Warhammer Wizard Chapter 690


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Memory duplication causes more trouble?

Raistlin thought about it, the memory duplication technique is a seven-ring spell, which can intercept a section of the caster’s memory and seal it in the thinking gem. When casting the spell, you can choose to forget this memory or keep it, in layman’s terms , Is the difference between “copy” and “cut”.

“Cut” memory is generally used to deal with enemies who can read the mind, and it can also fight against interrogation spells such as mind control.

Wait until afterwards, then retrieve this memory from the gem.

Some powerful and secretive forces or organizations rely on this method to keep secrets and cultivate the deepest hidden spies.

Ren saw this spell before, and he was sighing the magic of spell.

Memory involves the “self-awareness” of an intelligent creature. If one person’s memory is copied intact and instilled in another person, will there be two “me” in the world?

In the past life, this is a very profound philosophical question, which has never been solved.

In Ellen’s world, memory is not the same as the soul, memory is only a part of the soul.

The soul here is the source of power and the most essential thing of a creature. In many doctrines of gods, the soul is more important than memory and even the body. The creation of the soul belongs to the authority of the gods.

In short, memory duplication does not create a new soul.

Moreover, the duration of the memory duplication technique is limited. Raistlin remembers that the seven-ring memory duplication technique can be stored for about five years. It is speculated that it can be extended to about 20 years if it is upgraded to the nine-ring memory duplication technique.

Unless, when the memory is about to expire, such as in the last year, Master Ogulvi recasts the spell on the clone to instill new memories.

So, what about the memory produced by this clone in the past two decades?

The cast is intercepted and taken out, and then received again?

Or just erase this memory?

After instilling memory again, if the memory is a little different from before, is this clone still the previous one? Even memory is different, does it mean that you are dead? Will the clone’s self-perception be biased?

Does the clone think that he is the real master Ogulvi?

After all, memory duplication does not have the effect of mind linking. Master Ogulevi cannot control the clone, or even monitor the thinking activities of Clonk at all times.

When Master Ogulevi and the clone are standing together and looking at each other, what will the clone think?

Will he accept the fact that he is just a creation of the other party?

Raistlin had already foreseen the result.

He looked towards Master Ogulvi, who was sitting opposite, replied: “The problem is control and betrayal. Master, your Avatar is out of control?”

“Not bad.”

Ogulevi was slightly nodded, with a bit of approval on his face, and sighed: “However, those are not Avatars. I call them ‘duplicates’.”

“When I created the copy, I didn’t think too much, thinking that they had my memory, the same experience, the same personality, the same goal, and essentially another me. We worked together to conduct magic research. I hope to find a way to solve the aging of the soul. I haven’t thought about the issue of loyalty, but the facts have taught me a lesson.”

He made no secret of his mistakes and was very calm.

“What lesson?” Raistlin asked curiously.

“The first copy I created, he has all my memories, including magic knowledge, experience, and skills. In just over 120 years, he has been promoted to the 30th level from an ordinary person without a trace of Soul Power. The soul wizard is the most powerful copy of me. It has done many things for me overtly and secretly, and even presides over the Supreme Council instead of me…”

Raistlin was taken aback when he heard this.

Promoted to level 30 holy soul wizard in 120 years, this is too terrifying.

You must know that there are seven holy soul wizards below level 30 in the Supreme Council, including the founders of the two councils, the Duke of Purple Flame of Congerald Great Sage.

Master Ogulevi even allowed this copy to attend the Supreme Council…

What a risk!

“When I was preparing to copy the memory for him for the seventh time, he attacked me.” Ogulvi continued: “He saved all the memories of the first six times and possessed this one hundred and twenty years old. Complete memory, in order to replace me, he has been preparing.”

“He also copied many memories, even if I die, he can continue to exist.”

“Moreover, he secretly studied the method of creating real souls for more than 100 years in the past, and wanted to completely get rid of the limitations of memory duplication.”

At this point, Ogulevi suddenly stopped.

“Master, did you defeat that copy?” Even though he already knew the result, Raistlin was still frightened and couldn’t help asking.

