Warhammer Wizard Chapter 479


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Anse Waldos looked at his students and reminded: “Ren, in the next few years you will keep a low profile and assume that you don’t know anything, but in private you must be vigilant and be prepared.”

Ren silently nodded.

Regardless of whether the master Ogleway is corrupt or not, he is extremely hostile to Wezeland.

He not only hides behind the scenes and cooperates with the minions of Lord of Undead, attracting undead natural disasters and intending to destroy Floating Void City, but also sends people to interfere in the restoration of Dragonborn in Congatro. Most importantly, he obviously wants Teacher died, weakening the extraordinary power of the empire.

If the conspiracy succeeds and the Floating Void City of Wezeland crashes, then other Floating Void City and Holy Spirit Wizards will become new targets.

The destructive power of a traitor is often better than an enemy.

In less than a hundred years, the empire will fall apart, and countless people will be harvested by the Lord of Undead.

Thinking about this result makes people shudder.

Ren asked: “Teacher, I mean if, if Master Oculevi really falls, what shall we do?”

“Naturally destroy him!”

Ansivodaus’ answer without the slightest hesitation, the expression was firm and decisive, and said: “When I investigate him secretly, I will also test other holy spirit wizards by the way to confirm whether they know whether they are involved in Ogulevi Once it is determined that Ogulvi has a problem, report it to Goddess, and join hands with the members of the Supreme Council to destroy this fallen person, and he must not be allowed to destroy the empire.”

Ren heard the teacher’s determination, and couldn’t help but sweat for him.

Master Ogulvi’s reputation and status in the Empire are too high, not to mention the influence on the nobles and civilians, his Nether Floating Void City alone, the strength of Ranked 1st in the Empire, is undisputed.

Nice Floating Void City is the world’s first Floating Void City. It was established in 866 of the New Year. It has been more than 1,600 years and has cultivated countless wizards. At present, there are nearly 2,000 wizards in Nether’s Floating Void City, which is more than four times that of Wizeland!

The two thousand more wizards are all the master’s discipline of Ogulevy. There are more than 60 Legendary wizards, of which 12 are Legendary high-level wizards, more than all Legendary wizards in Wezeland. They form the daily management Nether The “Elder Group” of Floating Void City is known as the “Small Supreme Council”.

Almost all of these 12 Legendary high-level wizards are direct students of Master Oculevi, with two exceptions.

There are more wizards who once studied in Nether’s Floating Void City and later left Floating Void City.

These wizards either join other Floating Void City and spell-casting organizations, or stand on their own, or explore the New World and many planes, and their footprints are all over the world.

They are adhering to the Netherite’s spellcasting philosophy, and all together, there are more than 3,000 wizards under Ogulevi Great Sect, and the world is full of peaches and plums.

With a word of his, countless wizards have worked for it.

In contrast, the overall strength of Wezeland’s Floating Void City is weaker by more than one factor. It is trapped by economic problems, the number of wizards is too small, and the Morduism concept is a latecomer, and its influence is slightly less.

The only thing comparable to Nether’s Floating Void City is Teacher himself.

If you want to find a wizard in the empire whose strength is closest to Master Ogulvi, almost everyone will think of the name Anse Verdaus.

The Tim Kenan master of the balance pie came in third.

The three giants of the Supreme Council of the Empire, Master Ogulvi is the most powerful, Duke of Redstone, and the Great Sage of Congerard are his most determined allies. These two Floating Void City belong to the Netherites, and they are both in the north of the empire, so they are naturally closely related.

In addition, Duke Black Robe, the youngest holy soul wizard, is also a supporter of Master Oculevi, but his position is not so firm.

Teacher also has his own allies in the Supreme Council, the “Prophet” Mediver, the Storm Queen “Star Cloth” and the Duke of Silver Star. These three are all hard-core allies, plus their own four holy spirit wizards, occupying the council. One third of the members.

Purple Flame Duke Magna Elan, the founder of the fighting school, Master Oroin, and the long-lived Vantusri Huohuai master, these three holy spirit wizards generally remain neutral or abstain, and tend to favor Tim Kenan, the master of the balance faction, has become a third-party power, but not sufficiently united, but the weakest.

