War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 3463

3463. The truth of the 3463 chapter of the former Soul crossing

The truth of the 3463 chapter Soul crossing

3463.第3463章 昔日灵魂穿越的真相

    第3463章 昔日灵魂穿越的真相


When I heard the words, the wind swayed and looked up lazily, faintly swept away and said.


If you look at the wind and look at it, then you turn to Duan Lingtian nodded, then turn and leave.

Just as he turned and left, Duan Lingtian only felt that a powerful Divine Sense swept through him, shrouded him, and made him feel like a lonely boat in the sea.

However, between the thoughts, Duan Lingtian only felt that the eyebrows were hot, but the God’s mark left by his Master’s wind was revealed. It was a gray sword mark. Once it appeared, it turned into countless gods. Vertical and horizontal all directions.

However, it is still slow.

Divine Sense, which is shrouded in Duan Lingtian, seems to be deliberately avoiding Duan Lingtian’s eyebrows. When Duan Lingtian’s eye-catching God’s mark blooms, it has been explored in the in the the body of Duan Lingtian, although it is only a rough exploration, but To find out that Duan Lingtian within the body has a few Heavenly Meridian, it is not difficult.

“It really is inflammatory yellow body.”

The sound of the coming echoes in the distance, and it is fleeting.

Such sudden investigations made Duan Lingtian’s face ugly, and it was the Xuan Yuan Heaven Heavenly Emperor and the Jade Emperor Heaven Heavenly Emperor. Nowadays, they are a bit embarrassed, and apparently did not expect to be so unbridled.

He can’t forget, this master of the corpus luteum is the Nirvana Heaven Heavenly Emperor, also a God?


Almost at the same time as Gongsun Xuanyuan and Yuxitian thoughts, the wind swayed coldly snorted, and then the eyebrows shot a clearly visible gray god, and turned into a sword in the air, whistling and looting to the end of the time, it had not yet had time to fully recover. God thought.

Xiu! !

God read the sword as if it could destroy everything.

In a blink of an eye, a repressed groaning sound came from afar, and then the sound came again, with a bit of anger in the tone. “The wind is light, after a hundred years, I will go to Nirvana Heaven Heavenly Emperor Palace. !”


As soon as this came out, Duan Lingtian stunned.

Just now, this big day Immortal Emperor, did not say that you want to find his Master after the end of the All Heavens Plane genius war?

How is it now a hundred years?

hiss! hiss!

At the same time, whether it is Gongsun Xuanyuan, or Yuxitian, can not help suck in a breath of cold air.

It is possible to change the mouth and explain the Divine Sense attack that has just been swayed by the wind, such as injry obtained is not light.

At least, the soul is acquired by not light.

Otherwise, he could not delay the battle appointment after ten years to a hundred years later.

“A hundred years later, you dare to come, I will marry you!”

This is the response of the wind to the past, calm, no joy or no sadness.

In the direction of leaving, there is no sound coming.

After coming, the wind swayed and looked at Gongsun Xuanyuan, and gave him a deep look. “Xuan Yuan Heaven, can you tell us about the ‘yin body’ in your mouth?”

Gongsun Xuan smiled bitterly, and he naturally saw the dissatisfaction of the wind. “Heavenly Emperor, I really didn’t expect it to be like this. If I know, I will not let him come.”

The wind swayed this, and the face eased a few points.

At this time, Gongsun Xuanyuan continued: “As for the ‘yellow corpus luteum’, that is our powerhouse of the yellow lineage, the special physique that appeared for All Heavens Plane, and studied a crazy idea that came out many years later.”

“Because we found that those special physiques, many have something in common, and tracing goes on… man-made traces.”

“Where, more is the Array effect.”

“After many years of research, we also returned to our hometown of Mortal Plane Yan Huang Plane. In our hometown Yanhuangxing, we arranged an Array of ‘yellow corpus luteum’… But in fact, Array, we are also ignorant, basically from others. It is applied there.”

“Because of this, we don’t know, if Yanhuangxing is born with inflammatory corpus luteum, it will be born in which way.”

“Over the years, there has not been no inflammatory corpus luteum… and those inflammatory corpus luteums have been made by other means. Soul is strong, but after they acceded to All Heavens Plane, they were stuck in the ‘Great Principle Golden Immortal. ‘That ridge.’

“We have let a few inflammatory corpus luteens themselves ascension, but as soon as the ascension comes up, they die directly in the Immortal Ascension Pool.”

“No one is shooting them, just like the power of the Immortal Ascension Pool, causing their Soul and fleshly body to erupt, the two can’t coexist, and then be directly annihilated.”

“And without ascension to All Heavens Plane, what we brought… are at the moment of breaking into the Great Principle Golden Immortal, body dies and Dao disappears, and the death is exactly the same as those of the ascendant.”

Speaking of this, Gongsun Xuanyuan looked forward to Duan Lingtian. “Those inflammatory corpus luteums have very high innate talent and comprehension, and the Heavenly Meridian with the body also has 99…but it always crosses the Great Principle Golden Immortal That step, all died.”

“We know that it is definitely a problem with the Array we have arranged…but, after all is the Array of the copy, which is extremely complicated, we can’t study it.”

