Warhammer Wizard Chapter 434


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The White River Hall is quiet.

Duke Fisher maintained the dignity of a duke, at least on the surface, his face was indifferent, but his vassals did not even dare to show up, looking up towards the big shots on the steps from time to time.

The Dragonborn sitting on the high-back chair has a smile on her face, as if it has nothing to do with her.

Ren has returned to her, expressionless, a pair of deep eyes sweeping across the lords, he did not release his breath, just like an ordinary person is observing, but somehow, the lords felt a sense of fear With the inexplicable pressure, some people lower their heads and dare not look at each other, and others squeeze out a pleasing smile, but they seem a little embarrassed.

The attendants and guards behind the lord and the sturgeon warriors of the Fisher family are shiver coldly.

The whole hall was in an extremely depressing atmosphere, and time passed by.

The Duke of Fisher and the lords felt for the first time that the passage of time turned out to be so slow, and every minute was a long suffering.

Finally, a quarter of an hour later.

Ren flashed to the middle of the hall again, and blue rays of light lit up on his left palm. After one minute of casting, he resummoned a large Transmission Gate.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The extreme fighters quickly walked out of the Transmission Gate and scattered all around the hall.

They had just experienced a fierce battle, but none of them had blood on their bodies, there were no traces on their armors, and no one was killed in battle. The imposing manner that radiated out shocked the lords, as if they were walking out of the abyss. The terrifying Legion, some attendants and sturgeon warriors couldn’t bear such a mental shock, and took a few steps subconsciously, trying to stay away.

The extreme fighters of the two teams will soon come back, not one.

Sikaius was the last to walk out of the Transmission Gate. His body over 2.4 meters was like a wall, blocking the Transmission Gate from a shadow.

He carried a middle-aged nobleman in Chinese clothes in his hand.

“Boss, the man has been caught alive.”

Sikaius’ voice came from under the helmet, and the low noise showed a sturdy temperament, and he threw the captive under the steps.

“Viscount Waldfrey!”

The lords recognized the nobles on the ground and couldn’t help but lose their voices.

They are no strangers to Viscount Valdevry, and some people are even very close to him. The family of the lord of Cold River City is based on the blood of “Swordtooth Crocodile”, although not as good as Congatro Seven Great Family blood, but Duchy is also the highest extraordinary blood in Fisher.

Wardfry’s cultivation has been in Legendary for many years, and his strength is also a cream of the crop among many lords.

However, at this moment, he was interrupted. There were blood holes all over his body. He didn’t know how many shots he had been shot. He lost too much blood, and only half of his breath was alive.

Looking at Viscount Waldfry, who is mad at Russ, the lords looked at each other in blank dismay.

Duke Fisher can no longer remain calm.

As a lord with Fiefdom, Viscount Waldfrey always has extraordinary guards by his side. There is also an extraordinary Legion in the castle, with more than two hundred people. It is not easy for the Fisher family to break the castle, but will It was destroyed within 30 minutes, and even the lord became a prisoner.

The cause was just a command from the youngster in front of me.

Duke Fisher hated Viscount Waldfrey’s betrayal, and he also had the idea of ​​crusade, but he didn’t want to see that Viscount Waldfrey was destroyed in this way, at least, it should be done by himself.

He looked towards his vassals. Everyone had a horror that could not be concealed. Among them, some of the lords who had hesitated to send troops before, those careful thoughts were gone.

Obviously, this is the effect Ren wants.


Duke Fisher sighed softly and released a hydrotherapy technique on Viscount Waldfry, stopping the bleeding, his injuries quickly improved, and his pale face recovered a bit red.

Viscount Waldfrey’s consciousness became sober, and he saw Duke Fisher in front of him at a glance. He was stunned for a moment, and then shouted: “My lord, save me and Cold River City! I don’t know where from here. A group of terrifying enemies came, and they broke the castle…”

In the middle of speaking, he suddenly saw the Extreme Warrior standing all around the hall and let out a scream.

“It’s them!”

“My lord, they killed my clansman and guards…” Viscount Waldfrey shouted and finally realized that something was wrong. Why did I get to the White River Hall? Other lords were there, they Staring at himself expressionlessly like Lord Duke?

And who are the people standing on the steps?

His voice gradually lowered, and his face was full of panic.