Master Ogulevei targeted Wezeland and Teacher, probably because Teacher threatened him most.

Whether it is personal strength or supporters in the Supreme Council.

If the two sides cast aside all considerations for face thoroughly, it will inevitably split the empire and the Supreme Council. Ren cannot foresee how it will end when the time comes.

The slightest difference is consigned to eternal damnation.

“Teacher, you have to be careful.” Ren said with a look of concern, “Or just report it to Goddess and let him handle it.”

The magic Goddess will never let the empire be destroyed.

“It’s not that simple.” Anse Verdas glanced up, expression grave, and sighed: “Ogulevi is not the chosen one, but he has a very close relationship with Goddess. A thousand-year-old old friend, Goddess trusts him deeper than the Chosen.”

“Ogulevi dared to play a conspiracy in Goddess in front of one’s eyes, he must be fully prepared to cover up his abnormalities and actions.”

“To file a complaint rashly will only make Goddess suspicious of us.”

“Even if Goddess believes in us, he will rely on the Supreme Council to resolve it.”

“The gods cannot easily descend into the mortal world. If they only descend the incarnation, they are probably not Ogulevi’s opponent. Once the incarnation is destroyed, the divine force is weakened, giving the opposing gods a chance to enter the void. , The result is more terrifying than the split of the empire.”

“Unless we have absolute evidence, we must keep everyone secret, including Goddess!”

Ren is nodded cautiously.

The conversation between the teacher and the student did not mention the real name of the magic Goddess from beginning to end, but only referred to it as “Goddess” or “He”. In Ellen’s world, anywhere except the abyss, as long as someone utters the title of “Vejestui” or “Magic Goddess”, the nine words before and after this sentence will be heard by the magic Goddess.

Of course, Goddess will not always listen intentionally.

He only listens to things that are important or interesting to him, and most of the content is ignored.

Ansivdaus’ analysis made Ren fully aware of Oculevi’s terrifying point. This holy soul wizard is in the mortal world, and even the gods are fearless.

“Teacher, how do you investigate?” Ren asked.

The Supreme Council usually meets through a long-distance projection, which is similar to the video conference in the previous life. With the projection alone, even the eyes of the soul cannot tell.

There are very few things that need Ogulevi to take action, and he can let his students do it for him.

It’s too difficult to see him in person.

Ansivodaus is confident, “Under normal circumstances, Ogulvi does not appear easily, but for one thing, he must be there.”

“What’s the matter?” Ren was curious.

“The canonization ceremony of the newly promoted holy soul wizard.” Anse Verdous replied lightly.

Ren startled, “There are wizards in the empire who want to be promoted to the Holy Soul?” There were a number of well-known Legendary high-level wizards flashing in his mind, and he quickly remembered a name: “President Sabra?”

“That’s right.” Anse Vodas nodded, “The fastest is half a year, and the slowest is no more than three years. “Sabra Bu Laien Duo” can completely master the Demon Soul transformation technique at the Holy Soul level. Initiated the seventh soul change ceremony and became the 13th holy soul wizard of the empire.”

“It’s really Dean Sabra!” Ren exclaimed.

This Sabra*Bu Laien is mostly the dean of the oldest Transcendent Academy in the empire, the Blue Wards Academy. He was already a Level 9 wizard 300 years ago, and he is only one step away from the Holy Soul. Known as Number One Person under the Holy Soul Wizard.

However, Dean Sabra is a transforming wizard of the soul school.

The Witcher Third University has eight specializations. Only the Transfiguration Wizard has never been born with a holy soul. He walks on a road that has never been traveled before. It is even more difficult and entrusts the expectations of countless transformation wizards.

Since hundreds of years ago, people have been predicting when Dean Sabra will be promoted, and generation after generation will pass away, but there is no good news.

Finally this day is coming.

This is definitely an exciting event for all transformation wizards.

“13th Holy Soul Wizard!” Ren exclaimed, “Teacher, your relationship with Dean Sarabu should be good, right?”

Otherwise, Dean Sabra will not reveal his progress.

Anse Verdas laughed, “Sabra can be promoted to the Holy Soul, I have worked hard, otherwise he will not get the Demon Soul of ‘Fire Phoenix’.”

