Warhammer Wizard Chapter 472


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Inside the Red Dragon Fort, a side hall not far from the Dragon Hall is heavily guarded outside. Not only are there extreme soldiers standing guard, but also a team of blood guards guarding the door.

Ren is standing in the middle of the side hall, and the Transmission Array at his feet is more than half completed.

Transmission Array was piled with magic materials, Mithril, various alloys, and gems. A large piece of metal was constantly kneading in his hands, deformed like a liquid, and slowly cast into a Mithril alloy plate, forming At the same time, precise Austrian patterns have been carved inside.

Ren inserts the Mithril board into the Transmission Array and carefully debugs it several times until it is confirmed to be usable.

This is the establishment of Transmission Array in Red Dragon Castle at the request of Amelis, but it is not connected with Wezeland. The other end of Transmission Array is Glamorgan Castle.

Previously, the two Transmission Arrays built by the Wizarding Corps in Congatro were on Dragon Crystal Island and Windfury Fort, and they were connected to the Floating Void City in Wizeland, but they were all temporary. Wezeland will not allow Congatro’s Transmission Array to be docked for a long time, because this may become a breakthrough that threatens the safety of Floating Void City.

When the wizarding group is evacuated, the two Transmission Arrays will be cut off the space-time coordinates.

Emilys does not have the astral crystal pillar in her hand. Even if she uses enough Arcane crystals, she cannot activate this ultra-long-distance Transmission Array, so we can only ask Ren here and use Glamorgan’s Transmission Array as At the transit station, she will bear the cost of each transmission.

Ren nodded agreed.

He is also preparing to obtain the title of Duke of Augustus, with Dragonspine City as the capital of Duchy, and establish a Transmission Array in Dragonspine Fort.

In this way, Congatro has four Transmission Arrays.

Additionally, the Vajra Fort on the Seyn Plateau, Viola’s Winter Fortress, and the Transmission Array in Glamorgan Castle are connected to six locations, occupying half of the upper limit of the transmission coordinate of the crystal pillar of the star realm.

“There are still six docking coordinates, which are not enough.”

Ren thought in his mind that in his plan, there will be more than twelve teleportation targets in the future, and he should make preparations to find another crystal pillar in the star world.

He cast two more mythril plates with his bare hands. Just as they were spliced ​​together, a blood guard with scales walked in and said respectfully:

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty asked me to inform you that ceremony is about to begin.”


Ren nodded, today is the day Emilys becomes the throne, and it is also the ceremony of his being named Duke Augustus.

He tidied up the ceremony and put on a set of exquisite armor.

This set of armor does not have enchantments or strong defensive power, but it is superior in appearance and domineering. It looks taller and taller when worn on the body. Every armor part is fitted close to the body. The whole body is silver white, exquisite and yet atmospheric , Contrasts with the Bloodred Cloak behind.

Ren was originally indifferent, but it was Amelis’ request. She specially invited Congatro’s most brilliant craftsman to make it. It was delivered two days ago.

Open a random door and appear in the square in front of the Red Dragon Fort.

A huge team is ready to go. In the middle of the team is a luxury carriage made of gold, eight horses of snow-white dragon scales, and the driver is a Legendary extraordinary.

In front of the carriage, two hundred blood guards with scales riding high war horses took the lead.

The armor of each Blood Guard with Scales was polished brightly, and his face was solemn and excited, holding a battle flag embroidered with the dragon emblem representing the Drogengbao family. The Gunwing Knight regiment followed the carriage. Their armor was not as uniform as the Blood Guard with Scales, but the breath of the bronze Pegasus under them surpassed everyone, which was eye-catching.

“Your Excellency Speaker, we should set off.” Varogen said.

Ren glanced at the sky, “Sorry for waiting.”

Emilys is already sitting in the carriage, her eyes passing through the transparent car window glass, her face unchanged, but there is a slight invisible smile in her eyes. Her dress today is very grand, wearing a dark red queen robe, with a light makeup on her face, which looks more beautiful, but the majesty of the queen makes people feel sacred and inviolable.

She consulted Ren and took the carriage together on the day of ascending the throne, but Ren refused.

He doesn’t want to overpower him.

This is the most important day in Emily’s life. She is crowned with a crown and the scenery is endless. She should enjoy her own stage and lighting.

Ren rides a dragon scales war horse and follows the carriage.

A bell rang from the tower of the Red Dragon Fort.

