Versatile Mage Chapter 3082

3082. Chapter 3059 Bacteria of the World

    Chapter 3059 Bacteria of the World

3082.第3059章 世界的病菌

    第3059章 世界的病菌

    However, Lemuel is a very self-defined person.

    From time to time, he was only the custodian, and all the major decision-making powers of Al-Quds Al-Sharif were handed over by Lemuel to Mikal.

    In Lemuel’s view, Mikhail is the greatest leader of this age, and his thoughts can lead the city to a more brilliant realm, and Mikal does not want to reach a maximum of sixteen wings, to be famous!

    Strong Lemuel, Gang is willing to follow the steps of Mikal…

    One of the most powerful Angel elders, with the same concepts and ideas as the former guard and radical.

    A highly prestigious holy city administrator, united within the Holy City and united its objectives.

    Mikal, the leader, is aggressive.

    That means that the whole city has become extremely aggressive!

    Mo Fan also sees that Mu Ningxue is now in a weak position, but Lemuel has too many powerful Al-Quds organizations, and Mu Ningxue can hardly escape the sanction of Al-Quds once the holy city powerhouse is nested!

    That’s what Mo Fan is most worried about now, and Lemuel’s power is the power of Al-Quds, which is more terrifying than Singlehanded’s Miguel!

    “World is like a life.”

    “Life will be sick, the bacteria hidden in the body will breed, grow and gradually cause damage to life as a whole, some of which can be cured, and some of them will never be cured, and Forbidden Magic is the latter.”

    “Of course, it seems to me that you monster are not as simple as the bacteria, and it should be more appropriate to describe cancer cells. You have unlimited divisions, endless growth, no medicine can suppress you, life’s own defense system can’t help you, and you will destroy everything, make the whole life a little less immune, and make the bacteria that could easily kill you a deadly disease!”

    “What is the vulnerability of the world under your expansion?”

    Mikal doesn’t care if Mo Fan doesn’t listen, he says he is.

    “So what are you, what’s your holy city, what’s the difference between you and us?” Mo Fan said with a sneer.

    “We are all the same, and I, Lemuel, Rafael, Uri can call it a cell, or a monster, but the only difference between us and you is that we were born as hunters. It is because of you, monster, you cells are strong enough to control and restrain nothing, and the world’s life-made creates us these monster, which is to kill the rest of the monster and bring monster to a balance that does not threaten the world’s subjects.” Mikal says.

    It’s called monster.

    The whole city is monster City.

    A city to hunt other monster!

    Mikal, this idea has given Mo Fan a while, and I don’t know how to talk to this brain.

    So there is no sin or innocence, strong enough to go beyond a certain boundaries, that is, sin.

    That’s why some great people will die.

    At the beginning of the birth, any creature was given the idea of “having to be stronger”, and the weak would only be swallowed by this cruel natural (ly) community…

    When countless hardships can be paid to get on top, the big natural (ly) wants you to die, and you’re ruining the rules of natural (ly).

    Admiral Angel.

    Travel Angel.

    The metaphor of Mikhail is appropriate, and they have lost a bright wing, a sacred armor, and they are similarly a bunch of monster, whose presence is to extinguish the other non-Al-Quds system!

    “Many ordinary people are moderate because they do not have the capital to commit evil, and their fists do not just kill and may put themselves at risk. And if they were given a sharp weapon and a solid armor, they would have killed more than some of the evildoers.”

    “Even more human heart will change, and whoever is pure and virtuous within his heart will be influenced outside.”

    “We cannot control a human good evil, but we can control his power. We want to make sure that the vicious destruction of the surroundings is slight and recoverable when all people are out of control.”

    “Mu Ningxue, the killing of Al-Quds Al-Sharif for one person, is never permitted!”

    how can you let Mo Fan go?

    Mikal firmly believes that this time Mo Fan was released, and one day Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue will also stand on the opposite side of Al-Quds Al-Sharif for something.

    What will the city do then, keep them free, or destroy them?

    For love?

    Miguel’s got to be funny.

    There are Seven Emotions and Six Desires, and that many are in love.

    A little less comfortable, subverting a holy city ruler like Mu Ningxue?

    the country will punish a villain who is your relative and will revenge the country because you have the ability to destroy a country?

    countries, holy cities, rulers, and people who have the power to fight against countries, holy cities and rulers are more likely to make mistakes, and who has more serious consequences?

    The Holy City is gone. Who’s going to extinguish the “germs”?

    the country is extinct. What does the people get to survive?

    Without the ruling class, all ranks are completely chaotic, the wealthy, the wealthy, the poor who have the means to kill whoever tries to earn wealth, there are enormous contradictions in each class, then bite each other, and continue to lose their humanity in anger, jealousy, greed, hunger, becoming wild beast, to hell.

    Saliel made mistakes.

    Mo Fan killed Saliel.

    Mu Ningxue made mistakes in Al-Quds.

    To subvert the whole city?

    So this fight, even if the Holy City blood flowing into a river, will not let Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue go!

    They shouldn’t have survived this world.

    Once released, it will only bring more exceptions, more and more, and it will make the Holy City, consigned to eternal damnation!

    “Mikal, you have reached the top realm, and it should be clear that this universe is not the only world you’re looking at. You just want to be the right rule here, to be the Lord of all of you who adheres to your rules of play, not everyone who is willing to play this game with you, nor is everyone as clear as you are.”

    “The trees do need to cut some nutrient branches to grow bigger, but you only want the world to become a small basin in your room, even the sunshine, not even stingy, with the medicine that keeps it from long insect, using a sealed environment to keep it from blowing out of the rain, and eventually it’s just dying and dying.” Mo Fan said to Mikal.

    Is Mikhail really right to maintain a balance?

    Everyone is already in Forbidden Magic Domain and, to a certain extent, can tear up space and see other bigger airplanes, which are actually near this tiny Earth.

    Someday, Mikhail’s cabin will be damaged, the fierce sunlight will come in, the raging wind will shave, or it’s just a small basin’s ideal world, so can you really bear this?

    It is estimated that a small SM = ful in Principal Section can torture the basin, which, after all, has never experienced an insect bite in the past and has no own immunization system.

    People grow up, and the world needs to grow.

    Fear and escape are only temporary tranquillity.

    Only if you grow into a real giant tree can you endure all the unknown threats!

    (This chapter is over)

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