Versatile Mage Chapter 3034

3034. Chapter 3011

    Chapter 3011

    Blood spilled out of the ring, but soon it was absorbed by this special ring.

    Transparency has evolved, with a slow internal bleeding of Ye Xinxia, and slowly spreading into a whole ring of blood stones, becoming nothing!

    At the same time, before Ye Xinxia’s quota, a print concealed by a forgotten insect appeared, initially like blood was spreading, and no longer had a blood tattoo.

    The Pope’s tattoo has become blurred from clarity and hidden from ambiguity, and eventually it’s like it’s branded in Ye Xinxia’s soul, and it’s forever impossible to wash it!

    “Only soul destruction, or your royal tattoo will not be dispersed, Ye Xinxia, from now on you are the Supreme Black Church, ruled by seven major Red Clothes Archbishop, seven extradition chiefs, all Red Clothes Archbishop and the people under the Extradition Throne, and will also be wholly acknowledged allegiance to you, and if you order, they will clear all the obstacles to your rule of the road for you, even blood flowing into a river!” Palace Mother Pamishi began to get excited.

    Ye Xinxia did not see Palace Mother showing such a fanatical spiritual spirit when he boarded Goddess, and it seemed that Palace Mother had repressed the Pope’s identity too long at the bottom of his heart, and that there was such a day when he could release himself or act as a ruler!

    It’s dawn.

    Palace Mother Pamishi almost forgot her time, and she looked out of the window, and a few sunlight slipped out of the top windows, and fell on her slightly older cheek.

    She couldn’t stop touching white hair with her hands, but as much as she could show to the smile of the new “beautiful”.

    What a wonderful day, the light of the past decades has had a few moments of “old” smell, and the morning light is so desperate, that only today is very different, temperature, color, amazing change, and that changes will occur every day next!

    “Go on, the first day of your manners, Sa Long, will help us a great deal, and there will be a lot of people coming to worship our gods this day, and, of course, you will see more faithless people, who are already on the hill, with Red Clothes Bishop and the extradition chiefs, and you should be interviewed.” Palace Mother Pamishi said.

    “Well, it’s too fast, and I need ready too.” Ye Xinxia’s nodded.

    In the morning, Ye Xinxia, a long dress, walked out of Palace Mother’s Cabinet.

    Through the Jupiter Bridge, the high mountains are beneath a curious mountain path, from which the crowd has been seen, and their step-by-step move towards the Himself Mountain climbs, and the formation of the dragon will not end at all.

    At a time when people are warm, it is easy to ignore the power of faith and, after a crisis, Parthenon Temple’s magic has been added to the hearts of every Athens citizen.

    This is probably Palace Mother’s ambition.

    Just Palace Mother, does it prefer Parthenon Temple or Black Church?

    Today in Parthenon Temple, she needs Black Church so that people can remember Parthenon Temple thoroughly.

    And when I became a Pope, Palace Mother’s eyes were spreading rays of light, in full conformity with Black Church’s madness!

    It’s been a long time, Palace Mother himself.

    Will this happen to yourself in the future?

    Back to Temple of Goddess, Ye Xinxia had no time to see.

    She sat in front of the mirror, Fani was in her ear like a little hobby, and she was happy to say something.

    “Your Majesty, you’re Goddess now, and the makeup should be more powerful.” Fani decided to add a few more cosmetics to Ye Xinxia, at least a flame lip of the wind generation.

    “No, today, I want a fresh makeup, the best color.” Ye Xinxia showed a very tough smile.

    “Well, you spent a lot of energy yesterday, and you didn’t sleep any more last night, and you look bad. On the first day of the ceremony, all the people of the world are watching you, and you must make the whole world turn down for you, Divine Soul!” Fani says:

    “Yes, even the death penalty offender, her makeup will be dressed up before leaving the prison.” Ye Xinxia agreed on nodded.

    “How can you be so metaphorical, death penalty criminals and you, all the women in the world will envy you, and all men in the world will love you, even the gods will look after you! You’re Goddess, no longer saintess, who can be pulled down at any time, and no one can blame you, and no one can contradict you…” Fani says “.

    “That’s what I thought.” Ye Xinxia heard Fani.


    She also thought so when she saw the Goddess instrument during the student period.

    Is that true?

    Last night in the basement, Merle used the most dirty words of malicious, to grieve Goddess, and Ye Xinxia had no objection, because that was the truth.

    Ye Xinxia has undergone numerous changes in the position of Goddess for so many years.

    Finally became Goddess.

    But the most cruel thing just started.

    She once deplored every life, even the insects that had been broken by the rainwater before the window.

    Now, she knows that blood flowing into a river around Athens and Parthenon Temple, and that the body is surrounded by wilderness, still needs to paint a sophisticated makeup and wear a dirty white veil.

    “Beautiful, Your Majesty, I don’t know what kind of person can match you.” Fani completed his makeup and was happy to say.

    “I can’t match anyone.”


    Mount Li Zan

    During this Festival, the mountains are like the colour dishes that the creatures have been able to diligently overthrow here, and the hearts of the world have infiltrated a layer of distinctive and colorful paintings.


    softness of the wind, with its unique flavor, is the most basic smell of the most famous perfume in Europe, and many of the country’s nobles threw millions of dollars for the scent elements of Goddess Summit.

    The morning is gentle and shining on the glass statues that are visible everywhere on the glorious mountain, and it is clear that a quiet mountain is all over the glory of rays of light.

    Man, no contact.


    ceremony is the end, and Parthenon Temple Goddess Summit will only be completely open to people on that day, with lengthy stairs, as well as some bandwidth and cliff hanging bridges, crowded with people, who are anxious to enter the glory Mountains and enter the new Goddess visual, but are abnormal in keeping with the rules of engagement and not afraid of destroying a grass on the Mount Parthenon Temple.


    long road, the faithful people, and occasionally some of the women and men who show up in the mountains with olive branches of rain to bless a mountain, and every one who receives the blessing of the rain will scream like the child, and the blessings of the female waitress and the female companion will not be wronged!

    (This chapter is over)

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