Warhammer Wizard Chapter 439


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Ding Laji passed Ren on the way to Rock Lion City.

There is no need to let the Dans family know Ren’s identity. The purpose of Ding Laji’s trip is to persuade that Ren’s task is to protect his safety.

“Koster, they are my friends.” Ding Laji introduced casually: “Ren, Borch.”

When Kost asked, he had been observing Ren, completely ignoring Bolch beside him, until Ding Laji pointed to Bolch, and then he noticed the existence of Bolch.

Lionheart Knight was born with an intuition about danger. After Bolch turned into a human form, the breath of the giant dragon was completely reduced, and ordinary exploration spells could not see through his transformation, but Kosco was still aware of some danger. Bolch is by no means an ordinary transcendent.

These two people are at least Legendary!

Kost saw Ren and Bolch salute himself. He responded indifferently on the surface, maintaining the manners of aristocrats, but he was wary in his heart.

“Welcome you two to visit Rock Lion City.” Koster smiled, turned his eyes back to the younger brother, and asked concerned: “Ding Laji, where have you been all these years? There is no news. ?”

At the same time, I am also curious, how did Ding Laji know these two powerful transcendents?

When Ding Laji was expelled from the family, Koster secretly saw him off and agreed to keep in touch, but only a few months later, he lost Ding Laji’s whereabouts, and sent people to search the entire Kangatello. I didn’t find it. I thought there was an accident or a murderous hand. For this reason, I almost turned against my father. After a few years, the pain was healed by time, and the tension between father and son gradually eased.

“I left Congatro and followed Amelis Your Majesty.” Ding Laji replied straightforwardly.

Kost was stunned before realizing that Amilys Your Majesty is the dragonborn.

He was shocked all at once.

What happened in the city of Barosque a few days ago has spread throughout Congatro, the return of the dragonborn, and Duke Fisher has declared allegiance, and the spread has been raging, shocking the entire kingdom.

Kost had discussed with his father several times as to where the family should go, but he didn’t expect Ding Laji to follow the Dragonborn, and it seemed that his status was not low.

He scanned Ren and Bolch again, guessing that these two people should also be followers of the Dragonborn.

“Did you take refuge in the Dragonborn?” Coster’s face was not pretty.

Ren’s soul eye noticed that his soul color changed rapidly, and his mood fluctuated very sharply. It couldn’t help but feel a little strange. The Duke’s son’s reaction was too intense, beyond the normal scope, as if he had suffered a great change.

“Yes.” Ding Laji frowned and said in surprise: “Don’t you know?”

While in Hattork, the leaker had already sold the news about Queen Your Majesty to the Dans family, which must have included information about himself, Varogan, Atans and the others, and The centaur and dragon stone mercenary group, all the forces in Haytok.

Unexpectedly, Koster was confused and inexplicably said: “How would I know?”

Ding Laji immediately understood what was going on.

“My father has not changed at all for so many years.” He was sneaked, “Where is he, I will see him now.”

Kost looked back at the castle, his face hesitant.

“Big brother, don’t worry about me.” Ding Laji felt warm in his heart and believed: “I am no longer the bullying dwarf, he can’t do anything to me. On the contrary, I will return this time. Rock Lion City has business affairs, and it also gives the family a chance of redemption.”

For the third time, Koster swept past Ren and Bolch quietly, thinking for a few seconds, and finally nodded and said: “Follow me.”

He takes the lead, Ding Laji and the others.

The castle of the Dans family is called the Golden Fort. When you enter it, a huge splendorous and majestic castle is displayed in front of you. Not only is it huge in size, and its imposing manner is magnificent. The main castle, towers and promenades, the walls and columns of each building are decorated with gold, surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains, expensive crystal lamps can be seen everywhere, illuminating the castle like daylight, gold and jade in glorious splendor, It’s like an extremely luxurious Imperial Palace.

In the castle, there is one post with five steps, and one post at ten steps. All the guards are Lionheart Knights.

Kost was walking on the promenade of the castle, and a group of maids in plain and elegant robes walked towards him. They hurriedly retreated to the side and said hello together.

“Leader Master!”

Koster slightly nodded in response.

Ren found that these maids were all young girls. They peeked at Coster, and the love in their eyes almost overflowed, which shows his status and popularity in the family.

