Warhammer Wizard Chapter 474


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Ren stood invisible on the wall, observing the half-elves in the courtyard.

Judging from the characteristics of her soul, she is 16 years old, a few years older than her appearance, and the growth rate of half-elves is slower than that of normal humans.

Her sword technique is quite brilliant, at least at her age, it is difficult to find an opponent only with the sword technique. She is using a very light rapier, only one and a half fingers wide, without any enchantments, but in her hand a moonlight sword shadow is swept, with a deep chill.

The half-elf’s steps are extremely light, flexible and changeable. There is only a very small sound between flashing and moving. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can’t hear anyone inside who is practicing the sword through this wall.

This is obviously a talent from Elf Race.

Many of the sword techniques of Ellen Ess world are derived from elves. The Sword Master and Sword Master of the cream of the crop are usually from Elf Race. It is not surprising that half elves have outstanding sword technique talents.

However, this is just her appearance.

Ren’s eyes of the soul can see more clearly, this half-elf’s spell casting talent is higher than the sword technique, with unlimited potential, and even better than the pure-blood elves. She has half of the human bloodline, and there is a Blood Soul curse in her soul, but what makes Ren even more surprised is that there is a magical thing hidden in her soul.

It is hidden in the depth of one’s soul of the half-elf, shaped like a crescent moon, emitting cold moonlight, illuminating her entire Soul World.

Ren observes carefully and finds that it is not a factor.

Because the eye of the soul can’t feel its information, it can only be seen through the will of truth, and the outline of it seems to be a strange machete, and the crescent-shaped part is a knife with a long grip.

“At least legendary!”

Ren was amazed that this legendary weapon and the half-elf soul were completely fuse together. It seemed to be born with it. It completely changed the structure of her soul and looked different. Even, the Blood Soul curse was suppressed to the bottom under its moonlight shining, and there was almost no chance of it happening.

Although she has not yet undergone the soul transformation ceremony, her physical fitness far exceeds that of an ordinary person, and her strength is equivalent to Level 3, and her soul has multiple elements.

Ren’s mind moved slightly.

He originally just wanted to take care of Mark’s illegal child, and quietly bring it to the empire to arrange it in the territory, so that she would have no worries for her life.

But after seeing me, he was shaken.

This is a piece of unpolished jade that has not been polished. If you embark on the path of transcendence, it will shine!

With her super talent, no matter where she is, she will be discovered sooner or later. Impossible to spend a life of attempt nothing and accomplish nothing like an ordinary person, and her true appearance is so outstanding, it will be fully developed in the future, and She is a devastatingly beautiful beauty.

The beauty without the power to protect herself will only bring her a terrifying disaster.

Mark obviously also knew her talent very well. When he was King Congatro, he could protect her secretly. When he died, accidents might happen soon.

Ren sighed secretly that Mark really worked hard for this bastard girl.

“Such a great talent, I can’t bury it.” He decided in his heart, “Anyway, I have already accepted six students, and it doesn’t make any difference to accept one more. Besides, those students are all specialized in other schools. , The potential of this half-elf is very suitable for taking the path of battle mage, just to inherit my fighting school.”

The half-elf practiced the sword technique with great concentration, and soon a layer of sweat broke out on his body.

It was cold and cold. She was only wearing a thin linen clothes, but she didn’t feel cold at all. Instead, her footsteps were getting faster and faster. The thin sword shone like a light beam in the yard, cutting the air silently.

Ren didn’t bother her, admiring it with interest.

Suddenly, the half-elf’s silhouette disappeared, and a cold glow flashed in front of Ren, taking his eyes straight, and the chill on the sword light made his pores stand up.

“What a keen perception!”

Ren exclaimed, knowing that he is still invisible, and the other party can not only discover his position, but also launch a surprise attack.

Truth Will actually perceives the slight danger, which is a bit incredible.

As his mind turned, Ren stretched out his hand to hold the tip of the sword before his eyes.


With a soft sound, the moonlight sword glow converges, revealing a half-elf silhouette.

She also stood on the wall, only three steps away from Ren, looking at Ren who emerged from invisibility, waves were stirred in her cold and deep eyes. She tried hard to withdraw her sword, but found that the rapier seemed to be welded to Ren’s hand, completely motionless, and it could not cut the skin of Ren’s palm.

The half-elf reacted extremely quickly, and immediately let go of his sword and fell into the yard, leaning back against the wall.

When she turned around, she found Ren on the wall was missing.

The next moment, she noticed someone standing next to her, and turned her head to see that it was Ren holding the rapier. His tall body was almost close to her arm, close at hand, even though her face was hanging With a faint smile, but the oppression that came out made her almost suffocated.

The half-elf feels that the hands and feet are soft just by close contact without hands.

She immediately wanted to escape, but found that she couldn’t move, like a prey being watched by a giant dragon. The difference in strength between the two sides was so big that she didn’t even have the courage to resist.

Just when the half-elf was frightened, he heard the other person talking.

“What’s your name?”

Ren’s tone was very gentle, without the slightest hostility, and handed the rapier back.

