Warhammer Wizard Chapter 436


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Ren’s eyes moved slightly, and the three people called Amelis the “Dragon Lord.”

He opened his personal library and searched, and immediately found the information. In a book recording the history of the Kangatello Kingdom, the title of Dragon Lord was mentioned many times.

“It turned out to be the Blood Guard with Scale Control!”

The Seven Great Clans of Kangatello have ruled for more than three thousand years. Each family has a unique extraordinary profession, and the establishment of an extraordinary Legion is the same as the Drogonburg family.

Other Transcenders of Six Great Families are bloodlines that incorporate certain monsters.

The Zhuo Gengbao family is different. The Transcender they cultivated is fused with their own bloodline, which is the blood of the Dragonborn, called the “Squama Control Blood Guard”.

The method of cultivating the Blood Guard with the Scales is the greatest secret of the Drogengbao family, and it is in the hands of the dragonborn kings of the past generations, but during the long years, part of the content is still leaked. The key to becoming a Blood Guard with Scales lies in a Half-Dragon Transformation potion, which is refined by the dragonborn, using his own blood and the blood of the red dragon as the main material, as well as a variety of unknown alchemy potions, after refining , Hand it over to the Transcender who has just turned into a successful Transcender, and transferred to the scale blood guard.

The Blood Guard with Scales is essentially a replica of the Dragonborn Apostle.

They have many dragon-like elements, the most notable being the red dragon scales skin. Their defense and resistance are extremely amazing, their physical fitness is very sturdy, and their strength, speed and resilience are almost the same as those of True Dragon descendants.

However, the Scaled Blood Guard does not have the ability to cast spells.

They must unconditionally obey their own “dragon lord”, that is, the dragon descendants who provide blood, and their life and death are controlled by the hand of the dragon lord.

Once the “Dragon Lord” dies or stops supplying dragonized potions, the scale-riding blood guard will lose the power of dragon’s blood, and its strength will drop sharply, similar to the normal Iron Guard, and even the class level will fall.

In Congatro, the Blood Guard has participated in almost all historical events.

They are the most trusted personal guards of the Dragonborn King. Each generation of King Drogonborg will cultivate a unique “scale guard” to protect him at all times.

In an era, there can be at most two “Dragon Lords” at the same time.

One is the king of Congatro, the king sitting on the iron throne, and the other is the heir to the throne, and the two will not exist at the same time for too long.

In the later life of the former dragon master, he will tell the next dragon master the method of cultivating the scale control blood guard, usually his heir, let the other party cultivate his own scale control guard, and ensure that after his death, the successor can Successfully ascended to the throne.

Limited to the supply of dragonborn blood and the preciousness of the blood of the red dragon, there will not be too many blood guards of a “Dragon Lord”.

There are as few as a dozen or so, and as many as no more than 300.

Ren’s Soul Eye observes these three people, two men and one woman, all of them are Legendary beginners.

The most powerful Blood Guard with Scales is the leading man. He looks quite outstanding and has a firm and steady temperament. He is already a Level 12 Blood Guard with Scales.

The other two are at the tenth level, the youngest woman, her breath is unstable, apparently just recently promoted to Legendary.

The elements in their souls are exactly the same, “strength”, “dragon scales skin”, “tenacious”, “dragon roar”, “intermediate flame resistance”, “flame claw”, “Spit Fire Technique”, “Swiftness” “, “quick recovery”, etc., the weapons used are all long swords, and they have mastered many battle skill elements related to sword techniques.

Ren evaluates the elements of the Blood Guard with Scales and feels that they are very similar to the Flame Demon Sword, and their strength is quite good, a bit higher than the Sturgeon Warrior and the Snake Whisperer.

“These sword technique elements are a bit familiar.”

He couldn’t help but glanced at Astan, and suddenly found some clues.

Until now, Ren regards Astan as a Legendary “swordsman”, except for the extremely brilliant sword technique, there are no other elements.

After thinking about it carefully, I realized that Astan must have been the Blood Guard with Scales before, but his dragon lord, the “Mad King” Seria, lost the dragon element after his death, and his strength degraded to level 10. Nearly fell into Legendary, claiming to be a swordsman to the outside world, even hiding it from himself.

Unsurprisingly, these blood guards were all taught by Astan, at least in the sword technique, they are all Astan’s students.

There is one more detail about this matter.

The three Legendary Scale Control Blood Guards came with Pedro Mors. They are not unfamiliar with each other. It shows that the establishment of the Scale Controlled Blood Guards cannot be done without the support of the Mors family. It may be cultivated in Morse Duchy’s territory.