In contrast, Ding Laji wasn’t even a green leaf by Koster’s side. Two or three maids cast curious glances. They all showed disgust when they saw that he was a dwarf, ugly-looking.

Ding Laji looked envious, and said with emotion: “It’s still the same.”

Kost shook his head helplessly.

Ren follows behind and can better appreciate the difference between the brothers. A tall, handsome, and powerful man is a genius amongst geniuses; a born deformity and ugly face, although he is also extraordinary, he is afraid to avoid Demon warlock that is far behind.

Such a big difference is like a moat, it is hard to believe that they are biological brothers.

In such a strong contrast, Ding Laji’s growth environment is absolutely worrying. He can grow up smoothly, and it is a miracle that he has not fallen into the abyss.

Ren maintained the role of a guard, without saying a word, but found that Bolqi around him glanced around all the way, countless gold flickering in front of him, almost even saliva flowed out.

“Pay attention to the image.”

Ren had to give another warning.

Bolqi felt a pain in his head, he shrank his neck, muttered a few vague words in his mouth, but did not dare to resist.

Shortly after, Koster led people through the golden corridor into the main fort, went up to the second floor, and sat down in a luxurious drawing room. The maids immediately brought tea and delicate desserts.

“I have sent someone to notify my father, and he will be here soon.” Koster said.

Ding Laji was very relaxed. When he sat on the sofa, he picked up a snack and delivered it to his mouth, without considering himself as a guest.

Ren and Bolch stood behind him, like real guards.

Kost was chatting with Ding Laji and caring about his younger brother’s experience over the years. He watched the two people behind Ding Laji from time to time, especially Ren. He had never seen a few such outstanding looks in his life. A man with profound temperament and a mysterious charm wants to let people explore the depth.

He deliberately brought the topic to the two of them many times, but Ding Laji always moved away without a trace.

Waiting in the living room for a quarter of an hour, Duke Dans hasn’t appeared yet.

“Where are the people?” Ding Laji dropped his snack and asked with a sullen face: “Don’t he dare to come out to see me? Or did he hang us here on purpose and play a patience trick?”

Kost was a little embarrassed, “Father may be delayed…”


Ding Laji suppressed his anger, “I am not here today for a personal matter, but on behalf of Queen Amilys Drogenberg, negotiating with the Dans family. Five minutes, five minutes later I did not see Duke Dans, take responsibility for the consequences.”

“What a big tone!”

A woman’s voice sounded, and she walked into a lady with a slender figure from outside the living room. She has brilliant golden long hair on top of her head, wearing a gorgeous robe, her face facing the sky, and her appearance is extremely beautiful and delicate. His facial features reveal a bit of arrogance, his body is ups and downs, and his temperament is so noble that words cannot explain, which is unforgettable at first sight.

It’s just that her face is very displeased at this time, looking at Ding Laji’s eyes full of disgust, and contemptuously said: “I thought it was who, it turns out that you, a wild species, are back again and dare to treat his father. Kuangyan.”

Ding Laji stood up suddenly and glared at him.

“Lina*Dance, you dare to say that word again, I will definitely make you regret it.” His expression was like a wild beast who chose to eat, his face was distorted, and it became even more ugly.

Lina Dans stared at Ding Laji, her expression was cold, it seemed that she was not looking at her younger brother, a monster that made her sick.

She scolded again without the slightest hesitation: “Wild…”

As soon as the word opened his mouth, Ding Laji started his hands. His pupils turned black, filled with evil atmosphere, his short body swelled like a balloon, and his forehead grew curved double horns. A pair of bat-shaped magic wings spread out behind him.

Devil possessed!

Ding Laji grew to more than two meters tall in an instant. The breath of the devil exploded the seat beside him, his strong body turned into a shadow and rushed towards Linna *Dance, and at the same time raised his hand and threw a shadow spell .

Lina is also a Lionheart Knight, but her talent is far inferior to her big brother Koster. She has invested a lot of resources only to the high-level Knight, and she has spent all her heart on maintaining youth, her strength is not outstanding. Facing the uprising of Ding Laji, he was at a loss for what to do.