“What do you think?”

Ogulevy asked rhetorically, with a playful look.

Raistlin subconsciously believes that Ogulvi naturally frustrated the replica’s conspiracy. No matter how fast the clone was upgraded, and how strong it was, it was still worse than Master Ogulevi’s body.

But seeing Ogulevi’s expression, he suddenly had a terrifying idea in his heart.

Did that copy succeed?

It’s impossible!

“Hehe…” Ogulvi laughed twice, “You don’t have to think about it. The strength of that copy is very strong, and the understanding of me is no different from me, but I am not that relaxed. In fact, I am here. I noticed his anomaly a long time ago, and started to copy the memory for the second time and made manipulations in the memory. He really got the trick. Taking advantage of this, I easily defeated and imprisoned him.”

“so that’s how it is.” Raistlin sighed in relief, but there is still a trace of doubt deep in the heart.

Is the Master Ogulvi in ​​front of him himself or a clone?

I am afraid only he knows this.

“After I created that Arcane, I used it to make many replicas.” Ogulevi said: “Since I noticed the abnormality of the first replica and instilled memory in subsequent replicas, I have Retained. The memory is incomplete, and the innate talent and potential are naturally poor. The strength of these replicas is far less than the first one, and it is not very helpful to me.”

“Without the aid of the first replica, my research on soul aging has stagnated, and there has been little progress.”

“However, I checked his memory and found something interesting…”

“Oh, right.” Ogulvi seemed to suddenly remember something, touched the short beard of his chin, said with a smile: “About the first copy, you should have heard his name .”

Raistlin asked subconsciously: “Who?”

“Fetantilus.” Ogulevy replied.

“It turned out to be him!”

Raistlin startled, this Fetantilus was the influential figure of the Empire hundreds of years ago. Known to everyone in the Empire, he was promoted to the Holy Spirit wizard in his early 100s, setting a record at the time and becoming the most Young member of the Supreme Council.

He thought about it carefully.

The deeds of Fetantilus have been a long time ago. This master was promoted to the Holy Spirit wizard in 1967 in the New Year Calendar and became the ninth member of the Supreme Council.

But after thirty years, Fetantilus disappeared and never appeared again.

This is a pending case in the history of the empire.

Only now I know that Fetantilus is actually a copy of Master Ogulevi. If it is spread out, it will definitely shock the empire.

Raistlin suddenly eyes flashed.

“What did you think of?” Ogulvi noticed it immediately.

“Three years ago, I hunted the Green Dragon in the Dead Linhai. There was a mysterious wizard beside that Green Dragon. The name of the wizard was’Fatantillas’. At that time, I thought it was just a coincidence, because of the empire. Many people call this name.” Raistlin looked at Ogulvi and said: “Later, I learned that he is the Avatar of the Duke of Black Robe Tuzley. He tried to solve the opponent and owed me a favor. .”

This is almost an iron proof that the Duke of Black Robe is the Avatar of Ogulevy.

However, Ogulevy still did not admit it, but faintly smiled and said: “This is another story, it has nothing to do with what I want to say.”

“Yes, Master.” Raistlin could only listen.

“I found in Fetilus’ memory that he also created a copy, scattered all over the world and many planes, trying to find a way to create a soul.” Ogulevi’s face is a bit complicated, “he The method of thinking is different from mine, and he really found a clue.”

Raistlin had guessed it.

Fetantilus disappeared in 1997 in the new calendar. It has been 535 years ago. Prior to this, Ogulevi said that he had entered the dark region for more than 500 years, and the time coincided.

Sure enough, Ogulvi said: “The clue lies in the psychic monsters in the dark and secluded region. This race that is born with psionic powers has gone farther in the study of the mind than anyone. And the mind is right. The excavation of the soul’s potential…”

Raistlin couldn’t help but slapped his tongue, “Fetantilus created the soul with mental spell?”

“How is it possible!” Ogulevi burst into laughter, “He had just made some progress and the conspiracy was revealed, but his success made me interested in psychic monsters.”

“So I came to Eleanor to continue his research.”

Raistlin mourned for the spirit sucker for three seconds.

