Warhammer Wizard Chapter 691


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It took half a minute for Raistlin to digest this amazing secret, curiously asked: “Master, how did the Duke of Redstone betray you?”


Ogulevy shook the head, indifferently said: “He didn’t betray me.”

“Huh?” Raistlin was stunned.

“Kelston grew up like a normal person, entered Nether to become a wizard, and stepped onto the peak of the transcendence. From the beginning to the end, he did not realize that he was created by others. His magical knowledge seemed to him to be an innate talent, and he didn’t notice my interference until the day he lost control.”

Ogulevy explained calmly: “Since he doesn’t know my existence, why can he talk about betrayal?”

Raistlin understood vaguely, so he changed his question: “How did the Duke of Redstone get out of control?”

“The problem lies in the mind.”

Ogulevi was a little emotional, “Success is the soul, and failure is the soul.”

He slowly said: “I made a copy of mediocre strength and reputation, and only a part of my memory, introduced Kelston to Nether Floating Void City, accepted him as a student, and guided him to it. Master the way of spiritual spell, create a psionicist, and want to use his hand to develop the specialization of psionicist in Nether.”

Halfway through hearing, Raistlin remembered the teacher of Kelston.

That Legendary wizard is called “Eraun”, and he has never reached the middle level of Legendary in his entire life and is unknown. The only reason Eraun can be remembered in history is that he discovered the Duke of Redstone and brought him to Nether Floating Void City.

didn’t expect Eraun is also a copy of Master Ogulvi!

In this way, the Duke of Redstone is actually a student of Master Ogulevi.

Raistlin sincerely admired:

“It turns out that the master is the founder of the psionicist!”

“You can’t say that.” Ogulevi did not accept his compliment. “I just gave Kelston a head and brought him into this door. Most of the research work to create psionicists is still What he did alone, the credit also belongs to him.”

Raistlin is slightly nodded, if Eraun is too involved in the psionic pioneer, far beyond his strength and level, it will make the Duke of Redstone doubt.

Nether Floating Void City records that Eraun died in an adventure.

There must be a problem here.

“Master, how did Elaun die?”

Ogulevi sneered in his nostrils, “Of course he was killed by Kelston.”

“He found out?” Raistlin was surprised.

With Master Oculevi’s caution, the Duke of Redstone was able to detect the clues and killed the teacher. The Duke of Redstone was still very young at the time. How did he do it?

“When Kelston was promoted to Legendary, myriad forms were advanced to myriad forms. This was a Legendary element that no one had ever obtained at the time. I didn’t know that myriad forms could distinguish between good and evil lies. , And even see through people’s hearts.” Ogulevi shook his head and said: “It wasn’t until a long time later that I also possessed myriad forms to understand its effects.”

Leis stands in great numbers and understands.

The Duke of Redstone used his mental energy myriad forms to realize that his teacher was not as simple as it seemed. Even if he could not read Elaun’s thinking, he could find that the teacher harboring malicious intentions against him.

So he started to kill the teacher, disguised as an accidental death during the adventure.

It really is vicious and merciless!

Raistlin glanced at Ogulvi, Eraun’s exposure can only be said to be an accident. It takes three to four psychic supersenses to advance to psychic myriad forms. Master Ogulevi did not expect that psychic myriad forms have such a powerful ability.

With the strength of Master Ogulevi, it is not difficult to integrate several spiritual supersenses.

However, the ability element can only be advanced when the soul is transformed. At that time, Ogulevi’s wizard level was very high, at least three 15th level and above, it is difficult to wait for the opportunity of the soul transformation.

That’s why the early bird catches the worm, the Duke of Redstone, became the first wizard to master myriad forms!

An unremarkable negligence caused a big mistake.

“Master, why didn’t you kill him at the time?”

“Kelston only found that his teacher had a problem, and didn’t notice my existence, and the memory that I had sealed in his brain was not removed.” Ogulvi sighed: “He is very alert and very smart. Traveling soon as an excuse, rarely return to Nether to avoid contact with Nether’s upper class.”

Even if it is an enemy, Raistlin has to admire the wisdom of the Duke of Redstone. It is his best choice to stay away from Nether’s Floating Void City, which can cut off possible sources of danger while also accumulating his own strength.

One word: Gou!