Kost noticed it the moment Ding Laji started his hand. The silhouette turned into a golden light and stood in front of Linna, opening a golden wall of air.

Ding Laji’s shadow spell hit it, and the air wall was as solid as a rock, easily offsetting the energy erosion.

Kost sighed in relief.

He has seen Ding Laji’s strength. He hasn’t seen him for so many years. He has grown a lot, but he is far behind his own progress. The high-level Demon Warlock wants to break his “Golden Lion Wall of Force”, absolutely impossible.

Not to mention Ding Laji, who did not reach Legendary, even the beginner or even intermediate Legendary is unlikely to break this layer of defense.

The angry Ding Laji rushed to the front of the air wall.

He is possessed by a horn demon at this time, holding a rusty triangular iron fork in his hand, and frantically attacking the golden air wall. The iron fork hits the wall and splashes out bursts of fire stars, but the air wall is completely motionless. Coster didn’t fight back, standing and let him fight.

Lina, who was protected in the air wall, was taken aback, and only then came back to her senses.

She found that she was safe and sound, she was proud of her heart, and a triumphant smile was raised in her mouth. She moved towards Ding Laji and said: “You should really see how you look now. It’s more disgusting than before. There is no improvement. Still have a face back? Wild species are wild species and will never change!”

Ding Laji was stimulated and became more angry, and his mouth roared from the abyss.

However, the strength gap between him and Coster is too great.

This feeling of powerlessness and pain, coupled with Linna’s insult, reminded him of the countless humiliations he had received in this place in the past. Suddenly, black eyes overflowed with bloodshot eyes, and a black mist overflowed from his body. , Body shape is also changing.

“He is going to lose control.”

Kost noticed the strangeness, and was about to take a shot at Fuding Raj, suddenly his mind was stagnant, his perception appeared briefly confused, Soul Power paused, and the Golden Lion force field suddenly disappeared.

“Oops!” Koster yelled badly.

Ding Laji regained a sense of sanity. Instead of continuing to attack Coster, he took the opportunity to go around behind the opponent and stab Linna who was hiding behind him with an iron fork.

Koster’s Soul Power oscillated, blood energy was also disrupted and backlashed, and I could only watch Linna being hit by an iron fork.


“Ah…” Linna screamed, and a golden shield appeared on her body to block the fatal blow.

But it was just a blow, and the shield shattered after it took effect.

“Go to hell!”

Ding Laji yelled frantically, waved an iron fork and pierced Linna’s chest. He thought he would be able to do it, but at the crucial moment, Linna’s silhouette suddenly disappeared, and another one appeared in the living room. In the corner, his face was full of horror, and he pulled his legs and lived outside to escape.

“You are dead today!” Ding Laji vibrated the magic wings behind him, and a raging black fire ignited on his body, catching up.

He has just chased two steps, and Koster is in front of him again. He has already drawn out the long sword and stopped him: “Ding Laji, stop!”

However, Ding Laji ignored him at all, didn’t even look at him.

Kost noticed the fluctuations coming from his side, and from the corner of his eyes he saw an electric light beating Warhammer flying in. It was thrown from the young man’s hand. The reaction was fast as lightning. The long sword in his hand swung the sword and burst out. With three times the power, he tried to shoot Warhammer down to the ground.


With a loud blast, not only did Warhammer fail to land, but a terrifying counter-shock force spread from Koster’s hand, followed by a feeling of electric shock paralysis, and he almost couldn’t hold his sword and staggered.

The power of very terrifying! “

Kost felt distressed when he saw the gap in the blade. At the same time, he was surprised by the power on Warhammer. That Warhammer was slashed by himself, but it was only slanted, and was pulled back into the opponent’s hand by a flash of lightning, as if he had done an insignificant thing.

Ding Laji took advantage of this opportunity to chase out of the living room.

There was a fierce roar outside, and Linna screamed, “Yellow Golden Lion regiment, kill him! He has this wild species!”

Kost complexion sank, trying to chase him out, but realizes that Ren has locked himself.

“You better stay here.”

Ren said lightly, then turned around and said: “Bolch, go out to protect Ding Laji, don’t let him die, but don’t let him kill the woman, just teach her a lesson.”

Bolqi muffled nodded, and instantly changed his body to golden armor, raising his sword and ran out.

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