“Wardfry, why did you reject my summoning order?” Duke Fisher interrogated with a cold face, “Rejecting the summoning order is a betrayal to me. I think you should be very clear about the consequences.”


“I, I… Lord Duke…”

Wardfry was overly nervous and couldn’t even say a word of excuse. The pain came from the wound on his body, and suddenly a big cold sweat came down from his forehead.

Duke Fisher did not want to hear his explanation at all.

He moved towards Amelis and saluteed, “His Royal Highness, please allow me to deal with this traitor.”

Emilys indifferent expression, “This is your right, I will not interfere.”

The vassal of the vassal is not my vassal. This rule of the aristocratic system is universally applicable to all human kingdoms in Allenus. The vassal is only responsible to the lord who is loyal to him, and the lord’s allegiance is not subordinate to him.

Duke Fisher made his request for instructions only as a statement.

He raised his hand and shot a stream of water that entangled Waldfrey. The stream was like a python, tightly binding his body, forcibly pulled up from the ground and knelt in front of him, even his mouth was blocked.

The Blade of the Thousand Rivers fell into his hand and slid onto Waldfrey’s neck.

“In the name of Oceana, the god of the river, witnessed by Queen Emily of the family of the King of Congatro, I, Duke Lives Fisher, hereby declare that Viscount Waldfrey committed Treason, deprive the title and Fiefdom of Cold River City, and sentence you to death.”

During the trial of Duke Fisher, Viscount Waldfrey struggled frantically, his eyes were bloodshot, but there was a slight noise in his mouth.


As the trial fell, the Blade of Thousand Rivers also decapitated Viscount Waldfrey’s head.

The headless corpse was wrapped in water and did not stain the freshly cleaned ground with blood. There was absolute silence in the White River Hall. The lords looked at the corpse of Waldfrey, keep quiet out of fear.

Belici gave a look, and immediately two sturgeon warriors came up and removed the corpse and head.

Duke Fisher put away the Blade of Thousand Rivers, with no emotional ups and downs on his face, as if he had done an insignificant thing, and asked: “His Royal Highness, can you begin the ceremony?”

Amelis looked towards Ren beside her.

“Lord Duke, please wait a moment.” Ren laughed. In the puzzled gaze of Duke Fisher and the Lords, the two Speakers Kaedega and Cleos began to cast the spell.

The wave of magic is very strong, and the casting time is also very long. It can be seen that the spell is at least seven rings.

This makes the lords in the hall feel uneasy.

About two minutes later, the casting was finally completed, and a burst of illusory images flew out of Speaker Cadegar’s staff, flew out across the hall, and disappeared straight into the sky.

Cleos’ spell is more concealed, as if it has no effect, leaving the lords confused.

But the two speakers are both maintaining the appearance of casting spells, their expressions are very focused.

“What spell is this?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask.

tone barely fell, a magnificent voice rang in the sky of the fortress, and passed into the White River Hall: “What spell is this?”

“Who is talking?” The lord was taken aback.

“Who is talking?” The voice in the sky also asked, like a repeater.

There was an uproar in the hall, and then the sound coming in from outside was also very noisy. Duke Fisher had already foreseen the cause of the matter. Just about to ask a question, a sturgeon warrior ran into the hall and shouted: “My lord, the sky outside has appeared. Video, you can see everything happening here.”

Kaedgar’s staff swung down, and the dome of the White River Hall became transparent. Everyone looked up, and suddenly saw a huge image above the several hundred meters above Rushing Castle. It is the scene in the Baihe Hall.

Not only is everyone in the hall exactly the same, all the layouts are also the same, just like reflections on the water.

This reflection has also been magnified dozens of times, allowing everyone in the heart of Barosk to see clearly, and with the voice of speaking.

“Please don’t panic, everyone.”

Ren raised his hand to press, and explained: “This is the spell effect of the two speakers. The canonization ceremony is so important. Your Royal Highness hopes that her people can witness the return of the Dragonborn with their own eyes. Lord Duke, you It shouldn’t be against?”

The Duke of Fisher was complexion stiffened, holding his hands and releasing them.

He has a smile on his face, “As long as it is His Highness’s will, I am willing to do it in favor of His Highness’s restoration strategy, please rest assured, Earl Glamorgan.”

“That’s good.” Ren was nodded satisfied, and the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

This is his idea.

