Versatile Mage Chapter 3081

3081. Chapter 3058

    Chapter 3058

    Both the holy city of the sky and the holy city of the earth are dead and silent.

    angel Kell, the black muscle, represents the Holy Shadow, even though she rarely shows up in the eyes of the world and does something that favours darkness’s sentence, but Kyle still represents the rule of the city.

    Her death will undoubtedly have a huge impact on Al-Quds!

    Lemuel recovered his Angel’s soul, and his lips began to get white.

    The frost of the sky burned on his Angel’s soul, even if it was attached to El Fahr, Lemuel himself suffered some fluctuations, from white lips to cold, and his skin began to erupt in a frozen turtle.

    Lemuel was surprised to see his body change, which was more like a disease that could be transmitted through any media, but it was just a little bit more than that, but it was possible to stifle a living life into that, and if it were not stopped, its life would be threatened!

    And Mu Ningxue’s arrow, not to know how many doses of exogenous cream, even the millennium beast of undying and unextinguished could be taken away from all life!

    It is no wonder that Mu Ningxue has the courage to break into this great city by himself.

    When the Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Forbidden Magic allies pushed Mu Ningxue into an extinction, it was also hoped that such a dangerous precursor would disappear from the world as soon as possible.

    Who can think of Mu Ningxue being so resilient that, for others, there is no hope of entering a permanent night confinement, and Mu Ningxue can play pinnacle in that environment with her innate talent, abilities and survival.

    No one can survive in Antarctica’s eternal night, and Mu Ningxue survived, which means that she has taken over Ji Realm, a human being, with the power to cross this era.

    Angel is not Mu Ningxue’s opponent, but even though Fall got the elevation because of his own soul, the real Angel’s strength is at this level!

    “Lemuel, keep an eye on her breath.” At this point, Mikal’s voice came.

    Lemuel did not initially understand the words of Mikal until a few seconds after watching Mu Ningxue took note of a little detail.

    Mu Ningxue’s hand, shaking lightly.

    Her breath wasn’t so smooth before.

    As an astronaut of the Ice Element of Soul-Seed, the snow in the Alps will continue to flow here, and the ice elements of hundreds of kilometres away will be heard from the queen as the clouds.

    At this point, Mu Ningxue’s breath is weak.

    That aggressive cold attack eliminated most of it, and Mu Ningxue was standing there for a long time without moving any further steps.

    “She’s recovering.” Lemuel saw the end.

    “In a short time, she was unable to use the magic bow, and the arrow that killed Fall took away a lot of Essence, Qi, Spirit, and she would never be able to display the same formidable power target unless she did not cherish her life.” Mikal showed extraordinary calm, and he even showed some indifference to Fall’s death.

    The Holy Shadow is the dark side of Al-Quds, and even does something that is invisible, and the Sacred Shadows have sacrificed their lives from the very beginning of their birth.

    In Mikal’s view, without Fall, they don’t have to see Mu Ningxue’s true face, Mu Ningxue knows more than anyone else about hiding herself, her cultivation base realm, Ice Crystal Temple Bow, under her control, and the nexus of Antarctica’s eternal night.

    The vast majority of the victims are hard to depress their ability to transcend the natural (ly) rule, so the victims are often lost, and they are easily exposed to themselves and do something to exterminate themselves without genuine control of that capacity.

    But Mu Ningxue was hiding well, and she was very smart, and she had long realized that the ultimate end of the victims was either self-extinct or executed by Al-Quds, so she would not expose herself to innate talent, even by fleeing to the city of Al-Quds in a way that would allow her to gain more time!

    Before she walked into the night, she was not just a mosquito fly that could be slaughtered, but now she can kill the Holy Quest Fall.

    “I understand, and then we’ll do everything we can to kill her!” Lemuel Pointed Nodded.

    Mu Ningxue is strong enough to have some terrifying.

    Now, she’s like those ancient Emperor in Antarctica’s eternal night, if she’s been in Antarctica, or in the snow world, even if the holy city’s nest does not have to extinguish her.

    Now their greatest advantage is that Mu Ningxue is in the Holy City.


    snow community of the Alps is already the pinnacle that Mu Ningxue can call, and that arrow just consumes her tremendous strength, and if Al-Quds is to be able to put an end to this tremendous congestion at the expense of a Sacred Shadow, that victory will still belong to their holy city!

    “Indeed, it is wise to hang you here, to let your soul little by little little be sucked away, and to bring such a scourges to our holy city.” There are some pale faces in Mikal that flourish a little bit of a delusional smile.

    It seems that his heart is happy.

    Mikhail’s life is committed to fighting all monster in the world!

    One less monster, one more piece of peace.

    Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue are all on their first list.

    Mikal never feared the fight, nor would he mind sacrifice, and what he really feared was that there was a presence like Zhan Kong, Qin Yuer, similar to Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue, which had never been detected.

    See Mo Fan not talking, Mikhail opens the phone box, and from his eyes he sees the excitement of hard to suppress inside!

    “Are you sick?” Mo Fan asked.

    “Patient?” Mikhail smiled with a strange tone, “We’re all sick, don’t you realize that any life that crosses Forbidden Magic is a bacteria for this world?”

    Mo Fan watched Lemuel’s location, and during this period Mo Fan was well aware that the true strength of this city was not Archangel Long Miguel, but that it was Mikal’s top leader, Lemuel’s two Archangel lengths!

There are

    other Angel elders in Al-Quds Al-Sharjah, where the power of except is completely empty, and two Archangels in Rafael and Uri.

    But the man who really owns the great system of Al-Quds Al-Sharif is Captain Lemuel Archangel.

    Captain Lemuel Archangel was the first to return to Al-Quds Al-Sharif, where he was reappointed from the last Angel, the Holy Shadow, the Holy City Guard, the Angel sequence was all under Lemuel’s control.

    (This chapter is over)

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