“Ha ha ha!! Heaven helps me too, life and death are reversed, right now!”

The loud laughter shook the four wild, and then he saw the young man open his hands and lifted his face.

This youth is not someone else, it is naturally purple.

On the body of the sable, there is a strong force of life and death, and a strong law of life and death.

This rich force of life and death and the law of life and death form two mysterious airflows, like Yin. Yangjie. Hehe, one black and one white.

A black and white airflow, in the purple body of the whole body, like a miniature hurricane.

At this moment, the purple scorpion is amazing and unbeatable.

Then, with the naked eye, his white air flow quickly turned to black.

As the color of the air changes, the huge starry Beast Soul, as if it is a fast withered weed, the rapid flow of vitality.


“How could this be?”

“He actually has such a strong force of life and death!”

Countless people around have seen this, and they are all shocked. It seems that this person relies on the power of life and death to kill Beast Soul.

In a flash, many people are attacking Beast Soul madly because they still have a chance to wait for Beast Soul to be killed and perhaps their share.

Sure enough, the huge Beast Soul was almost between three breaths, and the vitality dropped to freezing point.

With the white airflow around the cicada, it was completely converted into a black airflow, and the huge Beast Soul suddenly screamed and crashed.

After the collapse of the Beth Soul of the Star Beast, it did not completely dissipate, but turned into a burst of blue smoke, incorporating the internal of the purple.

For a moment, the body of the purple scorpion shines, and it shines 100,000 miles.

“Ha ha ha! I finally succeeded!”

The purple singer laughed and the voice shook his voice. His face was full of excitement, but his eyes were full of fierce savage: “Su Mo, Su Mo, I see you fight with me later?”

He was very uplifting and killed Beast Soul. He was a disciple of the Taizong Lord in the future. In this ancient cloud starry alliance, in this vast world, he will have no fear, he will Soar.

At this moment, everyone stared at the purple eyes and looked different. The great creation of this day was really gotten by this guy.

However, this kind of creation can not be robbed. After all, killing Beast Soul is not a fight for the tokens. Whoever kills Beast Soul is no one, and there is no way to snatch it.

Ba Shi was dumbfounded. He chose this time and once again failed completely!

Empty has an invincible power, but from start to finish, it does not help.

“Very good!” The side of Zi Yan, the emperor and the soul with a smile, now, he and Zi Yan are winning in the selection, the general trend has been completed, the future will be Kang Zhuang Avenue.

At this moment, the Beast Soul of the Starry Beast is dead, the life is full, and the people of the entire Starry Beast are known.

In the outer body of the starry sky beast, the lightly erected Taishou, the light flashing, finally revealed a smile.

In the case of the starry beast internal, he knows everything, and the purple scorpion kills Beast Soul, he is naturally clear.

At this moment, countless elders waiting outside the starry behemoths are looking forward to it, because at this moment, the life of the starry beast has finally disappeared.

This proves that the starry beast is dead, but who is killing them, they do not know.

Everyone is guessing, guessing who it is, getting this creation, killing the starry beast.

“Can’t it be purple?”

Su Mo also guessed it, and had to say that Zi Yan is indeed the most likely person.

“The selection is over and everyone is out!”

Tai should respect the Lord, the voice is not big, but it is unusually loud, passed into the interior of the starry beast, and blasts in the ears of everyone.

Countless elders outside, waiting quietly, after a few tilts, the countless disciples of the starry beasts internal began to flow out.

A golden sable, it looks like a million people, and the momentum is like a rainbow.

Everyone who saw this scene understood that Zi Yan was the one who killed Beast Soul.

Many long-term old people are sighing in their hearts, and their disciples are all nothing, completely defeated.

Ba Shiyi, Murong Yu, and Shi Zixuan also came out one after another.

The faces of the three people are very unsightly, and their faces are gray.

Within the Gu Yun Star Alliance, among the disciples of God King Realm, the most famous and recognized and strongest of them all failed.

However, they can’t have any complaints. After all, if the rules are fair, they can’t be wrong.

Seeing the look of the three men of Ba Shi, everyone also understood, and the last one of the tokens, the Ba Shizhen three did not get.

Lin Ya, Ge Li, Quan Ruhai, Xiao Yushu and other people familiar with Su Mo have also come out one after another. Some people are seriously injured, but it does not matter.

Lin Ya is safe and sound, because she did not participate in the most intense competition.

