3508. Chapter 3508 is excluded one by one

Chapter 3508 is excluded one by one

Huang Quanan!

This young genius, who used to be a little-known figure, was not able to draw a lottery to the East as his opponent in the last stage, showing his strength, no one knows that he has such strength.

Good at Time Law, and mastered the vicissitudes of Time Law.

It is said that even those who have mastered the vicissitudes of life have the strength to suppress the existence of the six-star God of War, which is called the invincible under the six-star God of War!

Because, without the strength of the six-star God of War, it is difficult to counter his vicissitudes.

“It’s the turn of Huang Quan.”

If you say that in the last battle between Huang Quan’an and Dongfang, no one is sure who this is the last person in the All Heavens Plane genius battle, who can’t confirm the hauler.

Well, nowadays, many people feel that Huang Quanan has the ability to win the first place in this All Heavens Plane genius battle!

“With Huang Quan’an’s vicissitudes of life, the six-star gods are not out, and almost no one can be his opponent.”

“I feel that this time the All Heavens Plane genius battle first place, has been regarded as the default by Huang Quanan.”

“Huang Quan’an’s strength is too strong, and he won the first prize. It’s not that much difficulty…unless, this year’s All Heavens Plane genius battle can appear above the six-star God of War.”

“Six-Star God of War? Is it possible?”

“Six-Star God of War, that strength, placed under the arm of All Heavens Plane Heavenly Emperor, is considered a good first-class player, and even some people like Heavenly Emperor have only one or two people.”


Between the words of the people, although there is a mention of the ‘six-star god of war’, no one thinks that this time the All Heavens Plane genius battle can appear six-star God of War, because this situation appeared in the past All Heavens Plane genius battle. Not many times.

Throughout the history of All Heavens Plane genius in the past few years, there have been fewer than ten people who have appeared in the six-star gods of less than a thousand years old.

What is that concept?

All Heavens Plane genius battle, once in the millennium, ten times in ten thousand years, hundred times in hundred years, one thousand times a million years, ten thousand times in ten thousand years…

The history of the All Heavens Plane genius battle is definitely a million years old.

Only natural, these specific only the talents of the title temple know.

If All Heavens Plane has a history of more than a million years, there are fewer than ten people in the six-star gods who are less than a thousand years old.

More than a thousand people have battled the All Heavens Plane genius… What is the concept?

On average, every 100-year-old All Heavens Plane genius battle can lead to a six-star god of war less than a thousand years old.

The 100th All Heavens Plane genius battle is the hunting thousand years.

One hundred thousand years out.

This probability is too small.

Will it appear in their time, in their entire All Heavens Plane genius battle?

No one dares to think.

Because this is an infinitely impossible thing.

For this reason, no one feels that there can be six-star God of War characters in this All Heavens Plane genius battle. The probability is too small and too small, almost nothing.


Under the eyes of the public, Huang Quanan, who was not optimistic, flew into the field.

“Huang Quanan, who are you challenging?”

Even Xu Guanghai, who usually has a serious face, looks toward towards Huang Quanan. It seems to be a bit more enthusiastic, and his eyes are flashing, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking.

“This Huang Quanan…will not be the card of the title temple?”

Duan Lingtian was in the seat of the audience, and her heart moved slightly.

At the same time, he did not forget to inform his master of his guess, Nirvana Heaven Heavenly Emperor, Feng Qingyang.

“It should be impossible.”

Feng Qingyang quickly responded to him. “A lot of things, not to install it, can be put out… Like Xu Haihai, before looking at Huang Quanan’s gaze, it is completely different from the look of Huang Quanan now.”

“Now, he looks polite to Huang Quan’an. If Huang Quanan is really the card of the title temple, he can’t be polite to Huang Quan at this time in order to confuse the audience.”

“I think, Huang Quan’an is just a young genius that appears normally… the card of the title temple, certainly someone else.”

Feng Qingyang said.

“Other people?”

After listening to Feng Qingyang, Duan Lingtian felt that it was reasonable. At the same time, his eyes could not help but swept through a group of five-star gods, eleven five-star gods, who could be completely excluded, including him and Ling Jueyun.

So, there are only nine people left.

Among the nine people, Huang Quanan is unlikely, and the catkins should not be possible.

In this way, there are seven people left.

Of the seven, except for the East, there are only six left.

“Zhong Guiyu, Tang Sangun, Zhou Yongqi, Ye Dongli, Hong Yuan, Sima Rui…”

The names of the six people flashed in their minds. Duan Lingtian took the initiative and removed one person. “Zhou Yongqi is the closing discipline of the Heavenly Emperor Zhou Bingwu. It should not be possible.”

“So, there are only five people who are Zhong Guiyu, Tang San Can, Ye Dongli, Hong Yuan and Sima Rui.”

“Hong Yuan and Sima Rui, this is the person who sealed the temple, is one of them, and it is not unusual… It is the three people of Zhong Guiyu, Tang San Cannon and Ye Dongli. It is mysterious and it is all scattered.”

