Warhammer Wizard Chapter 535

After the fight just now, he knows how terrifying Ren’s power is. Even if he has Iron Body, earth pulsation, and various protective methods, his head is impossible to withstand Ren’s Legendary power.

If Ren tried his best, his head would have been blasted.

Even if he was prepared to sacrifice in advance, Halawa felt a blessing in his heart. No one wanted to die, and the longer he lived, the more he cherished his life.

He has lived for more than 700 years. He knows how precious lifespan is. Who doesn’t want to live longer?

lifespan ……

Halawa whispered to himself, divine light flashed in his head, and his eyes seemed a little bit stunned, as if everything could be explained.

“so that’s how it is.”

His mind moved slightly to allow the Demon Soul of the Goron Beast King and the Deer Shou Jing to be possessed. The aortic movement took effect, and the Power of Earth continuously flowed into the back within the body to stimulate the Demon Soul of the Deer Shou Jing. The upper and right leg injuries quickly recovered, and the heavy injuries recovered within a few seconds.

Halawa slowly stood up from the pit, put away the black giant sword that had fallen not far away, and flew in front of Ren.

The shouts of the audience lowered.

“many thanks.” While the sound has not completely subsided, Halawa raised his hand to pretend to wipe off the blood from his head, covered his mouth with a wide cuff, and quickly whispered: “I will go back to Nether to investigate secretly. , Wait for my news, you don’t have to make provocations anymore.”

After finishing speaking, he directly teleported back to the western tower, calmed down the depressed but grateful Nether Wizard, and sat down into silence.

The audience couldn’t understand, why didn’t Halawa Elder even have a single sentence?

Everyone looked at Ren eagerly, expecting him to continue to challenge. There is still a Nether Elder on the western tower.

Elder Ksnyder became the focus of the audience.

Although he has lived for hundreds of years, his strength is strong, his fame and status are high in Floating Void City, he has seen too many storms in his life, but being stared at by tens of thousands of people, Ren also cast his eyes and let him My scalp was numb, and my heart shuddered.

He is a Level 9 wizard. Before reaching Peak, his strength is far inferior to Halawa Elder, similar to Kuitu and Inola.

Besides, he is also an ice attribute elementalist, who is good at the huge might spell and control of high loops, and is completely restrained by Ren.

If you play, you must die end.

But if you don’t respond to Ren’s challenge, your wise life will be ruined.

The other three Elders are all on the court. He is the only one who flinched and fought. What will the Nether Wizard and the people of the Empire think of themselves in the future?

While Ksnyder was struggling, Ren suddenly flew out of the infield and returned to the Eastern Tower.

He did not provoke again!


“Why don’t you continue? Nether still there is a Elder!”

Tens of thousands of spectators were full of disappointment, whispering to each other, and talking with friends around them from their seats, everyone didn’t want this century-old rarely seen show to end. Some people even shouted, hoping that Ren would challenge him again.

Only Ksnyder was ecstatic in his heart, secretly sighed in relief, but did not dare to show it.

“Nether, it’s all waste!”

Suddenly, a harsh shout came from the audience below, making the faces of Ksnyder and the Nether wizards freeze.

“Nether, it’s all waste…”

I don’t know who took the lead. Some bold audience members also followed up. At first they were just sporadicly mixed in the noise. Gradually, more and more people shouted, and they became more and more tidy. , Forming an amplification effect, finally overwhelming all the sounds.

In the end, it developed to tens of thousands of viewers shouting in unison: “Nether, it’s all waste!”

The wizards of Nether are blushing and they raise their heads does not raise.

“Damn it! These people think they are Ren *Augustus?” Ksnyder complexion ashen immediately wanted to make a move. He found out the few leading guys and killed them directly, but found that tens of thousands of people were screaming. I don’t know who is making trouble.

He looked towards the other two Elders.

Inola has just been resurrected, and has not yet escaped from the shadow of experiencing death, a little absent-minded.

Halawa Elder was silent again, as if he hadn’t heard the abuse.

“What to do?” asked a Legendary novice wizard who was leading the team, anxious and angry, already scolded.

Nether wizards all looked at Ksnyder Elder. Obviously, everyone had the idea of ​​letting him challenge, but they were afraid to say it, because it was equivalent to asking Elder to die.

Ksnyder hesitated to speak, but in the end he didn’t have the courage to say that sentence.

“Ugh…” Some Nether wizards let out a low sigh.


A gentle and majestic voice rang in everyone’s ears, echoing in the arena, overwhelming the neat screams.

The image of the sky is also switched to the northern tower, showing the silhouettes of the teachers and students of the Blueworth Academy.

The one standing at the front is Dean Sabra.

His expression was very serious, and he continued: “Everyone, please give the Nether Floating Void City and Ogulevy master the respect they deserve. The magic duel has ended, and no one should disturb the process of this exchange. Now I declare…”

Sabra was still speaking on stage, and the next Transcender shouted: “Your Excellency, respect is won by your own strength, not by others…”

“That’s it!”

“Let Speaker Ren and Nether Elder play, we are going to watch the magic duel, which is much better than the game!”

“We want to watch a duel!”

Some of the crowds on the head protest loudly, and some even incited the audience around them to shout together.

“Shut up!”

Sabra yelled, and a burst of magical aura swept across the arena. Tens of thousands of spectators discovered that they had been silenced, and they desperately opened their mouths without making any sound.

