Warhammer Wizard Chapter 655


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Taking advantage of the power of thunder slash, Ren flashed several hundred meters like lightning.

The three-headed dragon of hell turned back and bit the air, roared, three heads cast frantically, flame, Arcane and poison were generated from all directions, the formidable power of each spell was above the seven rings, forming a flood of spells, hiding the The sky and covering the earth are shot at Ren in midair, leaving no dead ends at all.


Ren flicked his wings and disappeared from the flood of spells. In the next instant, he appeared on the head of the Void Dragon in the middle of the three-headed dragon of hell.

The giant dragon sensed great danger, and fled with a subconsciously flash.

Suddenly, an invisible spell fell and confused its perception for a moment, causing the flash to slow down by half a step.

Time and Space Shock!

Void Dragon reacted instantly, and then suffered a heavy blow in the head.

Fourteenth level of power, Fifth Level Unyielding Berserker, three-level Titan divine force, battle music, thunder marvel, seven-level destruction crit… At the moment of hitting, Ren uses all the amplification methods that can be used Excited all, without leaving the slightest effort, blasted out the strongest blow so far.

There was a bang.

The ferocious bird-like head fell fiercely, as if hit by a huge meteor, one head fell down, and countless blood and scales splashed with lightning in the sky.

The defense and resistance of the holy giant dragon hardly played a defensive role in front of Thor’s Hammer.

The head of the Void Dragon, which was larger than the room, split open, barely maintaining its shape.

The two heads on the side screamed, biting them frantically.

Ren was about to make persistent efforts, hammering the remaining two heads, and a dark burly silhouette appeared in front of him, wearing armor, holding a red flame giant sword and a large shield, and a pair of huge horns facing the sky on his helmet.

Ekang arrived in time.

He was knocked down by Ren with a hammer, and the great power on Warhammer blasted him to the ground. The damage was resisted by armor. No injury, but he lost his face.

When he came back to his senses, his mount was blown to a head.

Ekang’s heart is extremely angry, and at the same time he feels unfathomable mystery, where did this guy come from? Who is he? These thoughts flashed in the heart of Eternal God’s Choice, and were quickly overwhelmed by anger. No matter who it was, it must be his own enemy. Kill them first.

The lord of the doomsday moved to the enemy in an instant, the power of fel was poured into the helmet, and the two upturned horns exploded with invisible but terrifying power.

With him as the center, the space within a hundred meters of the circle is still.

Space Imprisonment!

Ekang walking on air, as if stepping on an invisible hard ground, accelerated to the limit in two or three steps, and his “King Killing Sword” in his hand slashed towards Ren who was frozen in space.

The legendary King Killing Sword is one of the oldest Demon Swords.

A Barlow flame demon is bound inside this sword. It has killed countless powerful enemies and drank the blood of many kings, hence the name.

The Crimson Great Sword comes with terrifying high-temperature flames, and there is almost nothing it can’t cut off.

After Ekion got it, no enemy has ever been able to take his own sword, not even a champion of God’s choice, let alone a human transcender who hasn’t reached the holy rank.

in a flash, the King Killing Sword slashed in front of Ren, and the flames had burned to his wings.

Ren, who seemed to be frozen in amber, moved suddenly.

At the crucial moment, he turned Warhammer across and blocked his waist in time. Ekang also had no time to change his move, slashing with all his strength, and the great sword intersected with Warhammer.


An ear-piercing blast came from both ears along the two weapons, but the sound wave was frozen and unable to spread. Raistlin and the others on the ground only saw Warhammer colliding with the big sword, but there was no sound, as if watching A silent phantom.

A golden glow erupted on Warhammer, and with a sound of ka-cha, Space Imprisonment was cracked.

In the next moment, Ren was stopped by a big sword, and his whole body fell to the ground like a meteor, smashing a large pit several meters deep.


Athena was extremely worried and couldn’t help but screamed. She was about to step forward to fight with Ren, but she heard Raistlin next to her say: “Don’t be impulsive, he’s okay.”

While shocked, the three teammates looked sideways, and there were countless questions in their minds.

Then, they saw the Eternal God in the sky turned into a black shadow, moved towards the big pit to chase down, and volleyed a hundred-meter-long flame blade.

hong long!

The earth cracked, and even the sky was split into a terrifying rift.

The three of Izte were gutted in their hearts. In exchange for being cut by this sword, they would die even if they had nine lives. I wonder if that mysterious powerful helper can withstand it? Between their curiosity, a silhouette suddenly appeared in the upper left corner of the sky, the skin reflected light golden streamer, and a pair of huge wings behind it.

