Warhammer Wizard Chapter 437


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Emilys sat at the top of the chamber, her purple eyes swept across the people in front of her, a smugness filled her chest, and her beautiful face was full of excitement and excitement.

Congatro Six Great Families, she already has the support of two of them.

The formation of the Guards of the Scales can be of great use, and there is support from the Wizards of Wezeland, and an army of five thousand centaurs. This force is sufficient to sweep Congatro, and Emilys could not think of the possibility of failure. .

Duke Fisher secretly rejoiced that he was on the side of the winner.

Prince Pedro’s expression relies on calmness. He has been planning for many years and cannot be happy too soon before revenge for the elder sister.

Varogen took out a map of Congatro and spread it on the table and said, “Everyone, our next plan is to attack Windfury. This is the marching route.”

He pointed to a marker on the map, located on the southeast coast of Congatro.

The territory of Lauberdill Duchy is long and narrow from north to south, bordering Fisher and Morse Two Great Families to the west, and Kingslin to the north by a dangerous alpine forest. It is difficult for ordinary people to pass. By land, at the extraordinary speed of Legion, it takes less than three days to pass through the Duke of Lauberdear and reach the city of Windfury.

Varogen pointed to the route and explained in detail: “Along the way, we will lay down three vassal territories belonging to the Lauberdill family. This is not difficult and will not delay much time.”

“Windfury Fort has a dangerous terrain, easy to defend and difficult to attack. The army cannot be fully deployed and can only be attacked with elite Legion.”

Speaking of which, he glanced at Ren.

Obviously, this task must be handed over to the Extreme Fighting Group and the Gunwing Knight Group.

Gravum, who was standing next to him, wanted to take the initiative. Seeing Varogen’s movements, his heart sank, and finally realized that in the eyes of Queen Your Majesty and Lord Varogen, it seemed that the ultimate battle group was far more powerful than The Scale Control Guard is much stronger.

He is not a foolish fool, who can be recognized by the Dragon Lord and the adults, and there will be no fakes.

Gravum pressed his provocative thoughts, but was also full of expectations, saying: “Extreme battle group…I must see what kind of fighters they are!”

“Fort Windfury is the same as Fortress Rune. It is also protected by a storm rune array.” Varogen said: “The layout of this array is very clever. It takes advantage of the perennial storms around to introduce the castle, not only a small amount of input Soul Power can be maintained, defensive power is excellent, and it can also release formidable power’s unmatched Wind Element spell, including at least four different spells.”

“The difficult terrain matches spell, it is not easy to break Windfury Fort!”

After Varogen finished, the expressions of everyone in the chamber were a bit solemn, and then they focused on Ren.

The two Speakers of Wezeland are absent, so let Ren be the master.

“Leave the storm array to us.” Ren indifferently said, “The Wizard of Wezeland came to Congatro and did what we do best.”

Emilys sighed in relief, with joy on her face.

Congatro in the past 3000 years, the ruling structure is so stable, because the existence of the rune array of the Great Clans, it is difficult to break through the extraordinary Legion alone.

Even if you try your best to capture the castle, you will have to pay a heavy price.

The arrival of the Wizards of Wezeland broke the balance of offense and defense and made the war easier. Defending the castle is no longer a safe retreat.

Rock Lion City is located in the territory of Dans Duchy, on the west bank of Congatro. It is the second largest city in Kingsland, the second only to Kingsland, and is naturally the core territory of the Dans family.

Ding Laji was born in the Dans family and rarely mentions the reason why he left the family. You can guess from only a few words that he has a bad life in the family, and it can even be said that he has suffered humiliation. He had a hatred for the family, father and son turned against each other and were like enemies.

For many years, Ding Laji never thought of going back, but now he suddenly proposed it, which is surprising.

“What do you think?” Emily asked softly.

Ding Laji thought about the replied: “Before Your Majesty returned, Congatro Six Great Families had been divided into Two Great Factions for many years. On the one hand, Mark was the leader, and the Brandon family and the Etis family were his best Faithful allies, they control the central and northern part of Congatro, occupying 2/3 of the total area.”

“On the other side, the Dans family is headed, and the Morse family and the Fisher family are allied, but the relationship between the three families is not stable, and they only came together to fight against Mark.”

“Now that the Fisher family and the Morse family have all loyal to Your Majesty, if they can win the support of the Dans family…”

He stopped when he said that, the meaning was obvious.

Amelis gently nodded, but did not respond immediately.

In her plan, the Dans family was never regarded as potential allies. In the past, the Duke of Dans betrayed the Drogonburg family and turned his back at the most critical time, deceiving the royal guards to open the city gate, leading to the Dragonborn Dynasty The destruction.

If Mark is the number one enemy of the Drogenberg family, then Duke Dans is second.

Ding Laji noticed Emily’s hesitation and continued to persuade: “Your Majesty, I know your hatred of Duke Dans, but in order to win the country, it is worthwhile to let go of the hatred.”

