Warhammer Wizard Chapter 418

With this keen perception and wisdom, her prospects are not much worse.

Ren stood up.

His actions immediately attracted the attention of the wizards in the audience, and most of the wizards’ faces became tense, and they cast infinite expectations.

As the most popular speaker in Floating Void City in Wezeland, no one is more popular than Ren.

If the wizards are allowed to choose Teacher freely, there may be more people who choose Ren than the Speaker! Your Excellency Grand Speaker is a holy soul wizard, who has extremely high requirements for students and is beyond expectation, and he cannot meet such high requirements. It is better to follow Speaker Ren.

Speaker Ren is not only rich, but also close to his own age. It is said that he is very easy-going and easy to get along with.

The most important thing is that everyone knows that Speaker Ren is very generous.

If you can become his student, then you will develop!

The wizards were a little excited.

In their expectant gaze, Ren raised his gaze slightly, looked towards the high back row of the auditorium, and said, “Raistlin, you come up.”


The wizards were in an uproar. The overwhelming majority were at a loss, wondering who Raistlin is? He quickly turned his head and looked towards behind, and saw a young wizard in a black magic robe stood up.

He is Raistlin?

The wizards are very unfamiliar with this name. Upon closer inspection, they found that his appearance was unremarkable, he was about 18 years old, his figure was thin, and his feet were light and light when he walked, like a gust of wind could blow away.

“This body is too weak, right?” The wizards were puzzled.

Anyone can tell that this lucky guy named Raistlin has extremely poor physical fitness.

The physique of the wizard is indeed inferior to other Transcenders, especially the wizards of the Seal school, but it is also much stronger than the ordinary person, and Raistlin seems to be inferior to the ordinary person, which makes people wonder if he can handle the staff. ?

What is so special about him that Speaker Ren can admire?

Some wizards can’t help but secretly perform exploration techniques, or activate their own secret technique eyes, wanting to find out. As a result, all the investigative spells are like clay ox entering the sea, without the slightest information. .

This surprised the wizards secretly.

No results can be found in the investigation, it is a manifestation of strength in itself.

Under the gaze of the wizards, Raistlin maintained his usual indifferent expression, and walked onto the platform intently. He was aware of the wizards’ exploration, not at all taking seriously, and there is no need to worry about being discovered.

I am a Level 12 Legendary mage, and only a few people can see him in the auditorium.

Moreover, the will of truth itself has a certain protective and exploration effect. He also carried a top grade “disguise talisman” on him. This was bought by Ren from the Auction House in Modu at a high price. The “protective detection” of the ring and the “Camouflage Technique” of the five rings disguised themselves as the aura of a Level 1 wizard, even the high-level Legendary could not see through the truth.

The will of truth plus the effect of the covering amulet is enough to hide from the overwhelming majority.

Only the Teacher of the Holy Soul level can see some clues.

However, Ren had already ventilated with Teacher. Knowing that Raistlin was his incarnation, he was willing to help him as a cover, impossible to break Raistlin’s disguise.

Just on the platform, Leis stood in great numbers and immediately noticed that a few Legendaries cast curious eyes.

Sure enough, they not at all found anomalies.

Legendary did not have any doubts. Who would have thought that someone would dare to cheat in front of the Grand Speaker, the Holy Spirit Wizard?

Raistlin walked to Ren and knelt down and saluted with a slightly husky voice: “I have seen Teacher.”

Ren clicked nodded with satisfaction.

He put his hand on Raistlin’s head, did a full play, and said according to the process: “May you never stop in the pursuit of truth. Goddess shelter, the truth will last forever!”

Raistlin got up and stood behind.

The whole process was calm, just like a normal apprenticeship.

Anse Waldos and Oxilia, who knew the inside story next to them, felt weird when they watched this scene. They accepted themselves as students, that is, this guy Ren was able to do it.

However, after this apprenticeship ceremony, Raistlin has since then acquired an official identity. As long as the secret is kept secret, no one can guess that he is actually Ren. With Raistlin’s innate talent, it won’t take long for Wezeland to have an extraordinarily powerful wizard. This will bring more benefits to Wezeland than harm.

For this reason, Anse Verdous agreed to help Ren as a cover.

Ren looked towards the wizard below the stage, his eyes swept across the nervous and expectant faces, and finally fell on the high elves in the front row, saying: “Dalamar, are you willing to be my student? “

Dalamar was stunned.

