War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens Chapter 4205


Chapter 4205 Leaving the destiny canyon

xiu! xiu! xiu! 咻! call out!


Sword whistle sounded, seven colored sword glow, sway Heaven and Earth, seemingly brilliant, as if countless rainbows are constantly converging, but in fact it contains cold murderous intention. The fall of every sword makes the void tremble, as if at any time The space is cracking.

The seven half-step God Venerable big Demons, even if they join hands, without the Life Source blood formation as the connection between them, there is no way to reach the point of mutual understanding.

At first, I can still stalemate with Duan Lingtian for a while.

However, I found an opportunity in Duan Lingtian to kill one of the big demon empresses. The next situation turned out to be one-sided.

It took Duan Lingtian more than two quarters of an hour to kill the first big Demon.

It took less than 30 minutes to kill the second Demon.

It only took ten breaths of time to kill the third big Demon.

It took less than ten breaths of time to kill the fourth Demon!

The remaining three big Demons, the time to kill them all does not add up to ten breaths of time……


oh la la! !


On the horizon, the rule rewards are tilted down, covering Duan Lingtian’s whole body. It is the rule rewards given to Duan Lingtian by this world that every monster fell behind.

“Normal rule rewards have been absorbed… Next, is it time for additional rule rewards for the final challenge to kill this time destiny canyon?”

When Duan Lingtian incorporated the rewards of the rules of the sky within the body, he couldn’t help but look up again.

It is Wolf Chunyuan, who also looked towards Tiantian at this time.

The sky was originally calm.

But in a blink of an eye, it is a natural phenomenon!

First, the original blue sky and white clouds turned into dark clouds in the sky, and then in the dark clouds, the thunder and lightning took over. I don’t know where it came from. It was very sudden.

Then, the illusory shadow of nine thunder and lightning intertwined gradually appeared figure.

It is indeed the nine-headed demon who was killed by Duan Lingtian and Lang Chunyuan together!

Nine-headed Demon, looking down below, nine pairs of hateful pupils staring at Duan Lingtian and Lang Chunyuan, and then they opened their mouths together, as if they were making a low growl of one after another unwillingness and hatred.


Hong long long! !


I didn’t hear the roar of the beast, except for the deafening thunder from the horizon.

After a while, the illusory shadow of the nine-headed demon collapsed, and then turned into a sky full of light, falling from the horizon, and when it was mid-air, it turned into a nine-color light beam, all falling towards Duan Lingtian and Langchun Yuan.

The nine-color beam of light is so huge, even if Duan Lingtian and Lang Chunyuan are separated by some distance, they are still shrouded together.

“This is the destiny canyon finally challenge the extra rule reward?”

Duan Lingtian can feel that this rule reward is even more exaggerated than all his gains in the canyon this time. Once it covers his body, the Rule Strength stored by him within the body is scattered. Turned into dots, blended into him within the body everywhere.

It seems that this rule reward is very overbearing, and I don’t want to stay with other rule rewards.

Although many rewards for broken rules seem to be integrated into Duan Lingtian within the body, they actually bring very few benefits to Duan Lingtian.

Most of the essence dissipated in the air out of thin air, which made Duan Lingtian feel distressed.

“I hope you can give me a bigger improvement… Otherwise, I will lose a lot this time!”

If it was said that Duan Lingtian had entered the realm of the upper God Emperor on his trip to the destiny canon this time, he was not sure…At this moment, his heart was active again.

“I’m not greedy… just help me step into the realm of the upper God Emperor!”

Duan Lingtian secretly thought.

Wolf Chunyuan is also absorbing this rule reward at this time, and the speed at which the rule reward integrates into her within the body is obviously much faster than the integration into Duan Lingtian within the body.

After all, she is the next God Venerable!

Moreover, it is a subordinate God Venerable who has completely consolidated a subordinate God Venerable cultivation base!


Nine big monsters fell one after another. In addition, God Venerable, the subordinate of the three Divine Kingdoms, escaped from death and two, and the rest were wiped out.

Although the people of the major Divine Kingdoms in the Foreign Domain, the core area of ​​the destiny canyon, not at all witnessed it with their own eyes, the rules and rewards of the riots in it still faintly told them the dangers inside.

“I don’t know what’s going on… But the people from the three major Divine Kingdoms are coming aggressively, most likely they will conflict with Duan Lingtian.”

“If that many people died, then it must be the people of the three Divine Kingdoms who died…In other words, the three lower God Venerables of the three Divine Kingdoms have not protected others?”

“Maybe they have already left first. After all, within the destiny canyon, after stepping into the God Venerable realm, they can leave the destiny canyon with one thought.”

“I still won’t watch the excitement here…find a place to hide, calmly wait for the time, and leave the canyon.”

“I think so too.”


People from the major Divine Kingdom who originally gathered outside to watch the excitement, most likely left all at once.

The remaining small number of people did not leave.

At this time, they are all lucky, thinking that the three Divine Kingdoms are gone, even if Duan Lingtian survives, I am afraid it will be an arrow at the end of its flight, maybe they can get a bargain!

Moreover, there is Wolf Chunyuan.

Duan Lingtian, Lang Chunyuan, is currently ranked first and second on the personal Points List. The two of them have scored more than 10,000 points and the other nearly 10,000 points.

Even if it is the second wolf Chunyuan, her points are more than double that of the third!

If you can kill any of these two people, then they will post.

These people are waiting.

A few days later, I did wait for Duan Lingtian and 狼 Chunyuan.