It was Ren who dodged.

The three people sighed in relief, and immediately discovered that there was a deep bone wound on Ren’s waist, but a drop of blood did not flow out. You can see the internal organs and skeleton, which are as hard as metal, and the wound is healing fast. In a blink of an eye it was restored as before.

Ren himself is also secretly thought good risk.

Ekang’s power is at least three levels higher than himself, and may even reach eighteenth level!

If you don’t have the “door key”, you can be immune to the control of spatio-temporal spells. If you use Thor’s Hammer to block it in time, you can’t stand it with the Level 1 Titanium body. Maybe it has been cut in half.

On the contrary, the fire damage on the opponent’s sword has no effect. After the titanium body resists part of it, the rest is absorbed by the “energy swallowing”.

Eternal God’s Choice Sure enough, the name is not in vain!

Ekang’s own strength is above level 30, and he is wearing a legendary weapon and equipment, whether it is attack, defense or speed, all are impeccable. He has only reached the tenth fifth level, only half of the opponent’s, with a hammer with all his strength, only leaving a shallow mark on the armor, maybe it can be entangled for a while, but it is definitely not his opponent.

But just entangle him for ten seconds is enough.

Ekang stopped suddenly.

He took a look at Ren, who was intact, and the three-headed Hell Dragon, who was roaring frantically, turned immediately, giving up cooperating with the owner to hunt down Ren, moved towards the ground on the ground and the others swooped down.


Raistlin and Ren shouted inwardly in unison.

Ekion realized that he could not kill himself in a short time, and decisively changed his strategy, and the mass teleportation started again, less than half of the spell was cast.

Ren’s heart turned sharply, and immediately thought of a way: you hit my clone, and I hit your mount.


Ren flashed, avoiding the teleported Ikeon, just outside the range of his Space Imprisonment, his shoulders swayed, and the illusory shadow on his body was heavily scattered, and eight identical mirror images appeared.

At the moment when he cast the mirror image technique, Ren exchanged positions with one of the mirror images.

However, Ekang found the body at a glance and killed him again.

Ren didn’t plan to use the mirror image to besiege Ekang, and eight mirror images flashed one after another, with different destinations. Five mirror images intercepted on the way of the three-headed dragon in hell, brandishing Warhammer and titanium holy sword, completely ignoring defenses, and using the method of injury and injury to prepare to severely damage the dragon with only two heads.

After the three mirror images flashed, Warhammer was lifted above the top, and the wings vibrated to speed up the flight.

Titanium flying feathers, wings of wind and thunder and constant flight, coupled with the shuttling through the void power of Thor’s Hammer, in an instant, the three mirror images turned into electric lights and disappeared into the sky, running straight to the east on the ground. Coming from the Abyss Knight regiment.

Those five hundred abyss Knights are all elites, but in front of Ren’s mirror image, even if there are a few Legendary high-level abyss gods, they are similar to a lamb in a tiger’s den.

Even if you can’t kill them all, the three mirror images can kill half of the enemies before they die!

Ekang realized Ren’s purpose and cried out in a deep voice:

“You are bringing about one’s own destruction!”

Ren lightly snorted in response.

The strength of Eternal God’s Choice is really terrifying. If you fight head-on, you may not even be able to hold it for two minutes, but if the opponent wants to kill yourself, it is also impossible.

Ekang did not relax his attack while shouting.

On the ground, in the field of vision of Izte and the others, two tall silhouettes of black and gold chased at high speed. The last moment they were outside of several hundred meters to the east, there was only a blink of an eye and suddenly appeared to the west. The sky makes them overwhelmed.

The positions of the two change five or six times within one breath.

The speed is so fast that there is a one after another afterimage, from the sky to the ground is the battlefield of both sides, and you can even see the two fighting in different places at the same time.

Warhammer collided with the great sword, and it was silent at first, and thundered and exploded as the space oscillated.

The void shattered and the earth cracked.

It is as if two gods incarnate are fighting, such a terrifying battle scene is completely beyond ordinary people’s imagination, even the Legendary powerhouse can’t intervene.

The three of Izte looked swaying, their hands unconsciously clenched tightly.

A few seconds later, Ekang’s silhouette paused.

“Crown of Domination” comes with the powerful effect of the equivalent to Legendary element “Domination of Space”, giving him the ability to master space, able to teleport freely within a certain space, and space manipulation to restrain the enemy. Since getting the crown of dominance, he has been in the battle without any disadvantage.