The half-elf subconsciously took his rapier, hesitated, and then replied: “Angela.”

Her voice is clear and beautiful, with several points of strange accent.

It may not be heard by others, but Ren knows very well that this strange tone is actually influenced by Elvish, mixed with Congatro, so it is a bit weird.

Ren had known her name from Mark a long time ago, but pretended not to know.

After receiving the rapier, Anvila took two or three steps back quietly, keeping a very alert on her face. She looked at Ren carefully, even though she was still a girl with little experience, rarely contacted with outsiders, and was alone, she was smart enough to guess that this was a great character.

He is an extraordinary person with extremely terrifying power!

This made her feel extremely worried.

“Your sword technique is good.” Ren praised with a smile, his eyes swept across the yard, and then asked: “Is there anyone else in your house?”

“I’m alone.” Anvila replied in a low voice.

Ren raised his eyebrows, to ask a question, when already knows the answer, “A person? Where are your parents?”

Angela’s eyes dimmed a bit, somehow, she was inexplicably relaxed and vigilant towards the man in front of her, who didn’t talk a lot at ordinary times. It seemed because the other person was too handsome and possessed amazing charm, as if touched Somewhere in the soft corner of my heart, I lost myself and said: “I don’t have a father, and my mother passed away three years ago.”

“Sorry.” Ren apologized.

According to Mark, he has never appeared in front of this illegitimate girl, and only has private contact with her mother, that is, the moon elf, and regularly pays the mother and daughter a living allowance, so that they have nothing to worry about.

If you want to accept Anvila as a student, you must make sure that she will not turn against her in the future because of Mark’s death.

The Eye of Soul shows that Anvila is not lying.

“My lord,” Anvila raised her plain face, looked at Ren, and asked vigilantly: “Is there anything wrong with you at my house?”

“hehe…” Ren laughed. “I passed by accidentally and saw you practicing the sword technique. I was a little curious, so I stopped and looked at it for a while, hoping that it didn’t disturb you.” He looked up and down half-elf. Touched his chin and said truthfully: “Your talent is very good. You have such a strength before you have changed your soul. It is very suitable to be my student. I wonder if you are interested?”

Anweila’s eyes flashed surprise, and she couldn’t believe it.

Ren’s strength is deep and unmeasurable, at least above Legendary. Any ordinary person who hears that Legendary wants to accept herself as a student will immediately agree, but she has doubts.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.” Ren said with a smile: “My name is Ren *Augustus. I come from the Oriencer Empire. I am a battle mage.”

“Ren *Augustus ……battle mage ……”

Angela murmured in a low voice. She seemed to have heard the name somewhere. There was a flash in her mind. She was stared wide-eyed and could no longer maintain her indifferent mentality. She lost her voice, “You are Duke Augustus?”

“It’s me.” Ren laughed, feeling proud.

Annweila is still in absent-mindedness, she is still simple, but she also knows the drastic changes that have taken place in the kingdom during this time, the restoration of the dragonborn, the new queen enthroned, the seven duches of duchy changed four in one breath, and was born A brand new duchy, the Duke is a Legendary wizard from the Empire.

“So it was him?” She was surprised and happy, “Really so young!”

Ren continued: “If you are willing to worship me as the Teacher, follow me back to the Empire to Floating Void City in Wizeland. With your talent, you will soon become a wizard, and it is a rare battle like me. mage, you can give full play to your talent.”

“How?” His eyes were full of sincerity.

Although Anvila is a half-elf, she was very proud of her ethnic origin under the influence of her mother and kept her distance from others, but facing a Legendary wizard like Ren, she has a little pride in her heart. to withstand a single blow.

Not to mention half-elves, even the noble pure blood moon elves or silver gray elves, do not want to miss this opportunity.

The half-elf bears the Blood Soul curse and cannot become a wizard. A wizard is his best way to transcendence!

“I have seen Teacher.” Anvira bowed and saluted.

“Very good.”

Ren smiled with relief, “If there is anything to take, go and pack now, we will leave Congatro soon.”

Angela turned and entered the cramped room, coming out in a few minutes, carrying a small package in her hand.

Ren nodded, open a Transmission Gate.

Before entering, he suddenly turned around and said, “By the way, since you are already my student, there is no need to pretend to be a human being. You can show your true appearance generously. No one dares to do anything to you. Kind.”

After talking about Ren, enter the Transmission Gate.

Anweila was complexion greatly changed, because Ren said these things in Elvish language, and she knew that Teacher had already seen through that she was a half-elf.

She hesitated for a few seconds, then raised her hand and wiped the necklace on her neck.

Suddenly, the mediocre face returned to an amazingly beautiful face, with long white hair tied into a ponytail behind his head, and the white skin seemed to have a faint shimmer, and the temperament was elegant, although it was still a little immature, but It’s amazing enough.

The linen clothes worn on her body can’t hide her demeanor at all, but there is a cold feeling of alienation, which makes people feel that they can only be seen from a distance but cannot be approached.

Anweila showed her true face, took a deep breath and stepped into the Transmission Gate.

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