War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens Chapter 4203


Chapter 4203 Amazing news

“The Lord of the Country.”

He Yulin didn’t dare to wait any longer. If you wait any longer, the Lord of Divine Kingdom must have more extreme joy turns to sorrow, sound transmission directly to the Lord of his own, and tell him about the matter.

The Lord of Divine Kingdom, Ramo, was originally a little unbalanced. After all, although they had a lower God Venerable, they were sent out in advance, and most of them died.

On the Divine Kingdom side of Xuanheng, the lower God Venerable has not yet come out.

Now, after listening to He Yulin’s words, he is immediately balanced, and he even feels that Ramo Divine Kingdom is not that miserable…

Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, one person stepped into the lower God Venerable realm, and then died!

Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, in the destiny canyon, the loss is no less than Ramo Divine Kingdom and Yansheng Divine Kingdom!

“Let me tell him about this.”

The Lord of Divine Kingdom Ramo said to He Yulin: “This guy, I don’t know how irritated it is. Although I can protect your life, once he takes action against you, even if I protect you, you may be Injured.”

“For me, he dare not vent his anger on me.”

Hearing the words of his own country’s lord, He Yulin’s eyes lit up immediately, “many thanks the lord!”

At this moment, the Lord of Divine Kingdom, Yansheng, standing on the other side, also learned from Han Shaokun what happened to Liu Xiaofeng, who was promoted to God Venerable in the canyon of Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, and the mysterious What happened to the people of Constant Divine Kingdom…

For a while, he didn’t feel that it was miserable for him to rise to Divine Kingdom.

We Yansheng Divine Kingdom, compared to Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, it doesn’t seem to be much miserable!

At the same time, the Lord of Divine Kingdom Yansheng looked at the Lord of Divine Kingdom Xuanheng, who was still smiling brightly among the crowds. He couldn’t help shaking his head, and secretly thought in his heart: “This Wu Yu, I will know later The truth of the matter, I’m afraid I’m going crazy?”

Almost at the same time when his thoughts fell, Lord Ramo Divine Kingdom spoke with a loud voice, overwhelming the voices of everyone present, “Everyone, don’t be busy congratulating Lord Wu.”

“Just now, He Yulin hasn’t finished speaking.”

His opening immediately attracted everyone’s attention, even if it was Wu Yu, the lord of the Divine Kingdom of Xuan Heng, his face changed slightly at this time.

Haven’t finished talking?

What do you mean?

For a time, Wu Yu looked towards He Yulin, his eyes lightened.

At this time, the Lord of Divine Kingdom Ramo sighed, “Guo Wu, you are sad…”

Hearing this, Wu Yu felt a sudden in his heart, and an ominous premonition arose, but he couldn’t help but start to comfort himself…


Many Divine Kingdom masters have become curious about this.

“Liu Xiaofeng has fallen. As long as the rest of Xuanheng Divine Kingdom live more, the loss of Xuanheng Divine Kingdom this time is not too great. After all, Yansheng Divine Kingdom and Ramo Divine Kingdom people, but More than half dead!”

Some Divine Kingdom Lord said so.

After hearing the words of the Lord of the Divine Kingdom, Wu Yu, who had a gloomy face, turned a little better.


Liu Xiaofeng has fallen. Although the loss is great, as long as other people live well, the total loss may not be as good as that of Yansheng Divine Kingdom and Ramo Divine Kingdom.

“Wolf Chunyuan killed it!”

At this time, while the Lord of Divine Kingdom of Ramo opened his mouth, he looked towards the Lord of the Yuhong Divine Kingdom, Guan Baoyu, his eyes were complicated and said: “The Lord Guan, you Yuhong Divine Kingdom, this time can be regarded as All the limelight!”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes turned to Guan Baoyu.

Guan Baoyu is also a little confused at this time.

Just now, he was still thinking that the three lower God Venerable teamed up and one person was killed…The other party, is it the ultimate challenge in the canyon of Destiny?

But now, when he heard the words of the Lord of Divine Kingdom, Ramo, he was completely confused.

Wolf Chunyuan?

She, against the three lower God Emperors, killed one of them and scared the other two away?

“Did she break through?”

Guan Baoyu subconsciously asked, while looking towards He Yulin behind the Lord Ramo Divine Kingdom. As for the cold gaze of Wu Yu, Lord Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, he completely ignored him.

Destiny canyon Divine Kingdom fight for the front, it is life or death, dead, can only be said to be poor in learning skills.