It is inferred from this that the Morse family had taken refuge in Emilys long ago, and even they have never betrayed the Drogonburg family. These years, they have been secretly contributing money and efforts to conspiracy to welcome back the dragonborn.

No wonder!

Ren suddenly realized that the Morse family and the Scale Guards were the support of the Amelis Restoration Dynasty, and her greatest confidence.

If she didn’t have a relationship with herself and got Wezeland’s support, with the five thousand centaur army and hundreds of extraordinary mercenaries, she might not even be able to conquer the Fortress, let alone attempt to restore the country. .

“This woman’s scheming… don’t know how many things she has kept from me?”

Ren felt a little unhappy.

He doesn’t particularly care about the existence of the Blood Guard of the Scales and the support of the Morse Family. What he cares about is Amilys’s attitude, obviously he still has reservations about himself.

“Well… it was originally just a partnership.” Ren felt that he was a little self-sufficient, so he laughed at himself and didn’t delve into it.

Amelis stepped forward and personally helped Pedro Mors.

She glanced at the Duke Fisher, who was full of incredible face, said with a smile: “Qing Lives doesn’t have to be so surprised. The Morse family has never betrayed the Dragonborn, whether it’s over 40 years or the past. For 3000 years, the Morse family has been loyal and their loyalty is beyond doubt.”

“The trust of Queen Your Majesty is the glory of the Morse family!” Pedro also responded moved.


Duke Fisher marveled at shook the head, and his expression complicatedly said: “The Morse family is really hidden very good. I have been neighbors with you for so many years, and I never noticed it.”

He recalled the several crises of the Drogenberg dynasty in the history of Kangatello.

Every dangerous moment, the Morse family stood on the side of the Zhuo Gengbao family, only lightly or darkly, seeming to have made a choice in accordance with the general trend, but in fact it was behind the scenes, and it was not exposed at the time. Out of the relationship between the two.

If it weren’t for the Fisher family to surrender first, I don’t know when it will be known.

Of course, Duke Fisher understood that this was also what Emiris deliberately did. She showed her power and gained greater trust and confidence.

Prince Pedro said: “Your Majesty, I am here on behalf of my brother. The Morse family has made all preparations. The poisonous snake Legion has been summoned secretly. The snake whisperers lurking in the royal capital have also been arranged. Being able to the order of His Majesty can create chaos from within the capital at any time and cooperate with Your Majesty’s army attack plan.”

“Thank you Prince Dolan for me, you guys did a great job.” Amelis expressed joyously.

Prince Pedro bowed and saluted.

“Your Majesty, my brother and I have only one request to attack the royal capital and overthrow the rule of the Lauberdill family. Must find the murderer who killed my elder sister Eleanor and her two children. I want to take that They brought them back to Darkspear City and offered sacrifices to my god Setarina!”

His face is cold, hatred and fierce flashes in his eyes, his voice is low and hoarse, like a poisonous snake spitting out letters, making the listener shudder.

Amelis’s smile narrowed, nodded and said: “I will.”

Ren heard Emilys say the name Eleanor. She was the wife of the former Crown Prince of the Drognburg dynasty, and the sister-in-law of Emiris. In the past, Mark broke the capital and ordered the slaughter of Drognborg Dragonborn, Eleanor, as a princess, neither she nor the child escaped.

It turns out that Eleanor came from the Morse family, and both brothers are princes.

From Pedro’s hatred and speculation, the princess may have died miserably and experienced terrible experiences before death.

The Morse family secretly supported Emily’s restoration of the country, with the intention of overthrowing Mark, not only because of the alliance between the two families, but also to avenge their relatives.

Ren has been observing Perrod with the eyes of the soul, and it is all true, not half false.

He couldn’t help but sighed secretly, “It’s really you can’t judge a person by appearance. This person is dark and sinister on the surface, but his heart is sincere and delicate.”


Emilys pointed to the three people behind Pedro and introduced: “They are my scale-riding blood guards. They used to be in Prince Pedro’s territory. I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you in advance…”

She hesitated with apologetic expression.

Ren has already wanted to open it, said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how important the Guardian is, no matter how careful it is to keep it secret.”

Amelis sighed in relief, but the Eye of Soul saw that she still had a knot in her mind.

“Let me introduce you to you.”

Three Legendary Blood Guards, the strongest one is called “Gravum”, the male of the other two is “Dario” and the female is called “Minasan”. They are very familiar with Amelis, apparently following around all the time before, but they have returned to Congatro in the past two years to hide.

They had heard of Ren a long time ago, but it was the first time they met.

