Su Mo did not immediately agree, and did not immediately refuse, but turned to look at Jin Wushang people.

Before, the Tianhua Taoist had been talking to Kim Supreme, and it was also for the sake of keeping things, so Su Mo had to look at the attitude of Kim Supreme.

If the other party agrees, then Su Mo is not good to refuse. After all, he can’t wipe the face of the master.

“You are free!” Kim did not know what to do, and said to Su Mo.

Su Mo heard clearly, it seems that the Master did not agree to the Tianhua Taoist, then it would be easier.

“Wu Shan, we don’t have much contact, but please look at our share of the same side, give me a token, often grateful, there will be a thick report in the future!” Chang Hao to Su Mo cup one fist In the other hand, the face is sincere and very polite.

Su Mo looked at him often, and he was a stranger to this person. He also met once at the birthday party of the Tianhua Taoist.

“Yes, give you a token!” Su Mo nodded, his palm turned over, and took out another token again and handed it to Chang Hao.

Although he is not familiar with the other party, but there is no festival, the other party is so sincere, if he refuses, it is not suitable.

“Thank you!” After receiving the tokens, Chang Hao suddenly rejoiced and immediately bowed to Su Mo.

It’s all like the sea, and suddenly it’s anxious. The Senior Brother got the token, and he’s not necessarily.

“Wu Shan, we have had some small festivals, but they are all trivial conflicts, and there is no big hatred. You won’t hate me?” All the way, the sea hurriedly said.

Su Mo turned his head and looked at the whole sea. The face was like a smile and a smile. He wanted to see what he wanted to say.

See Su Mo silent, as if sinking in the heart of the sea, then he is slightly indulged, solemnly saying: “Wu Shan, our festival cause is because of Xuan Qing Junior Sister, I really like her, but I swear I have given up, and from now on, I will never play the idea of ​​Xuan Qing Junior Sister.”

In other words, the whole sea continues: “And, Xiao Yushu always wants to harm you. The last time the master’s birthday feast, the singer wants to kill you, it is arranged by Xiao Yushu, they are cousins!”

Su Mo heard is startled. Although he did not know this, he also knew that Xiao Yushu always wanted to kill him.

The reason why he will kill the singer is naturally because the singer has killed him.

He did not think that all of them like Hailian said it.

As soon as this statement came out, Xiao Yushu in the distance suddenly turned black, and the darkness was as good as the sea is bastard.

On the other side, Tianjue, the same person, was also black, but he knew that the whole sea was not expected to be false, because at the beginning, the people were really killing, and many people could see it.

“What do you say is true?” Su Mo faintly looked at the sea and asked calmly.

“All true!”

All the like Hai Zheng’s key points, sincerely said: “Wu Shan, I used to be wrong, but also ask you to have a large number of adults, forgive me!”

It’s like a whisper in the sea, no way, the token is too important, even if you don’t want to face, he has to fight for it.

To become a disciple of the headquarters, the future achievements are far more powerful than staying in the branch.

“Well, I forgive you!” Su Mo was a little addicted, or forgive the whole sea. Since the other party admits this mistake, he gives each other a face.

As for the tokens, they can’t be delayed anyway, and they must be distributed today.

“Give you!” Su Mo handed a token to the front of the sea.

“Thank you…Thank you!” All the excited hands of the sea trembled and shaken, and slowly took over the tokens. He was so excited. I didn’t expect this Wu Shan to be so disregarded. I really gave him a token.

“I hope you have a letter!” Su Mo said.

“Of course!” All the way to the sea nodded, said: “So great, Wu Shan, but you have a request, I am bound to define!”

“Good!” Su Mo smiled, and then he flew up and flew straight to Xiao Yu’s path not far away.

Seeing that Su Mo flew to himself, Xiao Yu’s written color changed, and he subconsciously wanted to escape.

However, I think that I am now a disciple of the Tianluo Division, and that there is no evidence in the words of the sea, and he has not escaped.

“Xiao Yushu, I haven’t seen you for a long time!” Su Mo came to Xiao Yushu’s body with a faint smile.

“What do you want to do?” Xiao Yushu asked with vigilance.

“Are you suffering from a minor injury?” Su Mo looked at Xiao Yushu and asked.

“No matter what you do!” Xiao Yushu said coldly, he was indeed injured, and very heavy, because he also participated in the subsequent token fight.

Unfortunately, although he is very talented, the cultivation base is only a low-level God King, and even the shadow of the token has not been encountered.

“Before and after, you have already harmed me many times!” Su Mo voiced a turn and asked faintly.

