Warhammer Wizard Chapter 419


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Passing through the Transmission Gate, several students found themselves in a bright hall.

The diameter of the rotunda is nearly 30 metres, the height of which is ten meters, the walls are all transparent magic glass, the eyes can penetrate, the left can overlook most of Wezeland, the right is the endless blue sky, the ground上的摩都城taking in the entire scene.

“We are on top of the Wizard Tower!”

The students are all awakened. Wezeland just held a small-scale celebration last month. Congratulations to Teacher and Ms. Oxilia for entering their wizarding tower.

They looked towards the window and immediately found another wizard tower close at hand.

The two tall towers are almost side by side, less than 100 meters apart, like a pair of twin towers, and you are in the top room of one of the tall towers.

Most people rarely have the opportunity to enter the top of the tower. Generally speaking, this is the core hub that controls the entire tower. Only the owner of the tower can enter.

The students looked all around curiously. The flat ground was spotless. Except for a set of sofas and tables and chairs in the middle, there was no other decorative furniture. It looked empty, and the dome was transparent, allowing you to appreciate the sky, as if you were in an empty space. Platform.

This simple to the extreme layout, I don’t know if it’s Teacher’s personal style, or didn’t have time to fix it?

“Sit down.”

Ren sits on the large sofa, half leaning against the soft back of the sofa, greets everyone to sit down, smiling, not at all the majesty of an ordinary Teacher, and looks very casual.

Several students have never seen such a teacher, and could not help looking at each other in blank dismay.

In the imperial wizard inheritance, the relationship between the teacher and the student is sometimes more important than the father and son relationship. Once the teacher is apprentice, he dare not defy or betray easily. Even if some teachers treat students very harshly, students can only obedience.

They just walked into Ren’s door and couldn’t let go.

Even if Ren is very easy-going, he is a Teacher and can do this, but the students can’t be really impudent. This is the most basic respect for a Legendary wizard.

Only Raistlin sat down without the slightest hesitation.

Ren looked towards a few youngsters, said with a smile: “We are all peers, I am 2-3 years older than you, and Garou is a few years older than me. I usually get along as friends Well, there is no need to be so serious, sit down quickly, you should all learn from Raistlin.”

Speaking, he cast an approving look at Raistlin, but Raistlin did not respond, as if it was as it should be by rights.

“Yes, Teacher.”

The students all bowed and sat down, and the unconsciousness in their hearts had not disappeared. There was a bit of joy, and the Teacher was as easy-going as the rumors.

After Dalamar salutes Ren seriously, the last one sits down with impeccable manners.

Ren expressed this indifferent expression.

His gaze swept across the five students, sitting in a circle around the coffee table, flipping his hands and taking out a jug and a few cups from the ring, ready to pour a glass for everyone himself.

“Teacher, please let me come.”

Jenna, who was born in a noble family, took the lead and took the silver jug, arranging the cup neatly, and pouring the juice gracefully.

Ren allowed her to serve everyone, and said: “My original intention was not to accept students. After all, I am still young, but you also know the current situation of Wezeland. There is an urgent need to train reserve wizards for you to grow up. Teacher also deliberately asked me to contribute to Wezelando…”

He said here suddenly, “Jenna, pour that cup too.”

There are seven cups on the table, but there are only six people present, which makes everyone wonder who is the last cup for?

“Okay.” Jenna did as she said.

She just filled the seventh cup, a Transmission Gate opened next to her, and a silhouette familiar to the students came out from it.


Except for Raistlin, everyone was surprised. Why did she get here?

Polaris has several points of confusion on her own face. She followed Ms. Oxilia back to the Wizard Tower. Just after calling the Teacher, Ms. Oxilia simply confessed a few words and opened it. Transmission Gate asked himself to come over to Speaker Ren.

She saw the people sitting in a circle on the sofa, and Ren in the middle, she was surprised and happy.

“Sir, Teacher asked me to come…” Pellaris bowed respectfully.

“I’m understood, you can sit down too.” Ren waved his hand and explained to others: “Ms. Oxilia is not good at teaching students, and she is currently in a period of rapid rise in strength and can’t spare time. So entrust Peraris to me to teach, don’t treat her as an outsider.”

The students were all in a daze.

This situation is not uncommon in Wezeland. Some Legendary wizards are busy studying magic, or focus on a time-consuming experiment, go out for a long time to explore, and cannot take care of their students, they will pay a certain price Students are entrusted to other Legendary wizards.

