3509. The 3509 chapter of the title of the temple ‘trump card’ appeared

The ‘trump card’ of the title of the 3509 chapter

Hong Yuan is the young genius cultivated by the Temple of the Seal.

As soon as he came on the scene, Duan Lingtian’s gaze fell on him. “If this Hongyuan is really the hidden trump card of the title temple, this time should challenge the first place of Huang Quanan and replace it.”

“It’s all in this round, and there is no need to continue hiding.”

“And, the trump card of the title temple may not have hidden thoughts, but no one can force him to exhaust his full strength.”

“If Hongyuan is the trump card of the title temple, facing Huang Quanan, there is no way to continue hiding.”

The trump card of the title temple is the six-star War God, which is a speculation of his Master’s wind and his guess.

Even now, he even confirmed that the guess is correct.

Because, even if Huang Quan’an appeared, the name of the Palace Lord Hall, Vice-Palace Lord Xu Konghai, and the major Palace Lords of the temple hall, did not reveal any strange colors. It seems that they are not worried that Huang Quan’an will threaten their title. The trump card of the shrine is average.

At that time, Duan Lingtian completely confirmed:

The trump card of the title temple, must be the six-star War God no doubt!

“This Hongyuan… will challenge Huang Quanan?”

When everyone screams that Cui Hongyuan will challenge who, Duan Lingtian has a heart in his heart, and his eyes are a bit curious.

If Hongyuan challenges Huang Quanan, it is enough to show that he is most likely to be the trump card hidden in the temple of the title… And if Hongyuan challenges Huang Quanan and succeeds, it means that he is 100% of the trump card of the temple!

And if he doesn’t challenge Huang Quanan, there is no other convincing reason, then he is most likely not the trump card hidden in the temple.

At the same time, Hongyuan, who entered the field, also said in a timely manner: “I challenge…fifth name, Zhou Yongqi!”

Hong Yuan, after all, did not challenge the current first Huang Quanan, nor did he challenge the second place of Zhong Guiyu, and now the third place of Tang San Can, the fourth place of Duan Lingtian, chose Zhou Yongqi who challenged the fifth name.

Zhou Yongqi, originally the fourth, but because of the success of Huang Quan’an challenge, the first place of the Zhonggui fish backed off a ranking, the latter person must also follow a ranking.

So, he is now a fifth name.

“It seems that he should not be the trump card that marks the temple.”

Duan Lingtian has a heart, secretly thought.

If Hongyuan is the trump card of the title temple, it is impossible to challenge Zhou Yongqi. This is a waste of time.

The trump card of the title temple, now only needs to defeat Huang Quan’an, and replace it, it will deter most of the rest of the young genius… The reason why it can deter most young genius, not all, is that he will not be deterred. .

“If it is not Hongyuan… then only two people are most likely.”

“One is the young genius cultivated by the title temple of Sima Rui, and the other is the Tang San Cannon.”

Thinking of this, Duan Lingtian turned his head and looked at Tang Sangun, and Tang Sangun saw him and looked at it. He was also confused. “What?”


Duan Lingtian shook his head and then turned back.

Sima Rui, Tang Sangun, these two people, he is more inclined to the latter.

Unlike Sima Rui, Tang Sangun, this person always gives him a feeling of invisibility, and his personality changes very much. He is usually familiar with himself. When he shows his amazing strength, he is quite expert. Demeanor.

At the same time, Hongyuan in the field has already fought with Zhou Yongqi who was challenged by him.

Zhou Yongqi, as the direct disciple under the imperial day of Qi Hong, is not a simple character. In the face of Hong Yuan, who is challenging himself, he will fight against it in a short time.

However, after dozens of moves, although Hongyuan showed a stronger strength than before, it was still defeated by Zhou Yongqi. Zhou Yongqi also concealed his strength before and hides deeper.

“The eighth.”

After Hongyuan, it was the turn of the eighth, and the previous No. 7 Ye Dongli.

After Ye Dongli came on the scene, her eyes swept around and circled on Duan Lingtian, and finally fell on the cloud. “I challenge, the sixth is the cloud!”

Lingyun, originally a fifth name, defeated Zhonggui fish in Huangquanan, replaced it, and fell to sixth place.

In the face of Ye Dongli’s challenge, the cloud is as cold as ever, without any change.

“Is it a cloud, is it sure?”

When the cloud stood up, Tang Sangun asked: “Her hand, but there is Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact with Artifact Spirit!”

However, Ling Yun did not take care of the Tang San Cannon, and flew directly out. Even if he did not say anything, he immediately shot Ye Dongli, and Ye Dongli was also annoyed. “Let the cloud, you are the most eligance I have ever seen.” the man.”

Lingyun did not take care of her, continue to shoot, in the blink of an eye, Ye Dongli will suppress.

After Ye Dongli was in a downwind, he no longer hesitated and took out his Emperor Grade Immortal Artifact with Artifact Spirit.