“Do you have any evidence?” Xiao Yushu sneered, what is the use of tongue and mouth? You have no evidence, can’t you take me?

“Sorry, I am not coming to you to prove, but to kill you!” Su Mo’s words are indifferent, the voice has not yet landed, and he immediately shot, to refer to the sword, a finger to Xiao Yushu’s head.

Because of the distance between the two, less than two feet, plus Su Mo this is very fast, almost when Xiao Yushu has not reacted, the fierce sword finger, poked on the latter’s head.


An explosion sounds, Xiao Yushu’s head, instantly blasted, and the soul and the gods within it were also killed in an instant.

A shot to kill Xiao Yushu, for Su Mo, it is a breeze, because the strength of the two is no longer at a level.

At this moment, many people are dumbfounded. Su Mo dares to be too loyal to the Lord, and countless old ministers, killing people on the spot, this courage is too big.

The people of the Tianluo Division were angry, and Su Mo’s unscrupulous killing of their disciples in the Tianluo Division was simply mad.

“Kid, you actually kill the same side, what a sin!”

A physically strong old man, screaming and murdering, no matter what hatreds Xiao Yushu and Su Mo had before, but now Xiao Yushu is a disciple of their Tianluo division. If they are silent, it is not for everyone to see jokes.

This sturdy old man is one of the two chief elders of the Tianluo Division, Elder Yuan.

He is very angry in his heart, but he can’t shoot Su Mo. After all, Su Mo has a token in his body. He is nominally a disciple at the headquarters. Only the headquarters is qualified to punish.

“He has harmed me many times. I just gave everything he did to him!” Su Mo said faintly.

“A nonsense, he has hurt you many times, what is your evidence?” Elder Yuan yelled, saying, he said to the one hand in one of the other hand, said: “Tai should respect the Lord, this person kills same Side, sin is innocent.”

“Please ask the Lord to decide!”

“Please also ask Taishou to preside over justice!”

“It must be severely punished!”

Many elders and disciples of the Tianluo branch have opened their mouths and asked the Taizong to be the master.

However, another chief elder of the Tianluo branch, Murong’s grandfather, but Elder Murong did not say.

Murong, who is around him, did not say either.

Because they have other plans, that is to want to keep things, and now naturally can not offend Su Mo.

Jin Wushang and Lin Ya, Yan Chang, Tian Hua Dao, etc., all looked down, they did not argue for Su Mo, because, for whatever reason, blatantly killing the same side, are guilty.


The huge body of the starry monster, I don’t know where it was received by the lord. He stared at Su Mo and said: “Break the same side, violate Sect rules, but the Lord will not punish you, after you enter the headquarters. There will be people in charge of the Sect rules of the Union, who will punish you.”

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded. He didn’t think about escaping the punishment, but he was not afraid.

Because he is now a disciple of the headquarters, it can be said that neither identity nor status is comparable to Xiao Yushu, and the headquarters will not be too difficult for him.

In other words, it is impossible for the headquarters to punish a disciple of a headquarters for a Xiao Yushu.

At this moment, the emperor and the purple scorpion looked at each other, and the squats were flashed with faint glamour, and the same thoughts rose in the heart.

“Continue to distribute the tokens!” Tai should respect the Lord.

“Yeah!” Su Mo nodded, then he wanted to fly back to Kim’s side, because the other side gathered a lot of people from the Taisheng branch.

Since the tokens are to be separated, it is naturally given to the disciples of the Taisho branch. The fertilizer does not flow outside the field.

“Cough cough~~!”

At this moment, among the Tianluo divisions, the older fat-faced Murong elders, but they coughed twice, saying: “little friend, I don’t know, can you trust the old man’s granddaughter Murong?”

“Murong 绮?” Su Mo heard, his body shape, and turned to look at Murong’s side of Murong’s side, when the woman was in the starry sky, but he did not play against him.

At this moment, Murong squats and daggers, not looking to Su Mo, because she is embarrassed.

At the time of the starry beast internal, she first pursued Su Mo, then Su Mo dealt with the purple, and she stopped again, now there is a face to ask for something.

Fortunately, she also has a grandfather, who can ask for it by the elders of Murong.

“Elder Murong, your granddaughter is very powerful, almost unsure to kill!” Su Mo sneered.


The elders of Murong are startled, he does not know the situation of the starry beasts, and naturally does not know the conflict between Murong and Su Mo.

“What happened?” Elder Murong turned to look at Murong, and his face was a plate.

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