“At that time, my main energies were to study the mastermind of the psychic monsters, and to let Kelston go freely.” Oguleviy’s face looked helpless, “but I didn’t expect that he got the truth from nowhere. Will, let my arrangement completely fail.”

“The Will of Truth!”

Raislin suddenly realized that this was an unexpected but reasonable result.

He also has the will to truth. He is very clear about the role of this legendary element. He is immune to attacks on the soul and eliminates all negative effects on the soul and soul.

The Will of Truth can even lift the Blood Soul curse, not to mention trifling memory blockade and mind control.

The moment when the Duke of Redstone obtained the will to truth, all the memories and traps Ogulevi left in his mind were disappeared.

If the Duke of Redstone found that the teacher’s abnormality was an accident, then his will to truth is a coincidence.

For so many years, Master Oculevi has still failed to grasp the will to truth.

By the way, the Duke of Redstone got it!

Sometimes the arrangement of fate is really incomprehensible, but also full of irony.

However, the Duke of Redstone used the will of truth to remove the memory and spell in his mind. Then he can only master the knowledge of magic that has been unblocked, and the knowledge of magic will disappear without mastering, and he will never know his origin and Aogu Levy’s behind-the-scenes plan.

Therefore, Master Ogulevy said that the Duke of Redstone did not betray himself.

It is true.

In the eyes of the Duke of Redstone, everything he owns depends on innate talent and hard work. What does it have to do with others?

There was silence in the room for a while, and Ogulvi continued: “After Kelston was promoted to the Holy Spirit wizard, I realized that he had already lifted his control and became a completely free will, and had nothing to do with me. Relationship.”

“Master, why don’t you make a move…” Raislin made a gesture of wiping his neck.

“Things are a foregone conclusion, there is no point in killing him.”

Ogulevi laughed, “Kelston doesn’t know what I have done anyway, it doesn’t hurt to keep him. And he entered the High Council and became a member of the Netherites, and he was very supportive of me. For the sake of the overall situation, The empire also needs more holy soul wizards.”

Raistlin disagrees, “He should be aware of it.”

“So what?” Ogulvi said indifferent, “give him ten courage, and dare not think of me.”

This is the absolute self-confidence brought by absolute strength.

Raistlin sighed.

Indeed, when Master Ogulvi was still alive, even though it was a Lich who hadn’t appeared in public for hundreds of years, the Duke of Redstone had always kept himself in the High Council, only daring to stand in front of people below the Holy Spirit. Domineering.

Until Lich was killed, the repressed nature of the Redstone Duke was immediately released.

Even the Duke of Redstone didn’t know this secret, but Master Ogulvi told himself, it was obvious that there was another purpose.

Because of the myriad forms of the heart, Raistlin knew that his emotional changes were all in the hands of Ogulevi, and it was useless to cover up.

So he asked directly: “Master, why did you tell me this?”

“The formation of a person’s character has both Innate factors and acquired influence.” Ogulevi said: “Although Kelston was created by me, his body and soul are all from the self. His hand, but his character is far from mine. Especially in recent years, he has not secretly stopped investigating me. In recent months, he has completely exposed his infinite ambition.”

“I don’t like everything he did.”

“The Empire needs someone who can check and balance him, and you are the most suitable person.”

Raistlin nodded replied: “I will try my best.”

He can guess the mentality of Master Ogulvi.

Even people who are indifferent to power find that someone has been coveting their own empire for many years, taking over their own Floating Void City, taking over their own factions, inheriting their own ideas, and taking away their own wealth. This is absolutely intolerable Thing!

This is like the relationship between the emperor and Crown Prince.

Even though Crown Prince has been designated as successor, but the Old Sovereign is not dead yet, Crown Prince is anxious to ascend to the Datong, and is found to be secretly engaged in various small actions. The Old Sovereign is angry. , It is very likely that Crown Prince will be deposed directly, or even executed for the crime of treason.

But the Emperor Old Sovereign was afraid of making a big trouble, and let his family lose the world, so he could only do both.

Therefore, Master Oculevi only allowed himself to “check and balance” the Duke of Redstone, instead of killing the opponent. After all, the Duke of Redstone is the best heir. In a sense, he is the “Crown Prince” of Master Oculevi, and his blood relationship is closer than father and son!