Duke Fisher has mastered Duchy for hundreds of years. Although he has verbally declared his allegiance and agreed to the three conditions proposed by Amilys, the Eye of Soul can see clearly that Duke Fisher is not at all completely giving up. There is still the possibility of defection, but it is well covered up.

Today’s swearing ceremony is to announce the return of the Dragonborn to Congatro. It must be as grand as possible, and the more the better will be witnessed.

But Duke Fisher chose the venue for the ceremony in the White River Hall, and the participants were only his own vassals.

If Duke Fisher turns his face in the future, as long as he and his vassals agree and deny the existence of this ceremony, even if everyone knows it is true, but the participants do not admit it, it has never happened.

It would be different if the residents of Barosque City saw the ceremony.

The Duke of Fisher can stop the vassal’s mouth, but he cannot stop the people’s leisurely mouth. Once the ceremony is broadcast live, unless the Fisher family abandons the inheritance of the thousand-year-old family creed and betrays the oath, they can only be bound to Never think of getting off the dragonborn on this ship.

This “live broadcast” was achieved through “silent phantom” and “voice transmission”.

The number of rings of the two spells is not high, but the caster is a high-level Legendary. After the two speakers studied, they cooperated with each other and barely achieved the desired effect.

Ren’s Voice of Everything heard surprises everywhere in the city.

Not to mention the Congatro, which is rare for spellcasters, and the people of the empire have rarely seen such a scene. The residents of hundreds of thousands stopped or ran out of their homes to look at the image in the sky.

“What is in the sky!”

“White River Hall! I’ve been there once before, oh, look, that’s Lord Duke!”

“Why didn’t Lord Duke sit on it? Are these people in Baihe the enemy who invaded yesterday? Where did they come from and what happened?”

“Oshenner is here, is this magic?”

“What did I hear?” Someone exclaimed: “The Lord Duke wants to be loyal to the Dragonborn, welcome back to the rule of the Zhuo Gengbao family, and fight the king?”

More people were shocked by this scene, and their expression was dull.

The attention of the entire city of Barosk was attracted, and there were noisy noises everywhere, and the city was boiling.

The lords in the White River Hall realized that their every move would be spread out, allowing the whole city to see and hear, as if they were being visited, they suddenly became nervous and their hands and feet stiffened. There are also nobles who are extremely angry, and they are being watched by untouchables, but they dare not speak.

Duke Fisher looked at Ren with a smile on his face, wishing to cut it with a sword, but his strength did not allow him.

“This youngster…”

He has lived for hundreds of years. It is the first time he has experienced what is called powerlessness. It is also the first time he has encountered a desperate opponent, as if he can see through all his thoughts.

I can’t deal with such a scheming.

“that’s all!”

“The stronger he is, the greater the success of the restoration of the Drogenberg dynasty. The first surrender of the Fisher family is not necessarily a bad thing. Belisi is right. Chaos is a ladder. This is The opportunity for the rise of the Fisher family must be cut and seized.”

Duke Fisher took a deep breath, completely extinguishing the fluke mentality.

He straightened his clothes, went to the bottom of the steps, moved towards Emilys and gave a solemn gift, then turned around and said loudly, “Lords, my people, please allow me to introduce one to you. An extremely noble lady, she is Emilys Drogonborg, the daughter of the predecessor Seria Drogonborg, the Dragon Crystal Island Princess, the only orthodox heir of Congatro!

With the spell effect, Duke Fisher’s voice reached everyone in Barosk.

Even if people have known it for a long time, they were still deeply shocked when they heard Duke Fisher say it himself.

Amilys’ three-headed giant dragon also appeared in real time, soaring to the sky from the rushing fort. The giant dragon’s wings cover the sky, and the roar of the dragon resounds through the sky with shock.

The Dragonborn returns!

The Zhuo Gengbao Dynasty is coming back!

Only this thought remained in people’s minds, and then they heard Duke Fisher denounce Mark Lauberdill and angrily denounce Mark as a usurper. He counted all the crimes that were committed in the past and the insults committed against the people of Congatro. Forgive the sins.

In short, the Fisher family officially welcomes Queen Emiris today, and will lead the vassals to fight against Mark and restore the Droggenburg dynasty.

After the oath, Duke Fisher knelt on one knee and shouted: “Meet Your Majesty, Queen!”

The lords in the White River Hall also knelt down and shouted in unison: “Meet the Queen Your Majesty!”

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