3386. Chapter 3386 Kirin family

Chapter 3386 Kirin family

Obviously, little gold is now completely reluctant to return to the blood.

“If you don’t return, you have to say hello to the ridge master of Xueyueling? Otherwise, he thought I would drive you away.”

Duan Lingtian said with some helplessness.

“Well, I said to the lord, and by the way, the old man said to the old elder.”

Little gold responded, and then left the small world of Duan Lingtian, and was busy with the news.

“All right.”

After a few moments, little gold came back and smiled and said to Duan Lingtian.

“Is this all right?”

Duan Lingtian, I didn’t expect little gold to be so smooth.

“Haha… I said to the lord, brother, you are now a true disciple who has swayed the predecessors of the monarchs and told him that if he does not believe, he can go to the Heavenly Emperor Palace to ask.”

Little gold Haha smiled and said: “When he believes, knowing that I am in the palace of the Heavenly Emperor, I am relieved. Also, let me find more ways to lighten my predecessors and let him point me.”

“You are really… smart.”

Duan Lingtian smiled, didn’t expect little gold to lift the predecessor that he had never seen before as a shield.

Although Xueyueling is a heavenly force of the Beasts, it is not a general heavenly force.

However, even in the eyes of the bloody moon Ridge, the current wind is light and the predecessors are also unreachable characters… Little gold can be related to him, I am afraid that the Lord of the Blood Moon Ridge is also optimistic.

“Hey? Little black and little white didn’t even go back to my communication… They won’t just go to the end of the day?”

Soon, the voice of little gold continued to come, “Elder brother Ling Tian, ​​or else we will go to the sky, and the news will look at little black and little white. Isn’t it in the sky?”

And almost at the same time as the little gold voice fell.

Duan Lingtian’s pupils, sharply shrinking, can’t help but see a burst of excitement.


Just because, at this moment, Duan Lingtian’s ear came the voice of his daughter Duan Siling. “Hey, it’s the grandfather’s message… Grandpa said he’s in the Kirin family.”

The grandfather of Duan Siling is naturally the father of Duan Lingtian, Duan Rufeng.


I heard the disappointing exclamation of Duan Lingtian, little gold couldn’t help but sigh, “Elder brother Ling Tian, ​​is… is there any news like Uncle Feng?”

“little gold, do you know the Kirin family?”

Duan Lingtian looked at little gold and asked in a short tone. As long as he was an individual, he could now hear the excitement of Duan Lingtian.

“Kirin family?”

Little gold brows wrinkled, “Brother, you don’t want to say… like Uncle Feng, is he in the Kirin family?”


Duan Lingtian nodded. “Si Ling just told me that he had received a message from her grandfather… Her grandfather said that he was in the Kirin family.”

Although, Duan Lingtian can send a message through his soul beads of Duan Rufeng and others.

However, he and Duan Rufeng, they did not have his soul in his hands, so that even if he received his message, he could not respond to him.

However, Duan Rufeng and others do not have the soul beads of Duan Lingtian, and does not mean that there is no soul beads of Duan Siling or Feng Tianwu.

At the beginning, they exchanged soul beads in the land of the gods.

Duan Siling has a soul bead in his hand, a person corresponding to the soul bead, and a soul bead of Duan Siling in his hand. As long as he is in the same plane, Duan Siling can communicate with them.

“Ask Uncle, how can he be in the Kirin family?”

Little gold looked at Duan Lingtian and his face became a little dignified.

“it is good.”

When he heard little gold, Duan Lingtian came back and pressed his heart, and then sent him to Duan Rufeng again. He asked, “Hey, how are you in the Kirin family? Also, you are now in the Kirin family. What is it? Is it safe?”

After asking, Duan Lingtian’s tone was a little more anxious.

After all, here is the beastly heaven, the land where the beasts gather, and humans are rare.

He thought he was Duan Rufeng, his mother Li Rou and his wife Li Fei, and his son Duan Niantian. They couldn’t be in the beasts, but they didn’t expect him to be in Duo Rufeng. .

“Hey, talk about your current situation and think about it.”

After Duan Lingtian’s communication, he added another sentence to Duan Rufeng.

“Si Ling, after your grandfather has sent you a message, I will tell you the original words in the first time.”

Duan Lingtian said to Duan Siling.

“it is good.”

However, Duan Siling responded with a ‘good’, but it was not a long time, but Duan Lingtian was also anxious. “Si Ling, your grandfather still did not send a message?”

“Ah? Passing… passed.”

Listening to Duan Siling’s current tone, it is obviously a bit of a distraction, and this also makes Duan Lingtian can’t help but frown. What he said to Siling in the end, it made Ding Ling’s gimmicks go away.

“What do you say to your grandfather?”

Duan Lingtian asked anxiously.

“Hey, Grandpa said, he is very good now, no danger, very safe.”

Siling said.

“It’s very safe, I said he is safe now.”

Duan Lingtian first told little gold, and little gold listened to this, the dignified face was slightly relaxed. “That’s good, that’s good.”

“little gold, how do you seem to be nervous after hearing the Kirin family?”

