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3592. Chapter 3592, Yamamoto!

3592.第3592章 天耀宗,叶北原!

    Chapter 3592, Yamamoto!

    第3592章 天耀宗,叶北原!

    In addition, there are military battalions in the field of face-to-face battalions, all of which are sent to Teleportation Formation, in front of the gods.


    “The military barracks, divided into large and small military battalions… Each goddess has only one presence and only one person in the ranks of the gods can enter. And small battalions, there are a total of 100 people, whoever is in the gods, who can enter it and who can no longer kill each other once they enter.”


    “Moreover, Teleportation Formation in the small military battalion can be sent to any of the two gods in front of the two gods that hit the scene.”


    These, all of them, were made available to Duan Lingtian in advance.


    And the clean divine water told him:


    At the scene, he can only rely on himself, and he can’t easily open it in the body Small World, because that would expose the risk of five Elements Divine Spirit and the tree of life, and his five Elements Divine Spirit would have swallowed the other five Elements Divine Spirit before they were closed.


    Primal Chaos Divine Fire, to stab the ninth shape.


    As for the other four types of five Elements Divine Spirit, including clean divine water, the eighth shape would be stabbed.


    And basically, there can be steady stabbing success.


    Once the halfway is interrupted, it will fail.


    So Duan Lingtian will not easily disturb five Elements Divine Spirit unless he dies.


    Moreover, even at the end of his life and death, he would like to see if five Elements Divine Spirit could help him get through it… If not, there is no need to frighten them.


    Even if he dies, in the body Small World’s devastation, five Elements Divine Spirit will enter that turbulent space, which is filled with space turbulence, it will be fine, because space turbulence will not hurt them.


    Even in turbulent spaces, they can continue to stab the next shape.


    所以,除非是五种Five Elements Divine Spirit 可以帮忙渡过的难关,否则Duan Lingtian 即便是死,也不会惊扰他的那五种Five Elements Divine Spirit ,因为惊扰没有任何意义,而不惊扰,还能成全它们。


    The road came along, even though five Elements Divine Spirit also depended on him, survived the world and looted the other five Elements Divine Spirit.


    However, they helped him, but they were also countless.


    Duan Lingtian is not going to forget favors and breaches of justice, and he can’t do it.




    In the dry desert, Duan Lingtian walked up the ground and covered him with obstacles, whether in the hills or in the mountains, or in the woods of wilderness.


    only natural, this way, it’s very inefficient.


    But besides that, he has no other way to fly in the air, can he?


    Now, he’s using that many cover cover to cover up as long as the spirits of the road have not searched this tape with a magic carpet, and it’s basically impossible to find him with a meat eye.


    And if there are gods who search around with their consciousness, they will surely find him.


    After all, he’s just half-step gods, not really gods, and soul hasn’t turned into God’s layers.


    The next path, Duan Lingtian, is worried about the guts, and a moment of heart is up.


    He had to do that.


    If there’s a biological chain in the field, then he’s the bottom floor, and he can be extinguished at any time!


    “Hopefully this road goes through and can soon find the battalion.”


    Duan Lingtian’s heart secretly thought: “As long as I find the battalion and enter it, I am safe… In the military camp, there is a formula to the powerhouse that restricts anyone from doing it, where no one can do it to me.”


    On the first day, Duan Lingtian did not meet a man who had lived safely in a large part of the region.




    next day, no one was there.


    The third day, a man met, fast enough, and Duan Lingtian couldn’t even catch up with his silhouette, and the other side was gone, “The man… was probably more than the emperor.”


    “Even if not, it must be a very powerful god.”


    The next King, Duan Lingtian, was in touch, and that temple Palace Lord Wu Xiang was, but the other side’s speed was too fast to catch that person.


    On the fourth day, no one met, but no military battalions were seen.


    Five days.


    Six days.




    For a month, Duan Lingtian did not see a military battalion, but not less than ten of those who flew over his head, of which Duan Lingtian was weak and Duan Lingtian was reluctant to capture Silhouette.


    A strong one can only see a crippling one.


    Stronger, more powerful, than just one blank.


    In this month, Duan Lingtian can feel his own small, even if he suspects the people he met this month, some of whom should find out about his whereabouts, just because he didn’t.


    After all, he was in their eyes, like the same mirex.


    “It’s been a whole month.”


    A month passed, even Duan Lingtian was not physically tired and mentally tired, and if there was a completely safe place to rest, he felt that he could not want anything, sit down quietly for two years.


    Just take a break.


    “Hopefully to meet the battalion earlier.”


