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3462. Chapter 3462 inflammatory corpus luteum

3462.第3462章 炎黄体

Chapter 3462 inflammatory corpus luteum

    第3462章 炎黄体

Duan Lingtian stared at Gongsun Xuanyuan, with an uncontrollable excitement in his eyes.


This scene, falling in the eyes of Gongsun Xuan, has made Gongsun Xuanzhen unable to bear a sigh of relief. “Duan Shizhen, have you seen me before?”


The purple youth in front of him, looking at his gaze, does not seem to be looking at a stranger, more like watching a long-lost acquaintance, and because of this, Gongsun Xuanyuan will have this question.


Just, he can be sure:


He didn’t have any impression of the youth in front of him, more like he had never seen him.


“Xuanyuan Emperor.”


Duan Lingtian took a deep breath and said: “Speaking, it may be sensational, but in fact it is true… The secular position of my current body is the same as the secular position of my master’s hometown.”


“But my soul is from the Yanhuangxing in the Yanhuang plane!”


“I…have grown up listening to your legend.”


Duan Lingtian’s words were not only Xuanyuan’s emperor, but even the two disciples of Xuanyuan’s Emperor, or his master’s glory, could not help but sigh.


Especially the wind is light, he really did not think of his disciple, there is such a past.


The soul travels from a secular plane to another secular plane, and the soul wears on the body of another person who will die. He has not heard of similar things, but more is only a rumor, not too convinced. it is true.


However, he knew that since his disciple had said it, it must be true.


“When you were in Yanhuangxing, was it a party?”


Gongsun Xuanyuan’s face was slightly dignified and asked.


In his eyes, there is no shocking color, more of a surprise color, as if you can understand what Duan Lingtian said.


“One party?”


Duan Lingtian indulged in a moment, and his thoughts flew back to the past years of the earth. With his strength and achievements at that time, it was not an exaggeration to say that he was a contemporary person.


However, despite this thought, Duan Lingtian still asked Gongsun Xuan to scream, “Xuanyuan Tiandi, what is a party?”


“It’s in some ways, it’s outstanding, it’s super-human.”


Gongsun Xuanyuan said.


“I don’t know if I can count…”


Duan Lingtian said as he spoke out the background of the earth in his time, and also said his identity at the time and what he did before his death.


“If you say that there is no fictional component… Your achievement, in that era, can no longer be summed up by one person, it is called a worldly man!”


Gong Sunxuan looked at Duan Lingtian with a sigh. “I thought that you were killed in the land of China, the soul shuttled the space, and went to another secular plane… but I did not expect that you were on an overseas island away from the land of China. The soul crosses.”


“This situation will only appear on the people of the world.”


Gongsun Xuanyuan’s words made Duan Ling’s more worrying. I don’t know why the other side said so. What is the party, what is the world’s master, “Xuanyuantian… Xuanyuan predecessors, do you know why my soul is crossing?”


“It should be as much as I think. There is not much difference.”


Gongsun Xuanyuan looked at Duan Lingtian, his eyes were shining, and his eyes were deep, and he was even more excited. He said, “There are ninety-nine articles in your body?”


Ninety-nine days.


Gong Sunxuan’s words were not only his two true disciples, but even the savage pupils shrank slightly. The subconsciously looked at Duan Lingtian, Duan Lingtian was responsible for the ninety-nine days of the pulse. He also I only knew it after seeing Duan Lingtian.


“Predecessors, you… how do you know?”


Duan Lingtian was surprised to ask, the situation inside his body, as long as it is not a god, even if the gods surround him, as long as he is not willing to let the other side investigate, he can also block his knowledge outside the body.


It is difficult to find out that there is a god to explore him, and then told the public grandson Xuanyuan this thing?


However, this is not realistic.


Because, on his body, there is a mark of the spirit left by his master. If a god peepes at him with his god, his master will know it at the first time, and inform him that he can even stop the other god for a short time. knowledge.


Of course, it is only a short stop, warning the other party.


If the other party is willing to go it alone, and he will explore him with great strength, his sacred imprint of the gods will not stop.


“Ha ha ha ha…”


Gongsun Xuan laughed and immediately looked at Duan Lingtian. “Duan Shizhen, you wait first… I am calling the two old guys now. I will tell you later, why am I listening to your soul crossing? After the remarks, you will guess that you are the person who is in the 99th vein.”


With the two communications of Gongsun Xuanyuan, soon, the two figures appeared in front of Duan Lingtian.


One of them is the Jade Emperor Tiandi, Yu Yutian.


The other person is the Xuanyuan Tianfeng Temple, the main hall of the temple, the big day Immortal Emperor, Rulai.


Jade Emperor.


If you come.


These two people, for Duan Lingtian, are naturally no strangers.


Of course, real people are the first to see.


