“I… I was in conflict with him when I was in the selection!” Murong whispered.

“Apologize, immediately apologize!” Elder Murong shouted loudly, with an unquestionable color.

Murong Yan’s face changed, she naturally understood that Grandpa is good for her, let her whisper, put down her face, and try to win the token.

However, knowing that she knew it and apologizing, she was still not willing.

Murong Yu is a woman with a straightforward character. Her temperament is fierce and hot, like her body.

Therefore, she still does not want to be soft to believe in things, to know that in the starry beast internal, Su Mo not only provoke her, but also attacked her, causing a Junior Brother to die.

“Hey, grandpa, you don’t listen?” Murong’s face was gloomy and whispered. He understood that this opportunity was a rare event and must not be abandoned.

If you give up, you can only get the next selection, but the next time you choose, there will be no hope of great accomplishment, such as Ba Shizhen, such a powerful enchanting, failed many times, and lost in vain. Hundreds of years of prime time.

Looking at the appearance of Elder Murong, many people are speechless, and this Elder Murong really does not want to face, in order to believe that this is actually the case.

You must know that the disciple of the Tianluo Division was killed by Su Mo on the spot. You, the elder of Murong, as one of the chief elders of the Tianluo Division, did not seek justice for the disciples, but actually wanted his granddaughter. Go to apologize.

The elders and disciples of the Tianluo branch are all ugly. Of course, they all understand the thoughts of Elder Murong.

“I’m sorry…” Murong squatted into the mosquitoes and flew to Su Mo. She compromised. First, she didn’t want to violate Grandpa’s will, and second, she wanted to keep things.

Su Mo looked at Murong Yu faintly. He didn’t need to apologize at all, because the other party was not wrong, he himself was not wrong, but only took what he needed.

“ha ha, little friend, my nephew has apologized to you!”

Elder Murong turned to look at Su Mo, his face turned very fast, his smile and awkwardness, said: “This child has been a strong character and has never been wrong with anyone. You will forgive her and give a token.”

Su Mo is speechless. In fact, he does not want to give Murong a token, but, look at the attitude of the elders of Murong, he is not very good to refuse.

As the saying goes, reach out and not smile!

“Like this, Elder Murong, I will sell a token to you, do you think it is appropriate?” Su Mo was slightly indulged and compromised, giving the other party a token and letting the other party pay the price.

“Yes! Very suitable!”

The elders of Murong were is startled, and immediately they were overjoyed. The face of obesity suddenly showed a bright smile.

Murong looked up and stared at Su Mo. She didn’t expect Su Mo to be so generous, and there was no difficulty. She agreed directly.

Although it is sold, it is already a gift from Tianda.

“That little friend, what price do you want to sell, or what treasures do you need?” Murong Elder.

“What do you think is the value of the token, so how much?” Su Mo said, he did not want to hang the other party, so as long as the other party gave a past price.

He has nothing to lose, so there is nothing he needs.

“Ordinary source stone and other resources, it is estimated that you do not need it, so, old man refines a set of treasures for you, how do you feel?” Murong Elder.

“Poker? What treasure?” Su Mo asked in confusion.

“A set of super-artifact-level treasures will definitely satisfy you!” said Elder Murong with a smile.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded, and he didn’t ask much. Since it’s a super-artifact-level treasure, it’s not bad.

Immediately, he took out a token and handed it to Murong Yu.

“More… Thank you!” Murong Yu whispered, and even took over the tokens.

Su Mo then stopped talking to the two, looking around four directions and finding Goley from the Azure Flower division.

“Golly, give you a token!” Su Mo took out another token again and shouted to Goley.

In the distance, Goli stood among the crowds of the Azure Flower Division. When he heard Su Mo’s words, he felt as if he didn’t believe what he heard.

Trust, have one yourself?

The people in the Azure Flower Division have different faces, and many people have cast an envious look at Goley.

And Tianjue, the chief elder of the Azure Flower Division, was a terrible face.

