Zi Yan nodded slightly, no words, sitting on the back of Beast Soul, sitting cross-legged.

Before being injured by Su Mo, he had studied the Beast Soul of this starry behemoth for a long time.

What is certain is that the Beast Soul of this starry behemoth must have exerted its means more than the Taishou Lord, and it is impossible to kill it.

And what exactly is this means, the sable can not be completely determined.

The result of his research is that the Beast Soul of the starry beast, the internal has a huge amount of life force, and is powerful to the extreme.

To kill Beast Soul, you must destroy the power of life in Beast Soul, but once he does, who is killed by Beast Soul, it is not necessarily.

Because, by that time, many people have the ability to kill Beast Soul.

Therefore, the purple scorpion wants to do it, which is to transform the power of life within Beast Soul into the power of death.

Life and death transformation.

Once this is done, the Beast Soul of the Starry Beast will be wiped out in an instant.

“Too should be respected by the Lord, and there are strict restrictions. If he wants to collect the disciples who are most suitable for him, I will succeed.”

In the heart of the purple scorpion, he closed his eyes and his spirits followed the huge body of Beast Soul and drilled into the Beast Soul.

Soon, he perceives this enormous and unimaginable force of life, the power of this life, in maintaining this Beast Soul not being killed by everyone.

The power of this life is higher than the sky, deeper than the sea, and huge enough to be unimaginable.

In the face of this unparalleled power of life, Zi Yan was shocked, but it also made him fighting high.

Later, he used his own life and death gods and his own laws of life and death to begin to reverse life and death and make a full effort.

On the scene, in addition to Zixiao, countless other people are not idle, and even thousands of martial artists of the same division, composed of peerless killings, are attacking Beast Soul insanely, but to no avail.

As time went by, many people gave up and left the sea of ​​consciousness space.

Of course, more people came to the sea of ​​consciousness space, because the tokens were stolen by Su Mo. The remaining tokens competed too much and fiercely. Many people did not have the ability to compete and could only try to kill them. Beast Soul.

At this moment, even Murong Yu, the heart gave birth to abandon the mind, because she almost exhausted all kinds of available means, can not play a significant effect.

“Day does not help me!”

Murong stands in front of the starry Beast Soul, with a helpless color on her pretty face. She wants to worship Taishou as a teacher. Although she cultivates the immortal way, it is different from the way of the Lord.

However, the three thousand avenues have the same goal, and the Taishou Lord can also give her tremendous help.

Her talent is very high, no one in the Tianluo Division can compete with her, but she has never been a teacher so far, that is, she hopes to enter the headquarters and worship under the door of a lord.

Although, there is no influence in the division.

“I don’t know, can you still snatch the tokens now?”

Sighing, Murong left, left the sea of ​​consciousness of the starry beast and flew to other places.

Since she can’t kill Beast Soul, she can only retreat to the next, to snatch the tokens, and hope to come.

The rapid passage of time, the sea of ​​consciousness space of the starry beast, people come and go, and other places, is a bloody hurricane, the fight for the token is far from over.

The emperor’s soul stood beside the purple scorpion, and it was considered to be the purple scorpion, and the sable was devoted to the Beast Soul.

He is doing his best to transform the power of life in the star beast Beast Soul into the power of death, transforming life and death, killing Beast Soul.

His progress is not too smooth, mainly because Beast Soul’s life is too great, but overall, he has not encountered much difficulty.

A lot of the power of life is gradually transformed into the power of death. The vitality of the starry beast is shrinking and gradually shrinking.


Outside, everyone is waiting, waiting for the end of the selection.

Of course, many people are ugly, and they feel embarrassed about the opportunity for their disciples to get a token.

After all, there were thirty tokens that could be contested, but now it has become ten.

Su Mo was quietly kneeling on the ground and meditating.


At this time, a young man’s strong man rushed out of the big mouth of the starry beast.

“Ha ha ha!! I am out!”

Big person came out and suddenly shouted, it was extremely exciting, because he snatched a token, 9 points death, 1 point life, and finally escaped.

Seeing this scene, a group of people suddenly went up and asked.

The group of people who went around was the elders of the branch where the big person was located. After asking the situation, everyone was embarrassed.

After all, this big person is very talented, but the strength is not too strong, can grab a token, really Destiny amazing.