“Later, we gave up and didn’t manage any corpus luteum.”

“In a blink of an eye, thousands of years have passed… but I did not expect that I encountered an inflammatory yellow body here.”

Gongsun Xuanyuan continued to look at Duan Lingtian and said: “The Array we mimicked is not the sights impressive but is worthless, otherwise it is impossible to give birth to that many inflammatory corpus luteum… just, Soul traversed the inflammatory yellow body of other Mortal Plane, but we Have not encountered it.”

“Even if it has appeared in the past, he does not say that he is a passer, we can’t know.”

“Maybe they died in the process of growing up, or maybe they are somewhere in a certain All Heavens Plane, somewhere… well, maybe somewhere in Jade Emperor Heaven.”

Speaking of this, Gong Sunxuan took a look at the jade sky.

This Jade Emperor Heaven Heavenly Emperor is also one of the people involved in the ‘Inflammation of the Yellow Body’ creation plan.

It is natural as well.

“Soul crossing?”

Duan Lingtian tried to press the shock in her heart. A long time ago, he wondered how he could somehow cross from Earth Soul to other Mortal Plane. He always wanted to find an answer, but he never recovered.

Now, through the words of Gongsun Xuanyuan, Duan Lingtian feels that she has found the answer.

“The original Array that you imitated, the special physique created… Among them, is there someone like Soul who I am crossing?”

Asked Duan Lingtian.


Gongsun Xuanyuan nodded, “But their Soul crosses, but they don’t cross to other planes… They are in the Array, it seems that there are some serial Arrays, so that Soul can pass through the special physique of achievement and accurately cross their fixed targets. “”

“This is completely different from your situation.”

“The reason why you have the kind of indifferent Soul crossing… It should be that the Array we have incomplete is caused by a defect in Array.”

Speaking of this, Gongsun Xuanyuan is inevitably a bit embarrassed.

This time, Duan Lingtian is completely speechless.

It’s not an accident that he dared to cross the Soul. It was caused by the Array of Gongsun Xuan and the others. It was an accident that Soul crossed to other Mortal Plane.

“I also just heard you talk about your Soul crossing experience, only to think of the Array we arranged in those days… I will ask if you have 99 Heavenly Meridian, but also want to confirm your identity, see you Is it the ‘yin body’ we created?”

Gongsun Xuanyuan continued.

Duan Lingtian’s mouth twitched, and unexpectedly did not expect that he survived in those days, Soul passed to another Mortal Plane, it was because of the ‘test’ of Gongsun Xuan and the others, that imitated others, but immature Array.

“However, you are also considered to be profit from a disaster.”

Gong Sunxuan looked at Duan Lingtian and said with excuse: “Since you are a inflammatory corpus luteum, as long as you don’t slack off, you will become a god in the future… Even if you are a god, for the general Immortal, there is a threshold that is difficult to cross. For you, it won’t be like this.”

“As long as you step into the Ten Directions Immortal Emperor level, continue to practice, as long as you accumulate enough, you can become a god!”

“Maybe, you can still be a god before me and Haotian.”

Gongsun Xuanyuan said, while the Jade Emperor Heaven Heavenly Emperor next to the looking towards, Yu Yutian, and the latter looked toward towards Duan Lingtian’s gaze, but also revealed a bit of envy.

As for the fourth True Disciple boy figure of Gongsun Xuanyuan, he has long been blind.

Although the face of the East is calm, but the depths of the eyes, but it is difficult to cover up.

“Duan Lingtian.”

Suddenly, like what I remembered, Gongsun Xuan’s eyes flashed a smear of color, watching Duan Lingtian say: “Although, to a certain extent, you are the yellow body we created, but we will not ask you for it. what.”

“After all, you can have today, more or rely on yourself.”

“I only hope that… If one day, we need to have a favor with you, you can give us.”

Gongsun Xuanyuan said that his eyes flashed a bit, and the color of concern flashed away.

“This is natural no problem.”

Duan Lingtian nodded, although he is a guinea pig of Gongsun Xuan and the others, but to a certain extent, he did not die in the previous life, and lived in this world, it is indeed because of Gongsun Xuanyuan and the others.

This favor, since the other party wants to open, he naturally wants to return.

He is Duan Lingtian, who never likes to owe favor.

“many thanks.”

Dignified Xuan Yuan Heaven Heavenly Emperor, thanked Duan Lingtian, and then left with Duan Lingtian.

At this time, Jade Emperor Heaven Heavenly Emperor also left.

After Yan and Dong Tong and the two left, Duan Lingtian looked at the back of Gongsun Xuanyuan and Yuxitian, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help himself again. “These people, standing in All Heavens Plane’s Peak, can be a physique. And doing that kind of experiment… is really enough to play.”

the other side.

虞Oriental and Tongtu returned to their wood house, naturally to be separated from their Master and Jade Emperor Heaven Heavenly Emperor.

After the two left, Jade Emperor Heaven Heavenly Emperor looked at towards Xuan Yuan Heaven Heavenly Emperor Gongsun Xuanyuan, “Xuanyuan, you finally want to favor with him… Could it be that the old bald donkey is suffering under his hand?”

(End of this chapter)

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