    Duan Lingtian continues to march in the field of face-to-face warfare, a spiritual bandage, a careful wings, and dares not to be surprised.


    Turn around, it’s another half a month.


    And this day Duan Lingtian suddenly felt the wind of a fast disease coming on his own, making him invisible, not good! “


    Almost at a moment when Duan Lingtian’s eyes came up with an old and old silhouette, an old man with a gray white hair with a gray white hair, a blessing, a gloomy vision, a glimmer of fantasy.


    Older people stand up and give Duan Lingtian a feeling, as if there’s no one there, and if he doesn’t see it, he can’t feel the presence of the elderly.


    It also makes him deeply aware of the high profile of the elderly.


    “Have you seen Senior.”


    Duan Lingtian had been panicked to bow to the elderly when the elderly looked at him.


    “You, Half-God, don’t even walk into the gods, dare you run into a field of battle?”


    The old man was staring at Duan Lingtian, with surprising colors in his eyes.


    Duan Lingtian hearing this, “Senior, I didn’t mean to enter the field… I was lucky to meet two adults, and space was wrong, and I was involved in this battlefield.”


    These words are from Duan Lingtian, the Cleaner Ghost.


    “Space error?”


    And if you hear Duan Lingtian, the old man’s hole is sharply shrinking, “How did you meet two priests, powerhouse?”


    “It should be the pride powerhouse.”


    Duan Lingtian nodded, “Because I heard that in the presence of the gods, only the priests of powerhouse can tear up space and break the space.”


    “No wonder you don’t have the breath of a military medal on your boy, so that’s how you get into the field.”


    Old man shakes his head and says,


    In general, those who normally enter the field of ground must have come from the ranks of the gods through the military barracks and have the medals in their hands… The medals cannot be collected, and the breath is clear, used to identify identity, belong to the opposing gods, or are they in their own gods.


    Just now, he found out that the current purple clothed young man had no sign of identity, combined with the fact that he was just a Half-God, and that he was not surprised.


    How could such a Half-God be here?


    But I didn’t think that it was a war of pride, that it was a mistake in space and that he was involved in a field of ground.




    Duan Lingtian looked at the old man and said, “This month, I survived in front of the battlefield, and I’ve been searching for the camp… but I don’t know if Senior could send me a ride and send me to the barracks.”


    Not waiting for the old man to respond, Duan Lingtian’s colour says, “If Senior wishes to do this, I will remember Duan Lingtian, and I will have a big report later!”


    “Duan Lingtian?”


    Old man lightly smiled, “It’s a good name.”


    “But how can you repay my middle-class emperor, a Half-God?”


    Shake your head, old man said with a smile: “That’s all, that’s the point of meeting, and since I met you and came to you for curiosity, I’ll show you a ride.”


    “At my speed, two days later, will be able to reach the nearest battalion.”


    Old man said it.


    “Many thanks Senior!”




    the words of the old man, Duan Lingtian to be wild with joy, has a feeling that life has been saved on the line of death.


    When the old man walked with him, Duan Lingtian congratulated him, “Senior, but he didn’t know your name, which goddess came from, which power?”


    “You little fellow, ask so many questions, do you really want to pay me back?”


    The old man smiles and faces a gracious question.


    “Also ask Senior to inform me.”


    Duan Lingtian faces serious.


    “The ’s all, tell you nothing… old man’s name is’ Yamamoto ‘, from the unseen, and it’s Elder in the unseen earth.”


    Old man shakes his head and says it.


    He asked Duan Lingtian again, “What about you? But the people of my unknown place?”




    Duan Lingtian said, “But I’m just a small place in the Unseen, and I’ve never heard of Senior’s glory… For Senior, I’m just a frog in well.”


    “We have no big section, you’ve never heard of it, nor are we normal.”


    Yamamoto said with a smile: “But you are also from the Unseen.”


    “It’s pretty good.”


    Duan Lingtian nodded also remembers the name of each other in his heart and the name of the other’s section.




    The Lord of God.


    As long as this time, with the help of each other, he leaves the battlefield and enters the ranks of the gods, it will surely be rewarded later.


    For him, this is no different than the grace of saving.




    Two days later.


    “Here we go.”


    Duan Lingtian, the voice of the Yankee plains, found that in a vast wasteland, there was a region that was being masked by half of the transparent golden masks, and there were a number of silhouette shaking, and there were some buildings that seemed to be ancient and sacred.


    “Ling Tian’s little friend, the battalion is here, and we’ll stop it.”


    Duan Lingtian has been sent to the military camp, that is, half-transparency golden masks, and the Yamamoto plaintiff was ready to leave.

    (This chapter is over)

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