Warhammer Wizard Chapter 438


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Rock Lion City was built on an incomparable gigantic rock. This rock looks like a giant lion when viewed from a distance, hence the name of the city.

As the second largest city in Congatro, Rock Lion City ranks first in defense force, stronger than Kingsland, and has never fallen in history. Its city wall is carved directly from the rock, and its height is more than 30 metres. Even at night, you can feel the grandeur and majesty.

Shortly after dark, the city was lit up with endless lights, and rays of light could be seen from several dozen li away, as conspicuous as a torch in the night.

Ren let Bolki slow down his flight speed.

“Should we fly in directly or teleport into the city?” he asked.

Ding Laji finally recovered after hearing the question, he hesitated, “Master Earl, I want to walk in from the city gate, okay?”

“Okay.” Ren can do nothing.

Bolqi landed in a remote location outside of several dozen li in Shiyan City. Under the cover of night, he landed and became human again. Ren looked at Bolqi in the dazzling armor of the Sun Knight, shook the head, so he probably wouldn’t even let in the city gate.

He took out a set of enchanted armor for Bolch to put on, warned repeatedly: “Be low-key, don’t cause trouble.”

“Okay, Boss!”

Boerqi likes to replace it with zi zi, this enchanted armor is very valuable, it falls into his own hands, and it is impossible to return to the boss.

Ren also changed into leather armor, with a long sword around his waist, and a knight-errant dress.

After the three were sorted out, Ren opened the Transmission Gate and appeared in a hidden corner outside Rock Lion City. He walked onto the road, like a small group of mercenaries, and swaggered towards the city gate.

There is no curfew in Rock Lion City, and there are not many people entering or leaving the city.

There is a team of guards at the city gate. Ren opened the eyes of the soul a long distance away to see their bottom clearly.

This team of guards are all Lionheart Knights.

The Dans family integrates the “Golden Lion” bloodline. This powerful demonic beast is known for its strength and defense. It has a rare element called the “Lion King’s Heart”. It can not only provide strong explosive power and speed, And at the critical moment, it will not be chaotic, the effect is comparable to “cold wisdom”, the appearance is majestic and king, like a natural leader.

In addition to the Dragonborn Apostles, Kanggatro’s Great Family, the Lionheart Knight of the Dans family and the Giant Deer Warrior of the Lauberdill family are the most powerful.

The deer warrior is more powerful, and can also cast several Wind Element spells as support.

The Lionheart Knight is more comprehensive, with no flaws in strength, speed, defense, resistance and recovery, and more often it has the upper hand.

Ren walked toward the city gate while carefully observing the Lionheart Knight.

This extraordinary class is like an advanced level of “Iron Guard”, which has more potential than “Steel Knight”. Of course, they are the same as Iron Guard and Steel Knight. They have insufficient stamina and low ceiling. They hit Level 20 and are promoted to the holy rank Hope is very slim.

This is a common problem for all melee professionals, and Congatro’s bloodline system is more obvious.

Soon, the three of them walked to the city gate.

The twenty-man guards, headed by the high-ranking Lionheart Knight, also have four mid-level men. Each Lionheart Knight wears a golden armor, and the shoulder armor is shaped like a lion head. There is also a lion-like logo on the chest, a large shield with a lion face on his back, a long sword at his waist, and a long spear in his hand. The eyes in the gold helmet scan the pedestrians.

This equipment alone requires at least a gold shield, which shows the wealth of the Dans family.

“Local tyrant!”

Ren turned his head and glanced at Bolch.

Sure enough, the eyes of this giant dragon went around Lionheart Knight’s body, and he could guess his current thoughts without even thinking about it, and I might want to take off their armor.

Ren warned the dragon by controlling the circle of soul, don’t look around, so as not to cause trouble.

Under Lionheart Knight’s attention, the three of them entered the city smoothly.

The high-ranking Knight Captain looked at Ding Laji’s back and felt that this dwarf was a bit familiar, but because the memory was too long, he didn’t remember it for a while.

“Forget it, it’s just a dwarf.” He cast his doubts back.

