Warhammer Wizard Chapter 576


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“The airship is out of control!”

On the ground of Pallas Floating Void City, many people screamed in surprise.

More and more people noticed the abnormal airship in the sky and stopped to look up. Some transcenders with good eyesight found the airship’s posture very strange, the sound of the steam furnace was like thunder, and the cabin and deck of the airship were also flashing magical rays of light, dragging a trail of thick smoke in midair.

With a bang, the airbag tail section of the airship suddenly burst through a hole.

The gas in the airbag erupts violently, generating a reaction force, making the airship faster, turning and rolling like a drunkard.

The cabin collapsed and broke, and the cargo and passengers inside were threw away, and the sky was scattered.


The passengers screamed in horror at in midair, and some passed out directly.

“Goddess is on board, what happened to this airship?”

“They will fall to death…”

“Help people!”

People discussed spiritedly, with a panic expression on their faces, but they all thought it was an accident, not at all people thought it was an attack.

Transcender moved towards closer to where the passenger fell.

Pallas Floating Void City reacted immediately. Dozens of wizards flew into the sky or opened the Transmission Gate to approach the airship. Multiple teams of Red Flame Sword Guards riding giant eagles took off from various places in Floating Void City and gathered towards the location of the incident.

Silhouettes of Legendary wizards also appeared on the towers of wizards.

However, the airship is too fast.

The airship tens of meters long weighs a million pounds, and the hull is up and down suddenly, irregularly, like fallen leaves in a violent wind, and the wizards rushing to the vicinity can’t board at all, and it’s dangerous to get close.

“Shoot it down!”

A Legendary senior wizard gave the order loudly.

A few seconds later, the tops of the two wizard towers below lighted up, and the locked airship emitted two thick rays, one left and the other right, but the airship suddenly changed its direction at the moment it was about to hit. The ring spell passed by, all empty.

“Call again.”

The Legendary wizard continued to shout, thinking it was just a coincidence.

There are three more wizard towers attacking, rays, flames, lightning…multiple eight-ring spells attack from all around, the airship is like a ship in the waves bumping up and down, miraculously avoiding most spells, only a lightning strike The middle hull was blocked by a layer of magical protection that emerged.

The magic airship rammed into the north and south towers like a medicine.

“Someone controls it!”

The wizards of Pallas are complexion greatly changed.

The Legendary wizard who ordered the eyes shrank, realized that this was a prepared attack, and a wizard nearby shouted at him anxiously: “Your Excellency Montalin!”

Montalin’s heart turned sharply.

He is a student of the Duke of Redstone. In recent years, the teacher has conducted an extremely important magic experiment. He manages the Floating Void City on his behalf, but the highest control authority of the Floating Void City is still in the hands of the teacher and he can mobilize it. The strength is only the more than twenty towers in the city.

He only has the right to use the two towers that control the center.

The teacher is still in Floating Void City. Such a big movement should appear soon.

Moreover, the protection array of the north and south towers is extremely strong, connected to the core of Eola, and the energy is almost infinite. It can withstand the spell attack of the Nine Rings or even stronger, and it is by no means that an airship can crash, even if rune The steam furnace exploded, and the tower could not be shaken.

“You guys step back.”

Montallin made a decision in an instant, very said in a tranquil voice: “In the city of Pallas, it can’t overcome any storms.”

While speaking, he blessed himself with true knowledge and advanced probing skills, and looked at the airship.

But only a fuzzy light and shadow were seen.

Protection detection!

Montalin heart startled, and the people on the airship used the rune array to interfere with their exploration. With just a few seconds of delay, it was more than complete.

He immediately decided to forcibly board the airship and confront the enemy head-on.


A violent explosion suddenly came, Montalin turned his head and saw that a group of ten meters high flames rose from the city outside several li, the magical protection arranged in the wall was blown through, and large buildings collapsed. Come down.

The people around fled in horror.




One explosion after another came from all around. More than ten places in Pallas Floating Void City exploded almost at the same time. Flames rose into the sky, and the flames skyrocketed.

The ground shakes and the building collapses.

Suddenly, the entire Floating Void City was in panic, and tens of thousands of residents ran around like flies without their heads.

Montalin was completely unprepared.

But he didn’t panic. The locations of these explosions were not the key points of Floating Void City, and even a tall tower was not threatened. The overall loss was not big, but it only disrupted Floating Void City. This shows that the enemy did not penetrate Pallas deeply, but exposed their whereabouts.

Only Wizard Pallas can teleport in Floating Void City.

