Warhammer Wizard Chapter 476


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“It’s okay.”

Ansivodas sat there, his body turned into a breeze and flew around the room extremely fast, appeared in front of Ren, said with a smile: “This is the first time I have seen the’Endless Spring Breeze’. Elements, it not only solves the problem of body breakdown, but also adds a means to save my life.”

“Thanks to you this time!”

Anse Waldos is in a very happy mood, thanks to Ren.

“Teacher’s body is the most important first-class major event in Wezeland. It is very good to be able to solve it.” Ren is also happy for Teacher. He has a holy soul wizard who sits in Floating Void City and serves as a backer for himself. There is more confidence in everything you do.

In the past two years, members of the six-member council have actually been under tremendous pressure.

Now that the pressure is gone, just like removing the heavy shackles, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Ren himself has some plans to put on the agenda.

Ansivodas took out a dozen crystals, “Take care of these.”

There is an element rune in each crystal, like an insect frozen in amber, anyone can directly observe its shape without the eye of the soul.

These are the French seals.

Four special wizards of the Fa Seal School, Elementalist, Arcanist, Psionicist and Dark Magician, only need to take the elements of within magic seal and integrate them into their souls to master the corresponding spell or Innate Ability .

Ren observed and found that most of these seals were Wind Element Spell, which was stripped from the Demon Soul of the Spirit Wind Stag.

He also saw “Son of Wind”.

This super-level power element allows wizards to gain super wind element affinity, speed up spell casting, and increase the formidable power and resistance of Wind Element spell. All wind elements make the sign of yearn for something even in dreams.

“Teacher, don’t you merge them?”

Ren refers to “Son of Wind” and “Lingfeng Breach”. The effect of the latter is no less than flash, and can be used in turn with other displacement spells, without worrying about the gap in casting.

“No need.”

Ansivdaus shook his head, “I only specialize in the field of Fire Element. I have set my own magic path many years ago. The wind element will only distract me and interfere with my spellcasting accuracy. “

Ren understood immediately.

The elementalists of the French Seal School can choose to specialize in a single line, or they can be proficient in two element fields, or even three elements concurrently. Three are already the limit. Specialization has the advantages of specialization, and concurrent cultivation has the advantages of concurrent cultivation. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it has basically been fixed before reaching the holy soul stage.

It’s like the ship is difficult to turn around. From the beginning, you have to choose a good direction. Even below Legendary, the future path is determined.

Imperial 12 holy soul wizards, of which six are elemental envoys or part-time elemental envoys, accounting for half of them.

Of these six holy soul elementalists, there are two who specialize in one element field, and Teacher is one of them; one is proficient in two elements; one is proficient in three elements; one specializes in Arcanist; and one It is the Duke of Redstone who specializes in psychics.

For Master Old Yu, the son of the wind is not at all attractive.

Spirit Wind Leap is not irreplaceable, the displacement spell of the Holy Soul Wizard must be extremely proficient, reaching the point of do as one pleases, and is no longer limited to the casting gap.

Ren is a little greedy for Lingfeng Zheyue, but unfortunately he can’t integrate his seal.

Caidgar and Chairperson Cleos, one of them specializes in Arcanist and the other is a mage, neither of them are used.

“It’s a pity.”

Ren put away the seal, he was going to buy the “Son of the Wind” and “Lingfeng Zheyue” at a high price, and put them away for himself, maybe which student would use them in the future. The rest of the seals were also sold, and they were given priority to the wizards of Wezeland, and the money received was equally divided with the two speakers.

Ansivodas sat down again, “Tell me about Congatro’s situation.”

Although Cadegar has already reported in detail, he still wants to hear Ren’s description. With the close relationship between Ren and Amelis, he will definitely know more about the inside story.

The most important thing is the harvest of the Wizards of Wezeland.

“Okay, Teacher.”

Ren spent more than half an hour talking about the entire restoration process of Congatro. When he said that he had been conferred as “Duke Augustus” and got a Duchy Fiefdom, the Teacher’s expression slightly rose. Variety.

“You are also a duke now.”

Anse Waldos was relieved, but also a little envious.

“How can the Duke of Congatro be compared with the Duke of the Empire.” Ren modestly laughed, also the title of Duke, who actually has as different as heaven and earth.

Ansivodas disagrees, “With such a large Fiefdom and several millions of people, you will not lack no income. Manage well, Augustus duchy will be your biggest help.” He has been regretting Fiefdom, the Duke of the empire, was abandoned, causing Wezeland to owe a huge debt.

“I will, Teacher.”

Ren also deeply realized this.

Although Allenus is a world where extraordinary powers are very common, the overall productivity level is still lagging behind. Land is the most important means of production, followed by population.

Teacher is a holy soul wizard. If you want a large enough territory, you also have to look at luck.

