Warhammer Wizard Chapter 575


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The sky is getting brighter.

Raistlin stood in the middle of the night on several dozen li hillsides outside Urg. The sun rises from the east, and the sun shines on the endless prairie. The Floating Void City in the sky can be seen more clearly.

The eyes of the soul are measured in the air.

The diameter of Pallas Floating Void City is more than eight kilometers, and the area is about 50 square kilometers. The whole is mainly pale red, like a piece of incomparable gigantic crystal. In fact, the base of Pallas is a complete red boulder, the surface is polished very smooth, reflecting pure sunlight, like a dream.

In this flying city like Immortal Realm, every building, every street, and even every exterior wall decoration has been carefully designed, just like a unique grand artwork.

Dozens of wizard towers tower high into the clouds, shining with magical auras.

Beautiful gardens and plants are dotted between the wizard towers, and dozens of waterfalls pass through the city and flow down from the periphery of the Floating Void City. The waterfall is in the sky and disperses into mist. When it is illuminated by the sun, it forms a beautiful rainbow one after another, against the red giant rock that supports the entire city, just like Immortal Realm.

Raistlin’s eyes fell to Pallas’s center.

There are two tallest wizard towers. They are square in shape, juxtaposed like huge columns, and the outer walls are covered with glass, which is extremely spectacular.

The two towers are Pallas’s control center.

One south and one north, the south tower is the residence of the Duke of Redstone, his meditation room, magic laboratory, alchemy room, etc., including daily life are all inside.

The North Tower is the teacher and student of Pallas Wizard Academy.

Raistlin looked at the two towers that were absolutely unconventional in Allenhaus, and thought of the skyscrapers of the previous life.

Assault Pallas Floating Void City, you can’t avoid them.

The sun is rising higher and higher.

In the morning, people gradually began to enter and exit Pallas Floating Void City, a magic airship took off from the city, fell into the city of Urg below, or sailed directly into the distance.

Every time the magic airship enters and exits the Floating Void City, it must pass through a protective cover.

This is similar to Wezeland.

Floating Void City is actually the domain of the Holy Spirit Wizard who controls it. Everyone and every move in the city is always under the perception of the Holy Spirit Wizard.

People generally have two ways to enter the city.

The first is to obtain the Floating Void City permission, usually a badge or other magic item, which is directly transmitted from a distance; the second is to take a magic airship, which is the only way for outsiders to enter the Floating Void City.

All magic airships are strictly controlled.

When they passed through the protective cover of Floating Void City, the entire airship was actually inspected, including the passengers on board, and was unconsciously subjected to a series of spell detection. Once something abnormal, the Floating Void will be triggered immediately City’s counterattack and control, and then a wizard will board the airship to investigate the problem.

If it is an enemy, then they will be greeted by the attack of the Holy Spirit Wizard.

A holy soul wizard who sits in Floating Void City and possesses almost unlimited energy is synonymous with invincibility in the mortal world. Even the incarnation of the gods is difficult to parry, and the only exposed enemy is dead end.

From the first Nether Floating Void City, it has been more than 1,600 years.

In history, the seven Floating Void City of the Empire have suffered more or less catastrophes and invasions. The most recent one was Wezeland. However, none of the Floating Void City has been shot down.

Today, maybe a new history will be created!

Raistlin’s eyes didn’t have a trace of emotion, and he calmly looked at Pallas Floating Void City.

Because he was too far away, the All-Seeing Eye could not see through the internal structure of Floating Void City, but he did not approach it rashly. He was hostile in his heart. If he got closer, he might be detected by those psychics, Redstone The Duke will also feel it.

He stood on the hillside and watched Pallas’ movement for a whole day.

This is a wilderness on the outskirts of the city, not at all passing by.

Occasionally, one or two magic airships flew overhead, and the people above could not notice the ground below, there was a silhouette in the invisible card.

From morning to late at night.

Sunset rose, and Raistlin didn’t look back until the early morning of the 2nd day. He already had a clear plan in his mind. This plan was inspired by the two tall towers side by side, and the magic airship that entered and exited the Floating Void City on time.

He opened a Transmission Gate and walked in and appeared in a remote alley in Urg.

In hiding, Raistlin looked up at the sky.