After entering the city, Ding Laji walked on the street and looked at the night view of the street. He immediately regained his usual debauchery, especially when passing by some prosperous scene brothels. From time to time, said with a smile: “This place I used to I come often, I am their most distinguished customer, and you can spend 20% off. Didn’t expect it has not gone bankrupt after many years. I don’t know if my discount counts?”

“There is a very exciting gameplay behind this alley, tut tut…”

“Ai, the tavern in front is the place I go most often. Their dark beer is a must in Rock Lion City. If you want to inquire about any news, you must be right here.”

Ding Laji is excited, he is familiar with every corner of the city.

Ren did not respond. It can be seen that Ding Laji likes Rock Lion City very much and has many good memories here.

The happier he is now, the more painful he is actually.

Gradually, Ding Laji fell silent, shook the head helplessly, “It’s a pity, no one remembers me anymore after so many years.”

“Why did you leave the family?” Ren asked casually.

“It’s not leaving.” Ding Laji raised his head, a trace of pain flashed in his eyes, said solemnly: “Master Earl, I was expelled from the family, the reason is ridiculous.”

He spread his hands and showed his figure, “I am a born deformity. I grew up in ridicule and indifference. When I was an adult, I liked to run around in the city. The family thought I had defiled’Dance ‘This surname corrupted the reputation of the family. After an accident, he was expelled from Rock Lion City and could never come back.”

“Is it real trouble or just an excuse?” Ren looking thoughtful asked.

Ding Laji was a little hard to speak.

Ren laughed, “I just asked, you don’t need to answer.”

“It’s nothing, I just got involved with a mistress of my father. In fact, she is not even a mistress, she is just a high-level prostitute.” Ding Laji shrugged his shoulders indifferently, as if he remembered what happened back then. It was quite clear, and I recalled carefully before saying: “I was bumped into when I was affair with her and reported to my father. In order to survive, the slut falsely accused me of raping her, but she actually seduced me first…”

He didn’t go on, the ending can be imagined.

Ren’s face was astonished, and he couldn’t help taking a serious look at Ding Laji’s figure, and wanted to say that you can really play, even your father’s woman dare to touch it!

Father and son become fellows. If it is spread out, the Dans family’s reputation in Rock Lion City will be over. People dare not say on the surface, but in private, they don’t know how many times they will be laughed at.

“What happened to that prostitute?” Ren asked.

Ding Laji was silent for a few seconds and replied: “I heard that I left Shiyan City 2nd day, she disappeared.”

His expression was very relaxed, but Ren’s soul eye saw his soul color, which quickly changed from white to dark blue, which was a sad emotion.

And with a few hints of blackness, the grief was at its extreme, turning into pain.

Obviously, Ding Laji’s feelings for that woman are by no means as simple as the affair he said. She has a unique position in Ding Laji’s heart.

Ren secretly sighed, patted Ding Laji’s shoulder.

The three walked for a while and arrived at the central city of Shiyan City. This is the head of the giant lion rock. Like the city, it is also a magnificent castle carved from a whole rock. It is integrated and more than 20 meters high. There is a complicated array carved on the stone wall, and there are subtle fluctuations.

Ren watched it a few times, and as expected, the castle was also equipped with an isolation array that could not be transmitted in.

At this moment, the gate of the castle is open.

There is a wide avenue in front of the door, but no pedestrians are seen. Both the carriage and the pedestrians avoid the castle and dare not approach.

Ding Laji’s footsteps slowed down involuntarily, his breathing was a bit short, and his mood fluctuated very difficult to deal with.

“It’s too late to regret now.” Ren indifferently said.

“I never regret it.” Ding Laji turned his head back, staring at Ren, his eyes became firm, “Even when I was expelled from Rock Lion City back then, I haven’t regretted it at all. Now, I am lucky. It’s easy to get to this step and you won’t regret it.”

“That’s good.” Ren didn’t persuade him.

Ding Laji took a deep breath, walked out of the hiding alley and strode towards the castle gate.

Ren followed behind him, looking at his short back, but there was no feeling of insignificance, as if he saw a tall and stalwart image.


