War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens Chapter 3721

371. Chapter 3721 Changes in Wu

    Chapter 3721 Changes in Wu

    “This is the Upper Grade de Divine Artifact in Qin God Emperor’s mouth?”

    In the mythology hidden by Qin God Emperor, General Duan Lingtian travelled all the way through the five shuttles, successfully broke into the last and successfully closed, in the face of the heavy test of God’s placement in Array, which Qin Qin, God Emperor left behind.

    And this last prize is the Upper Grade Divine Artifact, a strange weaponry in the mouth of Qin Wu God Emperor.

    That’s why it’s curious because it’s a knife with no knife, only a knife, and it’s like half a knife, just like what kind of knife was pulled off.

    It’s a whole azure light, and it looks sharp, like no stronghold one cannot win.

    The most important point:

    When Divine Sense of Duan Lingtian touched the knife, it was clear that there was a soul fluctuation in it, which was very calm, but that was why Duan Lingtian did not find it incomplete.

    “This Soul fluctuation should be the soul of this Divine Artifact.”

    Duan Lingtian looked at Divine Artifact in hand, secretly thought.


    Just as Duan Lingtian successfully passed the last shuttle, got the final reward, and the eyes fell on Divine Artifact, one voice came out of his ear.

    That voice is not stranger to him.

    Follow him, in the instant of his head, a human phantom, gathered in the front, and it was precisely the Qin God Emperor.

    Qin Wu God Emperor looks at Duan Lingtian, smiling, “Congratulations, being the first person to pass through the targeted tests I have placed, and as an incentive to the first person to pass all customs cards, I will give you another good luck in addition to what you have now received.”

    “A good luck?”

    Duan Lingtian has not yet been able to react, and Qin God Emperor’s human phantom has been transformed into a light and entered into his presence in the body.


    be precise, it was into his mind.

    The next moment, he found out that a powerful Soul power came into his souls.

    Soul has also been transformed by sky and earth turning upside down, Soul’s strength, as in the case of the oceans, and that is why God’s place of Soul, more than God, is known as “the souul sea”.

    Now, a powerful Soul power, into Duan Lingtian’s souls, can be said to be a rock that triggers thousands of waves!

    “What do you want to do?”

    When the powerful Soul’s energy came into the souls, Duan Lingtian found that the Soul’s power wanted to occupy the nest without any hesitation to hit his souls directly, as if he wanted to replace his Soul and build a new soul.

    This Soul is powerful, even Duan Lingtian Soul, and in front of it, he can’t stand to shake.

    The gap is too big.

    “All I have left is to erase Remnant Soul, not body possession of you, and at the most, to make your memory more important… to get Remnant Soul into your soul, and your Soul will become stronger in addition to being able to inherit my memory.”

    “Only natural, your body, or your Soul leader.”

    Qin Wu God Emperor’s voice came from.

    “I refuse.”

    Duan Lingtian categorically refused, even without any delay.

    Are you kidding me?

    Even if Qin Wu God Emperor was just a scratch of Remnant Soul, it was impossible to body possession of him, but when Remnant Soul was integrated into his own Soul, it would certainly have had some potential implications for deregulation, even if he was in charge of the body, his personality would have changed considerably.

    And, your own Soul, there’s a lot more people’s Soul, and don’t even think about it.

    So he refused.

    “Don’t rush to refuse.”

    Qin Wu God Emperor said, “My Remnant Soul will have a great deal of benefit to you after your integration into your Soul… For example, in the future, Profound Truth, your comprehension law, Profound Truth will fight the results for the half of the effort, even though I left it to you only Remnant Soul, God Emperor Remnant Soul, is not the same as Remnant Soul.”

    “In addition to this…”

    When Qin Wu God Emperor also wanted to say something and so on, Duan Lingtian directly closed his own souls and excluded Remnant Soul of Qin God Emperor.

    It’s just Remnant Soul of Qin God Emperor, who, although strong, has not been able to do the body possession, the nest, Duan Lingtian, as the master of his own souls, has left Remnant Soul of Qin God Emperor out of his mind, not at all.

    This is a matter of principle for Duan Lingtian.

    “biting the hand that feeds the young fellow, don’t you fear I’ll kill you?”

    Qin Wu God Emperor was reintroduced into a human phantom, looking at Duan Lingtian, looking cold, said solemnly.


    Duan Lingtian looks at Qin Wu God Emperor, said solemnly: “You left the gods behind, and I get a lot of things, and I appreciate it… But what you’re asking is more than my bottom line, if I can’t promise.”

    Qin Wu God Emperor was silent and opened again, “That’s all, since you don’t want, I won’t force you.”

    When Qin Wu God Emperor’s human phantom dispersed, Duan Lingtian’s eyes shined, the next moment found himself back in the inner mansion of the gods.


