Warhammer Wizard Chapter 475


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Angela walked through the Transmission Gate and found herself in a spacious hall, standing next to a huge Transmission Array.

My Teacher, Duke Augustus is on the Transmission Array, uploading the Soul Power activation array by hand, and one after another engraved line lights up regularly.

“Teacher is debugging Transmission Array.”

Angela’s beautiful eyes lit up, watching Ren’s every move curiously.

She has received mother’s guidance since she was a child, mostly about the knowledge of the caster, and knows the difficulty of arranging the Transmission Array. This is the most profound knowledge of magic and requires a deep understanding of the void and planes. Even in the elf country, only a few wizards above Legendary can master it.

A large number of wooden boxes are piled around the Transmission Array, and there are extraordinary warriors wearing dark blue armor guarding them.

These extraordinary warriors are tall and strong, their bodies standing like Iron Pagodas, and the breath radiating from any one of them makes Anvila’s heart tremble, and she takes two steps involuntarily.

“They are extreme fighters.”

Ren saw that she was a little scared, and calmly said: “You are my student. If you encounter difficulties in the future, you can always trust the Extreme Warriors. They are your strongest backing.”

Sicarius took off his helmet very cooperatively, and showed a kind smile to Anvila.

Although his looks are extremely fierce, the smile on his face is very sincere. Anyone who sees such a beautiful little girl will try to show his friendly side, even more how, Boss said this is his new collection s student.

The other extreme fighters also remembered Anweila’s appearance, and the expressions under the helmet have several points of weird.

“Another great beauty…”

Sikaius couldn’t help but vomit secretly, “There are more and more beauties around Boss, and one is more beautiful than the other!”

“I remember, Teacher.” Anvila sighed in relief.

Ren is looking at her current appearance while debugging Transmission Array, eyes full of appreciation.

He saw Anweila carrying a small package, thought about it, and took off a dimensional space ring that he wore on his finger.

This is Mark’s ring, beautifully shaped, like a pair of gold antlers bent into a ring, holding a green top grade dimensional stone, but the size of the internal space is relatively general, although it is also very precious, countless People are yearn for something even in dreams, but they are not very useful for themselves. It is better to give it to Anvila as a relic left to her by Mark.

Ren quickly emptied the things that belonged to Mark in the ring, put in hundreds of golden shields and a batch of primary potions, and passed the ring.

“This is a meeting gift for you.”

Angela was taken aback. She naturally knew the value of the dimensional space ring. She didn’t expect her Teacher to be so generous and sent it out.

Peng Peng jumped in her heart, but she shook her head, “Teacher, this is too precious.”

“It’s okay, you can put it away.” Ren laughed, and said with deep meaning: “It was originally your thing, I keep it useless, so don’t waste it.”

Angela didn’t understand the meaning of these words, and at Ren’s insistence, accepted the gift.

“Thank you Teacher.”

She received too many shocks today, it was almost dreamlike. If this is really a dream, she would rather never wake up for the rest of her life.

Ren saw that she was in a daze, so he didn’t speak any more.

After a while, Transmission Array softly trembled, all runes light up at the same time, and the spatio-temporal coordinates are successfully connected. Twelve Arcane crystals were inlaid into the groove, fully excited, and huge mysterious energy spread out. Under Ren’s control, the space rippled like water, slowly opening a tall light door.

Across from Transmission Gate is the transmission hall of Glamorgan Castle.

A thin silhouette appeared. It was Raistlin. There were also a dozen boxes stacked beside him, which contained another set of Transmission Array Mithril plates, which would be arranged in Dragonspine Fort.

Raistlin walked through the Transmission Gate and bowed and said: “Teacher.”

“Well, thank you for your hard work.”

Ren and his Avatar pretended to have a dialogue, introduced: “This is Anvila.” Then he said to Anvila: “He is Raistlin and is my student like you. In the future, when I am away, You can ask him if you have something.”

“Your Excellency Raistlin.”

“Ms. Anvila.”

The two of them have relatively indifferent personalities, and there is no more communication after getting to know each other. Raistlin knew the origins of Anvila very well, and didn’t want to ask more. Anvila was a little curious in her heart, but she was wary of people other than Ren and kept silent.

This scene is like a stuffy bottle gourd meets another stuffy bottle gourd.

Ren some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

After the Transmission Gate is opened, Ultimate Warrior starts moving supplies without Ren’s command.

All the things on the Red Dragon Fort are source crystal mines, including the more than 20,000 pounds found from Dragonspine Fort, and the spoils obtained from the vassal lords after the capture of Kingsland. There are also four or five. Ten thousand pounds, plus the 280,000 pounds just traced back from the dock warehouse today, there are a total of 400,000 pounds of Origin Crystal Mine!

In less than two minutes, the Extreme Soldier has finished moving things.

All the source crystal mines have been moved to Glamorgan Castle, and the Transmission Array refined by Raistlin is already on the Red Dragon Castle side.

Emilys got the news and rushed to the teleportation hall.

