3507. Chapter 3507, the confrontation between women

Chapter 3507: The confrontation between women

A woman wearing a gray loose robes was on the scene, wearing a batter and her face covered with a face towel, which seemed to be incompatible with the scene.

This dress may be more suitable for a night when you can’t reach your fingers, not this daylight.

“I didn’t expect that there were two female five-star gods in this battle of All Heavens Plane genius… You know, in the past All Heavens Plane genius battle, there is a female five-star god of war, even if it is good.”

Someone looked at the catkins and sighed.

And his words, others are also deeply convinced.

Although there are many female powerhouses in All Heavens Plane, even in the plane of the gods, there are many female gods… But, undeniably, in terms of cultivation, women are still weaker than men, that is innate. Determined.

Only natural, the weakness here is just the overall contrast.

Some women’s powerhouses are amazing, and many men can’t reach them…there is the presence of Peak in this world, and there are many female powerhouses in the powerhouse, and more than one person.

“You said… Who will the cattail smoke challenge?”

Seeing that the catkins smoked, many people are curious, who will challenge the catkins.

Only natural, No. 3 Duan Lingtian She can’t challenge now, because Duan Lingtian has just fought a battle with Yan Dongfang. Now it’s a break, even if he doesn’t seem to consume anything, he can take a turn.

The catkins stood in the void, and her eyes passed over several five-star gods, eventually locking one.

“I challenge… seventh place, Ye Dongli!”

Ye Dongli is another woman in the five-star god of war that appeared in the All Heavens Plane genius battle, except for the catkins.

Just now, some people are whispering, guessing whether the catkins will challenge Ye Dongli, and many people think that this possibility is very high, because both are women, and the other side is in front of the catkins.

“All said that a woman is a tiger… it really is one mountain can’t be shared by two tigers !”

Duan Lingtian said in the seat behind him, Tang Sangun shook his head.

And Ye Dongli, in the face of the challenge of Liuyanyan, also came out in a timely manner, and stood in opposition to it. “Changyan, you should not challenge me.”

Ye Dongli’s voice is calm and refreshing, and it’s straightforward.

“So confident?”

The words of catkins are very brief and the tone is faint. It is not affected by the confidence of Ye Dongli. Instead, he has a bustle intent in his eyes, as if he can’t wait for a fight with Ye Dongli.

“come on.”

When Ye Dongli opened her mouth again, between the body swaying, step by step lotus, a path of green rays of light, rising at her feet, and then spread out, showing vitality.

What Ye Dongli is good at is the rule of wood.

Sōu! sōu! sōu! sōu! sōu!


Accompanied by bursts of sound, it was the green power of Ye Dongli’s body, which turned into a thick and powerful green vine, whistling toward the catkins.

A strip of vines, like a fierce big python, opened a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

The fusion of the laws of wood, Profound Truth, reveals it.

In the face of Ye Dongli’s first shot, the catkins face calm, and then the body robe swayed, a path of azure’s concise wind blade, began to swept around her body, like a small tornado.

Moreover, this small tornado also has a sharp blade like a sword.


Ye Dongli’s coldly snorted sounds, and then she controls the vines and stalks to the catkins, intending to bind and suppress the catkins.

However, the catkins were not fuel-efficient lamps. During the thought, the wind and the wind whistling out, welcoming Ye Dongli’s vine offensive, and soon collided with it.

Normally, the wind blade is on the vine, and it is sure to cut it easily.

However, Ye Dongli uses the wood system to fuse the vines condensed by the Origin Power, but it is obviously not a general vine. The wind blade is intertwined on it, leaving only some nicks on it.


The sound of the infestation of the catkins spread, and then everyone saw that with the sound of the catkins falling, the wind and the wind condensed into a giant wind blade, welcoming the vines.

Weng! !

The giant wind blade passed through the air, causing the air to be a stagnation. Then it was directly cut off a few vines, and then continued to plunder to the rest of the vines.


Hua la la ! !


Just as the wind blade killed the past, everyone saw it again. With Ye Jinli’s deep blue-green streamer plunging into the vines that had not been cut off, it seemed to be more in the vine’s body. A layer of dark green coat with a cold, spiked spike that gives a sharp and tenacious feel.

Weng! !

The giant wind blade of the catkins smoked again, and when it fell on the vines, it made a shrill sound, and there was a burst of fire in the cross, just like two pieces of iron in a fierce collision.

“There are some doorways.”