He never thought that Ren would call his name.

The two previous refusals to apprenticeship left a bad impression on the Legendary in Wezeland. He thought he was the same as the last apprenticeship ceremony. No one would choose. He had even made a decision. Speaker Leos refuses to accept himself, then leave Wezeland and go to other Floating Void City.

Speaker Ren… seems to be a good choice, although he is very young…

Besides, Speaker Ren is a student of the Grand Speaker. Under his door, his status will not be much worse than that of the students of the Grand Speaker, and he will be able to enter the upper echelon of Wezeland in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity!

Dalamar took a deep breath, got up and saluted.

He didn’t kneel down, his waist was straight, he just lowered his proud head slightly, made an elegant and solemn posture with his hands, and said in the old and obscure High Elf language: “I have seen Teacher.”

“Goddess shelter, the truth will live forever!” Ren also responded in High Elvish.

A flash of surprise flashed in Dalamar’s eyes. This Teacher was much more knowledgeable than he thought, and stood beside Raistlin.

Ren had already seen Dalamar’s mind clearly.

This is a very ambitious elf, completely different from those who act at a moderate pace because of lifespan. He has a deep mind, has strong feelings and emotions, and is passionate about power. He is more like a human being than one. Elves, such an extreme character can easily go astray or even fall into the abyss.

Wezeland once sent someone to Demit Continent to inquire about what Dalamar did wrong before he was expelled from the kingdom of the elves.

In the six-member assembly a few days ago, the speaker reminded this matter.

The Speaker and Cleos saw Dalamar’s shortcomings, and out of cautious consideration, they did not accept him as a student.

However, Ren is willing to give Dalamar a chance.

Dalamar’s innate talent is no less than Polaris. It’s a pity to let him go like this. He has soul eyes, can see through people’s hearts, and can monitor and discover Dalamar’s abnormalities at any time.

Ren enrolled two students, but didn’t stop there.

He called out the third name, “Jenna Purmore, would you like to be my student?” A cheering excitedly female voice immediately sounded from the audience, “I do! I do, Teacher!”

Immediately, a silhouette of a witch ran up in small steps, fearing that Ren would repent, and exclaimed excitedly: “I have seen the Teacher.”

She has long white golden hair, delicate and beautiful features, and a slim figure. Although she does not reach the level of Australia and Peraris, she is also a very rare beauty. Her young face has several points of Innocent and romantic, and a luxurious magical outfit shows that she comes from a prominent family.

Ren has read Jenna’s registration materials. She is the youngest daughter of Earl, one of the nobles of Modu.

But he took Jenna as a student, not her identity, but her innate talent.

The innate talent of this aristocratic Young Lady is extremely high. She just passed the soul change ceremony not long ago, but did not become a storm priest like the family tradition, but cultivated the Meditation Method and became a Water Element Envoy.

She is currently a Level 1 wizard, and her soul strength ranks third among new wizards this year.

The first place is naturally Peraris.

And second place…

After accepting Jenna in accordance with the process, Ren continued to say: “Spyrohawk, would you like to be my student?”

The wizards turned their heads and looked towards an inexperienced youth.

He is the youngest wizard in the auditorium, only 15 years old, and his name is Spirohawk.

He is not an Orion of the Empire, but a Moro. He comes from the Luzong Islands in the southern part of the Empire. He is relatively short in stature. He was once a shepherd on a small island. He didn’t even have an official name. By chance, I came to the Empire to enter the Wezeland Academy, and passed the soul change ceremony in half a year.

Spyrohawk was suddenly called by Ren’s name, feeling at a loss.

Under the urging of friends around him, he quickly got up and ran up to the platform in a panic. His excited hands were shaking, and he didn’t know where to put it.

Ren gave a gentle smile.

Such a shy teenager, but with such a superb innate talent and pure mind, the registration information stated that he has a stronger innate talent in alchemy.

He noticed that Teacher was blowing his beard at himself with anger. Obviously, Spyrohawk was also spotted by Teacher, but he was cut off by himself.

Ren felt proud and asked again.

Spyrohawk stammered and saluted: “I have seen Teacher.”

The wizards’ eyes are full of envy.

In fact, the wizards who can enter the tower of Wezeland have very high innate talents. In the soul change ceremony, they have injected at least 20 gallons of soul eater, and put them in every other than Floating Void City. They are all geniuses, except for the two special cases of Dalamar and Polaris, everyone has the same chance of being selected.