“No wonder…” Ren thought suddenly.

The length of the Fire Phoenix in the “Book of a Thousand Souls” is not small. It is also called undying bird. This famous elemental creature is only born on the plane of Fire Element. It naturally masters almost all the Fire Element spells and can be Medium rebirth, belongs to one of the rarest elements, Demon Soul, and of course the most terrifying monster.

Teacher is a holy soul wizard who specializes in Fire Element, so he can surrender or kill Fire Phoenix.

If Dean Sabra is successfully promoted and enters the Supreme Council, he will definitely join the Teacher’s camp, and there will be an additional supporter around him.

Then Mordu faction surpassed Netherism in the Supreme Council.

This is obviously something that Ogulevie did not want to see.

Ren asked, “Apart from you, does anyone know about Dean Sabra? Will Master Oculevi also get the news?”

“It shouldn’t be.” Anse Waldos replied: “I am the second one to know.” He considered for a moment, and then said, “But he knows that I and Dean Sabra are closer , Whether it’s clear or not, you will be prepared.”

“Sabra canonized the Duke of Ceremony, Oculevi must show up.”

“Less than a hundred years ago, when Tuzley was promoted to the Holy Soul, he appeared, but it was just an Avatar, this time I will find a way to make him appear in his true form.

Ansivdaus did not reveal his method, and Ren did not follow up, but was a little worried: “If Dean Sabra takes three years to get promoted, will it be too late?”

“Ren, you have to be patient.” Anse Vodaus taught: “The battle between the holy spirit wizards will never end in a short time, let alone three years, even 300 years is normal. Austrian. Gullewei’s depravity will never begin in the past few years. I guess it has been 300-400 years. This time he failed to prevent the restoration of the Dragonborn. The conspiracy failed. It will take at least a few years of silence for new actions. “

“We are also unhurried for a while.”

He looked towards Ren, “I still pretend to have a physical problem, unable to leave Wezeland, confusing the other party’s judgment. Your strength is still rising rapidly, just take the time to take this few years to go further.”

“I remember, Teacher.” Ren accepted sincerely.

“Anything else?”

Ren said directly: “Emilys Your Majesty has something to ask for. She wants to give up her belief in the dragon god and lead the people of Duchy of Fort Drogon to convert to the magic Goddess. I would like to ask the Teacher to pray for Goddess in response.”

He deliberately said the honorific name of the magic Goddess, and wanted Goddess to hear him.

Ansivodas was taken aback for a moment, and was surprised: “Dragonborn wants to convert to Goddess?” See nodded confirmed by Ren, “This is not a trivial matter.”

“This dragonborn Your Majesty is really powerful.” He recalled the information. “I remember that the population of Duchy of Drogonborg occupies one third of Kanggatro, more than 10,000,000. I want so many people It’s not easy to change your beliefs.”

“Teacher, please read it.”

Ren produced a thick plan.

This was written by him and Amelis together, including a series of initiatives that were first carried out in Augustus duchy to establish schools to spread knowledge and wisdom, lay a solid foundation for the people, introduce wizards from Wezeland, and establish a wizard Academy. At the same time, the altar and temple of the magic Goddess were built.

Augustus duchy is his own territory. He was originally a believer of Goddess. He could just and honorable build a temple and ask the people to convert.

Not to mention the attraction of the Wizard Academy, it provides the Congatro people with the most powerful and extraordinary way.

Ren hopes that the graduates of Academy will have the opportunity to enter Wezeland.

This is a win-win situation for both Wezeland and Congatro.

In addition, Ren is also preparing to reform Augustus duchy’s system. Apart from being a duke, there is no longer a real lord, and just like an imperial nobleman, he only has a false title. He now has more than 10 million gold in his hand. He plans to spend half of the construction of Duchy, and cooperate with the Steam and Machinery Union to comprehensively increase the productivity of Duchy’s more than five million people, from an agricultural country to an industrial country.

The mayor is appointed, construction is centered on the city hall, roads and bridges are built, schools, hospitals and factories are established, agricultural mechanization, and the judicial system are improved.

This is a long-term plan, and it will take at least five years to see initial results.