“Oh, Sakyamuni.”


The two appeared, and after everyone said hello to each other, Gongsun Xuan looked at Duan Lingtian and said bluntly: “The only true disciple of Feng Tiandi should be the ‘yin yellow body’ born in our Yanhuangxing!”


For example, Sakyamuni, also known as Sakyamuni, had been called ‘Sakyamuni’ and ‘Sakyamuni’ before he was soaring. He still calls it like this.


Perhaps, now that I know the full name of another name, there is only one person from Yanhuang Weiyan Huangxing.




Gongsun Xuan’s words are not only Duan Lingtian and the wind are swaying. They don’t know what this means. Even if they are two true disciples under the Gongsun Xuan’s door, they are also awkward.


The eyes of Yu Yutian and Ruo Lai, both of which fell on Duan Lingtian’s body, were also mixed with a bit of surprise.


They came after receiving the communication from Gongsun Xuanyuan. In the communication, Gongsun Xuanyuan only said that there was something important to tell them, and did not say that he discovered the ‘yin yellow body’.


“Xuanyuan, are you sure?”


Yu Yutian looked at Gongsun Xuanyuan and asked for a dignified look.


“There will be no mistakes.”


Gongsun Xuanyuan said: “His experience is exactly the same as that of the inflammatory corpus luteum… and he also admitted that there are ninety-nine veins in the body.”


“I didn’t expect that, after a long period of time, I saw the inflammatory yellow body again… and grew to the level of the Immortal Emperor.”


As early as the confirmation that Duan Lingtian was in the 99th vein, Gongsun Xuanyuan looked at him and looked like he would shine. It was like watching a rare and precious person, not a living person, watching Duan Lingtian. There was a burst of hair in my heart, and even some regretted that my soul came from the earth in the Yanhuang plane, which is the thing of Yanhuangxing.


The reason why he said it is nothing more than because it is not a secret to him, and no one cares about it.


In the heavens, there are more strange things, and there are many things in which the souls are reborn, and his things are not surprising.


However, he never imagined that his own experience not only shocked the Xuanyuan Emperor, but even the emperor of the Jade Emperor, and even the title of the temple, Xuanyuan Tiandi Temple, was also surprised by this… Duan Lingtian faintly felt that this Concern, it may not be a good thing.


“Inflammation of the yellow body…”


I don’t know when, the gaze of the future, from Duan Lingtian’s body, to the wind and the light body, “Feng Tiandi, I have come to this life, received a lot of disciples, but none of them are true disciples… I want to accept you this only The true disciple is a close disciple, but I wonder if you are willing to cut love?”


When I heard the words, the wind blew a glimpse of him. “In this case, you have to ask me this disciple instead of asking me.”


At the same time, the wind whispered silently and said to Duan Lingtian: “I don’t know what is the inflammatory corpus luteum, but since they care so much, it should be hidden secrets… However, this is already a god, you better still Stay away from him, so as not to be in danger.”


“In the various heavens, there are some special physiques… But, the inflammatory corpus luteum, I was the first to hear. And most of the precious physiques I know, they are many titles Immortal Emperor, even the Emperor , the goal you want to win.”


“Those special physiques, without exception, can be almost 100% if they don’t die halfway.”


“And I have heard a rumor that I don’t know the truth.” If you are a human being with a special constitution, the potential is no less than the beast in the beast. If there is no accident, you will be a god.”


The wind said lightly.


These words, the wind swayed in the past did not say to Duan Lingtian, because he was worried about saying this, Duan Lingtian would slack off cultivation.


I know that I am in the 99th vein. If there is no accident, I will be able to become a god… In this case, many people will not be as hard as they used to practice, because they subconsciously feel that they are the seeds of the gods.


“I didn’t tell you this before, it is worried about affecting your cultivation.”


The lightness is still explained.


“Master, I understand.”


The wind swayed down and let Duan Lingtian know what he was doing. He looked at the gaze from the wind and lifted it to him. Before the other party opened his mouth, he said first, “If you come to the temple, I will only recognize one person in Ling Tian’s life. Master, it is my current master, the wind is light.”


“From now on, even if it is a powerful god, even the most powerful… I can’t worship him as a teacher.”


When Duan Lingtian opened his mouth, he completely killed the idea of ​​coming.


If I heard the words, my eyes were deep in the eyes, but my face was still very angry. “Since Duan Xiaoyou’s mind has been decided, I am not reluctant.”


When the voice fell, he looked at the wind and swayed. “Feng Tiandi, wait for ten years after the end of the genius battle, I will go to the Heavenly Emperor Palace and fight with you… If you lose, you will surrender the silence. The place of Heavenly Emperor.”


Later, when it came to the depths of the eyes, there was a flash of killing that no one found. .


(End of this chapter)


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