“The Yellow Golden Lion regiment of the Dans family not only has a large number, but also has the most sophisticated enchanting equipment of Congatro. Their strength is no less than that of the giant deer Legion. If the Dans family is forced to Mark’s side , Will be extremely detrimental to us.”

“The hatred back then can be liquidated after Your Majesty ascends the throne.”

Emilys’ expression was a little shaken.

Varogen has been collecting information on the Great Clans, and the Morse family is also secretly contributing. She is very clear about the power of the Dans family.

The Lord Duke has been in business for many years, using the position of the former prime minister to gain benefits for the family. In recent years, the Huang Golden Lion regiment has become stronger and stronger.

King Mark also gradually became aware of the threat.

He set up troops to fight against the Dans family, not only to wash away the shame, but also to use the topic to use his intention to destroy the enemy that threatened his kingdom to rule, but he did not succeed that’s all.

Emilys hesitated and looked towards Ren immediately.

“Our strength is strong enough.” Ren thought for a while and said: “However, the ally is naturally the more the better. The Duke Dans’s support is of the greatest significance to us, not their joining, but weakening Mark may get support.”

“Win the Dans family, you don’t need to let them join, just stay neutral.”

Ding Laji slapped his palm, feeling quite like finding a confidant, loudly said: “Master Earl said it is very true, I also think this.”

Ren laughed, “The final decision is yours.”

Amelis was silent for a long time, but she still couldn’t pass her own heart knot, and Ding Laji’s identity made her doubt the original intention of the other party.

“How sure are you to convince Duke Dans?” she asked seriously.


Ding Laji scratched his hair that was like a bird’s nest, his face was a little embarrassed, and he said in embarrassment, “I can only fight for it. I dare not give Your Majesty a guarantee.”

“hmph!” Emilys suddenly understood that Ding Laji’s motive was selfish.

He is afraid that after he destroys Mark, the next goal is the Dans family, to kill the enemies of the year to the last one. With his current strength, this is not impossible.

So Ding Laji must rush ahead and let the Dans family show their favor.

“This thought of you is probably just being sentimental. With the temper of Duke Dans, how can you be loyal to me without even paying attention to Mark? His ambition is more than just being a Duke. I have never left the Iron Throne.” Emilys shook her head disapprovingly, mocking said with a smile: “You dare to show up in Rock Lion City. Whether you can come out alive is unknown.”

Ding Laji did not refute. As the son of Duke Dans, his mind about father couldn’t be more clear.

He sighed, “Your Majesty, I still want to try it.”

Emilys stared at him for a long time, Ding Laji did not dodge, looked directly at her, her mind was open and her will was not shaken at all.

“Okay.” Emilys finally agreed, “For the sake of you following me for many years, I can give the Dans family a chance.”

Ding Laji’s expression was moved, and stood up to salute, “many thanks Your Majesty.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

“Wait.” As soon as Emilys said, Ding Laji stopped, with a trace of cunning on her face, “Your Majesty, please send someone to protect me and go back to Rock Lion City. I am not afraid of death. , But I’m afraid I won’t be able to come back and continue to serve Your Majesty. If I didn’t see you on the Iron Throne, it would be the biggest regret of my life.”

Amilys didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, looked towards the scale-handling blood guard behind her, considering sending a team of blood guards to follow Ding Laji.

“I’ll go with you.” Ren’s voice rang.


“Master Earl!”

Emilys was very surprised, but Ding Laji was overjoyed. If someone were to find someone to protect herself and return to Rock Lion City, his in mind best candidate would be Ren, more than the two unfamiliar Speakers of Wezeland. reliable.

Ren said with a smile: “Anyway, I’m free, I’ll go home with you and see the style of the Duke Dans, who is known as the’Lion King’.”

“Since Ren, you are going, that would be great.” Emilys did not object.

Ding Laji is nodded again and again.

Ren called Bolqi, opened a Transmission Gate and walked in.

The six-ring Transmission Gate of the gate of Void Spirit can be used five times a day, a hundred miles at a time, and it can span five hundred miles in a short time. It is not enough to reach Rock Lion City directly, only to Morse Duchy Territory.

So Ren only used the Transmission Gate once, so Bolch showed up as a giant dragon and carried him and Ding Laji to the sky.

Heading north, the golden three-headed dragon passed through Morse Duchy and entered Dans Duchy in only half a day.

This territory located on the Western border of Congatro is half hills and half fertile plains. Ren overlooks the land from a high altitude and can obviously feel the changes. The population here is denser, the towns are scattered, the climate is still cold, but the conditions are It is much better than other places, especially the westernmost plains are more livable.

Actually, Dans Duchy is the richest territory in Congatro. There are a lot of gold mines hidden in the territory, producing 70% of the kingdom’s gold!

Ren wanted to chat with Ding Laji, but found that he became taciturn. The closer he is to his hometown, the more complicated his expression becomes.

After night fell, a city made of rocks appeared on the horizon, and Rock Lion City arrived.

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