Warhammer Wizard Chapter 536


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Ren teleports from the arena back to the villa in the Academy Garden.

Standing in the empty hall, his face is full of vigilance, the will of truth, the eye of the soul and the all-seeing eye are all opened, scanning all around back and forth, looking through the walls to inspect the whole villa Several times, even the basement and other planes have not been spared.

Confirm that there is no danger, then exhales one breath saying is long.

“Fortunately, I didn’t come.”

Ren murmured fortunately.

If anyone sees him in fear, he must not believe it. This is Speaker Ren, who has just defeated the three Nether Elders, and he looks like the majestic and majestic in the arena.

It’s not that he is timid, but a potential enemy too terrifying!

Master Ogulvi, a famous empire for more than two thousand years, who dares to pat his chest and say that he is not afraid?

Although this is a plan made with Teacher, Teacher also said that he will ensure his safety, but he is afraid of everything.

What if Master Ogulvi has not fallen, or has fallen and played cards unreasonably?

Ren was afraid that he had just teleported back, and at a glance he saw Master Oculevi appearing in front of him, and even the Teacher could not be rescued.

If it weren’t for walking away from the arena, it might cause unnecessary trouble. He didn’t even dare to teleport. The holy soul wizard had unpredictable methods and profound magic skills. If he moved his hands and feet quietly during the teleportation, he would not even die know.

A few years ago, in the Jubilee Mountain City, the Queen of the Storm showed it.

“When it’s time to counsel, still have to counsel a little.”

Ren walked slowly upstairs and entered his room. During the process of going upstairs, his perception did not relax for a second, always grasping the surrounding movement.

Thor’s Hammer also followed closely, hidden in the void within reach.

He sat down and tried to meditate to recover the Soul Power consumed in the battle, but found that he always felt ill at ease and it was difficult to enter the meditation state.

“Forget it, wait for Soul Power to recover by itself.”

Besides, the vigilance during meditation is greatly reduced, and the enemy cannot be given a chance to sneak attack.

Ren sat down at the desk and flipped through a few books to read. From time to time there was cheers from the audience over the arena.

Time passed, and the needle dropped in the room.

Having maintained a high level of vigilance for two or three hours in a row, even Ren felt a little overwhelmed and felt exhausted.

Wizerland’s wizards came back one after another in the villa.

Ren shook the head, got up and went downstairs.

He decided to take a walk in the garden, avoiding the wizards of Wezeland, and the same was true for the next few days, in the name that he was involved when he was attacked.

“President Ren.”

“The Speaker.”

Ren smiled and responded to the nodded wizards, walked out of the hall in their admiring eyes, stepped into the garden outside, and strolled along the stone path. In the early autumn, the garden was filled with a faint fragrance, and the westward sun shone in from the shade of the trees above, adding a few days of beautiful artistic conception.

The garden area is very large, because the exchange competition is being held, so there is no who.

Ren activates the rainbow cloak, and the silhouette disappears into the air.

He walked in stealth for a while, but didn’t go too far, found a long stone bench under a remote tree, and sat on it silently.

Sitting here, you can see the movement over the villa.

Several birds landed on the tree overhead, jumping between the branches, and chirping from time to time, making the quiet garden look more secluded. The fresh air made people relaxed and joyful. Ren’s mind was slightly relaxed. Down.


Ren sits very relaxed, feeling the peaceful private space.

“Teacher hasn’t come yet?”

His eyes circled around, but he still didn’t find any silhouette. He couldn’t help but has several points of doubt. Is it possible that the Teacher was caught in a situation?

Master Ogulevi didn’t attack himself, and went straight to the Teacher?

Don’t be so grumpy!

Ren was in surprise and wonder, suddenly he noticed something and raised his head.

in the sky A crow is flying from the sky, landing on the tree above him. It is as black as all the crows in the world, with black wings so shiny and shiny. It stands on a branch and looks at itself under the tree with its head tilted. Its dark yellow pupils are a little curious, and its mouth is open. Screamed.


The eye of the soul looked towards the head of the crow, the soul that penetrates it, nothing unusual, it’s just an ordinary crow, not even a monster.


Ren suddenly reacted. He is invisible. How can a crow be seen?

This crow was transformed by a wizard!

The invisibility effect of the rainbow cloak is stronger than the seven-ring high-level Invisibility Technique. Three Nether Elders are blessed with true knowledge, but they can’t be seen, but can a crow see through?

