3427. Chapter 3427, Monroe’s Deterrence

Chapter 3427, Meng Luo’s Deterrence

The plane of the Saint field, over a vast plain, a strong figure emerged out of thin air.

He wore a loose blue robes, his face was firm and cold, and his tiger eyebrows were not angry. At this moment, his eyes were sparkling with cold chills.

Hey! !

As the air turbulent, but this figure is strong, like the iron tower of the middle-aged man’s knowledge extends out, then his whole person is like a lightning, flying out of the air.

at the same time.

In front of the mountain gate of a steep mountain in the Saint domain plane, there is a blue robe old man who walks in the air and falls in front of the mountain gate.

“Who are you? Why are we coming to Pufangzong?”

Several Pufang sects who guarded the gate of the mountain, asked the old man in the blue robe.

“Kill your people.”

The voice of the old man in the blue robe just fell, and a sharp man was shot in his eyes, and then he directly penetrated the eyebrow of one of the guarding the mountain gate.

Everything happens only in a blink of an eye.

At the same time that the rest of the people returned, the man who had been killed had already slammed into the ground.

At the same time, a few people who had come back to God, their faces changed and their eyes were full of horror.

“Go to the lord! There are enemies!”

“Go! Go and report to the Lord!”


Several people shouted as they turned around and rushed toward the sky at the extreme heights of the steep peaks.

“Reporting, one person is enough.”

Seeing a few people fleeing, going to ventilate the letter, the old man changed his face, then a finger gently in the air, suddenly divided into several streamers, passing in the air, like a few meteors in the night sky.

The next moment, in addition to the slowest person, several people who were faster were killed.

Without exception, all were pierced through the eyebrows.

All of this was seen in the eyes of the youngest man who was the slowest. His face suddenly became pale and the whole person stayed in the same place, and he did not dare to move.

What a joke!

These people, the strength ratio is too strong, faster than him, have been killed so accurately.

He continued to flee, and he certainly could not escape the palm of his hand.

“What are you doing? Don’t send a letter, you will go with them.”

As the old man opened his mouth, the young man who was stunned changed his face in a flash, and then he swayed and rushed to ventilate the letter.

Pu Fangzong, in the Saint domain plane, although not a top force, but also a powerful force.

Among the forces, there are many strong people close to the level of the emperor.

When Pu Fangzong was a high-ranking group under the patriarch, he was told that someone had angered them after they had been killed by Pu Fangzong.

However, when they personally went out, but they were all raised by the old man and shot dead, they witnessed all these people, but they were broken!

“Who is this person? Even if it is the Emperor of the Emperor, isn’t it so strong?”

“Scorpio! How can we offend such a strong person?”


Those who have witnessed all of this have witnessed the color of despair.

Just when they wanted to flee, even spread the news, so that everyone in Pufangzong was frightened and wanted to escape… the old man, once again shot.

call out! call out! call out! call out! call out!


The streamer that passes through the air seems to have life, and each one is closely following the people of Pufangzong.

In the end, all the people of Pu Fangzong saw a group of the same door dead in front of their own eyes, and their own consciousness gradually became nothingness.

After killing all the people of Pu Fangzong, the old man stepped up and was ready to leave Pufangzong, while his face showed a smile of enjoyment.

“Killing is an art…the few cowards do not know how to enjoy.”

The old man is one of the dozen Immortal Emperors that Luo Shui teaches. Although it is not the title Immortal Emperor, the strength is close to the title Immortal Emperor.

His strength, among the dozen or so, can rank in the top five.

It can be seen that his strength is strong.

After all, this time, a dozen people from the Luoshui sect to the Saint domain, there are two titles Immortal Emperor.


The old man had just arrived outside Pufangzong’s residence, but he saw a tall figure standing there, looking at him calmly.

“Is there a fish that leaks?”

At the beginning, the old man thought that this was a fish that slipped through the net.

However, when he found out that he was ready to take the shot, the other side still looked at him indifferently, looking at his gaze and giving him a familiar feeling.

This kind of gaze is like watching a dead person.

For a time, the old man faintly felt that something was wrong… If this is just a secular person, there is no such courage!

After all, although he hasn’t shot yet, the momentum that comes out of him is enough to make this world’s most powerful Loose Immortal tremble.

This sturdy middle-aged man can not only remain calm, but also looks at him like a dead person.

“Luoshui teaches people?”

Strong middle-aged, not others, it is all the way to find the old man’s Scorpio Immoral Emperor Meng Luo.

When Meng Luo arrived, the old man had just killed the entire sect of the Pufang sect, and one did not stay. This way, Meng Luo could not help but rise up with anger.