The most powerful holy soul wizard in history, Eleanor’s psychic monster is impossible to resist. You don’t need to ask to know that the psychic monster has tragically become the research object of Ogulevi.

The Eye of the Soul saw that when Ogulvi talked about “research”, there was no fluctuation in his emotions.

Obviously, in the eyes of Master Ogulvi, the psychic monster is just an experimental body, no different from a little white mouse.

This made Raslin feel awe-inspiring, and saw the cold and brutal side of the other party, and for the sake of Eternal Undying’s magic research, ethics and morality were ignored.

It was also bad luck for Eleanor.

There are many ghost cities in the lower level of the Nether Darkness Region, and some smaller communities, but Eleanor is the easiest to find by outsiders, because this city was previously built by gray dwarves and was sucked by spirits. The blame conquered the rule, and the few gray dwarves who fled spread the news, making Eleanor’s position circulate among those familiar with the Nether Darkness Region.

“While developing psionics, I am perfecting Fetantilus’ soul research.”

“Finally completed after nearly a hundred years.”

Ogulvi’s expression became serious, “Fettitilus’s thinking is very unique. Mortals cannot create souls, but there are souls everywhere in the world.”

Raistlin shuddered when he heard this.

“A baby who has not yet been born already has a soul, but has no memory, just like a piece of white paper that can be scribbled.”

Ogulvi said in an indifferent tone: “Take out the soul of the embryo, copy my memory and instill it in, and then bridge the conflict between the soul and memory through the nine-ring’soul healing’, supplemented by’memory weaving’ And’mind surgery’, these three spells are performed once a day and continue, and after a few months, the two will be perfectly fuse together.”

“At the same time, modify the spell that creates the replica to delay growth, so that the replica grows in a normal human cycle and grow up from a baby.”

“Put the fused soul into this replica.”

“The new soul and the replica grow together, and all the contents of my personal experience and identity in the copied memory are sealed in the depth of one’s soul, and only magical knowledge and experience are retained.”

“As the strength of the clone increases, unlock this knowledge step by step.”

“When he is promoted to the Holy Soul, the sealed memory will be completely released, with a nine-ring’mind control technique’ attached to it, because of the continuous spiritual hints for many years, he will not have any will to resist this mind control technique. Never betray.”

“If the ontology dies, this copy will become the new ontology.”

“At the same time, the soul of this replica will not age in two thousand years, and it also solves the lifespan problem!”

Raistlin was dumbfounded.

A large amount of information was tumbling up and down in his mind, and a complete jigsaw was formed from the fragments. He had already guessed what Ogulevy was going to say later.

“I used this method to create the last copy.” Ogulvi’s eyes were full of regrets, “at first it all went well, but afterwards, there was an accident.”

“This copy is still out of control?” Raistlin asked.

“Yes.” Ogulevi cast his gaze, “You must have guessed it, this copy is Kelston.”

Even though Raistlin was mentally prepared, he still felt unbelievable when he heard the other party say it.

Earlier, Ogulevi denied that the Duke of Redstone was his Avatar.

He has believed it.

didn’t expect things are still reversed. The Duke of Redstone is indeed not an Avatar, but it is a product created by Master Oculevi!

The experience of the Duke of Redstone in his youth is almost well known.

He was born in 2101 in the new calendar. He was discovered innate talent at the age of eight and entered the Nether Floating Void City as a wizard apprentice; he held the first soul change ceremony at the age of ten, perfect soul change, and became the official wizard; 22 years old Promoted to the youngest Legendary wizard in history, and created the “Psionic Man” specialization, a famous empire; at the age of fifty-eight, he was promoted to the Holy Spirit Wizard, became the youngest member of the Supreme Council in history, and was named a duke. Pallas Floating Void City was built in 1991.

Such a brilliant achievement has earned the Duke of Redstone the reputation of “number one genius”.

However, such a huge secret is hidden behind the scenes!

The Duke of Redstone was created by Master Ogulevi. It was originally used to extend the lifespan and being a replica of being reborn, but in the end he betrayed Master Ogulevi!