Versatile Mage Chapter 3097

3097. Chapter 3074 All elements are Forbidden Magic.

    Chapter 3074 All elements are Forbidden Magic.

    Heaven Mountains, this is a spiritual mountain that will always be on the limit of one person, no matter how strong Mo Fan now has the will, how great Spiritual Force, the top of which will be from first to end.

    Mo Fan’s knee bones are almost crushed, and his entire flames are intertwined, but the flames from beginning to end cannot spread beyond the oppressive areas of paradise mountains.

    Just, despite some mental suffering caused by the pressure of the paradise mountains, Mo Fan’s face has not shown much anxiety.

    He laughed at Mikal’s low eyes because, so far, Mikal was still adhering to the rules, and he still thought Magic should comply with the prophet’s teachings, and a Elemental Stars should respond to the next Elemental Stars, and a Star Atlas represented only one spell.

    In fact, after Feng Zhoulong created Magic Integration, Mo Fan knew Magic differently!

    Who established the non-breaking rule?

    On the day you entered magic school, there was teacher telling every Mage:

    Mage can only wake up in Novice-Order, and spell has only one fixed Star Path.

    Wakening needs Awakening Stone, and awakening can only be done.

    Relationships and relationships are not intertwined, and forced integration can only extinguish itself.

    Integration of Magic, first of all, this fixed rule has been broken by Feng Zhoulong.

    He created a method of integration and, with his own realm upgrade, Mo Fan had complete control of the fundamentals of the legal sector, and now he could easily complete the integration of all Magic systems even if he did not need to be integrated.


    the level, this rule has also been broken on its own natural innate talent, Inborn Dual Element, which may be good for itself, but at the same time demonstrates that the inherent rules are not entirely correct, and that those Magic norms have been developed only by those who stand in the high ground, so that people can learn Magic more systematically to turn them into a rule!

    “Your paradise mountains, you can’t hold me!” Mo Fan’s body is no longer bent, even if there are already broken marks on his knees, and he raised this vast Magic Ordinance Mountain in Little by Little.

    Integration, creation!

    Ice can melt water, water and fire can be tempered, gas can lead to mine, Ray can make fire, fire brings light, light is Darkness!

    A man’s realm, as long as he’s tall enough, can perform all Magic, Black Magic, White Magic, Elemental Magic, Dimensional Magic, everything can be built on the Magic Truth of original (ly)!

    Mo Fan’s irony of Milkal realm is because Mikal has stayed in the rules of the former until now, and even the derivatives of realm have not been achieved, let alone created!

    Each Magic system was born and was experiencing such a process.

    First, imitations, derivatives, and integration changes, and then creates a new force, which, if it is capable of forming a complete system of universal populations, becomes a new Magic system!

    Mikhail was deluded to bind a man who had already entered the creation of a rule, and that was where Mo Fan thought he was so ridiculous!

    Fire, lightning, flying sand!

    The three radiance types are constantly mistaken on Mo Fan’s body, and the three Mo Fan inherent capabilities of the paradise mountains are also being repressed by precisely.

    But now Mo Fan is Forbidden Magic realm, and he will have two more magic systems of awakening.

    Just, do all Mage really have to comply with this rule?

    One person can only have more than one tie per promotion because the founder established a rule to prevent Mage from taking too much burdens in the cultivation process.

    Does that mean that one day when Magic civilization progresses, as long as Mage’s spiritual resilience is strong enough, anyone can perform all the spells at the beginning of Magic’s study!

    The time will not come, Mo Fan, but now has at least seven souls and Devil and Ver100,000 Bird twins Divine Spark are no longer bound by these rules!

    golden rays of light, blue silk, white Frost, azure air flow

    Flaming, radar and sand, these are Magic systems that Mo Fan has awakened, but that has no light, water, ice, wind, radiance of the four elements also appeared on Mo Fan’s body.

    Compared to the first three, these four elements are only small Star Dust, weak rays of light, like a Magic initial Scholar, but all of them are together in one person, and that melting rainbow, which brings out, shocks to hundreds of thousands of people in Al-Quds City!

    All the elements!

    Mo Fan alone has all Elemental Magic!


    Mountain of Heaven, which follows the rule of law, has made the Magic System inherent in Mo Fan a strong spiritual mountain, which is held in Mo Fan’s Spiritual World, always raised up, but at this moment Mo Fan has completed his own awakening under this pressure, not two systems, but four systems, replacing all the missing elements with his Spiritual World!

    In the Spiritual World of Magic, there were more golden Star Dust, Blue Star Dust, White Star Dust and azure Star Dust, although all were small Star Dust, because the birth of these Star Dust had gone beyond the natural pressure of the mountain!

    Mo Fan stood slowly under the mask of these elements radiance, and the whole paradise mountains were hardened by Mo Fan’s arms to be empty!

    The twins have divine glow, Devil’s bloodline is more insane than the little Star Dust, so that the elements that just emerged have been raised to a pinnacle realm!

    The sky and the earth suddenly seem to be locked up by a cage from a sub dollar, and in this huge oppression, people are witnessing Forbidden Magic in Mo Fan’s face!

    This Forbidden Magic Mansion is completely different from the capacity of other Forbidden Magic Mage, which is the myth of fire, lightning, sand, darkness, the four manifold elements, the constant integration of light, water, ice, wind, and four other elements beyond Forbidden Magic’s power!


    are also many Forbidden Magic Mage in the Holy City, and these Forbidden Magic Mage don’t know what kind of Forbidden Magic is going to be done at this moment, or Mo Fan is now working on Forbidden Magic!

    Forbidden Magic of wind, Forbidden Magic of water, Forbidden Magic of light, Forbidden Magic of Ice Forbidden Magic, Forbidden Magic of Fire, Forbidden Magic of Ray, Forbidden Magic of shadow, Forbidden Magic of Land, Forbidden Magic of Forbidden Magic, born after birth, was completely locked up!

    Dimensional Magic was born of Forbidden Magic, which could break the time space, so the cage of the lock of the sky in the heavens and the earth represents a secondary power, and it can be seen that Mo Fan itself has silver space, false chaos, sums, mon doors floating on the sky, and that brings a silent Sound System Forbidden Magic to the world.

    All Forbidden Magic!

In the

    cage of time and in a way that integrates elements under the Holy City, if Mikal is the Messenger of Magic Father, Mo Fan is gathered together in twelve faculties of Forbidden Magic, if he is the companion of Magic!

    Unfortunately, Mo Fan knew that realm was not high enough, and he couldn’t evolve White Magic and other Black Magic, otherwise he could really show Mikal what’s right about Magic, what’s Magic to Profound Truth!

    (This chapter is over)

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