Warhammer Wizard Chapter 478


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“lifespan.” With a complex expression on Anse Verdaus, he whispered: “The lifespan of the holy soul wizard is actually limited, and it cannot be nearly immortal like the gods.”

Ren suddenly sees.

Until now, he ignored this information, but it was not his fault. The holy soul wizard can live for a long, long time, and the lifespan is very long, even to the end of the life of the holy soul wizard so far. This gives people the illusion that the holy soul wizard is immortal, and it is almost becoming common sense.

Master Ogulevi is the most famous example. As the first holy soul wizard in history, he lived for more than 2000 years and lived the same life as the empire.

Ren has read a lot of history books about the Ellen’s calendar, including the history before the new era.

These historical books mention the overlords who once ruled the world, giant dragons and giants, elves, dwarves, etc., powerhouse lifespans above the holy rank are very long and can live for dozens of centuries.

Especially the Archmage of Elf Race, they are most often compared with the Holy Spirit Wizard.

In the third era, many elven archmages were active for thousands of years. The most famous archmages lived from the beginning of the era to the end of the era. There were even archmages who survived the dark millennium and are still alive. Lived for over 10,000 years!

These great wizards who were growing old with unfailing eyes and ears misled Ren and made him think that the holy spirit wizard could live so long.

“Teacher, what is the lifespan of the holy soul wizard?”

“About 2000 years.” Anse Waldos is also not sure. “The lifespan of a wizard varies from person to person. Different experiences and different degrees of soul transformation will affect the length of lifespan.”

“So short!”

Ren’s face was stunned, it was much shorter than he expected.

Legendary high-level wizards can live for nearly a thousand years. It is reasonable to say that it is so difficult to be promoted to the holy soul wizard. How can I say that the life span has to be doubled several times, and it is about three or four thousand years. Those elves can live. over 10,000 years!

“This is caused by the Blood Soul curse.”

Ansivodas gave a bitter explanation: “The lifespan of the transcendent mainly depends on two factors. One is that the body can maintain vitality, and the other is the strength of the soul.”

“The innate lifespan of our human beings was originally inferior to other races, and the soul was tortured by the Blood Soul curse when it was the weakest. The foundation is weak. Even after the soul grows up again and again, the curse is even lifted, but the soul still has Defects, the decline is faster, and it is more difficult to fight the erosion of the long river.”

“The Holy Soul Wizard has many ways to keep the body alive, but there is no particularly good way to deal with the decline of the soul.”

“Assuming from my own soul situation, 2000 years is almost the limit.” Anse Verdaus said of his lifespan, which seemed very relaxed and relatively indifferent.

Ren quietly observed two eyes. The Teacher’s appearance only seemed to be old. In fact, his body is much better than the overwhelming majority, and comparable to the Legendary melee extraordinary. He remembered that Teacher was born in 1242 in the New Year and was promoted to the Holy Spirit Wizard in 1334. It is now in the Year of 2530 in the New Year, and he can live for at least 700 years, which is far from the end!

Teacher does not have to worry about the lifespan issue yet, however, the Oculevi master is different.

No one knows exactly how old Ogulvi master is, but everyone has heard the rumors that Ogulvi master was born before the establishment of the empire and had deep contact with Emperor Elfa when he was young , And witnessed all the historical events of the empire so far.

The empire was established in the 221st year of the new calendar, that is to say, the “first wizard” was at least 2,300 years old, or even older!

This has exceeded the lifespan limit of the holy soul wizard.

Ren searched in the mobile library, but couldn’t find the birth time of Master Oculevi. He curiously asked: “Teacher, how old is Oculevi master?”

“This may only be clear to him.”

Ansivodas shook the head, replied a little hesitantly: “According to my guess, he may be born around 160 in the New Year.”

“160 years!”

Ren made a quick calculation and was surprised: “Master Oculevi is already 2,370 years old. How did he do it?”

Without waiting for Anse Waldos to answer, he thought of another person, the Great Sage Congerard.