However, what we waited for was Duan Lingtian and Lang Chunyuan who were in the peak period.

The result is self-evident.

These people who originally wanted to keep the major Divine Kingdoms, as long as they did not leave, all died in the hands of Duan Lingtian.

These people, before they died, naturally regretted that they did not leave with the others.

However, regretting is useless.

“It’s gone again…”

Duan Lingtian was a little speechless. The rule reward for killing this group of people was crushed by the rule reward stored within the body before he entered the body.

Although it has helped him digest some, more is wasted.

“Fourth Senior Sister.”

Duan Lingtian looked towards Wolf Chunyuan, with a wry smile, “The rule rewards I just got are too shameful… it makes me within the body unable to store other rule rewards.”

Upon hearing this, Wolf Chunyuan said with a smile: “Little Junior Brother, can you just digest it?”

“If you digest it completely, even if you can’t enter the realm of the upper God Emperor, you should be close?”

Wolf Chunyuan has gained a lot this time and is in a very good mood.

“Which is so easy to digest.”

Duan Lingtian sighed, “Fourth Senior Sister, there is not much time left… I plan to find a place to retreat and digest the rules and rewards, and wait for the fate canyon to send me out.”

“What are you planning? Are you with me or go out first?”

Duan Lingtian asked.

“Naturally be with you.”

Wolf Chunyuan laughed, “In this way, Little Junior Brother, you can cultivation here alone, and you can devote yourself to it, so that you can digest the rewards faster.”

“It’s useless for me to go out in a hurry.”

Wolf Chunyuan’s rules and rewards were completely digested by her.

In fact, although the regular rewards are out of the ordinary, Duan Lingtian and Lang Chunyuan only spent a long time and absorbed them within the body for storage.

The reason why he only came out a few days later is entirely because Duan Lingtian digested the rules and rewards while waiting for his Fourth Senior Sister, 狼 Chunyuan.

Wolf Chunyuan also digests the rules and rewards.

Moreover, a few days later, Duan Lingtian only digested a small part of the rule rewards, but Lang Chunyuan digested all the rule rewards.

Although she didn’t say anything, Duan Lingtian could still vaguely feel that her Fourth Senior Sister is stronger.

“Fourth Senior Sister.”

Suddenly, Duan Lingtian thought of something, “You said, Nangong Ceyi, the lord of Cold Mountain Tianchi, after you go out, will you still want you to enter Cold Mountain Tianchi?”

“Do they have enough resources to help you enter the middle God Venerable state?”

Afterwards, Duan Lingtian shook his head first.

Previously, not only was no one optimistic about him, but no one was optimistic about his Fourth Senior Sister.

He just said that he is expected to step into the middle God Emperor realm in the canyon of destiny, and consolidate a cultivation base……only natural, now he has achieved it.

And his Fourth Senior Sister, Wolf Chunyuan, said that she can step into the lower God Venerable realm and consolidate a cultivation base… and also achieved.

Then, according to the previous agreement, if the God Venerable force Cold Mountain Tianchi wants his Fourth Senior Sister to enter the Cold Mountain Tianchi, he needs to help him enter the middle God Venerable state!

“It should be there.”

Listening to my Little Junior Brother mentioning this, Lang Chunyuan couldn’t help but laughed: “Before I came in, I asked the Lord of Yuhong Divine Kingdom. He said that Cold Mountain Tianchi can still come up with resources. Stepping into the lower God Venerable realm and consolidating a cultivation base, helped me enter the middle God Venerable realm.”

Duan Lingtian heard the words, first startled, and then smiled bitterly, didn’t expect the Fourth Senior Sister to even ask this in advance.

“Now, I am afraid that they will go back on one’s word.”

Lang Chunyuan said again: “In short, after we go out, we will stick to our principles… If they are willing to fulfill their promises, it will be fine for us to enter their doors.”

“Little Junior Brother, you don’t need to have any psychological burden. I think we will leave the Land of Trial in two years, and there is no way to give them what they want…”

Listening to Wolf Chunyuan talking about this, Duan Lingtian shook her head and interrupted her, “Fourth Senior Sister, you also said that this is the Land of Trial of God, everything in it is arranged at the powerhouse, I How can there be a psychological burden?”

“That’s the best.”

Wolf Chunyuan is nodded, “I think, Little Junior Brother, you will not be so pedantic… However, this is what the Third Senior Brother asked me to talk to you before we came in. Completed the task he gave me.”

Duan Lingtian was shocked when he heard this, and warmth was flowing.

Third Senior Brother……

Next, in the last period of Destiny Canyon, Duan Lingtian found a place to secluded cultivation, digesting the rules and rewards within the body.

His Fourth Senior Sister, Wolf Chunyuan, is the Guardian next to him, so that he can devote himself to cultivation… In this state, the efficiency of digesting rules and rewards is also higher!

“Little Junior Brother, I should be out soon!”

Finally, there was a change in Destiny Canyon, and Lang Chunyuan also reminded Duan Lingtian in a timely manner.

In the next instant, Duan Lingtian just opened her eyes, and she just felt that the sky was spinning before her eyes.

The light in front of him reappeared, and he found that he had left the canyon, appeared outside the canyon, and entered the place where he was before.

The silhouettes of the masters of the major Divine Kingdom also appeared in front of his eyes in due course.

Moreover, now, he also found that a group of people around also followed.

“Come out!”

The eyes of the leaders of the major Divine Kingdoms all greeted Duan Lingtian and the others.

(End of this chapter)

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