These locations exploded at the same time, and each location requires one person to execute them. As long as the protective cover of the Floating Void City is blocked to prevent entry and exit, they will definitely be caught.

“Save people!”

“Find the enemies that caused the explosion and remember to stay alive.”

Montalin used the magic badge to give orders to all Pallas wizards. He was not distracted by the explosion, the biggest enemy was still on the airship, and instantly opened an arbitrary door to catch up with the airship.

At this time, the airship was less than half a mile away from the North Tower.

Just as Montalin was about to cast a spell to board the ship, he heard another explosion, and the airbag of another airship to the east exploded. The tail section emitted air currents and thick smoke, accelerated wildly, and moved towards the South Tower.

The flames in Floating Void City exploded continuously.

For a while, Pallas seemed to have become a battlefield of flames, and the residents fell into panic and confusion.

“How many enemies are there?” Montalin finally panicked.

He tried several times to directly teleport into the airship, but found that the entire inner space of the airship was isolated and couldn’t get there at all. The enemy on the airship has an incredible control over the space, far surpassing him, at least he is also a Legendary high-level wizard!

When I was unable to do anything, a dark red silhouette appeared beside me.


Montallin was overjoyed and settled down instantly.

The Duke of Redstone did not look at him, and within both eyes flashed with psychic energy, locked on the airship that was being beaten by spells from the wizard towers, and frowned.


The Duke of Redstone was puzzled.

Naturally, the protective detection of the airship cannot interfere with his detection, and the will of truth can be seen through at a glance, and several silhouettes covered in black robe are found. They wore white skull masks on their faces and covered their heads tightly. They could not see their faces. They could only sense the unstable Soul Power fluctuations on their bodies.

This is the characteristic of the dark wizard.

“Believers of fraudsters?”

“Why would the dark wizard of the dark day attack Pallas?” The Duke of Redstone was incredulous.

The fraudster is the enemy of the magic Goddess. His followers destroy and create chaos in the empire. It has happened countless times over the years. It is not surprising. If you change it to others, you will only think that this is another evil Roche’s sacrifice action.

But the Duke of Redstone immediately became suspicious that this was a believer in a fraudster disguised by others.

He noticed the airship power room at a glance.

There is a dark wizard standing next to the steam furnace, reaching out and pressing on a large, pitch-black box that is half a person tall. The entire box should be made of metal. The outer shell blocks the internal situation, giving out a strong breath of energy. .

The Duke of Redstone is very unfamiliar with the feeling of this kind of breath. He has never seen it before, and can’t tell the nature of the energy for a while.

The truth and the will foresee danger.

Even the holy soul wizard feels dangerous, absolutely extraordinary.

The Duke of Redstone did not approach the airship rashly. He found out the general situation almost instantly when he appeared. He raised his hand to the airship and said softly:


The entire Floating Void City is under his absolute control. The core of Iola releases energy, and the huge rune array arranged underground in the city runs, instantly forming a “static field” reaching the nine rings. The space where the airship is located is frozen.

At the same time, the two tallest wizard towers in Floating Void City also released spell.

Extremely effective lava ray!


The two nine-ring spells were completed instantly, one red and one gray, shooting towards the magic airship frozen in the force field. The rune on the outer layer of the wizard tower flickers constantly, with endless energy surges, and a series of nine-ring spells will erupt soon, just like howling wind and torrential rain.

Those passengers who were threw away by the airship, only part of them were caught and rescued, and the rest were about to fall to death. Suddenly, one after another slow-fall technique fell accurately, and the body lightly fell like feathers.

The flames that exploded everywhere in the city were also extinguished by spell.

In an instant, the Duke of Redstone solved almost all the dangers, as if he was in control.

However, his expression froze.

The moment the static force field formed, the entire magic airship disappeared suddenly, as if flashing, it moved forward several hundred meters in an instant, just out of the range of the static force field, the extremely effective lava rays emitted by the two wizard towers And collapse technique also failed.


Montalyn and the people in the city were shocked.

The magic airship has rushed to the vicinity of the North Tower, the airbag has been completely broken, losing the power of suspension and falling, but it is only tens of meters away from the tower, and its speed is not reduced.

The Duke of Redstone was also taken aback.

“It’s too late.”

The next second, the magic airship slammed into the wizard tower. The impact position was a little higher from the waist, at the height of 2/3 of the entire tower.

A layer of magical protection emerged on the surface of the tower like a square column.

