War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens Chapter 4204


Chapter 4204 Expected rule rewards

“We Ramo Divine Kingdom, as well as Yansheng Divine Kingdom, also lost a lot of God Emperor in the process of killing Duan Lingtian!”

He Yulin did not hide anything, because it was unnecessary.

The destiny canyon Divine Kingdom is the stage where the major Divine Kingdoms compete. Not to mention that a Divine Kingdom loses more than half, even if the entire army is wiped out in it, you can only consider yourself bad luck.

Therefore, he did not shy away from saying that he and the other two lower God Venerable led people to kill Duan Lingtian.

This matter, let alone failed, even if it is really done, it is understood by the Lord of the Divine Kingdom, and the other party has nothing to say, because Duan Lingtian took part in the battle of the canon Divine Kingdom, he was His wealth and life were gambled in.

The same is true.

They Ramo Divine Kingdom, Yansheng Divine Kingdom, and Xuanheng Divine Kingdom who died because of Duan Lingtian, so are the same.

Duan Lingtian came out, no matter how angry they were, they had nothing to say, everything was in accordance with the rules.

The Lords of the three major Divine Kingdoms really want to take action. Not only will the Lords of the Divine Kingdom shelter Duan Lingtian, even the Lords of more than 20 other Divine Kingdoms will also join the shelter of Duan Lingtian.

No reason, just to guard the rules.

If Duan Lingtian is allowed to be killed, does that mean that in the future, their people will kill more people in the canyon Divine Kingdom battle. After they come out, they will be killed, so they can only admit it?

There are some things that cannot be started.

Once you make a bad head, there is no turning back.

Only natural, this is the worst case.

Under normal circumstances, even if the lord of the three Divine Kingdoms of Ramo Divine Kingdom, Yansheng Divine Kingdom and Xuanheng Divine Kingdom are angry, it is impossible to attack Duan Lingtian clearly.

As for secretly, no one can control it.

“pu ——”

Xuanheng Divine Kingdom Lord Wu Yu, who was still full of joy and excitement not long ago, at this moment, he was so angry that He Yulin spit out a mouthful of blood.

The body tightens up.

They Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, this time the loss is so heavy!

That many people died!

Moreover, an existence who has just been promoted to God Venerable died!

“How can this be?”

“How can this be?”


Wu Yu couldn’t accept it.

“The Lord of Wu, let me mourn.”

“Guo Wu, let me mourn.”


At this time, the major Divine Kingdom Lords who were still congratulating Wu Yu, the Lord of the Divine Kingdom of Xuanheng, suddenly changed their words and began to comfort Wu Yu.

At the same time, I couldn’t help feeling that Xuanheng Divine Kingdom was really miserable this time, even if someone got the earth fire Buddha lotus and entered the realm of God Venerable, they still couldn’t come out.

At this moment, they also silently remembered a name in their hearts:

Duan Lingtian.

Duan Lingtian is definitely someone with Great Destiny!

What a joke!

If it weren’t for Great Destiny, a lower God Emperor, could not only enter the middle God Emperor realm shortly after entering the canyon of the destiny, but also consolidate a cultivation base?

“Guozhu Zhu, you are now in the Divine Kingdom this time, it is a big show!”

Many country lord looked towards Zhengming Divine Kingdom, Zhu Yingjun, lord of the country, exclaimed and said, there is no lack of envy in the words.

Although Duan Lingtian is obviously impossible to stay in Zhengming Divine Kingdom, as long as Duan Lingtian does not die, after he comes out, the destiny canyon will settle the reward for this time Divine Kingdom’s fight, and the big head will inevitably fall on Zhengming Divine Kingdom’s head.

Judging from the points earned by Duan Lingtian, as long as nothing goes wrong, this time the Divine Kingdom Points List of the canyon Divine Kingdom is the first place in the Divine Kingdom Points List, which must be Zhengming Divine Kingdom!

“This time, Zhengming Divine Kingdom should break the record of the Divine Kingdom Points List… At that time, there will be additional record-breaking rewards!”

As a country lord spoke about this, immediately when a group of lords looked towards Zhu Yingjun again, their eyes were no longer envy, they became jealous!


Really jealous!

This Zhu Yingjun, and Zhengming Divine Kingdom, luck is very good!

Record-breaking rewards, Chuangshi Shen will not be stingy.

At this moment, after hearing the words of the surrounding Divine Kingdom Lords, I have just recovered some military power, and I only feel that the pit of the stomach is ups and downs again because of anger.

Almost spit out another blood!

Zhengming Divine Kingdom, if they get an extra record-breaking rule reward, it will also be due to their Divine Kingdom God Emperor and a lower God Venerable!

In other words, they were helped by the people who fell in the canyon of the destiny this time in Xuanheng Divine Kingdom!

“It is not the end, no one knows what to do… In my opinion, Yuhong Divine Kingdom may surpass us at any time.”

Zhu Yingjun said modestly, and also looked towards Yuhong Divine Kingdom in a timely manner, Guan Baoyu.

This time, in the destiny canyon, the strongest is undoubtedly the wolf Chunyuan of Yuhong Divine Kingdom.

At this moment, Xiao Yi, the lord of the Flying Divine Kingdom, was standing in the distance, and he was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood…

That Wolf Chunyuan has stepped into the realm of God Venerable!

Judging from the Profound Truth mastered by Lang Chunyuan, if he enters the realm of God Venerable, if he does not have the help of the Lord’s Order, he may not be Lang Chunyuan’s opponent!