At the

    same time, he saw Wu, “Wu Senior Brother?”

    Just, now, Wu, it seems like he lost his soul, standing there, not moving.

    “Qin Wu God Emperor won’t be looking for him anymore, will he?”

    Imagine what happened, Duan Lingtian couldn’t stand secretly thought.

    After halfway, Wu came back to his senses, but between pair of pupils suddenly slipped out of a different light and appeared to be some demon.

    All of this, it’s all in Duan Lingtian’s eyes.

    “Wu Senior Brother will not have promised him to integrate Remnant Soul into his own Soul?”

    And at this moment, I don’t know if it’s psychological, or why Duan Lingtian felt like Wu was different.

    A man, or that person, is familiar with the feeling, but it confuses a strange feeling.

    “Paragraph Junior Brother.”


    the same time, come back to his senses’ Wu, look towards Duan Lingtian, slightly smiled, “You’re coming out. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. How about the harvest?”

    “Luckily to die.”

    Duan Lingtian smiled and took the last Divine Artifact from the storage ring, half the knife, and then handed it over to Wu.

    And Wu not at all directly hold out of hand to receive, and then say with a smile, “Junior Brother, and I don’t know if you’re lucky or lucky, and one of the nine things I’ve got is as urgent as you need.”

    “He’s not good luck Dan, but the effect is not the same as good luck Dan.” The good luck fruit, the only one, is nine good luck Dan! “

    On the other hand, Wu said that looking towards him was removed from the storage ring, as in nine of the Void’s things, one of the same light yellow Profound Light was haunted by.

    It looks like peaches, combined with yellow leather, which is very similar to Duan Lingtian former life’s ‘peach’, just a layer of Profound Light on the surface.

    only natural, it’s just a feedback from naked eye.

    The real difference, or the intrinsic effect, is that the fruit is not at all comparable to the usual fruit.

    “Good luck?”

    And Duan Lingtian’s eyes were bright and breathed when U mentioned the four words’ good luck fruit ‘.

    good luck, medicinal efficacy and good luck Dan are similar, but medicinal efficacy is strong, not good luck Dan.


    long as it’s not a man of too ignorant, even if he’s a god, a good luck man, is enough to achieve God King in one day!

    medicinal efficacy, plus nine good luck dans, is overbearing.

    “Many thanks to Wu Senior Brother.”

    While Duan Lingtian and Wu are exchanging harvests, they say thanks to Wu, the value of this good luck is much greater for him than the Upper Grade Divine Artifact that Qin God Emperor left behind.

    Because that’s what he wants urgently.

    “Junior Brother, the thankful man is me this time, and I’m taking advantage of you.”

    After taking over the Upper Grade knife, which led to its cognition Master, Wu shined, while he was a guest condom.

    This is the Upper Grade Divine Artifact, a pregnant soul, which can be said to be worthless.

    This Divine Artifact, put it on the whole of the gods plane, is a priceless thing.

    “If I had a knife long ago, it would have been the cold and the man around him who was not my opponent.”

    The knife has become a saber glow between Wu’s thoughts, and he walks around in his surroundings.

    A knife, like an arm drive.

    “That’s natural.”

    Duan Lingtian said with a smile: “The general Upper Grade Divine Artifact is enough to give Senior Brother Wu the power to defeat the chill… Not to say, this is not the general Upper Grade Divine Artifact, a Divine Artifact, a pregnant soul.”

    “Even now it is only half a soul that cannot be separated from Divine Artifact alone, but it has also added a lot of formidable power to Divine Artifact.”

    Duan Lingtian can say that Divine Artifact is well known, as if he enumerating family values, for the reasons of Seven Apertures Exquisite Sword sword Huanger.

    “Just don’t know if I’m a Junior Brother your opponent after this Divine Artifact.”

    Wu looked towards Duan Lingtian, and suddenly it came out of the same sentence, and at the same time there was a slight light in his eyes.

    And Duan Lingtian heard Wu’s words, and it was just a moment to look deep at Wu’s eyes and see it in the eye, and it was a moment to leave. “

    The sound fell, between Duan Lingtian figure, entered Black vortex, not far away from Void, where the whole person was hidden.

    Look, Duan Lingtian left, and Wu raised a greed color in his eyes, but soon there was another shame on his face.

    As a whole, at this moment, it seems to be a paradoxical combination.

On the

    other hand, when Duan Lingtian returned to the goddess through the space passage, his eyes didn’t have to be shattered. “It seems that Wu Senior Brother, most likely, really integrated Remnant Soul of the Qin God Emperor.”

    “Otherwise, as Wu Senior Brother is responsible, it is not possible to ask such sensitive words.”

    (This chapter is over)

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