The airship slammed into the thin protection, like being pushed forward by an invisible giant hand, the sturdy hull was crushed from head to back, and everything in the cabin was crushed to pieces. The huge impact caused the tower’s protection to fluctuate violently, the rays of light shone, but it was still very stable, and even the tower body did not shake.

Everyone watching this scene feels a little relieved.

The protection of the wizard tower is stronger than the nine-ring spell, and the energy is infinite, and the magic airship is basically impossible to break.

The idea hasn’t fallen yet.

hong long!

People’s vision is suddenly flooded with white light, and they can’t see anything.

Following this was the great explosion of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry, which made the eardrums sting and bleed, and a terrifying shock wave swept across the entire Floating Void City, like a tenth-level gale.

When everyone’s eyesight recovered, they saw a mushroom cloud rising in the Floating Void City.

The protection of the tall tower in the north has collapsed, and the glass on the outer wall was completely blown up, exposing the tower. The wreckage of the airship crashed into the tower, smashing a big hole, the steam furnace and the magical energy of the airship formed a second explosion in the tower, and countless flames burst out from the upper and lower 8-Layer.

The tower on the verge of collapse will collapse at any time.


“Goddess, Pallas Magic Academy is over!”

The people in Floating Void City were horrified, and many more people looked dull. The tower to the north is the Pallas Magic Academy. After such a heavy damage, I don’t know how many teachers and students died from the explosion. If we can’t rescue them in time and reduce the loss, the Pallas Wizard will experience a fault in the future.

But this is not the end.

The second magic airship slammed into it from the east, and its target was the tall tower in the south.

The distance is only several hundred meters.

The silhouette of the Duke of Redstone flashed in front of the airship, and his shot was a series of nine-ring spells.

Floating Void City provides infinite energy, allowing him to cast spells unscrupulously, fast and much, the wizard towers in the city run wildly, one after another eight rings and nine rings spell howling wind and torrential rain fall towards the airship There is only one goal of attacking, restraining, and delaying, and that is to destroy it and prevent it from approaching the tower to the south.

But it’s too late.

Those blocking and banishing spells have no effect on the airship. It is another teleportation across several hundred meters, strong against the spell bombing, and hitting the tower in the last second when the hull is about to fall apart.


The terrifying explosion took place for the second time.

This time the airship slammed into the middle of the tall tower to the south. The explosion of unknown energy once again blasted through the magical protection of the tall tower and crashed into the tower.

The tower to the south is the residence of the Duke of Redstone.

All his daily life, cultivation meditation, magic research, and bedroom are all in this magnificent tower. The bad luck is that the explosion just blasted the tower’s support pillars, like cutting off , Collapsed in the aftermath of the explosion.

The smoke and flames billowed, and the entire Floating Void City was shaking.

A few seconds later, the collapse of the tall tower in the south caused a chain reaction. The tall tower in the north collapsed obliquely in the vibration, and Floating Void City was full of screams and crying.

The Duke of Redstone is only several hundred meters away from the center of the explosion, and has endured a strong energy impact.

A shield emerged, unharmed.

When he saw the collapse of the two towers, he looked dumbfounded, as if he had been petrified, his lips trembled but no sound came out. His fists were clenched, his nails were embedded in the flesh and blood was poured out, his heart was out of anger, on the verge of madness.

If it were not for the will to truth, he would have lost his reason.

Searching in the ruins of the two high towers, the enemy’s silhouette was not found. The Duke of Redstone saw clearly that the black wizards on the two airships were all buried in the explosion, not at all fleeing.

The previous continuous explosions throughout the city also stopped, and it seemed that the enemy had retreated.


The Duke of Redstone suddenly complexion greatly changed.

The two high towers are the control center of Pallas Floating Void City. The underground is connected to the core of Eola. The collapse of the tower will not affect the operation of Floating Void City. The backup center will automatically take over the Floating Void City. But the control room where Eola’s core is located has a protection loophole, which gives people a chance.

The real goal of the enemy is not to crash the tower, but the core of Eola.

What they want to destroy is the entire Floating Void City!

The Duke of Redstone was so anxious that his eyebrows were burnt, and he couldn’t care about cleaning up the mess, his silhouette flashed and teleported to a wide hall under the Floating Void City. As soon as he entered, he saw a silhouette wearing a black robe standing in front of the Eola Core, reaching out and pressing on a black metal box.

The other party noticed his arrival and turned around. The skull mask on his head covered his face, but the Duke of Redstone seemed to see a smug smile under the mask.

He was surprised and angry in his heart, and even his heart stopped for half a beat.

The next second, a terrifying explosion flooded the Duke of Redstone.