Duan Lingtian asked some wonders.

“Elder brother Ling Tian, ​​you don’t know… the Heavenly Emperor of the Beasts is the strongest of the Kirin family?”

Little gold looked at Duan Lingtian with amazement and asked.

“I… I really don’t know.”

Duan Lingtian shook his head, and there was another shock in his heart.

This Heavenly Emperor of the Beasts is actually from the Kirin family, is the strongest of the Kirin family?

What does this mean, he is clear.

It means that the Kirin family is integrated with the Heavenly Emperor Palace.

This kind of integration is not the same as the relationship between the Heavenly Emperor Palace and the Heavenly Powers Tianchi Palace.

The latter is only because of the blood relationship between the Tianchi Palace and the Heavenly Emperor.

The former, but the entire ethnic group, are related to the masters of the Emperor’s Palace, and they can be said to be one and even inseparable.

“The Kirin family is the absolute hegemon in the beasts of the beasts… Although the dragons have strong foundations, they don’t dare to easily wrestle with the Kirin family.”

Little gold sighed and said: “As for our bloody month, there is no way to compare with the Kirin family.”

“There are… the Emperor of Heaven, the Emperor of Heaven, is the beast of the Kirin family, chaotic unicorn. It is said that the chaotic unicorn, born with one of the five elements of the gods of chaos, with the fire, all the past.”

“And, with the chaotic fire that was born by Chaos Kirin, it is said that it is not a general low-profile chaotic fire.”

Little gold said that his face was slightly dignified.

“The Heavenly Emperor of the Beasts, as early as many years ago, has already ranked in the top ten in “The Heavenly Emperor’s List”… Now, his strength is definitely stronger.”

Said little gold.

“Chaotic unicorn? Is it a chaotic fire? Isn’t it a low-level chaotic fire?”

Duan Lingtian’s pupils shrank. “In this case, the chaotic unicorn can still grow up. As far as I know, the five elements of the gods, even the gods of the gods, will be tempted.”

“Within the planes of the heavens, few people can be the opponents of the chaotic unicorn… But among the gods, I am afraid that there are many people who have the ability to kill him and seize the chaos in his body?”

Asked Duan Lingtian.

This is also his most doubtful.

At the beginning, he entered the purgatory plane, no matter who it was, even if it came from the powerful forces of the heavens, even if it came from the Emperor’s Palace, the existence of the five elements of the gods will be wrapped up in their own identity.

At the beginning, within the battlefield of the Purgatory, the white tigers and the beasts of the white tigers, because they felt capable of killing them, appeared in front of them and exposed their identity.

Not to mention the infernal battlefield of Immortal Sovereign.

Under normal circumstances, even the Immortal Emperor gathered in the nine battlefields, and then the powerful Immortal Emperor, even in the forefront of the “Heavenly Immortal Emperor”, with five elements of the gods, do not dare to reveal identity.

Once exposed, it may be returned to the chasing of the gods from the planes of the gods in the future.

The five elements of the gods can even make the gods of the gods face crazy!

“Elder brother Ling Tian, ​​what you said makes sense… But if I tell you, nowadays, one of the most powerful people in this world is the family of the Kirin family going out?”

Little gold asked.


The little gold, for a moment, scared Duan Lingtian, but Huo Lao around Duan Lingtian, although he heard the little gold, but still calm, it seems not at all surprised.

“Huo Lao, have you already known?”

After discovering that Huo Lao was not surprised, Duan Lingtian asked subconsciously.


Huo Lao nodded. “Listen to the Emperor of Heaven.”

“I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect…”

Duan Lingtian sighed again and again, never imagined that he was the one of the unicorns that Duan Rufeng is now in.

The Kirin family is definitely the most powerful force that Duan Lingtian has encountered so far.

What dragons, what Xueyueling, is not comparable to it.

Even if it is the death of the Heavenly Emperor’s Palace, unless you consider the Supreme People behind the Kirin family, you can’t compare with the Kirin family.

A group of monsters with the strongest as the background.

This kind of monster group, placed in the plane of the heavens, is simply the existence of the open.

“It is said that the beasts of the unicorns of the eternal beasts are chaotic unicorns. The reason why they are born with a chaotic fire of high form is completely the hand of the stalwart of the Kirin family.”

Little gold continued: “And, the Kirin family of the Beasts is not the whole of the Kirin family… It is said that there are many ethnic groups in the Kirin family who are in the face of the gods.”

Duan Lingtian took a deep breath and only suppressed the instigation in her heart, and at the same time, she became more curious:

He asked Duan Rufeng, how can he go to the Kirin family?

“Si Ling, Grandpa has told you… Why is he in the Kirin family?”

Duan Lingtian asked again.


Duan Siling had some words to stop, but in the end he said, “Grandpa, he… was imprisoned.”

Duan Lingtian’s face changed dramatically, “What?!”

He was Duan Rufeng, was imprisoned by the Kirin family?

At this moment, not only Duan Lingtian, even the face of little gold has completely changed, and Huo Lao’s face has become extremely dignified at this moment.

(End of this chapter)

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