3591. Chapter 3591 arrives at Planar Battlefield

Chapter 3591 arrives at Planar Battlefield

It’s not just in the case of Duan Rufeng and Li Rou, even in front of his wife Li Fei and a Gemini woman, Duan Lingtian also said that after leaving the Nine Nether battlefield, she will go directly to the gods plane.

For that, they are not worried.

If you let them know that they will go to the gods plane and go through the sinister Planar Battlefield, they will definitely stop him.

But no matter who stopped it, he could not shake his will.

So, just hide it, lest they worry about it.

“For the next three hundred years, you will stay here to practice… I will arrange for Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi with my body Small World. Under normal circumstances, it will be enough for you for more than five hundred years.”

Duan Lingtian is also worried that Mortal Plane Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi is too bad, and his relatives, especially one of his Gemini women, will not be willing to waste youth here.

Therefore, before leaving, with the help of the Jingshi Shenshui, he placed an Array on the desert island and transferred himself to the part of the body Small World, Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi. The whole process was full of sounds. Such as stealing the land in general.

For a time, the entire desert island was invaded by the rich Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi.

“Little Fei’er, wait for me to come back.”

When Duan Lingtian left, he only greeted his wife Li Fei and did not say hello to others, because the difference was always sad, and he did not want to see a group of people showing sadness in front of him.

Leave silent and let his wife Li Fei tell them a few days later.


“Sister Sister, at Planar Battlefield, what do you need to pay attention to?”

Leaving Mortal Plane, returning to All Heavens Plane, on the way to the Teleportation Formation on the Nine Nether battlefield, Duan Lingtian asked the Jingshi Shenshui.

“Anthing should pay attention.”

The net god water condensate said: “After entering Planar Battlefield, all you have to do is leave it… If you are lucky, you will be in a place not far from the Teleportation Formation going out of Planar Battlefield, that is for you. It is the safest.”

“The bad luck, you need to find the Teleportation Formation yourself… With your strength, once you are eyeing, you will die!”

“only natural, you are there, normal people won’t move you, because you won’t get He Jun’s work to kill you… After all, you are not a god who gets into the Planar Battlefield to get military power, just a mistake. People who entered Planar Battlefield.”

“But you may also encounter people who are violent and addicted to killing, and the other party may shoot you.”

“There are also some people, weak, and careful in Planar Battlefield… Careful for a long time, they will be wronged in their hearts, seeing you who are not yet a god, even if you kill you without military skills, they may kill you to release emotions. ”

“At Planar Battlefield, everything happens. If there is a chance to get other people out and let him take you out of Planar Battlefield, you must not miss this opportunity. Even if the gesture is low, it will be fine.”

“You know, there is hope in living… The bow of a moment is to better look up in the future!”

When Shishen Shenshui said that he was dignified and quite bitter, he was obviously worried that Duan Lingtian had been in All Heavens Plane for a long time. He still had a shelf in Planar Battlefield. It was not a good thing for him.

“The most important thing is… in Planar Battlefield, don’t expose us, and the Upper Grade Divine Sword in your hand!”

“Once you are exposed, you will die!”

The tone of the net god water is more and more dignified.


Duan Lingtian responded and his face became subconsciously dignified.

This point, without the net Shishui said, he is also clear.

At the same time, along the way, he also learned the rules of the Planar Battlefield from the Shuiyu Shenkou. People from different planes can enter and kill each other, and they can gain each other’s military skills.

A certain degree of military power can be opened to the secret realm left by the powerhouse, and even to some kind of treasure left by the powerhouse.

All in all, in Planar Battlefield, there are all kinds of opportunities left by the powerhouse.

For this reason, every time Planar Battlefield is opened, there are countless people flying into the plane, in order to gain military strength and improve themselves, only natural has also entered their own experience.

All in all, Planar Battlefield is much more terrifying than the affiliated Nine Nether battlefield and the Purgatory Battlefield.

“it has started.”

After returning to the Nine Nether battlefield, Duan Lingtian found a secluded place, and then the Jingshi Shenshui and the other four Five Elements Divine Spirits also came out from the in the the body of Duan Lingtian, ready to use five other Five The remains of Elements Divine Spirit are the Array core, which helps Duan Lingtian break the space barrier of the Nine Nether battlefield and send Duan Lingtian to Planar Battlefield.

You know, the space barrier between the Nine Nether battlefield and the Planar Battlefield is very strong, and it is difficult to break it under the God plane and the God Emperor.

Only natural, even if the presence of God Emperor can break it, it will not do so.

Because, a little bit of mistakes into the Nine Nether battlefield, they are also life-threatening.