In the past, Legendary students selected students based on their own vision and combined with wizards’ usual performance to assess their potential.

However, I often miss my eyes.

Ren’s method is far more rough. As soon as the eyes of the soul are opened, it is clear who is a genius amongst geniuses and whose mind and personality are not right.

Anyway, one or two students are accepted, and four or five students are also accepted. It is better to take advantage of this rare opportunity to catch everything in one net with the talented wizard with the best potential!

Ren called out the fifth name: “Garo, are you willing to be my student?”

The wizards in the audience exclaimed.

A strong and tall silhouette stood up suddenly. His appearance was very different from that of an ordinary person. His height was more than two meters, his facial features were rough, the muscles under the light azure skin were sharp, his limbs were strong and he was wearing an enchanted leather. Armor, carrying a long-handled battle axe, does not look like a wizard at all, but an orc warrior.

Actually, this is a half-orc wizard.

The innate talent of the orcs is not outstanding. Shamans are the main ones. After being mixed with humans under the Blood Soul curse, it is even rarer to become a spellcaster, let alone become a wizard.

And Garu is such an anomaly.

It has been many years since he entered the Floating Void City in Wezeland. He has shown wisdom far superior to other half-orcs. He successfully passed the soul change ceremony and mastered the Soul Gathering Tower Meditation Method with difficulty, igniting the soul sparks on the tower and becoming a The all-spirit wizard of the Ming Yuhun school.

This is already a miracle among miracles, but it is limited to this, no one is optimistic about Garu’s future.

Galou signed up for the apprenticeship ceremony every year, and was never selected. He was excluded and discriminated everywhere in Floating Void City because of his origin. However, he did not leave and continued his cultivation to wait for the opportunity.

Ren saw through Garu’s secret at a glance.

This half-orc possesses the secret innate talent “the king of wild beasts”. This is a transcendent element that allows him to gain closeness to all wild beasts and demonic beasts. It is easy to integrate the beasts’ Demon Soul, and the beasts’ Demon There is a bonus effect when Soul possesses, and the stronger power is mastered. The number of Demon Soul is far more than the normal wizard of all spirits!

Garul clearly knows his strengths.

He is now a Level 2 wizard. The Demon Soul contained in the Soul Gathering Tower is all beasts, and the total number has reached six, which is twice the number of other magic wizards.

In addition, Garu’s melee combat ability is also very strong, no less than an orc warrior.

Maybe he will be slower in cultivation speed, but in terms of strength, he may be stronger than Dalamar, and he definitely has the potential of a Legendary wizard!

Others don’t have Ren’s Divine Vision, so they don’t understand why Ren would fancy Garu?

In their eyes, Garu is just a marginal figure in Floating Void City, and he is an alien, with no uniqueness at all. Why does he get the favor of Speaker Ren?

Even the Legendary on stage were puzzled.

Anse Waldos frowned slightly.

In the eyes of the wizards, Garou was not at all very excited, as if it was as it should be by rights. After getting up, he walked onto the platform at a moderate pace.

He said solemnly under one-knee kneels in front of Ren: “I have seen Teacher.”

Even though Garu was calm and steady, Ren’s soul eyes still saw the waves in his heart, and he reached out and put his hand on the head of the big man in front of him, and said solemnly: “Goddess shelter, the truth is forever!”

So far, Ren accepted five students in one breath, and then sat down.

The wizards in the audience were not selected, each and everyone was disappointed. Looking at the five people behind Ren, there was indescribable envy and disappointment in their eyes.

Next, it is the other Legendary wizards’ turn to recruit students.

The order and quota have been determined by drawing lots in the previous six-member council. Not every Legendary will choose someone. Some Legendary wizards have enough students. Of the dozen or so Legendary wizards, only Ren received the most five, while others only recruited one or two.

Ansivdaus also chose a student, and when the young wizard heard his name, he almost fainted with excitement.

Just this performance makes Ren not optimistic about his prospects.

After the 30 places were filled, everyone in the auditorium prayed to the magic Goddess, which attracted Goddess’s attention. The torch in Divine Idol’s hand was ignited with silver fire, and the divine force aura was awe-inspiring. Under his witness, three Ten students successfully completed the apprenticeship.

At the end of the ceremony, Ren opened the Transmission Gate and walked in. Five students hurriedly followed the Teacher.

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