Wait until Augustus duchy is on the right track, and then slowly penetrate northward, step by step to change the beliefs of the Duchy people in Droege, it will take longer.

Anse Waldos looked more and more surprised.

This plan is very complete, some terms are very unfamiliar, such as “five-year plan”, “productivity”, “education”, “industrialization”, “technical revolution”, etc., and some words are even created , But it is extremely appropriate, and its meaning can be understood at the first reading.

Through his experience, he is vaguely aware of the heavy weight of this plan. Behind it is a complete set of thought logic, as well as a huge potential that is bottomless.

If it is spread, it will not only be applied to a duchy with several millions, but will guide the development of the empire…

This triggered Anse Verdous’s endless reverie, and it turned out to be somewhat absent-minded.

“Teacher?” Ren called softly.

Ansivodas came back to his senses, his eyes were full of wonder, and asked: “You wrote this plan?”

“It was written by me and Amilys Your Majesty.”

“You don’t need to be humble.” Anse Verdous laughed, “I didn’t expect that your talent in governing the country is so superb, no less than your cultivation talent. Unfortunately, you are too young to convince the crowd. Otherwise, you can compete for the position of the Archon of the Empire and display your talents.”

“Teacher laughed.” Ren shook his head repeatedly.

The consul of the empire, the rights and glory of this position second only to 12 Holy Soul Wizard, elected from the empire councillors, approved by the Supreme Council, ten years as a term of office, can be re-elected, but only four Session.

“The destiny of a person is uncertain. It depends not only on the individual’s struggle, but also on the course of history. I think you are quite appropriate.” Anse Verdous laughed meaningfully.

Ren’s heart jumped slightly, not going into this topic.

“This plan is here for me. I will pray to Goddess for a response. You can go back and wait for the news.” Anse Waldos put away the plan.

“Ok, Teacher.”

Ren got up and saluted and exited the room.

He teleported to his tower, recalling what the Teacher said, it seemed to be meaningful, and he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. He was worthy of a wise man who had lived for a thousand years, looking far enough.

After pondering for a moment, Ren summoned the students to guide the magic learning one by one.

A long time passed.

The students dispersed contentedly. Ren returned to the castle and rested for a good night. On the 2nd day, he spent half a day dealing with the official business in the Glamorgan territory and sent it to the alchemy room in Vajra Fort, where he began to refine the 400,000 pounds. Source crystal mine.

Titan Elder requires a source crystal with a purity of more than ninety before it can be exchanged for item.

Activated metal can be easily refined to a purity close to 100%, but Ren was not so kind. Controlling the purity a little bit in the early 90s, just up to the standard, this can increase the number of source crystals by 10%!

He only finished refining all the ore in the alchemy room for two days.

The purified source crystal, plus the previous collection, totals more than 15,000 400 pounds. The density of the source crystal is very large. The volume of such a heavy source crystal is less than half a cubic meter, and even a box is packed. Dissatisfied, Ren threw directly into the dimensional space ring.

He had just walked out of the alchemy room when an extreme warrior greeted him and reported that there was a distinguished lady visiting from Glamorgan Castle.

“Honorable lady?” Ren was puzzled and asked, “Who is it?”

Ultimate Warrior shook his head and said that he didn’t know.

He was called by Fabian Steward to inform. The lady did not reveal her identity or even her name, but Fabian Steward immediately regarded the other party as the most distinguished guest. She served him cautiously and refused to let him. Anyone in the castle approaches.

Ren is even more confused.

The only ladies who can make Fabian so important are Viola and Oxilia, but they won’t be this way, and it’s not like their acting style.

If the enemy is disguised, it is difficult to hide the gaze of the extreme fighter.

“I will go back and have a look now.”

Ren teleported back to Glamorgan Castle. He just appeared in the teleportation hall. He immediately noticed something wrong in the castle, but couldn’t tell what was wrong. Anyway, he felt very uncomfortable, but the will of truth did not trigger a warning of danger.

He walked into the living room of the castle with doubts, but did not see Fabian.

Only a slender woman was sitting on the sofa. She heard the footsteps and turned around. Ren saw her face clearly. Suddenly, the heaven overflowing giant wave thundered in her mind, and she was completely blank.