At the same time, the catkins were surprised and the whole person moved, and the body was integrated into the wind to make the wind and whistling out.

Hu! hu! hu! hu! hu!


At this moment, in the eyes of people who are less powerful than the five-star god of war, the catkins disappear as if they have disappeared from the air, only to hear the hunting sound of her body.

It is a group of five-star gods, and only a series of afterimages are faintly seen.

“Fast! Too fast!”

Many people exclaimed.

Sōu! sōu! sōu! sōu! sōu!


Just when everyone thought that Ye Dongli could not hit the catkins, but would be passive, the strips that had originally attacked the catkins would be swept back and swept back around her body to form a vine cage. It seems that trapping her whole person is actually forming an indestructible defense.

On top of the tangled vines, the dark green skin and the spikes on the skin still shimmer with a cold glow.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!


The catkins rushed to the wind, and the fierce force rushed out. It fell on the vine cage and made a loud bang, but it failed to break its defense.

“You are very strong. If you don’t use Immortal Artifact, I can’t beat you.”

Ye Dongli, who was in a cage, stared at the outside of the catkins and slowly opened his mouth.

“Not that you have Immortal Artifact.”

The catkins smoked not to be outdone, and at the same time, between the hands, a red-footed three-footed green front appeared in her hand, shaking between them, like a red liquid flowing.

The Jianfeng is sharp, and the whole body is red, sparkling with a sultry luster.

What can be taken out by her is naturally Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact.

“My Immortal Artifact can be different from your Immortal Artifact.”

Ye Dongli once again opened a green long whip in his hand. The long whip was five meters long. During the dance, like a poisonous python, he continued to dance his body.

With Ye Dongli’s double sputum, a shock in his hand, a long whip, a phantom appeared out, and it was a phantom like a scorpion. After appearing, his eyes stared at the catkins indifferently.

“The instrument spirit?”

The catkins complexion big change, absolutely unexpectedly, this Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact taken out by Ye Dongli turned out to be the Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact.


The group of people who were on the scene were also scared. No one expected that Ye Dongli had an Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact. So far, this time the All Heavens Plane genius battle has only appeared. Just nothing.

And the other few, all in the hands of the young genius.

And this Ye Dongli, if this time the All Heavens Plane genius battle, they have not even heard of it…

However, since the other party can come up with the Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact, it is enough to show that the origin of the other party is not ordinary, even if she is a hidden world, she must have an amazing elder behind her.

With the instrumental Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact, it is not available to anyone. It is harder to get Divine Artifact than it is.

Only natural, here Divine Artifact, is just Divine Artifact without the soul.

The Divine Artifact with the soul of the instrument, even the Low Grade Divine Artifact, is not comparable to the Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact.

The spirit of Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact is the spirit of alien creatures being forced into refining, and the soul of Divine Artifact is naturally born…only natural, some Divine Artifact’s soul, is not The soul of Divine Artifact has been transferred to the past.

This is the case, such as Duan Lingtian’s Low Grade Divine Artifact.

In the past, Huang’er was the instrument of Low Grade Divine Artifact in the hands of Ling Jueyun’s elder sister.

“Her Master is a god, and it is normal to have such Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact.”

Because Tang Sangun and Duan Lingtian have said that Ye Dongli’s Master is a god, so now, see Ye Dongli to take out such Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact, they are not surprised, even feel that they should.

For the immortal, an instrumental Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact is precious.

But for the gods, nothing can be said.

Even as long as the gods think, even if he is not good at Artifact Refining’s Artifact Refining, he uses his power to condense the fire, use the most basic Artifact Refining method to refine the Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact, and even catch a powerful creature. It’s very simple to throw in and make things.

“Unless the catkins still hide their strength… otherwise, this battle is not suspenseful.”

Su Li said.

The next scene, as Su Li guessed, after Ye Dongli took out her Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact, she quickly gained the upper hand and even beat the catkins.

The catkins, in fact, do not use Immortal Artifact, the strength and Ye Dongli are similar, evenly matched.

However, Ye Dongli relied on the benefits of Immortal Artifact, but she still defeated her.

“If I have this Immortal Artifact, I won’t lose it to you.”

Although the catkins were lost, the eyes were full of unwillingness.

“You let me win.”

Ye Dongli faintly smiled, turned and floated back to the audience.

Another match between the five-star God of War, the winners and losers.

“The ninth place, Huang Quanan!”

Soon, Xu Konghai’s voice rang again.

(End of this chapter)

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