The appearance of this big person seems to have opened the prelude to the winner, and one person who has snatched the tokens, from time to time, comes out from the starry beast.

About a few hours later, there were eight other people who won the battle.

The nine winners in total, mostly high level God King, only one is the intermediate God King, is a talented generation, the speed law is extremely high, almost no one can compare its speed.

Of course, the nine people who received the tokens were wounded and there was almost no one who was unscathed.

“There is still a token, I don’t know who can get it?”

“What are Murong Yu, Ba Shizhen and Shi Zixuan doing, the three strongest, actually have not yet got the token?”

“Ba Shizhen has participated in several selections. If this is not successful, it will only break through to the present situation. From then on, he will not be a disciple at the headquarters!”

“Maybe he has already gotten a token, dealing with Beast Soul?”

There are a lot of long-standing old people, and there are many arguments. Among the nine people who won this, there is no Murong Yu, no Shizi Xuan, and no Ba Shizhen, which makes them somewhat surprised.

Three super enchanting, actually no one came out.

Of course, some of the three may have obtained the last token, but the other two are hanging.

Su Mo opened his eyes and glanced at everyone. His heart was clear. The last token, in the soul of the emperor, but the other party did not come out, it must be to deal with Beast Soul.

“I hope he won’t succeed!” Su Mo sighed, and if the Emperor’s soul succeeded, he would be under the door of the Taishou Lord, which would be a little troublesome.

Of course, even if the other party succeeds, Su Mo will not be afraid of each other.

After all, he now has a backing, and the Master is not a superb powerhouse. The Master Ancestor is not a master, but also a master.

Moreover, the strength of the law without the Lord is definitely not comparable to that of the Lord.

Compared with the law without the Lord, the Taishou Lord is a junior.


The interior of the starry behemoth, countless disciples are downcast, because they have not received the token.

The tokens have disappeared, and many people who have received the tokens have also escaped.

Without the tokens, they had no targets, and then rushed into the sea of ​​consciousness of the starry beasts.

Ba Shiyi and Ning Piaoying, as well as another young man, the three men flew to the sea of ​​consciousness of the starry beast.

Originally, they had two companions, but they fell when they fought for the tokens.

“Floating, are you okay?” Ba Shi sullenly sullen, turned his head and looked at the Ning Float around him. The other person’s face was pale and the injury was very heavy.

“Senior Brother, I’m fine!” Ning Piaoying shook his head and said: “My injury should be lighter than the Senior Brother.”

“My injury ratio is not too heavy!” Ba Shiyan shook his head. His injury was actually very heavy, but he could not show it in front of the Junior Brother and Junior Sister.

“Senior Brother, thank you for saving me!” Ning drifting again, when she was competing for the token, she almost died, thanks to the time to save her life.

“Junior Sister is welcome!” Ba Shi said faintly.

“Senior Brother, don’t be discouraged, although the tokens are gone, but there is also Beast Soul. It is not impossible to kill Beast Soul with your strength!” Ning drifted again, talking between her Thinking in the mind, that Wu Shan snatched twenty tokens and said it had escaped.

She regretted it. Originally, Lin Shan had asked Wu Shan to help her. At that time, if she was polite, Wu Shan might give her a token, but now, the chances are not great.

“If it wasn’t for Wu Shan, how could the brothers not get the tokens!”

His strength is unparalleled, no one can fight with him. As a result, first, Fugan and others have smashed him, and then two-thirds of the tokens, Wu Shan, snatched away, and he found nothing.

“Bar Senior Brother, we are not lucky!” Another young man sighed.

“Indeed, if it wasn’t for Fu Gan and others who hurt me, how could Wu Shan squat the ant’s general things, how could he snatch twenty tokens!” Ba Shi nodded and his face became more and more gloomy.

He felt that God was against him. He participated in several selections, and every time Destiny was not good.

Between the three people chatting, after a while, came to the sea of ​​consciousness of the starry beast.

There are so many people here, at first glance, there is boundlessness, surrounded by the huge Beast Soul.

After arriving here, Ba Shizhen and others immediately began to study Beast Soul and attacked by various means.

However, at this time, the change was steep.

I saw a young man sitting cross-legged on the back of the starry beast and suddenly stood up and laughed.

“Ha ha ha!! Heaven helps me too, life and death are reversed, right now!”

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