But today I ran into an opponent.

Every teleportation will always be noticed by Ren in advance. Ren’s flashing gap is also very short. It is used alternately with electric flashing. Even if it can no longer be used sometimes, it can barely open some distance only by flying speed.

After flashing twice in a row, it is Ekion’s opportunity.

However, the effect of Space Imprisonment is not as good as before. After getting closer, Ren has broken free from the constraints of space before he hits the strongest blow.

If there is enough time, not too long, as long as two to 3 minutes, Ekang is confident that with his combat experience and vision, he will have a chance to catch this human error, drive him to a dead end, and give him a deadly end. One sword.

But now there is not that many time, not even five seconds.

Ekang glanced back.

The three-headed dragon of hell, his mount, is besieging the mirror image of five enemies.

These mirror images are also very peculiar. They are completely different from the dull mirror images of others. Each of them has an independent sense of self, like an ontology!

Although only half of the body’s strength, five teamed up, it was still battered and exhausted.

The head in the middle of it was hammered and it took time to recover. However, after losing the most important Void Dragon ability, the remaining two heads were insane and their strength greatly reduced. Although they will not be killed for a while, they are also Those few people who couldn’t get close to the ground interrupted the transmission.

“I made a mistake this time.”

Ekang’s heart sank. He thought he could quickly solve Ren and then freed up his hands to keep the few humans, but the enemy was much trickier than expected and wasted time.

He resolutely gave up chasing Ren and decided to interrupt the teleportation by himself.

Just about to teleport, several invisible spells fell from the top of the head.

All time and space shock!

From the mirror images of five three-headed dragons that are besieging hell, Ren’s body did not perform a time-space shock. Instead, he grabbed a shot from the void and shot out a huge electric claw.

Ekang was hit by five space-time shocks consecutively.

His armor canceled out most of the spell effects, but five spells were in effect at the same time, and the extremely clever coming one after another made his inevitable perception trance, very short, not even a blink of an eye. , But interrupted his space teleportation.

Then, Ren’s electric claw arrived.

The seven-ring electric claw technique is comparable to the claws of a giant dragon, grabbing Ekang and pulling him in Ren’s direction.

“hmph! “

Ekang broke free of his electric claws when he moved at will, and the electric current on his body had no effect at all, but after all, he failed to achieve his goal.

On the other side, the three-headed dragon of hell struggled to withstand the mirrored attack, and finally broke through the line of defense, and the two left and right heads sprayed out two torrents of Heavenly Dragon breath.

At the moment when the flames and poisonousness came into being, Raistlin and the others turned into light and disappeared.

Mass teleportation is complete!

Once transmitted to the destination, it is difficult to track it again. Ekion is the Abyss Knight. He has the crown of dominance, but he is not proficient in spells in teleportation. He is stronger than the average Arcane division, but far behind Raistlin.

Even though he had anticipated that this might be the result, Ekang was still furious.

Using the power of electric claws, he swung his sword straight at Ren.

However, Ren had predicted half a step earlier. As Raistlin teleported away, it turned into a flash of lightning and shot high into the sky, breaking through the clouds in a flash, and fast as lightning in the sky.

Just after flying thousands of meters, Ekang’s silhouette appeared in front of him.

hong long!

A huge flame blade split the sky.

Ren dodged the attack with a millimetre difference, plunged into the clouds and penetrated, Warhammer made a loud noise, and the whole person shuttling through the void and flew into the etheric plane at high speed.

Ekang ran after him and broke into the etheric plane.

Between the two of them fleeing and chasing, go up to heaven or down to Hades, shuttling through the void, jumping back and forth in the main material world, the etheric plane, the shadow plane, and the fairy plane, no matter how fast Ren is He couldn’t get rid of this terrifying enemy, but he didn’t panic, and focused on fleeing.

A few minutes later, Ren shuttling through the void returned to the main material world and appeared on the new continent.

A fierce battle is taking place not far ahead.

The three mirrors of Ren rushed into the abyss Knight regiment to kill. Thunder Slash, War Stomp, Storm of Swords attacked in turn, and the Abyss Knight fell in pieces like wheat.

Ekang, who was chasing, saw this scene, and suddenly his eye socket was cracked.


“Humanity, I have written down today’s hatred. No matter where you are in the world, I swear in the name of Eternal God’s Choice, a debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

Ekang finally gave up chasing Ren and went to prevent the three mirror images from killing his subordinate Knight.

Ren didn’t care about the mirror image, and disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.