The Blood Guard of the Scale Controlling is connected to the Dragon Lord bloodline, and realizing that Amelis has a unique feeling for Ren, and her posture is very low, she suddenly feels a little bit hostile towards Ren in her heart.

Especially Gravum, although he conceals it well, he has nowhere to hide in the eyes of the soul.

Ren thought he didn’t know at all, and after greeting him, he asked: “Amelis, how many people are in your scale guard? How strong are they?”

It’s not just him, Duke Fisher and the others who didn’t know before are also curious.

Emilys smiled slightly, “The overall strength is definitely not as good as your Extreme Team, but in terms of number, it is three times more than Extreme Warriors, and currently has more than 200 people.”

“So much?” Duke Fisher could hardly believe it.

He has a good understanding of the Blood Guard of the Scale Controlling, and it is extremely difficult to train. When the new dragon lord in history ascended the throne, his own scale Guards had an average of about 50 people, and he developed slowly in the later stage, and he invested an unknown amount of resources. Slowly expand to more than 100 people.

She has been exiled overseas since she was a child, how did she cultivate so many guards?

“Qing Lieves, the training of the Scale Controlling Guard also depends on the Dragonborn innate talent. This is the secret of Drogenbo, and it is not convenient for me to disclose it.” Amilys looked proud.

Duke Fisher owed him, “Yes, the queen is responsible for recreating the glory of the dragonborn. The innate talent must be incomparable. My vision is too low”

This Old Guy, the rainbow fart is really loud…Ren spit out in his heart.

However, Emilys is very useful, and continues: “There are three Legendary in my scale control team, 60 high-level blood guards and one hundred intermediate blood guards. The remaining fifty-plus blood guards are all this I have just changed my soul in two years, and I have made rapid progress, and I will be promoted to the middle level in a short time.”

“Sure enough, it’s the Scale Controlling Guard!” Duke Fisher admired.

Ren was also taken aback.

The information he saw in his personal library, the reason why the Scale Guards were able to suppress the extraordinary Legion of other Kangatero families with a small number of people is precisely because of their high proportion of high-level Transcenders. The advancement is extremely fast, and the individual strength is far beyond ordinary extraordinary occupations.

Take the River Bend Legion of the Fisher family as an example. There are more than 1,300 sturgeon warriors. The overwhelming majority are only beginners, but there are less than 20 high-rank sturgeon warriors. The intermediate sturgeon warriors are already well-known figures in Legion. If it is, it is generally promoted to Captain.

In the Controlling Guards, the Intermediate Blood Guards are just ordinary members.

Not to mention, the strength of the Scale Control Blood Guard belongs to Peak in the same tier of Transcender.

At least in Congatro, the Transcenders of other families are not rivals, and even a blood guard can beat the Transcenders of other families for several!

Of course, in order to cultivate so many high-level blood guards with scales, countless resources must be invested, especially the blood of the red dragon, and each blood guard must be equipped with a set of enchanted weapons. bottomless pit.

Ren couldn’t help looking at Emily. How much wealth is there in the treasure of the Drogenberg family?

Can withstand her toss!

“Your Majesty, is the Extreme Battle Group the Lord Ren’s army?” A voice with a magnetic voice sounded, and it was Gravum who asked, looking very unconvinced.

The same is true for the other two Legendary Blood Guards.

They heard Emilys’s phrase “The overall strength is naturally not as good as your limit battle group.” They almost thought they had heard it wrong, thinking it was just the humble words of the dragon lord, and it took a while to react, the dragon lord seemed Really think so.

The Scale Control Guard does not know any extreme battle group. In their own eyes, the Scale Control Guard is the most powerful extraordinary Legion in the world!

Ren almost didn’t laugh.

He was very happy to teach these supercilious pseudo-dragonborn a lesson, and asked enthusiastically: “The Extreme Battle Group is my subordinate, do you want to try it?”

“Retire! Don’t be rude to Your Excellency Ren!”

Emilys hurriedly stopped Gravum who was eager to have a try, lest he invite humiliation to oneself, and groaned: “Ren, don’t you lower oneself to somebody’s level with them, don’t let the limit The soldiers wasted bullets.”

Ren spreads his hands, indicating that it doesn’t matter.

Anyone who has seen the battle method of the Ultimate Warrior will not doubt what Emilys said.

But the three Legendary Blood Guards and Prince Pedro have never seen them. They always feel incredible. Gravum is still dissatisfied, but he can’t resist the dragon lord’s order. He can only retreat to the side, just looking at him from time to time. Floating on Lei, looking thoughtful in his eyes.

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