“What are you doing? Don’t you?” Su Mo yelled and smiled. The reason why he gave Goley was because this person was very good.

When he first went to Chi Xia Xing, when he left, Goli once passed on to him and told him that Ye Jin would kill him.

Just relying on this matter, giving the other party a token, it is a matter of course.


Goley naturally would not reject this kind of good thing, and immediately formed a move to Su Mo Fei, and he took the token seriously.

“I didn’t expect you to give me one!” Goley looked complicated. He had also ordered the command of Tianjue to kill Su Mo, but he did not succeed.

“You deserve it!” Su Mo smiled, and even flew to the Golden Supreme and the Tianhua Taoist, he had already taken out six tokens, leaving 14 left.

In addition to leaving one for himself, the remaining thirteen, he naturally has to be assigned to the disciples of the Taisheng branch.

However, Su Mo’s figure just stopped, and a large group of people around him surrounded him.

“little friend, old man is willing to buy you a token, the price will definitely satisfy you!”

“little friend, I am willing to buy, let you offer!”

“old man uses a crafted artifact to exchange a token with you!”


A large group of old people, who spoke up, wanted to buy Su Mo’s tokens, and even some people said the Heaven Defying treasure.

They all know that they don’t know Su Mo. From the future, it is impossible to succeed. Only by purchasing or using treasure exchange, there is a possibility of success.

These long-term old people basically have their own disciples, all of whom are fighting for their disciples.

“That… Wu Shan, can you see if you can give a shadow?”

Lin Lin is also coming, and she is still following Ning Piaoying. She is apologetic. She said: “Floating is not sensible. Some words have been offended before, please don’t blame.”

Ning Piaoying squinted. Ba, did not dare to look into Su Mo’s eyes, she knew that she had despised Su Mo before, and now I am embarrassed.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded, no matter what the shadow of Ning, Lin Lin was like him, this token is definitely to be given.

Then he handed a token to the hands of Ning Piaoying.

“Thank you!” Lin was as relieved as he was, and he was worried. She didn’t expect her to just raise her hand, but she gave her daughter a big fortune.

“That… Wu Shan Big Brother, can you give the Pakistani Senior Brother a token?” After Ning Piaoying got the token, she asked, she wanted to get a token for Ba Shizhen.

At this time, Ba Shizhen stood beside Ning Fuying, and there was an old man beside him.

“little friend, if you are willing to give Ba Shi a token, old man is willing to exchange with the artifacts.” The old man said that he is the master of Ba Shizhen, for the time is a bloody.

He had only one artifact, it was his own weapon, but he did not hesitate to take it out.

Because Ba Shiyi has failed too many times, this is the last chance. If it is not successful, it will not be able to continue to wait for the next selection.

Ba Shizhen was calm, but his heart was awkward.

However, he believes that Su Mo can’t refuse the temptation to create artifacts and should agree.

However, the result was to disappoint him.

“Sorry, the rest of these tokens are not enough for the disciples of the Taisheng branch!” Su Mo shook his head and refused. The artifact was indeed attractive to him, but with his current identity and strength, he wanted It’s not too difficult to get an artifact.

Su Mo looked around at everyone, and sighed: “You, I am sorry, I don’t want to sell the tokens. These tokens are too disciples of Taisheng.”

Everyone is heard, all face ugly, but they are unable to attack.

After all, the token is Su Mo, and you can do whatever you want.

Ba Shi’s face was gray, and he was completely defeated. Even Ning’s shadows were given a token, and he did not get it.

Ning Piaoying slightly frowned, but did not say anything, she knew that she could get a token, completely the face of her mother Lin night, but Ba Shizhen did not have this face.

And the disciples of the Taisheng branch, heard, are excited, and there are thirteen tokens that can be scored. Many people have a chance.

“Master, these tokens are for you, you can assign it!”

Immediately, Su Mo couldn’t help but say that he took out thirteen tokens and handed them over to Kim Supreme, letting the other party distribute them, and whoever they were assigned to them.

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