War Sovereign Soaring the Heavens Chapter 4206


Chapter 4206 How is this possible? !

After Duan Lingtian and the others came out, they were immediately led by the major Divine Kingdom masters.

Every country lord, with the lord of the country in his hand, has a strength comparable to that of the upper God Venerable. Duan Lingtian just came out and only felt that an invisible force came and followed him to the distance .

In this process, he can even feel that the divine force within the body that has not been specifically suppressed has become a lot slower.

A sense of powerlessness covers the whole body.

“This is the power of the upper God Venerable?”

Duan Lingtian was shocked.

He has seen the strength of the lower God Venerable. Although he is not as good as he is now, the gap is not too big. If he enters the realm of the upper God Emperor, he is sure to crush the ordinary lower God Venerable!

But now, facing the power blessed by the Lord Zhu Yingjun, the Lord of Zhengming Divine Kingdom, he is really shocked.

If it is said that the next God Venerable, he thinks it is that way.

Then, the upper God Venerable, in his view now, is different as the sky and the earth from the lower God Venerable!

“No wonder it is said that the upper God Venerable, one finger is enough to crush the lower God Venerable… the gap is too big!”

Because of the shock, Duan Lingtian did not completely came back to his senses when he came to Zhu Yingjun, until Yunhe sound transmission and said to him, “Little Brother Lingtian, Your Majesty is talking to you”, He came back to his senses.

After came back to his senses, Duan Lingtian is not difficult to see that other people from Zhengming Divine Kingdom have also come out.

And, it’s all together!

Even if you don’t count them, you can see that the people who entered Zhengming Divine Kingdom this time did not lose more than ten people!

“The Lord?”

Duan Lingtian looked towards Zhu Yingjun, what did you say to him just now?

Seeing Duan Lingtian distracted, Zhu Yingjun’s face smiled as before, without the slightest annoyance, “Palace Lord Duan, this time, you can be regarded as giving us Zhengming Divine Kingdom a long face!”

Personal Points List first!

Over 10,000 points!

It broke the previous personal Points List record of the canyon Divine Kingdom fight for the destiny.

Even, even to help Zhengming Divine Kingdom break the Divine Kingdom Points List record of the fate of the canyon Divine Kingdom!

“Congratulations to Palace Lord Duan.”

“Congratulations Your Majesty.”


A group of people who came out of Zhengming Divine Kingdom alive also congratulated Duan Lingtian and Zhu Yingjun.

Many people were grateful when they looked towards Duan Lingtian.

In the Destiny Canyon, they once met Duan Lingtian. They thought that Duan Lingtian would treat them like other people in the Divine Kingdom, but didn’t expect Duan Lingtian not at all to target them.

The more people from other Divine Kingdom die, the more they appreciate Duan Lingtian.

“Other Divine Kingdom people, who feel the least loss, have more than a dozen people stay in it forever…”

Suddenly, a Palace Lord of the Divine Kingdom who is righteous and bright took a look around and couldn’t help being sighed for a while.

Many people’s eyes are subconsciously on Duan Lingtian.

People from the major Divine Kingdoms have suffered heavy losses this time, and they are inseparable from the youth in front of them.

However, no one thinks that Duan Lingtian is “killing embryos” and so on. After all, even if they have enough strength, they will do the same as Duan Lingtian.

The battle for the canyon Divine Kingdom is the personal Points List, and the battle is for everything that anyone sees in it owns, including points, wealth, and rules rewards for killing the opponent.

Especially for people who kill other Divine Kingdoms, there is a double reward rule, which makes people unbearable.

Different from the elation of Zhengming Divine Kingdom, the rest of the Divine Kingdom people, including the country owner, are not pretty, because they have lost too much this time!

Only natural, there is a Divine Kingdom’s owner. After a gloomy expression on his face, he recovered.

It is Yuhong’s Divine Kingdom Lord, Guan Baoyu.

“Girl, thanks.”

Guan Baoyu looked towards Lang Chunyuan, sound transmission thanked him, and smiled on his face, bluntly opened the mouth and said: “Congratulations on entering the realm of God Venerable!”

At this time, the other people in Yuhong Divine Kingdom also reacted and congratulated Lang Chunyuan again and again. Even if they were not familiar with her, they had done a lot on the surface.

Other Divine Kingdom people, those who lost less, and this time their own Divine Kingdom also entered the top ten of the Divine Kingdom Points List, their mood quickly recovered.

As for those who have suffered greater losses, such as Xuanheng Divine Kingdom, Ramo Divine Kingdom, and Yansheng Divine Kingdom, their expressions from start to finish did not get better.

This time, they have lost a lot, and naturally it is impossible to get into the top ten of the Divine Kingdom Points List.


Soon, the three Divine Kingdom people left under the leadership of the three kingdoms, and they didn’t even greet others.

Immediately afterwards, another person from Divine Kingdom left, who was flying Divine Kingdom.

The top ten of the Divine Kingdom Points List this time has nothing to do with Feiyang Divine Kingdom. It doesn’t make much sense to stay.

Make it to the top ten, stay, and wait for the reward of Mandate of Heaven canyon.

If it’s normal, even if your Divine Kingdom doesn’t make it to the top ten, just wait and see what other Divine Kingdoms can get…but this time, they are not in that mood!

