“Good!” Jin Wushang nodded, and felt very gratified in his heart. After all, Su Mo let him distribute the tokens, obviously attaching importance to his master.

Immediately, Jin Wushang took over the tokens, and began to discuss with the Tianhua Taoist, how to specifically allocate.

The distribution of the tokens did not take much time, and the twelve tokens were assigned to the a batch of the best and most powerful abat people in the Taisheng branch.

“Thank you for Kim’s elders, thank you Elder Tianhua!”

“Thank you for Kim’s elders, thank you Elder Tianhua!”

The disciples who got the tokens all went to salute the people of Jinshou and Tianhua, and they all looked excited.

“ha ha, you should thank Wu Shan!” Tianhua Dao said with a smile, he was very satisfied with his heart. This time, they were too prosperous, but it was a great harvest.

A total of 17 disciples of the Taisheng branch have successfully entered the headquarters. This is a scene that has never been seen in history.

“Thank you, Wu Shan, brother!”

“Thank you Wu Shan Junior Brother !”

“Thanks to Wu Shan Senior Brother !”

A disciple of the Taisheng branch, of course, knows that this is the credit of Su Mo, and they are all polite and polite.

“You are welcome, everyone is same side!”

Su Mo smiled and immediately sank, saying: “And, my real name is Su Mo, Wu Shan is just a pseudonym, and everyone will call my real name in the future!”

“Thank you for Brother Su!”

“Junior Brother Su, you will definitely return in the future!”

“Brother Su is really a god man, a little brother who admires the little brother!”

A group of disciples once again thanked Su Mo for their sincere gratitude. They are sincerely grateful to Su Mo, because if they were not Su Mo, they would not be the disciples of the headquarters in this life.

It can be said that Su Mo’s move today will directly change their future destiny.

“Polite! Polite!” Su Mo smiled and waved.

“Well, hand over the tokens and go to the mountains!”

At this time, the voice of the singer should be sounded, low and honest, full of unquestionable.


A group of disciples who had received the tokens of the Taishou, responded with enthusiasm, and even flew to the front of Tai Yingzun and handed over their own tokens.

At this point, the nineteen people have handed over the tokens, leaving only Su Mo.

“What else do you have?” Tai Ying respected Su Mo, and asked quietly.

“Yu Tai should respect the Lord, this token on my body, the martial artist with the sacred thing, is not dead yet. I was suppressed by the Space Treasure Tool. I want to ask if this person can not kill. “Su Mo asked the chief cup one fist in the other hand.”

“Let’s show it!” Tai should respect the Lord.

Su Mo heard nodded, and immediately thought of a move, Fu Gan only left a head and a half-shoulder body, appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Fugan is very miserable, not only the fleshly body is broken, but its breath is also low to the extreme. It is estimated that an ordinary Emperor-Level God King can kill it.

Seeing the appearance of Fugan, many people are embarrassed, this death Young Master Fugan, is also a man of the world in the cloud world, actually fell so far.

“Fugan!” Tai Ying Shou Lord saw Fu Gan, and could not help but frown slightly. If other people, he would not care about life and death, but Fu Gan, can not keep.

“Too should be respected, this is a good talent, now has been hit hard, the strength is not one, I want to keep him, refining into a flaw, for my use.” Su Mo said quietly.

The reason why he wants to keep Fugan is not to refine and turn into a beggar. This is just an excuse.

Before he waited for the end of the selection, he and Vuqin exchanged for a while before deciding to save the other’s life.

Originally, he was prepared to refine the other party directly, and to integrate the other’s rules, but this person is really powerful, and he can’t help each other for a short time.

Later, the other party successfully convinced him.

Of course, in order to be able to pass the Taishou Master, Fugan himself has made his own souls so heavy that the current breath is extremely wilting.

“Refining and turning into a cockroach?” Tai Ying respected the main heard, but there is indeed a small amount of martial artist, like to control some cockroaches, but this is in his eyes, difficult to be elegant.

I carefully looked at the volts, and I should see the Fushui fleshly body. I couldn’t recover. The soul was so weak that I nodded. I said, “Whatever you do, just let him go.”

In a word, Tai should respect the Lord’s big hand and flew a token from Fu Gan’s head and flew into his hand.

“Thank you for being too respectable!” Su Mo immediately thanked Tai Yingzun, and immediately took the broken body into the Space Treasure Tool.

“Thirty of you, go with the Lord’s Lord to hang the mountain!”

Tai Ying’s lord looked around at the disciples who had received the tokens. He said in a loud voice, and when he waved his sleeves, he flew to the hanging mountain.

Su Mo and Yan Chang, Emperor Yi Soul, Zi Yan and other 30 people, hurriedly followed.

Looking at the figure that Su Mo and others left, the audience was silent, a few people were delighted, and countless people were hurt.

“Su Mo, I haven’t seen you for so many years, you still haven’t changed!”

Emperor Soul and Su Mo, it is rare to join together, the former said calmly.

Although he was calm, his mind flashed for thousands of years, because he couldn’t help but want to shoot.

However, he still lived with patience, because, first, he knows the level of Su Mo’s strength, he has no absolute grasp of a strike, and second, he is afraid of the Sect rules of Star Alliance headquarters.

After so many years at the headquarters, Emperor Yishen knows the strictness of the Sect rules at the headquarters, killing the same side, will be abolished the cultivation base, and escaping from the mountain.

Of course, this same side refers to the disciples at the headquarters, not the disciples of the division.

In the Gu Yun Star Alliance, the disciples at the headquarters are the real disciples. The disciples of the major branches are just some outsiders.

“You haven’t changed!”

Su Mo smiled a little, but he was very vigilant in his heart. He continued: “In the future, we are hanging in the mountains, and we are teaching!”


Emperor Nod nodded and said: “Who can laugh at the end, who is the real winner, we will wait and see!”

“ha ha, wait and see!” Su Mo smiled, but he didn’t dare to care, because the emperor’s soul is definitely more difficult to deal with than the purple.

Although the purple cicada is difficult to kill, it is only a natural skill. The threat is not too big, but the emperor has a different soul and is a deadly enemy.

绫 跟 followed by Su Mo, see Su Mo and the emperor a soul, talking like an old friend, not helpless.

It is estimated that people who don’t understand the situation really think that their friends are two, and they think that they are the enemy of fate.

On the other side, Zi Mo glanced at Su Mo, and his mouth twitched with a cold smile.

He and the Emperor, have already thought about the way to deal with Su Mo, and then, will give Su Mo a fatal blow.

In a moment, a group of thirty people, along with the Taishou Lord, came to the vacant mountain.

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