Raistlin’s statement made Ogulevi very satisfied.

“Back then, I quickly gave up the failed copy of Kelston, and there are other reasons.” Ogulevi said: “In those years, I had new results in the study of the main brain of the psychic monster. A better method can completely solve the problem of soul aging.”

“It has to do with Lich?” Raislin thought to finally get to the point.


Ogulevi was nodded, and was a little excited: “Actually, I considered the Lich ceremony before I invented the longevity technique, but I was not sure that the soul was not polluted, so I had to give up this path. An ability, let me see a turning point.”

Raistlin was refreshed.

He ten thousand li ran to Eleanor, in order to be the mastermind of Demon Soul, now it is finally about to be revealed.

“The mastermind has an ability, which is called the’mastermind heart bud’ in the language of the spirit sucker, but I think it is more appropriate to call the’mastermind heart’.”

Ogulevi raised his finger to his own brain, “It allows the main brain to’germinate and reproduce’ like a plant, and uses brain tissue as the material to create a sub-brain, which carries the main brain’s’dividing soul’. It is pinned on the magic item, so that the ghost sucker can be carried with you when you are away from the city, and you can contact the main brain at any time to get the help of the main brain.”

“The brain has a mind-inspiring officer, can think independently, and the main brain has absolute control over the brain, and is not restricted by distance and plane.”

Raistlin’s eyes are bright, this is exactly what he needs!

He finally understood the future self, why he guided himself to the Nether Darkness Region in the prophecy to obtain the Demon Soul, the mastermind of the spirit sucker.

Unsurprisingly, when Ren integrates the main brain Demon Soul and uses the main brain heart to create the brain, the mutant phone will also load the brain simultaneously.

He can’t rub out the chip with his bare hands, but he can achieve the same goal through this element.

Splitting the brain is the chip!

Ogulevey stopped to introduce the heart of the mastermind, looked at Raistlin, and said: “My heart can feel myriad forms that you are very excited now.”

“Yes.” Raistlin did not hide, “The mastermind’s Demon Soul can solve my problems.”

“hehe…it also solved my problem.”

Ogulevi smiled, and his words Raistlin comprehended all at once.

The heart of the main brain is to make chips for himself, and for Master Ogulevi, it is no less effective than a chip. He can create a combination of brain division and copy, which perfectly solves the problem of copy betrayal!

Raistlin divine light flashed.

He couldn’t help loudly said: “Master, you created the brain to control a copy, let him hold Lich transformation ceremony!”

“You reacted quickly, but one detail was missing.”

Ogulevi nodded with a smile, “This sub-brain was transformed by me, weaving his memory, deleting the key memory, making him think he is the real me, and cutting off the synchronization with the main brain. I can’t control him, I can only sense him, but he can’t detect me either.”

“When he was transforming ceremony, all the process of soul change was under my control.”

“So, I also got the secret of Lich ceremony.”

“After that, I spent more than one hundred and fifty years to crack the transformation ceremony and improve it. Without sacrificing the soul to him, it can be transformed into Lich. I no longer have to worry about the aging of the soul and get a lifespan that is almost Eternal Undying. And able to maintain free will and not become his minions.”

Ren was dumbfounded.

Undead creatures are bound to become slaves of the Lord of Undead, as does Lich.

In the history of Ellen Ess world, in order to extend the lifespan, countless geniuses took risks and transformed themselves into Lich, but none of them could escape the fate of becoming a minion of the Lord of Undead, without exception.

Master Oculevi is the first!

Lord of Undead, one of the four great Evil Gods of the abyss, this ancient god, has endless divine force. He is more than one level stronger than the gods of Allanus, and even the gods fear his power. It is impossible to break his slavery and control of the undead.

As a mortal, Master Ogulvi did something that even the gods could not do!

At this moment, Raistlin has only one feeling.

Master Oculevi is indeed the most powerful wizard in history!

Not only powerful, but also great.

With such a shocking ability and the wisdom of shaking the old illuminating the new, Master Ogulvi can steal Lich’s secret in the in front of one’s eyes of Lord of Undead.

What a feat to surpass the gods with the wisdom of mortals!

“Master…” Raistlin admired him sincerely.