“This is the castle of the Lydance family, so people can’t come near!”

A Lionheart Knight shouted loudly, and several guards around him became vigilant, putting their hands on the long sword in a vigilant posture. On the city gate, a whole team of Lionheart Knights also cast their eyes. As they walked, the armor on their bodies clashed, imposing manner.

Lionheart Knight’s unique king-like aura was released, and dozens of people’s Soul Power joined together to form a great deterrent.

For a normal transcendent, you may not even be able to speak.

Ding Laji was not afraid, indifferently said: “I am Ding Laji *Dance, Walter *Dance’s son, I want to see him.” His tone was calm, but he seemed to be thrown into the lake. The huge rock set off a stormy sea in the hearts of the Lionheart Knights.

“Where does the bastard dare to pretend to be the son of Lord Duke?” A young Lionheart Knight cursed.

Ding Laji’s eyelids twitched, and the word “bastard” evoked too much humiliation to him, and it sounded unusually harsh.

He moved his finger to cast a spell, but he heard someone yelling:

“Shut up!”

Immediately afterwards, a golden silhouette rushed out of the castle, fast as lightning, slapped his hand on the face of the unspeakable Lionheart Knight, and kicked him up. The golden helmet was sunken and half a mouthful. His teeth were sprayed with blood everywhere.

Lionheart Knight saw the person who did it, and quickly bowed his head and exclaimed, “Master leader!”

He wears a golden armor like Lionheart Knight, but without a helmet, he is very tall, handsome, with brilliant blond hair, sharp eyes, standing in the crowd like the sun, even with the most critical gaze No shortcomings can be found.

Ren saw it when the other party first appeared.

The Eye of the Soul immediately saw through it, and couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. This person turned out to be Legendary’s high-level Lionheart Knight, who has reached level sixteen!

Although he has just been promoted to Legendary for a few years, his strength is extremely outstanding. More than 40 elements give him terrifying power, as well as amazing defense, speed, battle skill, all of which are elements of cream of the crop. , Almost reached the peak of melee professional.

And judging from the state of the soul, this Legendary Lionheart Knight is very young, less than 70 years old!

Legendary seniors under the age of 70 are rare even in the Empire.

This is the most powerful transcendent that Ren has seen since landing in Congatro. If Duke Fisher does not have the legendary “Knife of the Thousand Rivers”, he is probably not his opponent.


He expressed displeasure and glared at the young Lionheart Knight on the ground, saying solemnly: “Let me hear those two words next time, it won’t be as simple as a slap.” He looked towards the other Lionheart Knight and ordered Said: “Take him along to withdraw for treatment. After the injury is healed, confine him for three months and reflect on it. No one can let him return without my approval.”

“Yes, leader!”

The Lionheart Knights keep quiet out of fear and quickly carried the injured companion down.

Without looking at the consequences, Legendary Senior Lionheart Knight turned his head and looked at Ding Laji seriously, his face turned from anger to joy, and said happily: “My dear younger brother, you are finally back.”

Speaking of this, he enthusiastically stepped forward and hugged Ding Laji, using too much force, and almost carried Ding Laji off the ground.

“big brother.”

Ding Laji also appeared very happy, with a smile on his ugly face that was worse than crying.

The surrounding Lionheart Knights watched this scene and heard the conversation between the two. They were shocked. This short dwarf turned out to be the son of Lord Duke, the leader’s younger brother.

Ren was also a little surprised.

He had heard of the head of the Huang Golden Lion regiment. His name was Coster Dans, who turned out to be Ding Laji’s big brother. The eyes of the soul can see clearly that Koster is sincere and is deeply happy for the return of the younger brother, without a trace of falsehood.

Ding Laji’s feelings for Coster are much more complicated.

“His big brother?” Ren muttered in his heart, and suddenly remembered the man who wore a big green hat on King Mark, isn’t he the one in front of him? And still siblings incest!

He couldn’t help but look at Koster, he was handsome, unrelenting, and possessing Legendary high-level power, and possessing a powerful and extraordinary Legion. Such a man has an irresistible charm to women.

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