But like Ms. Oxilia, it’s still a bit strange to throw the students to the Teacher as soon as they have accepted them.

Ms. Axelia must have paid a very high salary to get Teacher to agree!

This is a good thing for Peraris, but she will succeed in her studies in the future, it has nothing to do with Ms. Oxilia, the teacher-student relationship is nominal.

Ms. Oxilia doesn’t seem to care.

“Polaris, you thought I was also called Teacher.” Ren said with a smile.

“Yes, Teacher.”

Polaris took a deep breath, and her choice at the apprenticeship ceremony was indeed correct. Ms. Aoshilia and Speaker Ren had a tacit understanding. If she refused to apprentice a while ago, she would have missed it.

She pressed the excitement in her heart, and sat down somewhat restrained.

Ren laughed secretly.

This was discussed in advance by him and Oxilia. Afterwards, Polaris will be responsible for it, but not for free. All the resources consumed by Polaris here will be paid by Oxilia. Out, until Polaris was promoted to Legendary.

Auxilia only needs to be an arm-flinging shopkeeper. Of course, in the future, she will not be able to tell the genius of Peraris.

But the two are soul mates, and it doesn’t make much difference who is the Teacher of Plarice.

“Since I have accepted you as students, I will definitely make an all-out effort and provide you with the best conditions.” Ren took out six Wezeland badges and said: “I have given you With the permission turned on, you can use all the facilities in the tower, including the tower meditation room, and there is no time limit. All expenses are counted on my head.”

The six students looked at the badge, their eyes were shining, and their breathing became heavy.

For wizards below Legendary, the most attractive part of a tower is definitely the meditation room!

The meditation room in the tower is equipped with a huge rune array, which can assist cultivation, greatly improve the efficiency of meditation, and speed up the recovery of Soul Power or mana. If it can be used for a long time, the upgrade speed will be at least half faster below Legendary. The higher the innate talent, the faster the acceleration, and even more than double it!

However, the consumption of the tower meditation room is too great.

Wizeland’s Wizard Tower’s energy source is the “Iola Core”, but it is not infinite. It needs to invest countless magical materials every year to maintain balance.

The energy consumption of each tower is calculated once a year.

Floating Void City only reimburses half of the cost, and the remaining half is handed in by the owners of the tower, the Legendary wizards.

Someone has done a calculation. If every day all uses the tower meditation room, it will reach the upper limit of the meditation time, which is almost twelve hours. After the whole year, it will cost about 80,000 gold shields!

Usually, Legendary wizards have to limit the time that students can use the tower meditation room, or according to the quota, the right to use the meditation room is tilted to more promising or preferred students, up to two or three hours a day. No more than six hours at most.

Otherwise, even Legendary cannot afford the high fees.

Some of the stingy Legendary, or the less wealthy Teacher, are not even allowed to open the meditation room casually, and only use it every few days.

In contrast, Ren is too generous!

An unlimited tower meditation room!

This is a treatment that they would never dream of. Even though they heard that Ren was generous, they never thought that they would be so generous.

Even if everyone is impossible to spend the whole day in the meditation room, six people together, the annual cost is about 500,000 gold dongs.

The expressions of the six students are different.

Raistlin was as indifferent and calm as ever, possibly due to the influence of secret touch. He found that his personality was different from his body. He wanted to pretend to be excited and felt very awkward, so he simply maintained his cold expression.

A surprise flashed in the eyes of the high elf Dalamar, and he quickly suppressed his emotions, not wanting to be too happy and being seen through his mind;

Polaris held her hands tightly, but she couldn’t stop shaking slightly;

Jenna is the noble Eldest Miss, the female Earl’s pearl in the palm. Since she was a child, she has resources and wealth that ordinary people can’t reach for a lifetime, so she just feels happy. After all, Earl’s family does not have a tower meditation room. No more;

The Orc Garru made no secret of his happiness, and said gratefully: “Thank you Teacher!”

The youngest Spyrohawk is also very excited, but somewhat worriedly said: “Teacher, with so many of us, will it consume too much?”

He regretted it as soon as he said it, and he noticed that other people were casting blame on him.

The shy teenager shrank his neck and bowed his head sorry.

“Even if you use the meditation room, I can still afford it.” Ren smiled indifferently, took the cup Jenna handed over, took a sip of juice, and took it from the ring. Out of a dozen pieces of magic equipment, said: “Everyone choose one from them, as my meeting gift for you.”