Duan Lingtian, who is still in the small world of his body, is still watching all of this. He is also extremely angry. He can’t wait to leave Meng Luo’s small world and kill the old man in front of him.

However, he thought that he could not be exposed, nor could he risk the exposure to do such a thing. He held back.

“You… how do you know?”

The old man just felt that the middle-aged man in front of his eyes was not simple, and he heard the other party’s words, and he couldn’t help himself for a moment.

“In one day, I want to see you Luoshui teaching everyone to this worldly plane… If there is one less person, you will die!”

When Meng Luo opened his mouth, a burst of devastating force swept over him, and he hovered over the top of the old man’s head, turning into a giant palm, as if to cover the sky.

At the same time that this giant palm appeared, the clouds above the sky were all retreating a hundred miles away, showing the terrible power of condensing the giant palm.

Although the giant palm did not fall, but the immortal force of the ten-party Immortal Emperor level, and the atmosphere of the three or more senses of the destruction of the law, but the old man’s face changed greatly, showing the color of panic.

These strong people are that they can’t find a few people in Luoshui.

“Lord… Who is you?!”

The old man trembled with a question of sound, and the original escaped from the body of the fairy power, was also subconsciously collected, because he knows that in front of this strong, his resistance to no resistance is no different.

The other party wants to kill him, just a blink of an eye.

“The silence of the Heavenly Emperor Palace, Tianmu Immortal Emperor, Meng Luo.”

Meng Luo said lightly.

“Scorpio Immortal Emperor Meng Luo?!”

When I heard Meng Luo’s words, the old man’s pupils contracted sharply, and he never imagined that the strong man in front of him would be the one who would kill the Heavenly Emperor’s Palace.

Although, to see the power of the other side, he is not difficult to guess that the other is the title Immortal Emperor.

But I did not expect that the other party is the Scorpio Immoral Emperor Meng Luo!


Scorpio Immoral Emperor Meng Luo, such a presence, in their Luoshui teaching, is the Saint woman and several elders are not his opponent?

In their Luoshui teaching, I am afraid that only the leader can control this Monroe.

“Meng…Meng Luo adults…but I don’t know, what are you looking for?”

The old man trembled and asked, now, his heart has already had an ominous premonition… This Mengluo, will not be the rescuers of the two Immortal Emperor?

Although he has not seen the two Immortal Emperor of his man and woman met by his companions, he also knows that there are two Immortal Emperors appearing in this secular plane, and after knowing their actions in this secular plane, Hastily left this secular plane.

At that time, the two responsible persons who came to the trip, two titles, Immortal Emperor, guessed that the two might be from this secular plane.

When he leaves, he may find helpers to come to this secular plane and stop them.

Just, that’s just speculation.

But I did not expect that not only come true, but also suspected to stop them, or to silence the Heavenly Emperor Emporor Emperor!

Scorpio Immortal Emperor Meng Luo, placed in the various heavens, is also a famous figure.

His fame is not only because of his own strength, but also because he is the closest person to the wind and the gentleman of the day, the wind has swayed the Emperor once killed a heavenly emperor for him!

“The speed will be found, I have no patience.”

Meng Luo did not respond to the old man and said the tone impatiently.

Suddenly, the old man did not dare to hesitate, hurriedly let the other people come over. As for the reason, he also said that it was the death of Tiandi Emperor Gongluo.

I got the voice of the old man, and the remaining dozens of people were scared to the heart. “What? Meng Luo? The Scorpio Immortal Emperor who died in the Heavenly Emperor Palace?”

“Scorpio! Who are the two people? Can Meng Luo help move like this?”

“In that year, the wind that smashed the sky swayed the Emperor of Heaven for the death of the Emperor of Mengluo. On the strength, it is no worse than the Emperor of Luoshuitian, the leader of our Luoshui religion.”

“Can’t go! If I go, what should he do if he kills us?”


After learning that Meng Luo was looking for them in the past, a group of people did not want to go, and even thought of leaving the secular plane.

When they heard them, the old man suddenly regretted telling them the real reason.

When he thought of a different person, Meng Luo would kill him. He quickly said to a group of people: “You, I can’t help… I just said your name to Master Monroe.”

“Meng Luo said, you who dare not, even if you leave Luoshui, leave Luoshuitian, he will also take you out to kill!”

“Mr. Monroe also said, looking for you, will not kill you.”

When the old man said this, a group of people suddenly became honest, and they stopped from all over the Saint domain to stop the killing and approach the old man.

In less than half a day, a group of people came together and joined the old man and appeared in front of Monroe.

“Meng Luo adults!”

A group of people, including the elderly, have bowed to Mengluo, their bodies are stiff and their voices are slightly trembling.

(End of this chapter)

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