Palace Mother Pamishi felt everything he expected was the assaults the senses.

    Black Church, too, will no longer need to hide behind darkness after today, and they can even appear in this heavy ceremony and seal down the Marquis under sight!

    Which other Pope has ever been able to do that?

    “Ye Xinxia, on the first day you stepped into the temple and became Trainee’s waitress, I knew you’d wear this white clothed!” Palace Mother Pamishi’s smile had reached an almost epilepsy.

    She was the greatest Pope, who created Dark Grotesque, and made original (ly) Black Church, like a vaginal mouse, a darkness organization that made the world feared and frightened, more powerful, and created a poetry chapter, namely, the position of Pope Black Church and the position of Parthenon Temple alone!

    Ye Xinxia.

    And by their sculpture became a perfect corn, and it was destined to come to an unprecedented age!

    At this point Palace Mother has no longer masked his identity.

    On her hand, she was wearing a ring, which had initially been completely transparent, but slowly appeared as if it had been dumped into high-quality red wine.

    “This is the Pope Blood Stone.”

    “I will give you that you are the new Pope White Clthed!” Palace Mother Pamishi.

    She took the ring off and then slowed it down to Ye Xinxia’s side.

    “You have to do the last thing for me, and I can ensure your loyalty, and I can pass on the white clothed seat.” Palace Mother Pamishi goes on and says, “Kill the leaves.” She’s been out of my control, and she’s gonna kill everyone like a madman. ”

    Sa Long was a ambitious man who constantly sought the true identity of the Pope, while killing the people associated with the Pope.

    With her influence over the world these years, Sa Long has gradually taken control of several other Red Clothes Archbishop and appointed a new Red Clothes Archbishop without her permission!

    But I have to admit that Sa Long is a very terrifying role.

    Palace Mother Pamishi, even if there is an enabling agreement with Sa Long, has never been exposed to his identity, and Sa Long has finally been here, and has been tracked to Parthenon Temple.

    Sa Long responded to Tulst Noble Family and released Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, indicating that Sa Long knew that Dark Grotesque was associated with Golden Brilliance Charm Great Titan, and that the Pope must be the person concerned with Tulst Noble Family Interest.

    Palace Mother had sufficient confidence in controlling Ye Xinxia, because she was well aware that Ye Xinxia needed a perfect positive image, and that she had the mark of the heir of the Pope, let alone now wearing the Pope’s ring.

    And Sa Long is different.

    Sa Long is a complete devastator, and Palace Mother firmly believes that even if it is her own daughter, Sa Long will kill her without the slightest hesitation if she is able to achieve her purpose.

    Now Palace Mother and Ye Xinxia must stand together and will gradually take over Sa Long, who has the power of Black Church, so that it is true and black reunification, both Parthenon Temple and Black Church, that no one can speak to them anymore!

    The last step, the only person who could pose a threat to their white black reunification, was not for the sake of domination, but only the madman who met his own slaughter’s aspiration to resolve her in any event.


    After the ring was removed from Palace Mother’s finger, it became the transparency of the original (ly), which seemed to be no different from the ordinary decoration, even if it was sent to Al-Quds for identification, and the people of Al-Quds Al-Sharif could not be sure that it was the Pope’s ring.


    key to the Pope’s ring is not just the ring, but it’s still human.

    As Red Clothes Archbishop was identified as Bishop Blood Stone, it would only react to the blood stone, as would the same Pope’s ring.

    It’s completely transparent, like a glass, Manau, and only if you have access to a true Pope will show the essence of the Pope’s blood stone!

    Ye Xinxia, a heir to the Pope, was able to wake Bishop’s blood stone when she was framed, not her blood relationship with Sa Long, but her heir, who could awaken any Bishop blood stone, which Ilithyia was right.

    Now Palace Mother has passed the ring to Ye Xinxia.

    She watched Ye Xinxia, and in fact Palace Mother was curious whether Ye Xinxia would wear that ring.

    Once this ring is put on, she has completely branded the status of the Pope, and regardless of whether she has committed a serious crime, every church’s crime will have a duty to Ye Xinxia.

    But if you don’t wear this ring, Palace Mother won’t let Ye Xinxia get out of here alive.

    Ye Xinxia would be Parthenon Temple Goddess, just Goddess, a Goddess whose Palace Mother was a perfect puppet, and after all Ye Xinxia was able to reach her place, Palace Mother was the greatest of power, and Ye Xinxia had to listen to herself during her tenure.

    But Ye Xinxia is here.

    Then she must accept the status of Pope Black Church!

    Black Church’s most brilliant chapter ever turned out today, and why is Palace Mother’s ambition just in a Parthenon Temple?

    Parthenon Temple cannot represent the world, which represents the Holy City of the world, the highest Magic Association of five Continents and the Forbidden Magic Union.

    A single Parthenon Temple and a single Black Church are far from being reconciled with these three organizations, and only if Parthenon Temple and Black Church are well aligned, the world can re-wash the cards!

    Palace Mother wants to re-wash the cards!

    Similarly, Ye Xinxia appeared here tonight, in his capacity as the heir of the Pope, in close conversation with himself, meaning Ye Xinxia has the same aspirations and ambitions as himself!

    She has to wear the ring.

    Without Black Church’s ruthless and cruel means, Parthenon Temple’s glory will always be obstructed and will always be repressed by five Continents Magic Association and Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

    “You have only one minute to consider dropping your blood on it, and you are the Pope of Supreme!” Palace Mother Pamishi reminds Ye Xinxia.

    This minute’s choice is likely to make a dramatic difference in the world’s tracks!

    Ye Xinxia put the ring slowly on her own food finger, which appears to have a small tooth in the ring, breaking her finger when Ye Xinxia completely crossed the ring.

    (This chapter is over)

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