However, even so, it is still crushed by the strong cloud!

Ling Yun, after Duan Lingtian and Huang Quanan, showed the strength of Peak Five God.

“Scorpio! This is a cloud, is it so strong?”

“I came from Fengqingtian with Lingyun. They came over with the people who belonged to the temple of Fengqingtian.” Before, I only thought that he was Samsung War God, but he did not expect that he showed all the way. Far more powerful than I thought, now it shows the strength of Peak Five God!”

“Ling Yun and Duan Lingtian are currently the only ex-existence of Huang Quan’an.”

“If there is no accident, after Huang Quanan, the second and third place is theirs.”


After the cloud showed the strength of Peak Five God, the scene made a sensation without any surprise, no less than the sensation caused by Dean Lingtian defeating the East.

“Let the cloud, do you have a Taoist?”

Ye Dongli, who was defeated by Lingyun, quickly disappeared from the angry color on his face. He looked at the cloud that turned away and asked loudly.

And her question, the immediate atmosphere of the scene has been mobilized, many people shouted ‘together’, lest the world not chaos.

The body of the cloud, paused on the way back, and then continued on, from start to finish did not look back.

“Looking at the cloud, I see that Ye Dongli is not bad… or else, consider it?”

When Ling Gang came back, Su Li couldn’t help but laugh.

“Do we practice?”

With the opening of the cloud, the smile on Su Li’s face was immediately solidified. Now, he is not so different from the search for abuse.

“It seems that you have made great progress over the years.”

Duan Lingtian looked at the clouds and exclaimed.

“It is not easy to exceed you.”

Ling Yun said.

Hear this, Duan Lingtian is just faintly smiled, no response, and his eyes are back in the field.

After the Lingyun cloud faced the No. 8 Ye Dongli challenge, and successfully held his own ranking, the new round, the seventh-ranked Sima Rui challenged the top ranked people… However, the sixth ling Yun Gang was challenged and he could not challenge it.

The goal he can choose is only five.

Huang Quanan, Zhong Guiyu, Tang San Can, Duan Lingtian, Zhou Yongqi.

“The trump card of the title temple may be revealed soon.”

Duan Lingtian looks at Sima Rui, secretly thought.

Sima Rui is the young genius cultivated by the title temple like Hongyuan. Now one of him and Tang Sangun is probably the trump card hidden by the title temple. The first prize is awarded to Immortal. Fruit’s trump card.

For Sima Rui, Duan Lingtian’s judgment method, dare to judge Hongyuan’s method is similar.

Sima Rui, if it is the trump card of the title temple, will definitely challenge the first place Huang Quanan, if not, certainly will not challenge Huang Quanan.

“I challenge… second place, Zhong Guiyu!”

When Sima Rui opened his voice, Duan Lingtian also excluded him. More confirmation, the Tang Sangun sitting behind him, has been following the Tang San cannons of a group of them, the most likely is the hidden one of the title temple. Trump card !

“Tang Sangun, have the confidence to defeat the cloud?”

Duan Lingtian looked back at Tang Sangun and asked abruptly.


Tang San Cannon was startled first, then laughed, “How come this suddenly?”

“You are hiding deep.”

Duan Lingtian glanced at Tang Sangun and said something that few people around could not understand.

“what are you saying?”

Tang San Cannon startled.

“Explosive Immortal Fruit.”

Duan Lingtian spoke out the name of the Immortal Fruit that the first time in the All Heavens Plane genius battle, and this made Su Li more confused.

Duan Lingtian, what did you suddenly say?

“You found out?”

The Tang three cannons flashed, and in a flash, the temperament of the whole person changed again. It was no longer like the usual cynicism, it was a bit cold, and it refused to be a thousand miles.

“It seems that I guessed it right.”

Duan Lingtian smiled lightly. “What are you approaching us? Know yourself and yourself?”

“do you need?”

Tang Sangun asked.

“You’re confident.”

Duan Lingtian said with a smile.

“It’s okay…but you and the cloud are not bad. So far, I don’t see if you have done enough strength.”

Tang San cannon said.

“I will know soon… isn’t it?”

“I will wait and see.”


Duan Lingtian and Tang Sangun had some inexplicable conversations, which made the atmosphere look a bit strange. Su Li couldn’t help but sound transmission. Asked Duan Lingtian, “Duan Lingtian, what are you talking about with Tang Sangun?”

“Su Li, he is the trump card of the title temple.”

If it is said that Duan Lingtian was really speculating before, even if the most likely of the Tang Sangun is the trump card of the title temple, but he did not dare to fully confirm, maybe he guessed wrong, the judgment is wrong?

And now, he has thoroughly confirmed:

Tang San Cannon is the trump card of the title temple!


There is a hidden trump card in the title temple. Su Li has already heard of Duan Lingtian. He usually pays attention, but he is not as close as Duan Lingtian.

Now, Duan Lingtian spoke and scared him.

(End of this chapter)

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