The Lord of the Flying Divine Kingdom, Xiao Yiyuan, before leaving, he took a look at the girl surrounded by everyone in the Yuhong Divine Kingdom. In the depths of his eyes, while the murderous intention flashed, he revealed a bit of helplessness. .

girl, has stepped into the realm of God Venerable.

If you enter Feiyang Divine Kingdom, he can kill the opponent with the Lord’s order.

After leaving Feiyang Divine Kingdom, he asked himself that he might not be the opponent of girl!


Soon, most of the twenty or so Divine Kingdom people left one after another.

Didn’t make it into the top ten, plus the heavy losses this time, they are not in the mood to stay here.

Before long, only twelve people from Divine Kingdom were left on the scene.

Ten of the Divine Kingdoms got the top ten of the Divine Kingdom Points List this time. As for the other two Divine Kingdoms who stayed behind, it was because someone from the two Divine Kingdoms made the top ten of the personal Points List.

As usual, the canyon Divine Kingdom fights for the fate, and the final list rewards are settled after one day one night after the fight for the fate canyon Divine Kingdom ends.

Although I don’t know why it has to wait so long, everyone still waits patiently.

Call! call! call!

I don’t know when, three old silhouettes appeared.

It is not someone else, it is the scorpion third elder of the God Venerable Zongmen Yin Yuan Tianzong, and the three middle God Venerable can join forces to fight the existence of the ordinary God Venerable.

Earlier, three people had appeared and wanted to win Duan Lingtian and 狼 Chunyuan to join.

However, in the end Wolf Chunyuan intends to enter the Cold Mountain Tianchi, and they can only target Duan Lingtian.

However, what made them didn’t expect is that they retreat to the second choice. This time they performed so amazingly in the battle of the canyon Divine Kingdom!

First in the Personal Points List.

Help Zhengming Divine Kingdom to get the first place in the Divine Kingdom Points List!

The performance in the canyon of Destiny is shocking.

The most important thing is that Duan Lingtian actually broke through to the middle God Emperor in the Destiny Canyon, and completely consolidated a cultivation base……

This is what they absolutely didn’t expect.


Even if the three people live for a long time and have seen many genius monsters, at this moment, looking at Duan Lingtian, they still exclaimed such awe.

“Duan Lingtian, we hidden Yuan Tianzong, will help you enter the realm of the upper God Emperor! At that time, you will officially go through the formalities and enter our hidden Yuan Tianzong!”

One of the three elders of the Devil Scorpion said loudly to Duan Lingtian.

When Duan Lingtian heard the words of the magic scorpion Elder, under the eyes of everyone around him, he smiled slightly and said: “Senior, my harvest this time is beyond my own imagination.”

“I have the destiny within the body, canyon Divine Kingdom, the final challenge reward rule reward, but I haven’t completely digested it… In addition, I will soon receive the first rule reward in the personal Points List.”

“Maybe…this alone is enough to help me enter the realm of the upper God Emperor!”

Duan Lingtian took a deep look at the other person after speaking.

The face of the other party also condensed in an instant, and then they looked at each other with the other two of the Devil Scorpion three elders. After communicating with each other sound transmission, they said to Duan Lingtian again: “Duan Lingtian, Before you enter our hidden Yuan Tianzong, if you step into the realm of the upper God Emperor by yourself, our hidden Yuan Tianzong can help you completely consolidate your God Emperor cultivation base.”

“In addition, we hide Yuan Tianzong, and will give you…”

As the old man continued to speak, in the eyes of the twelve Divine Kingdom leaders, they all looked a little bit more look of shock, didn’t expect Yuan Tianzong to pay such a big price to win Duan Lingtian.

And Duan Lingtian also felt the sincerity of Yuan Tianzong, because the things he promised behind the old man were what he urgently needed.

They are all treasures that can help him step into the realm of God Venerable faster!

“If Senior can really represent Yin Yuan Tianzong, and fulfill the promise you said earlier, I am willing to join Yuan Tianzong.”

Duan Lingtian agreed without any hesitation.

If he does not agree, he is really stupid.

As for Yu Yin Yuan Tianzong’s pursuit, it is nothing more than the hope that a great figure will appear in his own sect, who can be attacked outside and defended inside the sect protecting gate.

Duan Lingtian is not a person who wants to be restrained.

However, Yuan Tianzong does not need to worry about being tied up in the hidden Yuan Tianzong, because he will be sent out by the Land of Trial after spending two years in it.

Return to the outside world, return to the Palace of Ten Thousand Laws.

“Congratulations to the three Elder.”

Following Duan Lingtian’s promise, the leaders of the Divine Kingdom expressed their gratitude to the elders.

“Wolf Chunyuan!”

The reappearance of elegant middle-aged is the Lord of the Cold Mountain Tianchi, Nangong Ceyi, and as soon as he appeared, he went to the vicinity of Lang Chunyuan and looked at her with a smile, “Congratulations on entering the God Venerable state. “

“My previous promise is still valid.”

“If you enter the realm of God Venerable, before entering Cold Mountain Tianchi, Cold Mountain Tianchi can help you completely consolidate your cultivation base.”

Nangong Ceyi bluntly promised.

However, almost at the moment when Nangong Ceyi’s voice fell, Lang Chunyuan’s divine force turbulently rose up. The solid divine force is free to use, like an arm, and there is no sign of instability!


Perceiving this, the Lord of Yuhong Divine Kingdom who is closest to Lang Chunyuan, eyes shrank, showed an astonished expression, “How is this possible?!”

(End of this chapter)

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