“Sure enough, he!” Su Mo looked at the purple eyes, his face sank, and saw the strangeness on the other side. He still didn’t understand where he was. Beast Soul was the scorpion.

This made him somewhat helpless, but it is already the case and he has no way.

However, even if the other side worships the door of the Taishou Lord, it will not be able to reverse the sky.


After the purple cicada came out, he did not fly to the Taishou Lord, but directly to the Su Mo Fei.

With less inclination, he stayed in the sky above Su Mo, overlooking Su Mo.

“Su Mo, I really want to know, at this moment, what do you think?” Zi Yan’s mouth, evoke a playful smile, sneered and asked.

He is very happy now, Su Mo can’t kill him, now he will fly to the sky, this feeling is quite wonderful.

“The cock is always a cock, even if it is put on the Xiayi, flying on the branches, it will never become Phoenix.” Su Mo said faintly.

“ha ha, you don’t want to be hard, even if you are in your heart, you can’t be wrong!”

Zi Yan sneered and said: “I know that you have gotten a token, and in the future, we are hanging in the mountains, and some are opportunities to compete!”

After all, Zi Yan no longer speaks, flies high, and flies to the side of Tai Ying Zun.

“禀太 should respect the Lord, disciple Zi Zi, successfully kill Beast Soul!” Zi Yan said with respect, compared with the face of Su Mo, the attitude is completely different.

“Very good!” Tai Ying respected the main jaw and looked at Zi Yan. He said: “From now on, you are the pro-disciple of the deity, the teacher’s gift, will be held later.”

Tai Ying is very satisfied with the Lord. He knows that Zi Yan is not the strongest disciple, but he is the best disciple for him.

“Yes, Master!” Zi Yan respected the cup one fist in the other hand, and even after coming to the Taishou Lord, very interesting.

At this time, the Taishou Lord looked around at everyone, and sighed: “The person who gets the token will become a disciple of the headquarters of the Guyun Star Alliance. Now, all the people who have received the tokens will come forward to hand over the tokens.”

Hey! !

When Tai Ying’s voice was disappointing, ten people immediately flew to the front and came to the side of Tai Ying’s Lord.

These ten people, the emperor and the soul are naturally among them. In addition to him, the other nine people are very excited.

At this time, many people’s eyes fell on Su Mo’s body. They all knew that Su Mo had twenty tokens, and now he is not flying like anyone else.

I saw Su Mo slowly standing up, looking up at the top of the Taishou Lord, Shen Sheng asked: “I would like to ask the Lord, I got twenty tokens, can you delay the use?”

Su Mo’s idea is to keep some of the tokens, wait for him to return to the wilderness, pick up his friends and family, and then select some people, give them tokens, and let them become disciples of the headquarters.

If it can be like this, naturally it is better.

“No!” said Tai Yingmin, a faint saying, delayed use? This is simply a joke about the number of disciples selected by the headquarters.

“Can I use it today?” Su Mo asked with a slight frown.

“Can only be used today!” Tai Ying said with respect to the Lord.


Su Mo nodded and immediately looked at Yan Chang and Qing Ya, saying: “Two Senior Sister, come over, one person and one token!”

Hearing the words of Su Mo, Yan Chang and Lin Ya flew over, the former was calm, but the latter was excited.

Lin Ya was very excited. She also knew that Su Mo got twenty tokens and guessed that Su Mo would give him one, but it was still very exciting at the moment. After all, this is a great creation.

In the gaze of everyone, Su Mo gave the singer and Lin Ya, one person and one token, and then the two women flew to the front and flew to the side of Tai Yingzun.

At this moment, countless disciples of all major divisions, eyes open, are staring at Su Mo, full of desire.

However, most of them do not know Su Mo, and naturally it is not good to ask for it.


At this time, the Tianhua Dao people flew to the front of Su Mo with the whole sea and Chang Hao.

“Wu Shan, whether you call Wu Shan or Su Mo, are outstanding disciples of my Taisheng branch!”

The Tianhua Dao people are sincere and solemn. “I don’t know if you are willing to give you two tokens, such as the sea and Changyi, so that they can become disciples of the headquarters?”

At this moment, the Tianhua Taoist did not sell the customs, and directly spoke, asking for two tokens.

It’s all like the face of the sea, a little embarrassing. After all, he and Su Mo have a holiday, and they are very embarrassed, worried that Su Mo will not give him a token.

After all, nowadays, even the Tianhua Taoist, in the face of Su Mo, there is not much weight.

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