3592. Chapter 3592 Tian Yaozong, Ye Beiyuan!

Chapter 3592 Tian Yaozong, Ye Beiyuan!

In addition, the military camps in Planar Battlefield have Teleportation Formations that are sent to the gods plane.

“Army camp, divided into large and small military camps … army camp, each of the gods plane has only one, and only the people of the plane of the plane can enter. And the small army camp, there are a whole hundred, no matter which god plane People can enter inside, and once they enter, they can no longer kill each other.”

“And, the Teleportation Formation in the small barracks can be transmitted to any of the two gods planes that hit the Planar Battlefield.”

These are all told by Dean Lingtian in advance.

Moreover, the net Shishui also told him:

In Planar Battlefield, everything can only be done by himself. He can’t easily open with the body Small World, because there is a risk of exposing Five Elements Divine Spirit and the Tree of Life, and his Five Elements Divine Spirit will also be closed. Other Five Elements Divine Spirit that was swallowed before.

Primal Chaos Divine Fire, sprinting the ninth form.

As for the other four Five Elements Divine Spirit, including the Pure World Water, you must sprint the eighth form.

Moreover, basically, the sprint can be successfully sprinted successfully.

Once interrupted, the sprint will fail.

Therefore, unless the life and death, Duan Lingtian will not easily disturb the Five Elements Divine Spirit.

Moreover, even if it is a matter of life and death, he has to look at the Five Elements Divine Spirit to help him through the storm… If not, naturally there is no need to disturb them.

Even if he is dead, with the body Small World ruined, Five Elements Divine Spirit will break into the turbulent space filled with space turbulence, but it will not be a problem, because the space turbulence can not hurt them.

Even in the turbulent space, they can continue to sprint and sprint the next form.

So, unless there are five kinds of Five Elements Divine Spirit that can help you through the storm, Duan Lingtian will not disturb his five Five Elements Divine Spirit even if he is dead, because the disturbance does not mean anything, not disturbing, Complete them.

This way, though, Five Elements Divine Spirit also relies on his body to survive and plunder other Five Elements Divine Spirit.

However, their help to him is also numerous.

Duan Lingtian is not a person who forgets favors and violates justice. He can’t do anything that harms others.

Sou! !

In the desolate desert, Duan Lingtian figure swayed between the ground and walked up the ground, using various obstacles to cover, whether it was hills, mountains, or deserted stone forests, it became a cover for him.

Only natural, this way forward, the efficiency is very low.

But, besides that, he has no other way, can’t he fly high in the air?

Now, he uses the many bunker cover to travel, as long as those passing by God don’t rely on the Divine Sense carpet search, it is basically impossible to find him with the naked eye.

And if God explores the surroundings with Divine Sense, he will definitely find him.

After all, he is only half a step of God, and he hasn’t really become a god. Soul hasn’t changed to God’s level yet.

The next step, Duan Lingtian was afraid, and a heart hangs.

He has to do this.

If there is a biological chain in Planar Battlefield, then he is the lowest level of existence and can be destroyed at any time!

“I hope that this road will pass, I can find the military camp soon.”

Duan Lingtian secretly thought: “As long as you find the military camp, enter it, I am safe… In the military camp, there is an Array of powerhouse layout that restricts anyone from shooting, no one can shoot me.”

On the first day, Duan Lingtian did not meet a single person and was safely through a large area.

The next day, there were still no people.

On the third day, I met a person, and the speed was fast. Duan Lingtian couldn’t even capture his silhouette. The other side was gone. “This person… I am afraid it is an existence above God Sovereign.”

“If not, it must be a very powerful God King.”

The next God King, Duan Lingtian contacted, the title temple Palace Lord Wu Hongqing is, but the speed of the other party, but the horse can not catch up with this person.

On the fourth day, no one was met, but no military camp was seen.

Fifth day.

The sixth day.


For a month in a row, Duan Lingtian did not see the military camp, but the people flying over his head, but no less than ten people, of which weaker, Duan Lingtian barely can capture the other side’s silhouette.

Strong strength, can only see a residual image.

The stronger the strength, the more you can only hear a broken sound.

During this month, Duan Lingtian can feel his own insignificance. Even, he suspects that those people who have met this month, some of whom should have discovered his whereabouts, just ignored him.

After all, he is in their eyes like an insect.

“It’s really a torment… It’s been a whole month.”

A month later, even if Duan Lingtian feels tired in the body, she is still a little tired in the spirit. If there is a completely safe place to rest, he feels that he can do nothing and sit quietly for two years.

Just rest.

“I hope to meet the military camp earlier.”

Duan Lingtian continued to swim in Planar Battlefield, all the way tight and careful, not dare to care.

In a twinkling of an eye, it is half a month.