Every resource or livable territory in the world has a master, and there must be a powerful force or extraordinary person behind it. It may be a god, and it is not possible to occupy the land as a king by virtue of strength, even The holy soul wizard also touched his nose.

Unless Teacher goes to explore unknown planes, the risks and difficulties are higher.

Ren took out a booklet and said, “Teacher, this is the ledger made by Speaker Cleos. Let me bring it back. Please have a look.”

Ansivodas eyes shined, took the account book and read it.

Only reading the first page, his beard trembled happily, and happily said: “This time, there are more than 40 million gold shields!”


Ren looked at Teacher and quickly flipped through the ledger. He had already read it and explained: “This is only a preliminary settlement. After all the trophies are counted, there should be more, which can reach about 4500 million gold shields. .”

The 4,500 million gold shields, 30,000,000 of which is the remuneration promised by Amelis before, 5,000,000 has been prepaid.

The remaining 10 million yuan comes from the distribution of war spoils.

The Wezeland Wizards followed the dragonborn army and landed all the way from the south of Kangatello, attacking the city and attacking the castle under Kingslan, the northernmost city of Yongdong.

Any war that a wizard participates in, there is a trophy.

The spoils include weapons and equipment found on the battlefield, the ransom paid by each Great Family for the captives, which is the most part, and the treasures of the noble lords who were ransacked and exterminated after the city broke.

The dragonborn army almost ravaged the entire Congatro, only Morse Duchy survived the war, and the wealth accumulated by the Great Family over the years was robbed. The richest Dans family was also the worst squeezed. , This one alone contributed more than 20 million.

After Amelis paid Wezeland’s remuneration, she still has nearly 10 million Golden Dragon left to replenish the treasury!

She doesn’t even need to use the ancestral treasure of the Zhuo Gengbao family.

Ren completely understood that sentence: When the cannon is fired, gold is ten thousand!

Congatro’s restoration battle, the wealth obtained is more than ten thousand tael of gold, of course, it is also limited to this time, if you fight it again, you won’t have much money.

A wave of leeks are harvested, and the next wave will not start until they grow well.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Ansivdaus read the account book and said three good times. He was delighted to receive the more than 40 million gold shields. Wezeland’s debt was immediately reduced by a half, and the remaining part was paid slowly. The pressure has been reduced too much.

The debt of 100 million gold dongs is not terrifying, the most terrifying is interest.

Everyday all is rising frantically.

After the debt was halved, the interest was also reduced. Even if there is no such large sum of money for the second time, only the income of Weizeland’s Floating Void City can be paid off within 100 years.

“Amelis Your Majesty promised to transfer the money to Wezeland within one week.” Ren said.

“Very good!”

Ansivodas put down the ledger, feeling more relaxed than ever, and praised: “This dragon queen is very trustworthy, Ren, you have to help her. If she encounters any difficulties, you can’t figure it out, you can. Come to me directly.”

“I’ll tell Amelis.” Ren replied in a serious tone.

The promise of a holy spirit wizard is incalculable. If Amelis hears Teacher here, I don’t know what it will look like.

With this promise spread, Emilys’s throne is bound to be more stable.

Anyone who wants to disadvantage her must consider the consequences.

After talking about war and wealth, the next thing is related to Wezeland itself. Ren’s face became a little serious, “Teacher, did Chairperson Cadegar mention what happened when hunting Lingfeng stag?”

“He told me.”

Anse Waldos’s smile gradually faded.

In fact, these days he is also thinking about the origins of the two Legendary high-level wizards. In the empire, who is going to be against Wezeland?

But there is too little information for him to guess.

Wizeland Floating Void City has no enemies in the empire, at least not on the surface. The relationship between the holy spirit wizards is far and near, there is competition and cooperation. The Supreme Council of Chimetis is also roughly divided into three sects, but the Three Great Sects system is more caused by the difference in the concept of spelling.

A battle of ideas, not a relationship between ourselves and the enemy.

But the behavior of the two Legendary high-level wizards, and their hidden purpose behind them, has gone beyond the unbreakable category of fighting between factions, involving the life and death of a holy soul wizard!

A powerful enemy hiding in the dark, Anci Verdaus’s vigilance is the highest.

He looked towards Ren, Kaidejia said that Ren seemed to know something, and solemnly asked: “Did you master the identity of the two Legendary wizards?”


Ren slightly nodded, “Teacher, do you remember what you told me last year, there is a traitor in the High Council?”

“Of course.” Anse Verdous’s heart was slightly cold.

“I may already know who it is.” Ren’s expression is complicated, and what he has to say next is too amazing.

Ansivodas hurriedly asked: “Who is it?”

Ren took a deep breath, slowly replied: “The first holy soul wizard in the history of mankind, the founder of the Supreme Council, the master of Ogulvi.”

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