Then again, Nine Nether battlefield is also derived from Planar Battlefield, and Planar Battlefield is made to powerhouse… Even Planar Battlefield’s affiliated derivative plane, Nine Nether battlefield and purgatory battlefield follow the rules to powerhouse, The powerhouse’s power controls the rules.

Even if it is God Emperor, entering is also dead.

God Venerable, maybe not dead, but it will definitely hurt, and there is no way to stay on the Nine Nether battlefield and the Purgatory battlefield.

Because of this, even the existence of the god God Emperor can break the battlefield between Planar Battlefield and Nine Nether, and even the space barrier between the battlefields of Purgatory, and it will not do that… once it is done, for them, for them, It is a great danger!

The higher the cultivation base, the stronger the strength, and the harder it is.

Such an existence is generally more reluctant.


Hua la la ! !


In the eyes of Duan Lingtian, his five Five Elements Divine Spirit directly motivated his own power, burning the remains of the other five Five Elements Divine Spirit, and letting them launch an Array of long time.

Then, a terrifying power, with a mysterious breath, rotates in the Void and speeds up.

“Burning the five Five Elements Divine Spirit wrecks, although the space barrier can be temporarily opened, but the opening time will not last long… Estimated at most one breaths of time, you are staring, ready to break through. ”

“Once you fail, there will be no next chance.”

After the greetings with Duan Lingtian, Jingshi Shenshui returned to Duan Lingtian’s with the body Small World with four other Five Elements Divine Spirit.

And now in Duan Lingtian’s with the body Small World, there is no life existence except the life tree and the Five Elements Divine Spirit.

It was the two dragons of the past, and after the end of the All Heavens Plane genius battle, they were freed.

When you hear the pure water of God, Duan Lingtian is closed with the body Small World. At the same time, he is also staring at the power of constant rotation in front of his eyes. He can detect the mysterious atmosphere radiating from it, and it is more and more rich.

At this moment, feeling the cohesion and terrifying of the power, Duan Lingtian was psychologically prepared, but could not help but feel a guilty heart.

The remains of the five Five Elements Divine Spirits, after burning, through the Array, can explode these terrifying forces.

If the five Five Elements Divine Spirit are in good condition, it will burn, can you make an amazing hole in the Nine Nether battlefield?

Just as Duan Lingtian’s thoughts turned, he saw that the constant rotation of the power eventually tore a hole in the Void, the mouth turned into a black hole with a diameter of one meter, and at the moment of extending to a diameter of one meter, Start to shrink.

At this moment, Duan Lingtian can feel the power of rotation is declining.

“It’s now!”

Already ready, a nervous Tenan Lingtian, between the flashes of light, turned into a purple light, and instantly entered the black hole in front of him.

After a breath into the black hole, the black hole gathered, as if a gap was stitched.

Nine Nether battlefield, where Duan Lingtian was originally, where his Five Elements Divine Spirit was arranged, where Yang Meng and the others of the Five Elements Divine Spirit were burned, the calm was restored, as if nothing had happened. .

At this time, Duan Lingtian is also moving through the space channel behind the black hole.

After entering the black hole, Duan Lingtian felt a multicolored force wrapping him, carrying him through a turbulent space, and then tearing a hole half a meter in diameter in the gray Void not far away. The mouth, sent him in.


Duan Lingtian saw that he had already arrived in another piece of heaven and earth, and the diameter of his body was only the black hole of 100 meters. The multicolored forces around him began to converge and the black hole gradually became smaller.

Later, the entire black hole disappeared.

“Here… is the Planar Battlefield that the gods plane collided with each other and collided?”

Duan Lingtian looked around and found herself in a faint world. It was surrounded by desolate surroundings, many obstacle-like hills, and many skeletons scattered everywhere.

At the foot of the earth, many of them have black liquid.

That is the dry blood.

Occasionally, a few black crows fly over, plus the surrounding silence, giving a feeling of having one’s hair stand on end.

Even though Duan Lingtian had previously been a daring artist at All Heavens Plane, he did not dare to have the slightest effect on the Planar Battlefield. His face was very dignified.

Because he knows that this is not All Heavens Plane, not the Nine Nether battlefield.

According to the words of the Pure World, the enthusiasm for Planar Battlefield’s existence is at least the superiority of God King and above, and there are not many God Kings who dare to come in because it is full of danger.

In Planar Battlefield, the most is the presence of God Sovereign.

God Sovereign, above God King, is the cultivation base realm under the god God Emperor.

“Now, it’s imperative to find the Teleportation Formation that leaves Planar Battlefield.”

“Sister Shui said that in Planar Battlefield, there are many military camps of existence.”

“And the ex-empire of the barracks also provides security for the Gods who enter the Planar Battlefield, where there is no way to mobilize the power of God and Soul.”

(End of this chapter)

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