Versatile Mage Chapter 3079

3079. Chapter 3056

    Chapter 3056

3079.第3056章 空弦碎壁

    第3056章 空弦碎壁

    The snow, like a giant wave, spreads out of the turf barrier of the light spill, and the snow water flowing up is even more empty into the sky, into the holy city of the sky, and spreads on people.


    wave of snowwater shocks, which hit the Holy City of the Sky, the city shake, and the smell of the earth flowing too strong, even if the many Angel elders were in the Holy City of the sky, people still felt a few minutes of anxiety!

    Fourteen wings, Angel Fall, did not allow a snow flower to float into a noble temple, and the flames on her wing were burning, and golden rays of light were strong, as if they were to make a miracle of a noble god, as mountains peaked, so that the world could fall down.


    The Mars were standing in front of Mu Ningxue, and its golden flame suddenly wandered out of the skull, even more likely to see this magnificent flame like a sword blew out of the snow slope, and a red giant dragon crashed out, and formidable power was extinct!

    Mu Ningxue was under that sword, and she formed a crystal barrier with countless ice snow.

    within the screen of except her snow, the entire buried Halloween was surrounded by the fire miracle, the snow melted into water, the evaporation of the water, and the white fog clouded into thick clouds, slowly rising to the sky.

    Angel Fall apparently realized that Mu Ningxue had a snowy spot, and that she couldn’t let the cold and ice irrigate this holy city, so her flames had nothing to do with it, even destroying those old buildings in the city together, and golden’s flames for one time spread all over the snowfall city.


    was a slight crack on the ice screen, and Mu Ningxue was able to feel clearly how many times before he became 14 wings of Angel Farby, in which case she could no longer suppress her own snow.

    Take out the dust bow, Mu Ningxue took a slight step back.

    The moment when the ice barrier broke, the bear’s gold flame came in, and the flash sword qi, which had fallen apart before, came together.

    But as Mu Ningxue’s eyes become sudden, the proliferation of little by little little, which can calm down all the exciting substances, as a little jump like pulse, a slight wave like precisely, can be extinguished around the pound of sword qi and hot gold flame!

    Near and far.

    For the first time, that kind of space was just to let Angel flame off the circle around Mu Ningxue.

    A second wave of fluctuations can be seen in the collapse of golden light extremely fast throughout the city.

    When a third similar influx erupted, excuses on the earth multiplied a number of untouched fists, each of which was deep like the valley.

    Fourth time

    Everything’s quiet!

    Everything is quiet, and the time is over, and only Mu Ningxue is pulling the bow in her hand.

    Four waves of power came from that bow, and the previous times were just because the bow strips were not full, and when the entire bow was completely stretched to pinnacle, it seemed like breakthrough the walls of time!

    # # # # # # # #

    And finally, the problem is that Mu Ningxue has no arrow on her finger, and she pulled it up as an empty string, and the process of the string back was direct in space, and saw the original (ly) and the glorious holy holy holy holy city and the plain ground around the city suddenly fall for nothing!

    The air, the rain, the rays of light have all been smuggled out of this empty string, and the darkness around it is like a abyss, and the city of Al-Quds is now alone in such a horrible vain!

    The temple stairs, long stagnated by expensive stones, were blown up like a storm sand for a second.

    The noble temple great hall, where gold soup can be resisted even if Forbidden Magic is shaved into the air, is as fragile as everything in this empty space.

    It’s just air, rain, rays of light, holy holy holy holy shrines that are being looted, just like a sand dune.

    Fourteen wings, Angel Fall, stand here at the Temple of the Holy City, and she can’t even believe her eyes, and Mu Ningxue’s magic bow power can be strong enough to this extent, and it’s normal space plane that can’t stand it!


    is clear to Fall that there is no precisely confusion around space, like a layer of self-repaired skins that accommodate all things, rays of light, elements, life, plants, and Mu Ningxue, the great formidable power of the polar bow, goes beyond space, so that the skin of this space can be turned out directly and ripped out, and the confused world itself is extremely unstable, tough and soft, and the whole system is small dust, including life in chaos.

    Angel Faith on Fall has been swallowed with futility, and at this point she will either continue to stand before the Temple and use a stronger Divine Ability to stop the destruction of herself in the chaos region, or flee this incomplete area as soon as possible.

    Traverse, for the fourteen wings Angel, is not a tough thing, and Emperor Level’s creature can tear up space and swim temporarily in chaos.

    The question is, what about the Temple?

    The Temple is to be divided out of countless pieces in this orderly area!

    Under the clouds, Fall can only block the flame miracle in front of the Temple, which is Angel’s residence in the interior, without which she is a great shame for Angels, and she absolutely does not allow Mu Ningxue to insult the Holy City in such a way!

    “What kind of power is this?” In the holy city of the sky, people see terrifying.

    There was a huge fallout in the plains, like the depths of terrifying, but not the pure dizzle, even more like a scarcity in the big space, and no one knew what was going on in the missing region, even more about where the missing area would be involved!

    Magic, can you really get to such a realm, even the walls of space?


    The Mars were crushed by a typhoon, but the Holy City shrines were barely guarded, and only the long and former great hall had been thrown into the sky.

    Fourteen wings, Angel Fall, look further, and find rays of light little by little, and the pace of space repair is very fast, while creating a strong vortex for dozens of kilometres and hundreds of kilometres of square circles, pulling all the substances into it to fill the gap in this space…


    nothing around Al-Quds, and Fall doesn’t care what level of space storm this time, but coldly looks at Mu Ningxue.

    However, Fall saw Mu Ningxue, and her finger didn’t know when more arrows had been made from this chaotic zone of a particular substance!

    (This chapter is over)

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