The most important thing is that the Eye of Soul couldn’t see through its deformation.

Ren was shocked, subconsciously raising his hand about to emit a stream of rainbow light, the crow spoke, “You kill even a crow?”

Its voice is very low and it is male.

“Who is Your Excellency?”

Ren heightened his vigilance, and his right hand was on the handle of the Quake Hammer behind his back, and he could throw it out at any time, making a shocking blow.

Can’t even see through the eyes of the soul, indicating that the opponent’s rank is higher than his own, at least reaching the holy rank!

A holy Transcender of unknown origin must spare no effort.

“you brat!” The crow’s tone was a bit dissatisfied, “youngster, don’t be so impulsive, relax, take your hands out of your back. Anxi keeps telling me that you have a good temper and are easy to get along with, it seems He doesn’t know enough about you either.”


Ren heard Teacher’s name, and judging from the information in the other party’s words, this person is very familiar with Teacher and seems to be an old friend who has known each other for many years.

He moved slightly in his heart, already guessing the identity of the opponent.

Ren released his right hand from Thor’s Hammer and said with a smile: “I think you should be as ruthless to your enemies as as the autumn gale sweeps away the fallen leaves, and warm to your friends as spring. Your Prophet , Do you think it’s right?”

This crow is the greatest “great prophet” in the history of the empire, and he is respected as the “prophet” Master Mediver!

He accurately predicted many major events, including the fall of Floating Void City in Wezeland a few years ago.

The intersection of Master Mediver and Teacher is irreversible.

In the High Council, the Prophet is a strong ally of Teacher!

The holy soul wizard is uncertain. It is said that there is a secret wizard tower, but no one knows where it is. Didn’t expect Teacher invited him out.


The crow pecked his head and fell from the tree. The black wings turned into black light blooms, revealing a male wizard with a slender figure.

His appearance is a middle-aged man about forty years old, with a simple and unpretentious appearance, with a pair of narrow and long eyes, with dark pupils and slightly raised eye corners. He has a thick beard, and his cheeks, upper lip and chin are all covered by a neat and rough beard, making his temperament a bit sharp.

He is wearing a dark robe, embroidered with complicated red enchanting inscriptions, obviously not a common product.

The most striking thing is his cloak, which is woven from crow feathers on the shoulders. It is wide and thick. The high collar can be lifted up as a hood, and the back is a little tattered. The black and red cloak has many gaps on the edges.

“Medive Master.”

Ren stood up and saluted, and took the initiative to remove the invisibility of the rainbow cloak. This is the most basic respect for a holy soul wizard.

“Sit down.” Mediver nodded with a smile, “Your perception is very keen, and you can discover my nine-ring polymorphism.”

“If it weren’t for the master to look at me, I wouldn’t find it.” Ren responded modestly.

Actually, he was even more surprised.

This Prophet is Arcanist and Elementalist Dual Cultivation, but the transformation technique is so brilliant, comparable to the pure transformation wizards and druids. If the other party didn’t want to hide it, he might really ignore the past.

Mediver looked at him and suddenly shook the head.

“Ansi asked me to protect you.” Like a friend chatting, he sat down on the stone chair beside Ren and said, “I also watched your battle with Nether Elder. To be honest, I was shocked. , If you don’t reach the Holy Soul, it’s not your opponent at all.”

“Many thanks to master’s praise, I think so too.”

Ren accepted it with peace of mind. Too much humility is pride. His strength is his own, and he has enough confidence in front of a holy soul wizard.

“hahaha…” Mediv couldn’t help but smile, “But don’t be too proud, if you don’t have the holy soul, the empire can’t tolerate you so arrogant.”

That’s what Ren said, but Ren could hear it, and the prophet had a good impression of him.

“Master,” he turned to the main topic, and tentatively asked: “Teacher asks you to protect me, do you know the reason?”


Mediver replied in a huff: “Of course I know. Ansi pulled me into the pit this time, O…” He paused suddenly and looked around. The expression was exactly the same as Ren before. He lowered his voice and continued: “Can I resist that person?”

“Are you not the opponent of Master Oculevi?” Ren was curious.

“In this world, no mortal is Ogulevi’s opponent, at best he can only save his life.” Mediv’s expression became serious, “Above level 20 is a holy soul wizard, but holy soul and holy soul Similarly, the strength gap is much larger than you think.”