A bunch of magical equipment appeared in front of my eyes, robes, rings, wands, talisman…every one was very valuable, exuding the dim light of enchantment, dazzling.

These are the spoils of war that Ren has fought many times, and he has not had time to shoot.

For him, equipment worth 2,000-3,000 gold shields is no longer good. It is better to give them to students to help them improve their strength or self-protection and make the best use of them.

“Thank you Teacher!”

Everyone has thoroughly seen Ren’s wealth and generosity. This time, everyone has chosen their favorite magical equipment.

“I have prepared a batch of potions and scrolls in the alchemy room. You can pick them up if you need them.” Ren said, “You have run out of potions or resources that are not available in the alchemy room. Tell me. I will try to help you prepare.”

A series of surprises made the students somewhat numb.

Next, Ren didn’t talk about cultivation anymore, but chatted with everyone, asked about their life experience, and sometimes said a few jokes.

Everyone is peers, and Ren does not have the air of a Teacher. Gradually, the students discover that Ren is not much different from himself except for his identity and strength, just like a friend from a stranger to a familiar friend.

Spyrohawk, a rural teenager from a remote island overseas, has a sensitive and low self-esteem in his heart, but already regards Ren as his most trusted person, like Jenna, with worship in his eyes.

Dalamar remained reserved and didn’t speak much.

Garo, who has the most bold personality, even dared to crack a joke with Ren.

Ren didn’t care at all.

During a burst of happy laughter and cheerful voices, I drank several jugs of juice. The whole afternoon passed unconsciously. The sky was dark outside and there was a starlight in the night sky.

“Okay, let’s stop here today.”

Ren stood up, glanced at Dalamar, who already had some impatients who wanted to go to the meditation room, and said, “My teaching method may be a little different from others. I focus on self-study. You have problems that you don’t understand. You can discuss with each other a few times before you come to me for advice.”

“If I am not here, you should ask Raistlin for advice, and he will be the master of the tower.”

Speaking, Ren flew out a magical rays of light between his fingers and fell into Raistlin’s Wezeland badge, which increased the authority to control the tower, second only to himself.

The other students are complexion slightly changed. Teacher’s words are undoubtedly saying that Raistlin is his most favored student, and his status is above everyone else. Others should be led by Raistlin!

Polaris and the others couldn’t help but looked towards Raistlin.

All afternoon, Raistlin was the most silent person. He had only said a few words, and his voice was low and hoarse, more mysterious than Dalamar from the kingdom of the elves.

They all subconsciously ignored the existence of Raistlin, and didn’t expect Raistlin to be the most trusted by Teacher.

“Yes, Teacher.” The students got up and saluted.

Ren opened a Transmission Gate and watched them leave, with a smile on his lips.

In the accommodation area on the middle level of the tower, the students’ rooms have been arranged. Six people are on the same floor. Six Paths Gate is opened around the wide hall in the middle. The door can be opened by using the badge.

Raistlin was about to enter the room and heard someone calling his name behind him, “Raistlin.”

He turned around and saw Dalamar approaching.

Despite a smile on the high elf’s face, his eyes showed arrogance and suspicion, and said, “Teacher asked us to ask you. I just have a question. I don’t know if Raistlin can help me. Confused?”

The other four students also stopped. They did not stop them, and cast their curious eyes.

Apparently, Dalamar couldn’t help but began to test.

Raistlin’s expression is like an ancient well. In the face of provocation, there is no wave of waves. Indifferently said: “What question do you want to ask?”

Somehow, Dalamar looked at Raistlin’s calm gaze with inexplicable fear, and within half a second, he avoided subconsciously.

“This wizard can’t provoke!”

Dalamar is keenly aware of something, but has already if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, so she salutes gracefully, and whispers: “I have no malice, just want to exchange spellcasting skills with you… “

He was interrupted by Raistlin before he finished speaking, “You want to fight me?”

“Uh…” Dalamar choked for a while.

He had this idea just now, but now he changed his mind. He turned his head and saw the look of other people’s expectations, thinking that if he flinches this time, it will be difficult to overwhelm them in the future and build prestige. It is better to let go. test.

Besides, he is a Level 3 wizard, Raistlin is only a Level 1 wizard and has a great chance of winning.

Dalamar’s mind turned sharply, nodded and said: “Please enlighten me.”

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