Ogulevi showed a triumphant expression on his face, and continued: “Not long after that, I also transformed myself into Lich and became what I am now. It is a pity that the Avatar I left in the Empire, After more than two hundred and seventy years of fighting against the pollution of the soul, it is completely degenerate.”

Persisting for more than two hundred and seventy years to fall, it can be seen that the will of Master Ogulevi is strong, even if it is just an Avatar.

Raistlin remembered that the Duke of Redstone had said that Ogulvii held the Lich transformation ceremony around 2221 in the New Calendar.

Calculating the time, that Avatar really became evil Lich more than sixty years ago.

This is consistent with what the Duke of Redstone said, the time point when he accidentally discovered that Ogulevi had fallen. By such a coincidence, it is obvious that Master Ogulevi himself intentionally leaked.

“Master, did you tell the Duke of Redstone about Lich?” Raistlin asked.

“Of course this is my arrangement.” Ogulevipo has several points of emotion, “A fallen Lich is too strong for the empire’s destructive power. I can’t just watch the empire die. It is not convenient for me to come forward. Let Kelstone stop it.”

“so that’s how it is.” Raislin suddenly, everything has an explanation.

No wonder the Duke of Redstone just found the phylactery.

When he learned that Lich had fallen, he didn’t do anything immediately. He thought about himself and made a lot of preparation plans secretly. He only waited for Lich to take over the inheritance of Master Ogulvi, but he didn’t know that this angered him. Master Ogulevi who observes everything secretly.

As for why Master Ogulvi couldn’t make a shot himself, Raistlin also guessed.

One is that his current image is too terrifying.

Second, if it is known that he stole the secret of Lich’s transformation into ceremony, spread it out, and reported it to the Lord of Undead after being informed by the natural disaster Legion or the dead knot talisman seal, it would be ruined.

The Lord of Undead will never allow mortals to steal their authority.

No matter how strong the strength of Master Ogulevi is, it is impossible to match the terrifying abyss Evil God. I am afraid there is only a dead end.

Therefore, he can only hide in Eleanor these years, and dare not go out one step.


Raistlin thought of another thing. Lich’s strength is definitely not like an ordinary Avatar. In that battle, the seven holy spirit wizards teamed up to successfully kill. It is enough to prove that he has mastered the time spell. It really has Level 41!

A name flashed in his mind.


When Ogulevi mentioned this most powerful copy before, he only said that he defeated him, but did not explicitly say that he was killed. Fetantilus was at level 30 when he disappeared. After more than five hundred years, it is not surprising that with the support of Master Ogulvi, he rose to Level 41.

Raistlin asked directly: “Master, is that Lich Fetantilus?”

“You guessed it.”

Ogulevi was a little surprised, nodded and said: “After Fetantilus was defeated by me, he has been under my control. He reproduces his memory every 20 years, and allows him to unremittingly improve his strength until I use the points. The brain enters this clone and truly becomes my Avatar, allowing him to transform into Lich.”

“It’s a pity.” Raistlin shook the head and the wizard Avatar of Level 41 was willing to give up.

He looked at the ugly mastermind Lich, hesitated, and finally said, “Master, I have another question.”

“You can ask.”

“Why do you want to merge your body with the mastermind instead of making the’mind of mastermind’ into a seal?” Raistlin said his question.

Ogulvi was silent for a few seconds before replying: “The heart of the brain is the element of physique.”


Raistlin was stunned by this simple answer.

It turned out to be a physical element!

He originally thought that it involved the ability of mind and soul separation, which was either a secret technique element or an ability element. He had never thought that it was a physical element.

This is too terrible. Among the three elements, only the physical element cannot be made into a seal.

Master Ogulvi is a wizard of the French Seal School. The soul can only integrate with the Seal. He wanted to get the “heart of the mastermind”, so he had to directly integrate the whole spirit sucker mastermind with himself. He paid a huge price for Defects of soul instability appear.

Raistlin was completely convinced and stood up and said, “You are too great!”


Ogulvi laughed happily, but the Eye of Soul saw that his emotions had several points of bitterness, and the laughter lasted more than ten seconds before it stopped. He suddenly reached out into the void and grabbed a huge glass jar filled with light blue water. A brain with six tentacles was soaked in the water. The tentacles swam and waved from time to time to show that it was still alive.

Raistlin saw the brain in the jar, and his expression was slightly startled.

This is a ghost mastermind!