The second-oldest holy soul wizard in the Supreme Council has a clear record of his birth time. He was born in 265 years of the New Year calendar, about a hundred years later than the master Ogulvi. His age has also exceeded the lifespan limit of 2000 years.

The other holy spirit wizards of the Supreme Council are all under 2000 years old, and the youngest black robe Duke Tuzley is not even two hundred years old.

“And the Great Sage of Congerard…” Ren frowned.

“Don’t guess wildly,” Anse Verdas waved his hand. “The Great Sage has developed a life-prolonging potion to modify the body structure, extending his lifespan, but the material is very precious and rare. You need to go to other planes to get it, and only he can use it.”

Ren suddenly felt that the Great Sage of Congerard was indeed the greatest alchemist in the empire, and he could even refine a potion for life extension.

If this potion can be used by others, it will definitely be the most expensive potion in the world!

“What about Master Oculevi?” he asked.

Ansivdaus was silent for a few seconds, “This is the secret I want to say. In order to live longer, he invented a ten-ring spell called’Ogulevei’s Longevity Art’, every time Casting a spell to bless yourself can extend the lifespan for about a hundred years, which can stack infinitely.”

“This…” Ren was dumbfounded.

Ten rings spell!

It can prolong life for a hundred years at a time, and can stack infinitely. This spell is absolutely worthy of its name. It is enough for the holy soul wizard to grow old with unfailing eyes and ears and obtain unlimited lifespan!

As a mortal, Master Oculevi can invent such a great spell, his magical talent and strength, absolutely shaking the old illuminating the new.

Ren then noticed something was wrong again.

If this is the case, why does Master Oculevi have so many conspiracies? This longevity technique must have some drawbacks.

Sure enough, Ansivdaus continued: “Although the longevity technique is good, it needs a holy soul-level creature as the material for the spell, and it must be alive, including the soul and the body. Both are indispensable. The casting process is long and long. It is complicated and extremely difficult. Even a holy soul wizard can’t guarantee 100% success.”

Ren was taken aback.

Holy spirit level spellcasting materials, which means that Master Ogulvi will capture a Level 20 or higher creature alive every 100 years.

If the longevity spell fails to cast, more materials need to be captured alive.

Any creature above Level 20 is not to be trifled with.

Human transcendents may be the weakest. Those holy species, including various monsters, spirits, giant dragons, demons and even angels, have no ranks, but their souls are all holy ranks, and their lifespans are much longer than human , With the growth of strength over the long years, it may not be difficult for the Holy Soul Wizard to kill them, but it is not easy to catch them alive.

Furthermore, holy creatures are generally not independent individuals, more or less related to gods, either the minions of the abyss Evil God, or there is a powerful population behind them.

However, with the strength of Ogulevi master, it shouldn’t be that difficult, at least not that tricky.

Ren is a little puzzled.

Anse Verdaus saw his doubts and said: “It’s actually very difficult. First, the failure rate of the longevity technique is too high, and it takes two to three times to succeed once; second, the longevity technique has a fatal flaw that makes Oglevi dare not to act blindly without thinking.”

“What flaw?” Ren asked in surprise.

“Longevity cannot be constant, it is a continuous spell, but the effective time is very long, reaching a hundred years.” Anse Verdous laughed and pointed to Ren’s head, “Think with your knowledge of magic When I think about it, where is the risk?”

Ren barely thought about it, and blurted out: “The longevity technique can be released!”

A constant spell will reduce the number of rings. If it is more, it will drop by three points, and if it is less, it will drop by one. Even if the best result is only one point, the longevity technique will fail. And the higher the number of rings, the more difficult it is to keep constant. The ten-ring spell is almost impossible to be constant. Maybe only the magic Goddess can do it.

As for the persistence spell, no matter how high the number of rings, there are times when it fails.

“Yes, your thoughts are very fast.” Anci Verdas praised, and then explained: “Any spell can be cracked and eliminated, and longevity is no exception.” He shook his head and sighed, “Longevity Once the technique fails, the body and soul will return to their true age. You can think of the consequences.”

Ren can indeed think of it, he must have died on the spot.