If you observe Pallas Floating Void City up close, you can appreciate its magnificence, like a huge red cloud covering your head, making it impossible to ignore its existence.

Raistlin walked out of the alley and stood by the street.

This is the trading area of ​​Urg, and the Voice of All Things hears countless voices.

Ulg is the most complex city in the empire. Humans, centaurs, orcs, half-orcs, elves, dwarves, trolls, etc., there are many mixed races, they speak various foreign languages , To trade in the city or not to be seen.

Every quarter of an hour, there will be a group of red flame sword guards riding war horses patrolling the street.

The Scarlet Flame Sword Guard is an extraordinary profession created by the Duke of Redstone. It is responsible for protecting the safety of Pasra wizards and maintaining the order of Urg City.

As they passed by, people let them cast their awe at the street.

These Transcenders and aliens awe not the strength of the Scarlet Flame Sword Guard, but their identity and the Redstone Duke behind them.

Raistlin remained invisible and stood high in the trade zone.

He is waiting for an opportunity.

Half a morning passed, and finally, a silhouette of a man wearing a dark red magic robe appeared in his field of vision. His appearance was about 30 years old, surrounded by a team of red flame sword guards, and a palace shape hung on his chest. Red badge.

He is a psionicist!

The number of wizards specializing in this wizard is actually not large. It requires too much innate talent. The number is about the same as the dark magician, but their status is extremely high, especially in Urg City.

The eye of the soul sees through the bottom line. This psionicist has just reached the seventh level, a high-level wizard, and his strength is quite impressive.

He is riding on the back of a high-level demon leopard, arrogantly.

Pedestrians avoided seeing it from a distance.

The psionicist arrived at a five-story building, which was a large-scale alchemy material shop. From the inside, a nice witch walked out and welcomed the psionicist in respectfully.

The all-seeing eye penetrated the wall and saw the situation in the alchemy shop.

The Voice of All Things also heard their conversation. The psionicist is not a customer, but the real boss behind the scenes. Come to check the accounts today.

He asked the Scarlet Flame Sword Guard to stay downstairs to rest, while he went up to the office on the top floor.

First, I had a hearty hand-to-hand fight with the witch in the rest room of the office, and then I started to do business. I sat up and flipped through the thick books. It seemed that it would not end in an hour or two.

Raistlin didn’t rush to act upon seeing this.

He looked up at the sky.

After waiting patiently for half an hour, there is a magic airship approaching from the western sky, and an airship in Urg City ascends. According to the speed and course, they will be in the east and west of Pallas Floating Void City. The landing time of a landing platform will not exceed half a minute.

“It’s time.”

Raistlin calculated quickly in his mind, reviewed his plan again, and started to do it.

A random door opened silently, and he stepped in and appeared in the small lounge of the luxurious office on the fifth floor of the alchemy material shop.

The psionicist and the witch are checking accounts in the office, separated by a wall.

The witch has no idea.

The psionicist frowned. Raistlin was a little surprised when he saw his soul fluctuate violently. He was indeed the most sensitive psionicist, a high-level wizard, who could perceive his arbitrary door. fluctuation.

But it’s no use knowing it.

The psionicist turned around and was about to cast the spell, but Raistlin, who was in invisibility, had already finished the spell, and a soundproof field enveloped the office.


The psychic’s arrow of fire penetrates the wall, but it misses any target.

This made him hesitate for a while, thinking that he had made a mistake, just about to bless himself with insight, a cloud of invisible aura flew out from the hole in the wall, fast as lightning, and hit him in an instant With the witch who is at a loss.

Advanced sleep technique!

The two fell head-on and fell into deep sleep.

Raistlin pushed open the compartment door and walked to the young psionicist.

The psionicist is very good at mental protection, but after all, he is only a high-level wizard. Facing his six-ring advanced sleep art, that little protection is useless. The effect of advanced sleeping technique is stronger than that of normal sleeping technique. After being hit, even if he is injured, he will not wake up easily.

If they are allowed to sleep, no one will relieve them, and they may even sleep until death.

The eyes of the soul confirm the state of the two and will not wake up in a short time.