The queen’s honor guard team moved slowly, and the front flag fluttered, descending from the castle on the top of the hill along the circling stone road, quickly ran out of the gate and drove into the avenue facing the castle.

This road is the main road in Kingsland. The road has already been swept clean, and there is no trace of blood left by the previous battle.

Dragon flags are hung up on both sides of the wide street.

The queen’s extraordinary Legion uses her body to form a human wall to maintain order, so as not to take advantage of the messy sneak attack, but this does not stop the enthusiasm of the residents of the royal capital.

The crowd counted hundreds of thousands encircled both sides of the avenue. People heard the sound of horns and saw the queen’s guard coming from a distance, scrambling to squeeze forward, standing on tiptoes, and even climbed to the tree on the side of the road Above, just to be able to see the style of the new queen.

The ground vibrated slightly, and there was a rumbling sound.

The mighty and majestic blood guards with scales ran up holding their battle flags, and wherever they passed, there was a burst of enthusiastic cheers. From time to time, someone could hear someone shouting “Long live the queen”.

Some older people burst into tears and shouted the name of the Dragon God.

Ren looks ahead, the crowd is endless.

At the end of the street is a magnificent cathedral, which is the “Giant Dragon God Palace” of the dragon god Bahamut. Every generation of dragonborn kings is crowned king in this temple. This is Kangat The tradition of Luo for thousands of years is the only exception for Mark.

Over the past 40 years, Mark has tried to weaken people’s belief in the Dragon God, forbid civilians to enter the temple, and almost abandoned it.

Now, Amelis intends to convert to the magic Goddess, and is not reluctant to hold her enthronement ceremony in the giant Dragon God Palace.

However, after discussing with Ren privately, she decided to regain the dragonborn tradition and crowned in the giant Dragon God Palace out of consideration to subdue people’s hearts.

The honor guard team accepted the people’s onlookers and breath all the way, walked through the streets of several li, and arrived at the giant Dragon God Palace, where extraordinary guards have long been scattered, and dragon flags are flying everywhere, filled with a grand and majestic atmosphere.

The sound of dragon roar-like horns sounded in the temple.


Bolqi, Aegon, Galadelos, and Sindala appear as giant dragons, which are listed in front of the temple, welcoming Queen Your Majesty. They deliberately restrained Dragon’s Might so as not to deter the tens of thousands of spectators outside the temple. Even so, there was still a burst of exclamation.

The carriage stopped in front of the temple gate.

Ren personally opened the door of the carriage, extending the hand arm, Amilys helped his hand to walk down the carriage, turned around and looked at the people outside the temple, gently waved her hand in greeting, triggering a heated wave.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that Emily entered the temple.

Ren followed her, and the four-headed giant dragon turned into a human form to follow.

The temple is a huge hall. The thousands of seats in the middle are filled with people. With Varogen’s high-pitched “Queen Your Majesty is…”, everyone crash-banged to their feet. Gazing at the entrance of the main hall, his eyes fell on Amelis.

The people who can be invited to the temple to observe are mostly the nobles of the kingdom, including the Seven Great Family and their vassals, as well as the leading figures of all walks of life in the capital.

Ren’s gaze swept away and saw many acquaintances.

He followed Amelis and noticed that her breathing was a little short for half a beat. At this moment, she was a little nervous, but she recovered her calm within a few steps.

The entire group steps on the red carpet, accepts people’s attention, and passes through the crowd.

At the end of the temple facing the gate is a seven-tier high coronation platform, but there is no Divine Idol of the dragon god Bahamut, only a gorgeous throne.

Amelis stepped up the steps alone, Ren and the four giant dragon stayed below.

She calmly sat on the throne, a composed bearing, and raised her hand to signal everyone to sit down.

Ren also found his seat in the front row, and when he turned around, he noticed a few different eyes. Truth’s will was extremely sensitive, and he immediately found the source of his gaze. It was a few nobles sitting in the second and third rows, who had never seen it before.

The appearance of these nobles looks relatively young, and the oldest is not 40 years old.

The eyes of the soul saw that they had great hostility towards themselves, and the soul color was red and black, which had reached the point of hatred.

They made no secret of their hostility, and when Ren looked back, they glared even more.

Ren’s face didn’t fluctuate, and he didn’t care at all.

He guessed the identities of these people were from the two families of Brandon and Etis. Especially several men in the Brandon family, they are all sons of the Duke of Brandon, one of them is still the heir, that is, the next Duke, but obviously, they count the death of their father on their own.

