Above the sacred mountain, in addition to the 36 golden palaces in which the Lord lives, and the silver palace where more than 3,000 disciples live, there are not many other buildings, only a few large and small.

Tai Ying, the Lord, came to the front of a silver palace with Su Mo and others.

The palace door of the palace was opened automatically, and a middle-aged man in a thin gown was striding out.

“I have seen Taishou Lord!” The middle-aged man came to Tai Yingzun’s main body and respectfully bowed.

“Lin Peng, these are the disciples who won this selection. You arrange it!” Tai Ying said.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man in a long-haired shirt nodded respectfully.

“He killed the disciples, you are responsible for punishment!” Tai Ying Zun looked at Su Mo and continued to tell the middle-aged.

“Understand!” The middle-aged man in the gown continued to nod.

“When you will go to that palace!” Tai Ying Zun looked at the purple, pointing to a golden palace above the mountain peak, where his residence.

Above the sacred mountains, the golden palaces of the Lord are located at the top, and the silver palaces of the disciples are located on the mountainside.

“Yes!” Zi Yan nodded immediately.

Then, the Taishou Lord flew away and entered the golden palace.

He is only responsible for the selection. As for the next arrangement, naturally the following people will do it.

Lin Peng is an old disciple, mainly responsible for some of the usual affairs of the headquarters, including penalties.

“You Junior Brother, I am your Senior Brother Lin Peng, now arrange for you, please come with me!” The middle-aged man in the gown looks around everyone.

Immediately, he took the crowd and walked toward a quaint building not far away.

The building is about the size of a palace, but it is slightly low, and the whole body is like a black iron cast.

Open the temple door, enter the temple, I saw the Huaguang in the temple, placed a white jade stone table, placed on the stone table with a piece of red jade monument.

These jade monuments are about half a person high, with more than 3,000 pieces, more than 30 pieces placed at the highest point, and the others are uniform heights.

Every piece of jade monument has a dazzling brilliance, which can be described as Xiaguang Wandao.

I saw Lin Peng, taking out 30 jade monuments from the storage space and placing them on the white jade stone platform.

“You choose each one to cast a monument, drop a drop of your own Blood Essence, leaving a trace of your own spiritual brand.” Lin Pengdao.

Everyone heard did, and they chose a piece of jade, leaving Blood Essence and spiritual brand.

Then, Lin Peng asked the names of the people one by one and made a mark on the jade monument.

“These monuments are the basis for your becoming a disciple at the headquarters. They can reflect your vital signs and cultivation base. Even if you fall, it will show who the murderer is?” Lin Peng said.

Everyone was surprised, it seems that the headquarters is very valued for disciples.

However, Su Mo and the emperor’s soul, purple, and heard this, are slightly frowning.

Because this obviously hinders their future shots.

For example, Su Mo, he still wants to kill the emperor and the purple cicada. This is good. If he kills two people, he can’t run away.

“At the headquarters of the Alliance, there are only four Sect rules; the first one, you must not betray the Gu Yun Star Alliance, the offenders are executed, draw out your soul and refine it; the second article, must not harm the interests of any Gu Yun Star Alliance, offenders Abolish the cultivation base and expel the ancient cloud star alliance; the third article shall not kill the same side, the offender shall be the same as the second article; the fourth article shall not oppress the person of the branch, and the offender shall be punished according to the circumstances.”

Lin Peng looked around at everyone, and his voice was solemnly said.

Everyone was heard, and many people turned to look at Su Mo because Su Mo’s crime was obviously a violation of Article 4, not the first one.

Because, if it is the first article, Tai Yingzun is estimated to have killed Su Mo directly, and will bring it to the hanging mountain.

“Su Mo, you killed the disciples, I punished you for suffering in the soul of the town for a hundred years!” Lin Peng’s eyes looked at Su Mo, Shen Sheng said.