In the old days, many of their Yuhong Divine Kingdom people also fell under the hands of Xuanheng Divine Kingdom people.


He Yulin smiled bitterly, “She stepped into the lower God Venerable realm. With strength of oneself, she drew a tie with the existence of the ultimate challenge level in the canyon of Destiny… Then, with the assistance of Zhengming Divine Kingdom Duan Lingtian Next, broke the ultimate challenge level!”

Zhengming Divine Kingdom, Duan Lingtian!

Duan Lingtian’s name was also mentioned for the first time after He Yulin and Han Shaokun came out.

For a while, many people subconsciously looked towards Zhengming Divine Kingdom, Zhu Yingjun.

Zhu Yingjun was also a little surprised.

I thought that this scene had nothing to do with their Zhengming Divine Kingdom, but didn’t expect it was still related to their Zhengming Divine Kingdom, and he was also a little curious…

Why did Duan Lingtian’s little fellow cooperate with the wolf Chunyuan of Yuhong Divine Kingdom?

Is it coerced?

Is it true cooperation?

Wolf Chunyuan, won’t you abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal?

Now, Zhu Yingjun is really worried…

After all, he placed great hopes on Duan Lingtian, and he also gave some ‘investments’. If Duan Lingtian is gone, he will really lose out!

“Before Han Shaokun and I came out, we three people wanted to kill Duan Lingtian.”

He Yulin continued: “It’s just that Lang Chunyuan chose to shelter Duan Lingtian and stopped us three people…”

This time, before He Yulin finished speaking, he was interrupted by a Divine Kingdom lord, “Why are you targeting Duan Lingtian? No matter how strong he is, he will only be a lower God Emperor!”

“Is it possible that, what amazing opportunity did he get inside that made them all jealous?”

Asking this question, immediately a group of Divine Kingdom Lords looked towards He Yulin, and they all looked forward to it.

He Yulin hearing this, with a wry smile, “Before Duan Lingtian entered, he was indeed the lower God Emperor… However, he is now the middle God Emperor!”

“Furthermore, it has completely consolidated a mid-level God Emperor cultivation base. The strength of a body is stronger than a half-step God Venerable. Maybe it is enough to be comparable to the ordinary lower-level God Venerable!”

“He was in the Destiny Canyon, killing a half-step God Venerable slaughter dog, his personal Points List ranked first, and his points exceeded 10,000 before I came out.”

“Now… there must be more.”

He Yulin thought of the three high-ranking God Emperors in the Divine Kingdom brought by him, Han Shaokun and Liu Xiaofeng, and felt that they were most likely to be killed by Duan Lingtian to complete Duan Lingtian.

As for Duan Lingtian…

Unless Lang Chunyuan wants to kill him, he will definitely live better than anyone else!

As He Yulin’s words fell, the audience immediately fell into a dead silence…

Duan Lingtian, stepped into the realm of the middle God Emperor.

In fact, many people are not surprised by this matter.

It can be heard that Duan Lingtian has completely consolidated a middle God Emperor cultivation base, but everyone is shocked. Even if Duan Lingtian said this before the messenger of God Venerable forces, they also act as Duan Lingtian. It’s cracking a joke.

Who knows, it turned out to be true!

Moreover, now that the battle for the canyon Divine Kingdom is over, there is still some time…

There is still time, and representatives can improve further.

The upper God Emperor may be hopeless, but it will definitely be able to go further on the basis of thoroughly consolidating the cultivation base of the middle God Emperor!

“Duan Lingtian …”

Zhu Yingjun was also stunned. Absolutely didn’t expect, the youth he had placed high hopes on, not only did not disappoint him, but also gave him such a big surprise!

“But… can he come out?”

“That many points, is Lang Chunyuan not jealous?”

“Nor! Wolf Chunyuan is now the lower God Venerable, unless you can kill Duan Lingtian before the Rule Power of the Mandate of Heaven canyon sends her out, you can’t kill Duan Lingtian!”

Within the canyon of Destiny, those who step into the realm of God Venerable kill a God Emperor who participates in the battle of the Divine Kingdom. Before they succeed, the Rule Power of the canyon of Destiny will intervene.

It is very difficult to succeed.

“In addition…”

When everyone is shocked by the news about’Duan Lingtian’, he will not tell He Yulin whether it was intentional or unintentional. “Liu Xiaofeng of Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, like us, brought a group People from Divine Kingdom went to kill Duan Lingtian…”

“This time, Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, the loss will not be less than our Ramo Divine Kingdom and Yansheng Divine Kingdom.”

(End of this chapter)

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