Versatile Mage Chapter 3080

3080. Chapter 3057 Killing Angel

    Chapter 3057 Killing Angel

3080.第3057章 射杀天使

    第3057章 射杀天使

    The frost of the sky!

    At the top of the sky, there is a rare substance that can freeze any powerful creature into death.

    In fact, this substance originated from the sky, which should not have been in the world, because of the fact that the sky was on the plane’s edge and the existence of certain cracks, leaving such a special Frost in the sky to the top.

    Mu Ningxue’s empty string was not a real offensive, and she crushed the space with the power of the polar bow, which was not part of the plane, and then, in a confusion, brought together an arrow that was entirely composed of the frost of the sky!

    This empty Frost arrow is her real murder!


    space is being repaired, it can be seen that rays of light little by little are filled in this missing area, and the huge spatial storm that is shattering nearby mountains, rivers, plains…

    Mu Ningxue was standing in the eyes of the entire space storm, and everything was involved, and she was able to pull this heavy bow in little by little.

    The extreme dust fragments have brought Ice Crystal Temple Bow to another realm, and this is a new challenge for Mu Ningxue, and she needs stronger management to be able to complete the full release of the arrow, as well as rare material to shape an arrow that can match the polar bow, so that the arrow can not be self-neutralized in the vast formidable power!


    frost of the sky, which is the perfect rocket material Mu Ningxue found, is far from the ice of Heavenly Mountain in Antarctica, which is not part of the world, and it’s never a pure cold, but a life suffocation!

    that arrow, Mu Ningxue completely locked up Angel Fall.


    enemy who blocked her before her will be extinguished until she kills Mikal, before Mo Fan’s!

    The holy city of the sky is shaking, and the terrifying air storm can only be parallel, and the earth will be dragged in together for repair.

    At first, it was just a pound of air that was flowing into space storms from high ground, and it was gradually a long raincloud and absorbed into it, and then it was a reflection of the holy city in the air!

    The whole city of Al-Quds, which is also moving on the ground at Little by Little moved to the ground, is the power of Mu Ningxue to pull a bow string out of the eyes of this spatial storm that can stall everything!

    The polar dust bow was pulled into an incredible arch, and if the former Ice Crystal Temple Bow, even the entire bow, would be broken, and the dust would make it more resilient.

    The arrow is frozen by the sky, and it’s even static on Mu Ningxue’s fingers, and the ice that suffers from life is spreading, and the flower trees die!

    “Different, Silent Underworld!”

    Mu Ningxue’s arrow passed away!

    In the course of the passage, the mystery is spreading the horror of death, creating a Underworld in which all creatures cannot survive.

    This Underworld is not the Garden of undead, the end of all life, the cold, darkness in the remote universe, the light of a little bit, not the life of a little bit!

    an arrow like precisely, stabbed 14 wings, Angel Fall!

    Fall has its own soul, Angel, and Lemuel’s Angel’s soul, and the pound of life is almost equal to the stars burning in the universe, bright, flame, life, and the wings of the fourteen gods, even more representative of the greater holy land universe that she does not belong to.

    Such a presence would have been impossible to die in this restricted life, because there is no power beyond the rule of the world.

    Only this bow in the hands of Mu Ningxue is shaped by extreme dust fragments that fall in the cracks above the sky of the eternal night polar, and it is equally not the rare power of this plane.

    Enough to break the limits of power and to break the rules of everything!

    Angel, like a meteor!

    As high as the gods, there was the same day of landing!

    The real eternal flashing is the heart that will never remain and rot somewhere, chasing ignorance and chasing stronger.

    The arrow of Mu Ningxue, even if it’s cold, can fiercely break the glory of this hole and tear the gloomy world — this Angel, who shot, is the best proof!

    Angel, not the strongest.

    Mu Ningxue witnessed a stronger presence.

    Magic, and absolutely not the strongest, has too much power in the world to crush the pride Magic.

    No one has ever been eligible to convict a certain Forces nouvelles.

    The Forces nouvelles are like a baby in a cave, and it’s just born, and why?

    Antaeus should not die.

    Qin Yuer should not die.

    Feng Zhoulong should not die.

    Mo Fan shouldn’t die either.

    Mu Ningxue is likewise unable to do so as good as Qin Yuer and is unwilling to fight all this injustice and injustice.

    She only knew that she should not be displaced and that she should not even be qualified to exist in the world.

    She only knows what Mo Fan did, and he’s Devil, and he’s more like a real tourist Angel in her eyes, and he’s never going to be silent when she doesn’t break any rules and no one fights for it!

    It’s the real world that can’t be tolerated.

    Ten big organizations, no dares to break the city.

    She’s Mu Ningxue to do it.

    No one dares to kill Angel in Al-Quds.

    She shot Mu Ningxue.

    There’s always one man with Angel’s blood, and everyone’s afraid to take the blame, Mu Ningxue doesn’t care.

    So this arrow, Mu Ningxue still has no mercy.

    Fall is a fair Angel, or a corrupt Angel, Mu Ningxue, at a moment when he walked into this holy city, he’s ready in her heart to eternal damnation, and she won’t leave a living room, as long as she’s obstructing herself!

    On the roof of the Temple of Heaven, the frost of the sky put it on a strange darkness in which Angel Fall was surrounded by fourteen wings, and she stared at both eyes, hard to believe, staring at the arrows on her chest.

    The cold invaded her whole body, and blood flowed out as usual, and a large amount fell on the treasure tower dome of the White golden City.

    The wings behind her back, two broken, and after the arrow, her Angel’s soul was beaten back into its original shape, and gradually restored to 10 Angel, it appears that she is so much as she can burn her wings and burn the flames, so much as Angel Divine Spark, who she just got.

    black’s muscle, colour, red blood is bleeding, Angel Fall knows that her life is no longer recoverable, and the frost of the sky makes her breathing hard, while “suffocating” her whole body of life.

    She no longer looked at that arrow, but looked up and looked at the sky, and the holy city of the sky was still so beautiful that it was still so brilliant.

    Just, she can’t see it anymore.

    (This chapter is over)

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