As soon as this statement came out, Su Mo couldn’t help but frown, because this punishment made him unacceptable.

He is not too punitive, but the time is too long, even if he is replaced by a more awkward punishment, he does not want to waste a hundred years.

A hundred years!

Perhaps for the average God King Realm martial artist, a hundred years is just a moment, but for him, a hundred years is not a waste of time.

However, Zi Yan is laughing, he guessed it was the penalty.

He has been a servant of Young Master at the headquarters for so long, knowing a little about the Sect rules and penalties at headquarters.

Ziyan and Emperor Yi’s soul looked at each other and saw the meaning of the other’s eyes. The opportunity came.

At this moment, Lin Ya, Yan Chang, Quan Ruhai, and other disciples who are favored by Su Mo can’t help but face the dignified color.

For many people, Su Mo has great grace for them, and really don’t want to see Su Mo being punished.

After all, I heard that the town’s temple of the town is terrible, and it will endure endless suffering.

“Senior Brother, can you change the punishment!” Su Mo asked Lin Peng cup one fist in the other hand.

“No!” Lin Peng nodded, the disciples who were punished, how can there be bargaining.

“Okay!” Su Mo nodded helplessly.

At this time, Lin Peng’s arm waved, and the silver light flashed, and they all fell in front of everyone.

At this time, a piece of silver stone, each piece is about the size of a cobblestone, which is also engraved with numbers.

“These are the control stone symbols assigned to your silver palace. There are corresponding numbers on it. You can find it yourself!” Lin Peng said again.

“Yes!” everyone nodded.

“At the headquarters of the Alliance, all are free to practice. Every ten years, there will be a lord who will preach once. As for various cultivation resources, people will be sent to your residence every ten years. As for the extremely rare resources, it depends on Your own ability to get…!”

Next, Lin Peng was incessant, explaining the situation of some headquarters for everyone.

After a few moments, Lin Peng finished everything and said: “Su Mo went with me to the town hall, and others dispersed.”

When everyone nodded, many people left and went to find their own silver palace.

“Brother Su, take care!”

“Su Mo, for a hundred years, just for a moment, waiting for you to come out, we celebrate for you!”

“Junior Brother Su don’t have to worry, the town’s soul temple is bitter, but it is said that it will not hurt the gods and spirits!”

The disciples of the Taisheng branch did not rush to leave, and they spoke to comfort Su Mo.

Goley and Murong Yu, Ning Piaoying, did not rush to leave, but the three did not speak.

“You can rest assured, for a hundred years, I am not worried!” Su Mo smiled.

“We are waiting for you to come out!”

The disciples of a group of Taisheng Branch said in unison, and then everyone left.

In the end, there are only two people left, Yan Chang and Murong Yu.

“Grandpa said, that set of super-artifacts, he will send you for three years, when I save for you!” Murong said. Su Mo wants to stay in the soul of the town for a hundred years, naturally can not come out to accept the treasure.

“Good!” Su Mo nodded, and Murong Yu left.

“Su Mo, I will pay attention to their movements!” 绫 whispered, as if to know what Su Mo was thinking.

“Be sure to pay close attention, I am worried that they will go back.” Su Mo sighed, his face showing a trace of sorrow.

He is not worried that he will accept the pain of the soul of the town, but he is worried that the Emperor and the Purple will return to the wilderness at this time.

In the wilderness, there are too many of his relatives and friends. If the Emperor and the Purple are returning to the wilderness, they will really suffer.

“I know!” 绫 点 nodding, nowadays, the emperor’s soul has broken through to the high level God King, the strength is bound to be extremely powerful, once returned to the wilderness, it will be unimaginable.

Sighed, she also left, her next task, the main task is to monitor the movement of the emperor and the purple, especially the movement of the former.

“Follow me to the town of the soul!”

After everyone left, Lin Peng told Su Mo.

Su Mo nodded, and then he followed Lin Peng and went to the so-called town hall.

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