Raistlin took off the badge on the chest of the psionicist. This Pallas badge has the same function as the Wezeland badge. It can be teleported into Floating Void City and is a top grade magic item, which is very valuable. Can protect against attacks against the mind, of course, only limited to below the fifth ring.

The Scarlet Flame Sword Guard below didn’t notice what happened upstairs.

For the above actions, all Raistlin species are in stealth.

If there are people in the room, only the psionicist and the witch will suddenly fall asleep, and then someone will pick up the psionicist badge.

Raistlin raised his head, his eyes pierced the roof, and the two magic airships were getting closer and closer to the Floating Void City.

In a few minutes, they will pass through the protective cover of Floating Void City.

Time passed by minute by minute.

The magic airship coming from the west will arrive first. Its speed will slow down and it will touch the protective shield within half a minute; the magic airship that takes off from Urg city will be about twenty seconds later.

Raistlin’s surging mana inspired the mirror image technique.

The eight-ring mirror image technique is one ring higher than the body Ren. After the double blessing of the key of the door and the resonance of the void, the next moment, ten mirror images appeared in the room, and each mirror was wearing a black robe with both hands. Empty, indifferent, looks extremely mysterious.

Raistlin took out ten prepared masks.

Each mask is the same, shaped like a haggard white skull with purple black fabric sewn around it, which looks terrifying at first glance.

This is the holy emblem of “The Fraudster” Roche.

The mask is very mirrored and put on silently. The cloth is like a headgear, covering his face tightly, without even the position of the eyes.

With all-seeing eyes, it can directly penetrate the mask without affecting the vision.

Raistlin put on a mask himself.

As everyone knows, the Duke of Redstone has the will to truth and can see through all Illusion Techniques, disguise and transformations, these methods have nowhere to hide in his eyes. But Raistlin, who also has the will to truth, knew that the way to crack it was very simple, just wear a mask.

The will of truth can be seen through magical concealment, but it has no effect on physical barriers.

This is something that the All Seeing Eye can do.

Then Raistlin took out two dimensionless space rings and handed them to two mirror images. The ring and the contents are the key to this action.

It all took only a few seconds to complete.

Raistlin and Mirror were both waiting silently. Soon, the magic airship to the west touched the protective shield of Floating Void City.

A magical aura swept across the airship without any exception.

A passage was opened on the protective cover, and the airship steadily moved in. After a few seconds, it entered the city smoothly and moved towards the platform below and landed.

Raistlin’s eyes narrowed.

Holding the badge of the psionicist to infuse mana, as expected, he couldn’t use it.

The badge of Floating Void City is bound to the user’s soul. Even if someone takes it away, it’s useless. However, Raistlin only uses it to cover. This extra action is a smoke bomb, which will become red after confusion. Duke Shi’s investigation.

A Transmission Gate opens in the room.

The other side of Transmission Gate is located in a storage room in Floating Void City in Pallas. Raistlin and ten mirror images filed in.

After the door key was raised to the eighth ring, Raistlin’s teleportation spell reached an unimaginable height.

This Transmission Gate is silent, not at all triggers the magic protection of Floating Void City.

The first mirror image came out, wearing a dimensional space ring, the silhouette disappeared in a flash.

The next second, appeared in the power room of the magic airship that was landing, only a few steps away from the rune steam furnace. When the two Mechanical Craftsman saw the sudden appearance of the mirror image, they were all stunned. Before they could react, they were headshot by two magic missiles and died instantly.

At the same time, several mirror images were continuously transmitted to the magic airship.

A mirror image controlled the airship’s cockpit; two mirror images teamed up to suppress all passengers in the cabin, including Transcender who rebelled and were mercilessly killed; another mirror image took over the airship’s rune array, making it impossible for outsiders Come in, and can’t pass the message out.

In less than ten seconds, the five mirror images controlled the magic airship.

People on the ground of Floating Void City immediately noticed the natural phenomenon in the sky, the magic airship swayed, and the tail section ejected a thick white smoke of steam, and it was about to crash as if out of control.

People are looking at the sky, pointing fingers.

But no one is worried about this. Even if the magic airship crashes, it will not hurt the Floating Void City. The entire Floating Void City is protected by strict magic.

Suddenly, the magic airship violently accelerated and slammed into the two tallest wizard towers in Floating Void City.