Thinking of this, Duan Lingtian asked for the sound transmission again, Master Feng Qingyang, “Master, do you think… Can Tang Sangun be the title of the title temple? His Master, Master, do you know?”

“I know his Master and know that his Master is a hidden fairy… But whether his Master is related to the title temple, I don’t know. The title temple, passed down for a long time, some of them are powerhouses, not in The title temple is held in any position, such as the wild clouds and wild cranes, and it is not impossible for the person to be the title of the temple.”

This is Feng Qingyang’s response to Duan Lingtian.

For a time, the card in the title of the temple is also more mysterious.

At least, Duan Lingtian couldn’t guess who the card was.

Initially locked in five people:

Zhong Guiyu, Tang Sangun, Ye Dongli, Hong Yuan and Sima Rui.

In fact, among the five, he felt that Ye Dongli was not quite like the card of the title temple. First of all, she could not see the signs that Ye Dongli and Liu Liuyan had a hand in the battle, but because she used the Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact. Spiritual.

If she has the strength, there is no need to use the Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact, because it can be used as an unexpected card.

Since she took out the card, she said that she had nothing to do.

So, Duan Lingtian thinks she can also rule out.

So, there are four people left.

Zhong Guiyu, Tang Sangun, Hong Yuan and Sima Rui.

Tang San Cannon is one of the four people who has been in contact with him for a long time. He is barely a friend, but he is always vigilant about this self-cooked and sudden friend.

It is not that he is suspicious and seriously ill, but that the Tang San Cannon is self-cooked, and the strength of the Tang San Cannon is too different.

As Zhang Tianyou said, Tang San cannon in front of them, there is no such thing as a powerhouse.

“If this Huang Quanan challenges the first Zhonggui fish and beats it… Zhonggui fish can also be excluded.”

Looking back, Duan Lingtian’s gaze fell on the body of Huang Quanan.

At this time, Huang Quanan also made a timely opening and selected the target. “I challenge… first place, Zhong Guiyu!”

When he heard him, Duan Lingtian’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The whole audience also set off a sigh of relief. “Huang Quanan really challenges Zhong Guiyu!”

“In fact, it is not difficult to guess… With the strength of Huang Quan’an, under the six-star God of War, there is no threat to him, and whoever defeats is also defeated. Why is it unbeaten?


With Huang Quan’an opening, most people think that Huang Quanan has won, but there are also a small number of people who have a chance to be lucky. Is it possible that Zhong Guiyu is a six-star god of war?

Among those who have luck, there is also Dean Lingtian.

If Zhong Guiyu shows the strength of the six-star God of War in front of Huang Quan’an, it means that he is definitely the card of the title temple.

If he lost to Huang Quanan, he is definitely not the card that marks the temple.


Under the eyes of the public, Zhong Guiyu’s body shape swayed, fast as lightning admission, and Huang Quanan’s confrontation, the tone is very dignified, “I should have conceded the loss… However, I still want to feel it for yourself, your vicissitudes “”

When the voice falls, the body of Zhong Guiyu rises again with the hot rays of light, not only as if it can illuminate all the darkness between the heavens and the earth, even as if it can annihilate everything!

“as you wish!”

In the face of Zhong Guiyu’s first shot, Huang Quanan also followed the shot, first fixed the action of Zhong Guiyu, accompanied by the hot ray of light on the body of the osmanthus, and suddenly stopped.

It was like a burning flame, and a photo was taken, which was fixed at that moment and at that moment.

For a moment, when time was restored, Zhong Guiyu returned to the moment of the moment, Huang Quanan’s thoughts and vicissitudes also arrived. In a moment, he did not enter the body of Zhong Guiyu. In the process, Zhong Guiyu did not even have a chance to react.

In this way, Zhong Guiyu stepped on the footsteps of the East, from a young man, turned into an old man who was old.

“Do you want to continue?”

When a lot of suck in a cold breath sounded around the audience, Huang Quanan looked at the aged Zhonggui fish and asked with a smile.

The smile of Huang Quanan’s harmless to human and animals fell in the eyes of everyone, but it made the people burst into horror.

This guy, when talking and laughing, can fix a person’s time, and can also change a person from a good young man to an old man who is going to be a wood. The means are different and tremble.

“I surrender.”

The face of Zhong Guiyu’s old face is full of bitter smiles. “I have no way to resist your Time Law.”

“not him.”

While Zhong Guiyu admit defeat, the vast majority of the audience looked calm, and when they were not surprised, Duan Lingtian once again ruled out Zhong Guiyu.

Zhong Guiyu is not the card of the title temple.

So, the most suspicious, there are three people left.

Tang Sangun, Hong Yuan and Sima Rui.

“The eighth place, Hong Yuan, played, challenged the people who ranked before you.”

The voice of Xu Konghai sounded again.

(End of this chapter)

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