Moreover, it is the kind of violent death in which the gods are destroyed, even the soul will dissipate, because the soul maintained by the spell should have died long ago.

In this way, the longevity technique becomes a sudden death technique.

Ellenius has a very famous spell called “Dispelling Magic”. Although its starting ring number is as high as five rings, and it is a very rare and transcendent element, among wizards and wizards above Legendary, Many people have mastered it.

Especially the Netherite wizards, in their casting philosophy, “dispelling magic” is almost an indispensable spell.

Many combat methods use “dispel magic”.

There are even some Netherite wizards who build their own combat mode specifically around “disarming magic”. They strip off the opponent’s protective spell and magic items as soon as they take action, and then add a death spell, or one The spell with a high number of rings will kill the enemy simply and neatly.

If Master Ogulevi hits the “dispel magic”, if he fails to save, he will die instantly.

He is the founder of Nether Floating Void City, but he is most afraid of Nether wizards. I have to say, it’s really a big irony!

More than that, the “anti-magic force field” also has a similar effect.

There are also dead zone, magic sucking, rune array, etc. There are no less than ten ways to eliminate spells that Ren only knows, all of which can invalidate the longevity spell and cause master Oculevi to violently shoot.

I believe that there are not a few places like this in Netherite Sky City.

Master Oglevi may not even dare to walk around in his Floating Void City, let alone go out and take risks and fight with others.

If this fatal weakness is mastered by the enemy, it would be too miserable.

Ren couldn’t help but sighed and shook his head. He thought of a detail, “Teacher, hasn’t Master Ogulevei been in public for a long time?”

“Yes.” Anse Vodas nodded, “Since more than four hundred years ago, I have not seen his real body. Every time the Supreme Council is held, he only projects one image. Let his students do it for you, or send your own Avatar.”

“No one knows where his real body is.”

Ansivdaus recalled for a few seconds, “Combined with this time, I even suspect that he is already not in the Empire.”

“Will it be in the New World?” Ren guessed.

“It is possible.”

Ansivdaus went silent.

The Lichs of the talisman seal are hidden in the New World, and there is another Lord of Undead minion organization. The natural disaster Legion is also entrenched on the northern ice sheet of the New World. If Master Ogulvi lurks in the New World, hundreds of years later, I don’t know how many conspiracies have been made.

Ren secretly sighed.

In order to survive, Master Ogulevi would definitely not want to be subject to the “immortality”. The first holy soul wizard in the history of dignified mankind, but he had to hide his head and show his tail. This kind of taste must be uncomfortable. Moreover, the materials for longevity are not easy to find.

If you don’t trust the longevity technique, if you want to live longer, you will either enchant your gods or transform yourself into Lich.

Fengshen may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, it is more difficult.

The conversion to Lich is very simple, just take refuge in Lord of Undead. Such a price cannot be said to be disastrous. Once things are exposed, countless honors and fame in life will be disappeared.

The prestige of the past is so high, the degree of being scolded is just as cruel.

Ren doesn’t know what Oculevi thinks, and he can’t guess whether he has become Lich now, but what Oculevi did to Wezeland and the damage he caused And threats, but it is real.

If this news spreads, it will cause great shock in the empire.

“Teacher, what should we do?” Ren asked.

Anse Waldos held his forehead, lost in thought, and did not reply for a long time. Ren had never seen Teacher like this, knowing that this might be the most difficult choice in Teacher’s life.

A quarter of an hour later.

Ansivodaus finally made up his mind, and said in a low voice: “These all are our guesses, and it’s not certain whether he is really depraved. We can’t act blindly without thinking until there is no real evidence, Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Ren silently nodded, he also thinks the same.

“The first thing to do is to confirm the current situation of Master Ogulevei.” Anse Verdaus stood up, “At least he must be seen in person to make a judgment.”

“Leave this to me, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

“All actions must be done in secret, and they must not be disclosed to anyone, so as not to alarm him, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.” Anse Waldos said seriously.

“I understand, Teacher.”

Ren was solemnly nodded, a holy soul wizard of unknown level, and gave him ten more courage and did not dare to provoke him.