She couldn’t help but pull the expression when she saw An Wei. I heard that it was Ren’s new student, so she looked at An Wei and didn’t ask too much. On the contrary, Anvila recognized that this noble lady was Queen Your Majesty, and was very frightened, not knowing how to salute for a while.

“I’m going to see Teacher and I’ll be back soon.” Ren said.

Emilys is gently nodded, her face is cautious.

Ren will return to Wezeland this time to see the Anzai master. One is to report on Congatro’s affairs. The most important thing is that Ren will inform the Anzai master that the Drogenberg family is going to convert to the magic Goddess and float with Wezeland. Void City launched a long-term cooperation plan.

Master Anxi is not the chosen one, but his strength and status as a holy soul wizard can contact Goddess and convey his wishes and beliefs to him.

“Wait for my good news.”

“I have seen Teacher.”

I haven’t seen each other for nearly two months. Ren found that his students have made great progress. In particular, Dalamar and Peraris, the highest is innate talent, are innate talent rare even among the high elves. Dalamar, originally a Level 3 mage, has reached the edge of breakthrough Level 4.

Polaris, who has been transformed into a perfect soul, has made rapid progress, from Level 2 wizard to Level 3, and is already not far from becoming a soul again.

This beautiful witch, given her sufficient resources and guidance, one day she will be able to catch up with Dalamar.

The other students are not lazy.

The level of Garu the Orc has not increased, and he is still a Level 2 Wanling Wizard, but the number of Demon Souls in his soul gathering tower has increased by two.

Spyrohawk, a shy teenager, is still a Level 1 transforming wizard, but he has shown amazing talent in alchemy. Ren has provided him with a batch of materials through Raistlin, has been able to refine a variety of potions, and has also begun to get involved in the manufacture of magic items.

Even Jenna, who was born in the noble Eldest Miss, worked very hard, fused multiple seals, and was about to upgrade to Level 2 Elementalist.

The speed of improvement of these students is rare in the entire empire.

Of course, Ren paid a huge amount of resources and golden shields for them. The money was given to other Legendary wizards, enough to train ten times the number of students.

It’s one aspect of not hesitating to invest resources, but also one aspect of their talent.

The combination of the two has such an effect.

In just a few years, they should be able to grow to the point of helping themselves.

Ren secretly proud of his Divine Vision knowledge, nodded satisfied, said: “She is Anvila, a few years younger than you, and will be your same sect in the future.”

The students have all discovered the existence of Anvila and they see that she is a half-elf.

Ren introduced each student to her.

Angela said hello one by one, and seemed polite, but everyone could still feel the arrogance and coldness of this half-elf, and her guard against strangers.

Everyone was surprised at Anweila’s beauty.

Only the high elf Dalamar is still as usual, indifferent to half of his own clan, and even looks down on it.

Polaris smiled kindly, but was wary in her heart.

When she heard Ren said that Anvila would become a battle mage in the future, the threat in her heart became more serious. Not only her, the other students also complexion slightly changed, even Dalamar also paid attention to it, can not help but carefully observe Anweila.

No one in the Empire knows, Teacher is a battle mage!

However, none of their students could inherit Teacher’s school. When they came to Teacher, they had already determined their school. If they can, hundreds of them are willing to switch to battle mage. Unfortunately, once the school specialization is chosen, it cannot be changed.

Unsurprisingly, Anvila will become Teacher’s favorite student.

Suddenly, everyone felt a little envy, and some thoughts that they dared not express.

Anweila’s perception is very keen, and she has noticed the change in everyone’s attitude towards herself, but she doesn’t know much about the wizarding school, and she didn’t understand the reason for this change for a while.

Ren took the students’ minds in his eyes and laughed secretly. He didn’t prefer Anvila and would treat all students equally, holding a bowl of water level.

But there is no need to say it.

“Jenna,” Ren told the most innocent and kind student, “You take Anweila to her room and help her prepare some daily necessities to adapt to life in Wezeland as soon as possible.”

“Okay, Teacher.” Jenna agreed sweetly.

Ren watched the two female students leave.

He has made arrangements for Anweila. Her soul strength is enough to undergo soul transformation. First let her perform a few soul grinding tests, buy a World Tree seed and make it into a soul-melting seed. Find her a suitable Demon Soul and officially become a battle mage.

With Anweila’s talent, her strength will soon be able to catch up with other students, and even overtake.

“It’s all gone, I’ve been to Teacher, and I will come back to guide your study progress.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Under the watch of the students, Ren opened the Transmission Gate and walked in. He teleported directly to the top of the Wezeland Tower. As soon as he entered, he saw Teacher sitting behind a large desk, stroking his snow-white beard, while immersing his head in studying magic knowledge. The air was filled with subtle magic waves.

Ansivodas looked up, his face looked the same as usual.

However, Ren can feel the difference. Although the eyes of the soul cannot see through the soul of the holy soul wizard, the will of truth can perceive the physical condition of the Teacher. It is no longer as fragile as the past two years, and it is difficult to maintain collapse and Cohesive balance.

“Teacher, your physical problem is solved?” Ren said joyfully in surprise.

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