Emilys has returned the corpse of the Duke of Brandon to the Brandon family, threatened by the Everwinter City, and used the position of the Duke as a temptation to force them to acknowledge allegiance and accept a ransom of 5,000,000 Golden Dragon. condition.

Ren noticed the new duke.

He is the eldest son of the Duke of Brandon, a high-level ice wolf swordsman, and he is very hopeful of being promoted to Legendary, but I am afraid that it is impossible to subdue his brothers.

Especially the youngest looking young man, only 20 years old, handsome and cold-looking, with the charm of the Duke of Brandon, surpassing his elder brother in both strength and potential, and in the future Brother will also be a wall Not surprised.

Brandon’s clansman is Ding Xingwang, and his descendants are very outstanding, and the talents are a bit too much.

The situation in the Attis family is the opposite. The new duke is a teenaged child, temporarily regent by the mother, orphans and widows, and I don’t know how many people covet it.

These two families have their own drawbacks, which should not be a concern.

Ren is more concerned about Dans Duchy, the new Duke of Dan Coste, he sits in the first row. Coster, who was high-spirited and vigorous in the past, is now depressed. His right hand was cut off from his wrist. According to Ding Laji, this was cut off by Koster himself.

Kost noticed Ren’s gaze, looked up and then quickly lowered his head.

Ren not at all found in his soul how much hostility, whether he changed his mind or was terrified by himself.

He sat down next to Duke Fisher.

Valogen walked up, stood on the steps, a position shorter than Amelis as a sign of respect, read aloud an edict with extremely gorgeous rhetoric, circumflexed, praising Queen Your Majesty’s character, and After all these years of hard work, she finally eliminated Mark the traitor and restored the Dragonborn, and Kanggatro was bathed in the glory of the Drogenberg family again.

After a series of cumbersome ceremonial steps, Varogen announced Emilys Drogenberg as the new king and began to be crowned ceremony.

“Chairman Cleos, please crown the queen!”

Varogen’s voice echoed in the giant Dragon God Palace. Everyone could hear clearly. People couldn’t help but froze for a while, looking at each other in blank dismay, there was a low voice.

According to the tradition of the dragonborn, the new king will be crowned by the Dragon God High Priest.

High Priest is generally an older member of the Drognborg family. Although the Dragonborn was slaughtered and cleaned, the position of High Priest has remained vacant for many years, but there are still several respectable dragon gods in Kingsland. Believers can temporarily appoint one to crown the queen.

How could it be Speaker Cleos?

No one dares to doubt the strength and status of this speaker, but he is not a believer in the Dragon God after all, how can he crown the King of Dragonborn?

Thousands of guests in the temple discussed spiritedly, and some even whispered.

The face of Amelis on the throne did not change at all, but her heart was actually full of confusion and worry, fearing that this inconsistent practice would cause the Dragon God’s dissatisfaction, and she realized her thoughts.

This is Ren’s proposal, but Ren did not explain why.


Varogan shouted loudly and repeatedly shouted: “Speaker Cleos, please crown the queen!”

Cleos, who looked like a high elf, stepped up the steps. Facing people’s doubts, he didn’t care at all, but was a little excited.

Being able to crown a queen is a lifetime experience worth boasting about.

Especially this queen has the bloodline of the red dragon. As a red dragon who believes in the magic Goddess, Cleos is very happy to crown her.

Ren sitting in the front row raised a smile at the corner of his mouth.

This is a test.

President Cleos is a red dragon, but he also believes in the magic Goddess. The matter of crowning Amilys by him will have different understandings from different perspectives.

The dragon god Bahamut can naturally see the true identity of Cleos, and his preference for giant dragons will not arouse revulsion; in the eyes of mortals, this is Amelis’s release. The first signal is that the belief in the Dragon God is no longer regarded as the only orthodoxy; if the magic Goddess is also watching, it should be able to understand the deep meaning.

Of course, only Ren knows everything. Even Cleos was kept in the dark, unaware that he was being used.

Under the witness of the people, Cleos took out a simple dragon-shaped crown, gently put it on Amelis’ head, and then stepped back from the throne.

The coronation process was short and solemn, and everything went well.

Ren glanced at the dome of the temple, his gaze seemed to penetrate, looking towards the sky, but not at all he could feel any breath of divine force.

“Meet Your Majesty, Queen!”

The huge and tidy voices rang in the giant Dragon God Palace, but people’s faces, especially those who know about faith and gods, were filled with doubts and surprises.

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