Thinking that Lang Chunyuan is so powerful, maybe there is also the reason why they slaughtered all the high-ranking God Emperors in Divine Kingdom Capital. He only felt that the pit of the stomach was extremely angry, and looked at that Xuanheng Divine Kingdom Lord Wu Yu has a feeling of pity for the same illness.

“Zhu Guozhu laughed.”

Yuhong Divine Kingdom Manager Bao Yu faintly smiled, “Although Lang Chunyuan has stepped into the God Venerable realm, it also means that she can no longer kill people from the major Divine Kingdom… just by killing the destiny canyon It is difficult for the creatures within to get more points than Duan Lingtian.”

“It’s Duan Lingtian, there is still time…”

“I only hope that when he meets my Yuhong Divine Kingdom people, he can see Lang Chunyuan’s face and leave a little hand.”

“Now…I only hope that those of us in Yuhong Divine Kingdom who walk out of the canyon of Destiny will survive more than half.”

As Guan Baoyu’s voice fell, the faces of the leaders of other countries also changed.


They completely forgot.

Duan Lingtian is terrifying in this way, and it can completely kill the people of the Divine Kingdom in the canyon of Destiny, including their Divine Kingdom people.

“I hope they will learn more and hide.”

“As long as they have heard of the power of Duan Lingtian, or witnessed the power of Duan Lingtian with their own eyes, they should not be so stupid to meet Duan Lingtian with force with force.”

“I hope they are smarter.”


Now, the major Divine Kingdom Lords have prayed in the heart, hoping that the people in their Divine Kingdom who are still in the canyon of the destiny can be smarter, and don’t provoke Duan Lingtian.

It’s best to hide and be sent out after the battle for the canyon Divine Kingdom is over.

When the time comes, it’s safe.

In the process of waiting, some Divine Kingdom Lords couldn’t help asking the two lower God Venerables, He Yulin and Han Shaokun, if they knew the news of their Divine Kingdom people.

Many Divine Kingdom owners, after learning that their Divine Kingdom has suffered considerable losses, their complexions have become unsightly.

And the lord of the wind chime Divine Kingdom, after hearing that his son got the earth fire Buddha lotus, at first he was very happy… However, when he heard Han Shaokun finished his words, his face was instantly big change.

His son, Divine Kingdom Crown Prince, the wind chime, died in the Destiny Canyon after getting the earth fire Buddha Lotus!

Other Divine Kingdom Lords were surprised when they heard about Feng Xiaoxiao’s capture of the earth fire Buddha lotus, because they didn’t expect Feng Xiaoxiao to hide so deeply.

If it is normal, they definitely can’t help but complain about the Divine Kingdom Lord, who has hidden such a big ‘hole card’.

Now, knowing that Feng Xiaoxiao had captured the earth fire, Buddha Lotus was still dead, but no one had the idea to complain about the Divine Kingdom Lord of the wind chimes. They didn’t want to be in trouble.

Now, only a few Divine Kingdom owners who have a good relationship with the wind chimes Divine Kingdom have spoken to comfort the wind chimes Divine Kingdom owners.

At this time, many people are also speculating whether Feng Xiaoxiao died in Duan Lingtian’s hands or Lang Chunyuan’s hands…Or, he died in multiple steps of God Venerable Under the cooperation!

If it is a single half-step God Venerable, there is a high probability that it is impossible to kill the wind.


Within the canyon of Mandate of Heaven.

Duan Lingtian does not know the situation outside.

He successfully recovered from his injury under the Guardian of his Senior Sister Wolf Chunyuan.

Then, Duan Lingtian opened his eyes, looked towards Lang Chunyuan, and said: “Fourth Senior Sister, I am recovered.”


Wolf Chunyuan responded with a smile, “Now that I have recovered, let’s kill these guys.”

“Kill them, there are not many rules that can reward you.”

“However, they and the other two large Demons who fell in front of them are the ‘ultimate challenge’ for this time in the canyon Divine Kingdom. Once they are defeated, they are said to have additional rewards.”

“Now, I just want to leave a few of the God’s Land of Trial to the powerhouse, don’t be too stingy.”

said Wolf Chunyuan.

Only those foreigners who regard this World as the God of Land of Trial know that the so-called ‘Creation God’ of this World is actually the powerhouse of the outside world.

Destiny canyon is just a hidden space in the Land of Trial.

“I also look forward to it.”

Duan Lingtian hearing this, his eyes lit up, and then he said: “Fourth Senior Sister, let them go. Next, just watch me perform.”


Wolf Chunyuan giggled, “Okay, then Senior Sister, I will watch your performance by Little Junior Brother.”

Then, let go of the seven big monsters.

The seven big Demons actually all have spiritual wisdom, but now they are in the trap of Lang Chunyuan, and because they can’t help Lang Chunyuan, they are also targeting Duan Lingtian.

They are almost certain to die.

Now, what they can do is to kill the Human Race youth wearing purple cloth before they die, and avenge the two brothers they lost before!


“ao wu! !”


Seven big Demons all attacked Duan Lingtian.

The big demon swept across the air, and the void trembled, causing the trapped formations under the wolf Chunyuan to vibrate and sway, and there appeared ignorant ripples in the void, magnificent.

However, no one appreciates these at the moment.

Faced with the seven big Demons again, but this time, Duan Lingtian didn’t evade like before, but directly greeted him, ready to meet force with force with the seven big demons.

Avoidance in front is also unreasonable because of serious injuries.

Now that the injury is recovering completely, he is fearless!

The seven lost Life Source blood formations are just like a half-step God Venerable demon with loose sand. As long as he is given time, he is enough to kill them one by one!

(End of this chapter)

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