On this day, Duan Lingtian suddenly felt that a rapid wind rushed toward him, which made him unable to change color, “Not good!”

Almost at the moment when the thoughts just fell, in front of Duan Lingtian, there was an old and old silhouette. It was an old man wearing an azure robes, a grayish white long hair, a kindly milf, and a muddy gaze. It is shining with amazement.

Old man volleyed and gave Dean Lingtian a feeling, as if there were no ones there, he could not sense the existence of the old man if he was not seen by the naked eye.

This also made him deeply aware of the inscrutable of the old man.

“I have seen Senior.”

Not waiting for the old man to open, when the old man looked at him, Duan Lingtian had hurriedly bowed to the old man.

“A Half-God, you didn’t even step into God’s realm, but dare to run Planar Battlefield?”

Old man stares at Duan Lingtian, his eyes full of surprises.

Duan Lingtian hearing this , immediately a bitter smile, “Senior, I didn’t want to enter Planar Battlefield… It was my bad luck, just happened to meet two great characters, the space was in chaos, and I was involved in this Planar Battlefield.”

These words are made by Dean Lingtian.

“Space disorder?!”

And when I heard from Duan Lingtian, the old man’s pupils shrank sharply. “You… actually met two God Venerable powerhouses?”

“It should be a God Venerable powerhouse.”

Duan Lingtian nodded, “Because I heard that in the gods plane, only the God Venerable powerhouse has the ability to tear the space and break the space.”

“It’s no wonder that you have no breath of the military plate on this young fellow. It turned out to be in Planar Battlefield.”

Old man shook his head.

Generally speaking, those who normally enter Planar Battlefield must have come from the army camp through the army camp. They have military command plates in their hands… and the military command plate cannot be collected, and the breath is obvious, which is used to identify the identity. It belongs to the opposite gods plane, or the plane of the gods where they are.

Just now, he found that there was no atmosphere command plate in the purple clothed youth, and the other party was just a Half-God, which made him wonder.

How can such a Half-God appear here?

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the Battle of God Venerable, playing in a mess, and involved him in Planar Battlefield.


Duan Lingtian looked at the old man and said with respect and respect: “This month, I have survived in Planar Battlefield and have been looking for a military camp… but I don’t know if Senior can send me a ride and send me. Going to the military camp?”

Without waiting for the old man to respond, Duan Lingtian said with a dignified look: “Senior would like to help this, this favor, my Duan Lingtian will be remembered, and there will be a thick report in the future!”

“Duan Lingtian?”

Old man slightly smiled, “The name is not bad.”

“However, you insignificant a Half-God, how can I return this median God Sovereign?”

Shake his head, old man said with a smile: “that’s all, the encounter is fate, since I met you, and come to you because of curiosity, I will take you a ride.”

“At my speed, after two days, I can go to the nearest military camp.”

Old man said.

“many thanks Senior !”

The old man’s words, let Duan Lingtian to be wild with joy, there is a feeling of being saved in the life and death line.

When the old man took him on the road, Duan Lingtian asked with a compliment: “Senior, but I don’t know your name, from which god, which power?”

“You little fellow, ask so much, is it really difficult to return me?”

Old man smiled lightly, asked kindly.

“Please also let Senior tell me.”

Duan Lingtian said with a serious look.

“that’s all, tell you that there is nothing… the old man is named ‘Yebeiyuan’, from the land of Xuanzang, is the land of Xuanzang Tianyaozong Elder.”

Old man said as he shook his head.

When the voice fell, he asked Duan Lingtian, “What about you? But who is my mysterious land?”


Duan Lingtian responded. “However, I am just a small place in the Xuanzang area. I haven’t even heard of Tian Yaozong, the person you are in…. For Senior, I am just a frog in well.”

“Our Tian Yao Zong is not a Great Sect. You have never heard of it, and it is normal.”

Ye Beiyuan said with a smile : “However, it is also a fate, you are also from Xuanzang.”

“It’s quite good.”

Duan Lingtian nodded, at the same time in my heart, remembered the name of the other party, and the name of the Sect where the other party is located.

Ye Beiyuan.

Tian Yaozong.

This time, he will leave Planar Battlefield with the help of the other party and enter the plane of the gods. He will report this great grace in the future.

For him, this is tantamount to life-saving grace.


Two days later.


Ye Beiyuan’s voice came, Duan Lingtian discovered that there was an area in the vast wasteland in front, covered by a translucent golden light cover, and there were quite a few silhouettes shaking in it, and some looking Ancient and vicissitudes of architecture.

“Lingtian little friend, the military camp is here, we will not be here.”

Duan Lingtian has been sent to the military camp, which is the place where the translucent golden light cover shrouds. Ye Beiyuan just left to leave.

(End of this chapter)

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