Those protesting Transcenders were swept by the white light and disappeared instantly.

They were all forcibly teleported out of the arena.

The restless audience was immediately quiet, and no one dared to offend Dean Sabra again. His slowly gaze swept across the audience, and many of the spectators who had acted a while ago suddenly felt as if they were on their backs, bowed their heads and did not dare to look back, being scared to the point of shivering.

“This breath…”

Some of the perceptive Legendary were puzzled and noticed that Dean Sabra was different. It seemed that his strength was not limited to Legendary Peak.

On the tower facing Southwest, Herstaff suddenly eyes opened, and his dark eyes are full of surprise.

His wife Laila is also watching the high platform where Brue Academy is.

“Sabra has been promoted?”

Hestaff conveyed a magical message to his wife in his heart, not quite sure.

As one of the few Legendary Peaks most likely to be promoted to the Holy Soul in the Empire, he is no stranger to Sabra, and he is even familiar. The two are both the deans of the three major Academy of the Empire, and they are both Legendary Peak. They have been secretly competing for hundreds of years.

Sabra is a transformation wizard, and the transformation wizard has never produced a holy soul. This is a path that no one has explored before.

So, Hastaf always thinks that he has a better chance of promotion, at least earlier than Sabra.

But now things seem to have changed.

“It should be a promotion. Even if it hasn’t, it’s definitely not far away.” Laila observed for a few seconds, and couldn’t help feeling a little envious, responding in the heart: “The empire will soon have the 13th Holy Spirit Wizard!”

She is also one of the most promising Legendary in the Empire to be promoted to the Holy Spirit. She has gone further than her husband, and is a voter of Goddess. She didn’t expect Sabra to get ahead.

Hestaff let out a sigh, full of mixed emotions.

Legendary wizards in the stands of other towers, and a very small number of people have noticed the abnormality of Sabra, and their expression has become a little strange.

On the eastern tower, Speaker Ronnie withdrew his gaze from Dean Sabra, turned to Ren, and cast a questioning look.

Ren slightly nodded, which means confirmation.

Speaker Ronnie shook his whole body slightly, admiring and admiring him, and soon recovered his calm and confidence.

Dean Sabra showed his strength a little bit and immediately shocked everyone. Nodded, who was satisfied, said loudly, “Now, the exchange competition has officially started. The first day of the schedule, the preliminary group was drawn. Wizards of the first group sign, please prepare to play. You have a five-minute preparation time. If the timeout is not reached, it will be deemed to have given up.”

As soon as the voice fell, the name of the wizard who was about to appear was listed in the sky video screen.

The rules of each exchange contest are roughly the same.

According to the strength of the participating wizards, they are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced groups. The beginner group has the most people, followed by the middle-level group, and the high-level group the least.

Draw lots for each group, and randomly divide the wizards into eight groups.

Then the contestants in the group will take turns to play against each other. The winner gets three points, the loser gets zero points, and each draws one point. After ten rounds of fighting, the eight with the highest points advance and enter the knock-out competition.

Knock-out competition will no longer be divided into groups, and the opponent will be randomly assigned again by drawing lots.

Three games are played between two opponents. The first to win two games is promoted to the next round, and the loser is eliminated until the top four and the champion of the group are decided.

Three champions will be born in one exchange contest.

The first stage of the competition today is the beginner group. Because the beginner group has the largest number of people, there are more than 1,000 people signed up, so the first three days are the beginner group competition, and some intermediate groups are interspersed during the period. With the high-end group, it takes about ten days before entering the knock-out competition, and the competition will also look good.

With the order of Dean Sabra, a one after another criss-crossed light curtain fell on the arena, dividing the arena into nine pieces as a battle arena.

For the wizards and warlocks of the beginner group, they don’t need a lot of space. An arena of 780 square meters is more than enough.

Under the foot of the infield shield, open four entrances.

Thousands of junior wizards and warlocks came to the field, gathered under the ring where they were, and looked at their opponents.

Each ring has a Legendary wizard who sits and serves as a referee while ensuring safety.

With the maintenance of the teachers and students of the Blueworth Academy and Holy Swordsman, the entire arena is in order, and young spellcasters will soon play against each other.

On the ring, one after another spell, you come and I go, playing happily.

The scene also looked very lively.

Some of the more exciting battles were projected into the image of the sky, allowing the audience to see more clearly.

However, having just watched the magic duel between the three Legendary Peaks, these spellcasters with the highest level of only Level 3 played against each other, which felt like a child’s play. Beginner spellcasters can only master the first and second spells. After casting spells for a long time, they only throw out an ice gun or hypnotism, which is disappointing.

There is no gap without comparison.

Thinking of the previous three battles, the scene, the imposing manner, the spell and the force collision, the audience suddenly became dull.

Many viewers were absent-minded, yawning constantly, and some even left early.

Legendary’s time is precious. The battles of these beginner spellcasters are not eye-catching at all. On the tower, except for the Legendary who led the team, everyone else left early after watching them for a while.

Four Nether Elders teleported and disappeared one after another, leaving two Legendary elementary avatars.

Ren saw this, got up and greeted Speaker Ronnie, opened a random door and walked in. As soon as he left, more spectators could not sit still, and soon a large number of people left the venue. They rushed back to show off the Legendary story they witnessed today to their family and friends.