“How old is it?” Ren asked quickly.

For the overwhelming majority, the holy spirit wizards are out of reach, aloof and remote, it is a great honor to be able to see one side up close.

The information between the holy soul wizards is clearest to those who have reached that level.

Teacher doesn’t like to talk about this.

Medifu did not have any taboos, and revealed: “The most intuitive thing is the level of the wizard. Above the holy soul, every five levels is a level, 25, 30, 35… You Do you know what level Ogulevy is?”

“I don’t know.” Ren shook his head.

“You can guess.” A faint smile appeared on Mediver’s mouth.

How to guess this? The level of Master Ogulvi is one of the top secrets of the Empire. Ren had some difficulties, so he casually guessed: “Level 30?”

Mediver shook his head.

“Level 35?”

Mediver still shook his head.

Ren was so speechless that he exceeded level thirty-five! As far as he knows, the known level must be below level thirty-five.

“Level 40?” He tried to guess again.

However, Medivh slowly shook his head, his eyes floated upward, indicating that he could be higher.

Ren took a breath, completely shocked.

Above forty level, more than twice as much as the newly promoted holy soul wizard, which means that Master Ogulevi has undergone eleven soul transformations, and what realm his spiritual quality has transformed into is simply unimaginable!

“How much is it?” Ren asked numbly.

Mediver said quietly: “Level 41.”

Ren exhales one breath saying to relieve the mental shock that he has received.

Since the creation of the extraordinary profession of wizards, it has been three thousand years. No one knows the upper limit of wizards, and gods can’t give an answer. There seems to be no upper limit.

However, Level 41 is definitely the highest known wizard level.

An older mage with a longer history, it is rumored that there have been a mage above level 40, but it is too far away for research.

This is really outrageous!

Master Oglevi is indeed the strongest wizard in history!

No wonder Teacher said that even if the incarnation of the magic Goddess descends, it will not be able to defeat Master Ogulevi, and can only rely on the cooperation of all members of the Supreme Council. However, for the holy soul wizards of the Supreme Council to believe all this, there must be conclusive evidence, otherwise no one dares to provoke such terrifying wizards.

Master Mediver is Teacher’s best friend. There may not be one of them. You can trust Teacher unconditionally, but other holy soul wizards are not necessarily.

At this time, Mediver was also sad.

Obviously he thinks this thing is too tricky, even for the holy soul wizard, it is too dangerous.

Ren cautiously asked: “Master, can I take the liberty to ask a question?”

“You want to ask me my level, right?”

Mediver glanced at Ren, saw through his mind but was not angry, but frankly said: “I only have twenty six rank, and my strength is far inferior to Oglevi. If he shoots you, I will only I can withstand it for half a minute, and then I will ignore you.”

“In other words, you have half a minute to escape, how far you can escape.” His face smiled faintly.

“Uh…” Ren’s scalp was tingling.

For Level 41 horror wizards, distance is not a problem at all, so close, yet worlds apart, it’s useless to escape farther, unless there is a way to cover up.

Thor’s Hammer can shut itself down through the void and enter multiple planes, but Master Oculevi must also have the means of plane travel.

Just running away is not the solution.

I don’t know if Master Oculevi can hold his own hammer?

While Ren was thinking about it, Mediver suddenly said with certainty: “Don’t worry, you brat will definitely not die this time, but I may not.”

“Huh?” Ren was confused: “Why?”

“I used prophecy yesterday and saw some fragments of your future, indicating that you can live to at least that time.” Mediv frowned, as if haunted by incomprehensible things, “However, your future is very It’s strange, I don’t even understand.”

He raised his hand and waved, a picture composed of light and shadow unfolded.

The sky is bloody, the earth is lava flowing, the boundless demons are fighting frantically, there is no end in sight, just a picture is shocking.

High above the sky, there is a huge odd-shaped fortress suspended.

It seems to be made of metal. It looks like a triangular dagger magnified countless times. It is several hundred meters long from beginning to end. There are countless lightning talisman texts flowing on the silver-gray armor. The tail section spouts blazing blue. Tail flame. Tall warriors wearing blue armor flew out of the fortress, with various soul gun weapons, roaring gunshots, and wantonly harvesting the lives of demons.

This future segment only lasts a few seconds before it ends.

Mediff looked towards Ren, wondering: “This is a prophecy about you, but I didn’t see you appear. Do you know what’s going on?”